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I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang


Sometimes I feel I'd

Like to jump out of my skin

This town is stifling

I've got to get out of it

You don't seem to realize


I hide in rooms all

Day and travel by night.  No

Friends, no rest, no peace

Keep moving.  That's all there's left

Then how do you live?  I steal


I Confess


Transference of guilt

Priest blackmailed by the victim

Our Two Consciences

The sexton's wife tells the truth

Shot when he tries to escape


The Iceman Cometh


Truth destroys people

Stripping them of lies and guilt

Harry Hope's Saloon

A fool's paradise regained

Without dreams they have nothing


I, Claudius


Claw, claw, Claudius

How did you rise to the throne

Past Tiberius

And madcap Caligula

Watch out for Nero's mushrooms


I Cover the Waterfront


Summer nights when the

Sun goes down and all the lights

Come out on the docks

Summer days, the sun comes up

And starts to work on the fish


I Dood It


Cannons and poop deck

Cowgirl with a lariat

Slip him a mickey

I'm terribly sorry.  I

Just couldn't find a taxi!


Idiot's Delight


The world is playing

War's a game that never ends

Stuck in a hotel

Bring out that fine chorus line

It never means anything


Harry the hoofer

And ammunition baron's

Bottle blonde mistress

Sing "Onward Christian Soldiers"

As the bombs explode closer


The Idol Dancer


White Almond Flower

Vivacious inscrutable

Curious creature

Boldness yet timidity

I have loved you all the time




Epic of the North

Bearing the authentic stamp

Of Arctic rigors

Played with utmost gravity

By a whole Eskimo tribe


I Kiss Your Hand Madame


Asks him in her car

He goes up and she goes down

Gets fired from his job

Love in an elevator

The count is a head waiter


The Imaginary Baron


Once an elegant

Gentleman, his wanderlust

Found a carefree life

With lyre and accordion

And bells jingling from his pants


I'm No Angel


When I am good, I'm

Very, very good, but when

I'm bad, I'm better

I've been things and seen places

Oh, Beulah, peel me a grape


I Married a Monster from Outer Space


I'd risk my pension

It's been a horrible year

Mother, Bill isn't

The man I fell in love with

He hasn't been a husband


I Married an Angel


Two hearts in waltz time

Slenderness needs tenderness

Marriage is merely 

A space between divorces

Men are mice who think they're rats


In Cold Blood


Death row has its own 

Routine.  No radio, no

Movies, no TV

I think maybe I'd like to

Apologize, but who to?

Income Tax  Sappy

You're wonderful hosts

Who put this measly fifty

In with my thousands?

Eleven dependents:  An

Ex-wife and ten bartenders


The Incredible Petrified World


Nightmare of terror

In the center of the earth

With forgotten men

Monsters, earthquakes, volcanoes

A bearded bum in a cave


The Incredible Shrinking Man


People don't get short

Every day it was worse

And every day

I became more tyrannic

More monsterous in my demands


The Indians Are Coming


The great West that was

Buffalo Bill threatened by

The red terror and

Circle of death and redskins'

Vengeance and frontiers aflame


The Informer

Did somebody die

And leave you a pot of gold?

No one suspects you

What are you hurrying for?

You don't seem glad to see me


Inherit the Wind


It's the duty of

A newspaper to comfort

The afflicted and

To flick the comfortable

He that troubles his own house


Inside Daisy Clover


Flees to her beach house

Puts her head in the oven

When the doorbell rings

She goes out side to see who

It is and the house explodes


The Inspector General


Would you like some wine

Or food, your excellency


The flagon with the dragon

Send them to Siberia




Please don't look so sad

it makes me feel so guilty

I'm consumed with guilt

Ironic because I care

You have nothing but disdain




As ye have done it

Unto the least of these, ye

Have done it to me

Be ye as harmless as doves

Mother who rocks the cradle


Intruder in the Dust


Dignified black man

Accused of killing a white

Faces a lynch mob

Tenacious Miss Habersham

Pins guilt on the real killer


Invaders from Mars


Even the zippers

Down the backs of the costumes

Are rationalized

When the film is the boy's dream

Where the sand pit opens up


Invasion of the Animal People


Without a future

Our quest for comprehension

Is complicated

By failure to discover

Reality in ourselves


Invasion of the Body Snatchers


Miles protests it's not

As easy to go crazy

Pod paranoia

Characters constant motion

Always know you by your kiss


They're here already

It's a big conspiracy

You're part of this thing

I keep seeing these people

Recognizing each other


Invisible Avenger


Exiled president

Shadow and Asian mystic

Race through Jackson Square

Turn left at Cafe Dumonde

And speed off down Decatur


The Invisible Boy


He's already ten

And he can't even play a

Decent game of chess

How many sixths are in four?

I think I get it now, Dad


Invisible Invaders


Corpse of an Earthman

I'm from another planet

We learned to control

The molecular structure

Little man who wasn't there


The Invisible Man


A reign of terror

A few murders here and there

Murders of big men

We might even wreck a train

Monocane can drive you mad


The Invisible Man's Revenge


In this house, you've got

To believe what you can't see.

Don't worry, Rob.  You'll

Get all that's coming to you.

The maids are so obliging.


In Which We Serve


Get the ship ready

Who does Hitler think he is?

Send a telegram

To Hitler saying he can

Start his war at any time


The Iron Horse


George O'Brien is

Not a sheik or a cave man

Or a lounge lizard

O'Brien is a man's man

And an idol of women


Island of Lost Souls



The Giver of the Law

Are we not men?

Man mating panther woman

Take him to The House of Pain


Island of Lost Women


Do not land here.  You

Will meet certain destruction

Condensed flamethrower

Mercuria, Urania,

One touch of Venus, I'm bushed


Islands in the Stream


Self-imposed exile

Art seems to be his hobby

Fishing is his life

If I could be something else

I'd like to be a painter


It Came from Outer Space


It looks dead out there

And yet it's all alive and

Waiting around us

And ready to kill you if

You go too far from the road


It Conquered the World


Hate, bitterness, dreams

All foolish emotions gone

The race born too soon

Greatest traitor of all time

Will we be this way now on?


It Happened One Night


You look like you got

Class with a capital K

When a cold mama

Gets hot--boy, how she sizzles

For me, it's always a cinch


It's a Great Feeling


Give me a song with

A beautiful melody

That's a big fat lie

Blame my absentminded heart

At the Cafe Rendezvous


It's a Wonderful Life


I'll give you the moon

So busy helping others

Life passes him by

Wishing he hadn't been born

He rings wings for an angel


It's A Wonderful World


This night will be here

When we are gone, other throats

Will sing in the dawn

That's the kind of breaks I get

Too manly for poetry


It's Always Fair Weather



Music is better than words

The time for parting

Blue Danube--Why are we here?

Stillman's Gym--you knock me out


It!  The Terror From Beyond Space


A small group faced with

Something overwhelming them

Murder of his crew

Ripping them up one by one

Holds it off with a blowtorch


I Walked with a Zombie


Voodoo ritual

Jane Eyre in the West Indies

Calypso chorus

Catatonic Jessica

The atmosphere transmits fright


I Was a Teenage Frankenstein


Speak, I know you have

A civil tongue in your head

I sewed it myself

The ingredients of youth

Not worn out and overtaxed


I Was a Teenage Werewolf


I burn easily

Not for man to interfere

With the ways of God

Juvenile delinquency

The shrinks only make things worse