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The Jade Mask


My boy, if silence

Is golden, you are bankrupt

Like fingerprints, no

Ears are exactly alike

I'm sorry, I mean Edward


No barber shave so

Close but another barber

Find some work to do

Reckon what he says is what

You call a cutting remark


Jail Busters


For twenty-two years

I've been digging a tunnel

That will take me right

Out of this place.  Why leave when

I've got it almost finished?


Jailhouse Rock


I got a motto

Do unto others what they

Would do unto you

Only do it first.  It's the 

Same on the outside, but worse


Jamaica Inn


A band of pirates

Luring ships with false signals

Murder and plunder

Patience is shot by Humphrey

Who in turn jumps from the mast


James Bond


Sean Connery IS

Double O kiss kiss bang bang

No doubt about it

Roger Moore personifies

Sardonic Simon Templar


Jane Eyre


Beauty and The Beast

Blinded by the holocaust

Arrogant grandeur

Madwoman in the attic

Sets fire to Thornfield Manor


The Jazz Singer


Ain't seen nothing yet

Maybe our boy doesn't want

To be a cantor

Music is the voice of God

Toot toot toot Tootsie Goodbye!




Bizarre climax in

A modern art museum

A vicious hate group

I'm not interested.  No.

No.  Some time later perhaps.


Johnny Apollo


What a show you'll see

Dancing for nickels and dimes

Under each marquee 

Get yourself a ringside seat

In the middle of the street


The Jolson Story


You made me love you

California here I come

Ma Blushin' Rosie

Let me sing and I'm happy

On the banks of the Wabash


Joshua Then and Now


The book of Job is

Not another gambling yarn

If you continue

To have faith in family

It pays double in the end


Journey's End


Fears and devotion

Steadfast service unto death

Shellshocked in the trench

Broken silence fairly throbs

The brink of eternity


Journey to the Center of the Earth


Woodwinds, brass and harps

Think of the inconvenience

Lack of privacy

A giant mushroom forest

For once, we dispence with tact


Journey to the Seventh Planet


There are no limits

To the imagination

Man's ability

To make reality out

Of his vision is his strength


The Joyless Street


The butcher, baker

And even the dressmaker

Exploit the postwar

Inflation of Vienna

Demanding sex for credit


Judith of Bethulia


Her city beseiged

Dressing as a courtesan

She feigns betrayal

Gets him drunk, cuts off his head

Captains of Assur bereft


Judgment at Nuremberg


Some judges resigned

A judge does not make the law

Others adapted

We knew nothing about it

If we did, what could we do?


Millions.  I never

Knew it would come to all that

You must believe it

It came when you first sentence

A man you knew innocent


Where were we when our 

Neighbors were dragged out in the

Middle of the night?

We didn't know the details

Because we didn't want to


Juke Joint


See, hear, work and walk

Twice as much as he can talk

The rage tomorrow

Go west and do your best, then

Come back east and spend your grease


Jules and Jim


Jump in the river

An apparition for all

To appreciate

But not for any one man

Why don't we go on as three?


Julius Caesar


Beware Ides of March

Sacrificers, not butchers

By Great Caesar's ghost

Friends, Romans and countrymen

Who's an honorable man?


Jungle Woman


I was being used

She's a horrible creature!

She isn't so bad

The evil man has wrought shall

In the end destroy itself


Jupiter's Darling


Horatio's ode

I never trust a woman

If this be slavery

Don't let this night get away

Hannibal's victory march


Jurassic Park


The glass slowly cracks

As she hangs over the cliff

Network of fissures

Creaking with each wary move

Until the whole screen shatters


Just for You


Zing a little zong

Si-si ya in Bahia

A flight of fancy

The maiden of Guadalupe

The ten ten for Tennessee