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The Key


Concerned about his

Possible demise in the

Dangerous work of

Commanding a rescue tug

For crippled convoy freighters


A sea captain gives

A key to his flat to each

Succeeding captain

They will care for his mistress

When he dies, they all show up


Key Largo


In a hurricane

The sea walks across the land

And when the wind howls

The entire hotel shivers

Like tough guy Johnny Rocco


Key to the City


Covered with flowers

Reduced by adventures to

A wire skeleton

A conference of mayors

Running the risk of scandal




Since world opinion

Will not permit us to send

Out an army, we

Send out the one man who might

Succeed knowing that he'll fail

The Kid From Borneo

Yum yum eat 'em up

I don't know what this is but

Let's see you drink it

Are you gonna eat me up

I don't think I'll taste so good


Kid from Left Field


The world's cleverest 

Kid becomes a manager

Saves his dad's career

And the entire baseball team

This heatwarming tale hits home


Killer Ape


Victims impotent

In paralyzed condition

Jungle Jim foils flan

To sell man-ape to warlike

Nation for fabulous sum


The Killer Shrews


Those who hunt by night

Say the most vicious of all

Is the tiny shrew

He must eat his own body

Weight every few hours


The Killers


Fatal exercise

Beautiful but deceitful

Life becomes a mess

Swede has allowed racketeers

To take over his career


The Killing Fields


Secret bomb campaign

Gun-happy Khmer Rouge teens


Almost killed by guards, escapes

Refugees reunited


Kind Hearts and Coronets


I shot an arrow

Into the air.  She fell to

Earth in Berkeley Square.

Because he was nobody

He could be anybody


The King and Four Queens


A desperado

Seeks refuge in a ghost town

Schemer posing as

Outlaw's widow finds his loot

Confiscated by posse


The King and I


Hello young lovers

Whistle a happy tune

Getting to know you

Shall I tell you what I think?

Small house of Uncle Thomas


Getting to know you

Getting to hope you like me

Getting to feel free

If you become a teacher

By your pupils you'll be taught


King Kong


King of Skull Island

Wrestling a giant serpent

Empire State Building

No, it wasn't the airplane;

It was Beauty killed The Beast


The King of Comedy


Tommorow you'll know

I wasn't kidding and you'll

Think I was crazy

But look, Better to be king

For a night than schmuck for life


Kiss Me Kate


Brush up your Shakespeare

Any Tom, Harry or Dick

Why can't you behave?

Get thee to a notary

So in love with you am I


Why can't you behave?

Come to wive it wealthily

Brush up your Shakespeare

Were is the life late I led?

True to you in my fashion


Kiss of Death


Reluctant to rat

Changes his mind when he learns

His wife killed herself

Children sent to orphanage

Sets himself as bait in trap


Kiss of the Spider Woman


As a journalist

Arrests and secret torture

I had to tell her

I was glad I could help him

My whole life is a mistake


Kit Carson


A band of whooping

Redskins showering arrows

Into the stockade

The old time frontier story

The hero rescues the settlers


Kitty Foyle


Stream of consciousness

Reflection in the mirror

When she recollects

Image is alter ego

Kitty bears his stillborn child


Knight without Armour



Exile to Siberia

Then revolution

Escort shoots himself rather

Than give her up to the Reds


Klondike Annie


Between two evils

I always pick the one I

Never tried before

Give a man a free hand and

He'll try to put it on you


Knute Rockne, All American


Unbroken silence

I haven't a thing to say, boys

You've played a great game

I guess we can't win them all

Turns his wheelchair to the door




Carnivorous plants

With animal properties

Oh, what good is this

Blaze a new trail in science

Little room for sentiment




Life out of balance

From red rocks of the desert

To concrete canyons

Factory assembly line

Cascading escalator


Kramer vs Kramer


I began to think

What kind of mother was I

That could walk out

I couldn't stand that look when

I said he wasn't with me




Don't drop that H-bomb!

Pylon piston energy


Will convert that energy

Into exponential mass