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He can't help himself

The murderer among us

Network of beggars

Marked on his coat from behind

Saved from the mob by the cops

The Mad Doctor of Market Street

S.S. Paradise

Just as natives worship me

So will the whole world

The scourge of humanity

Anything you want, you ask

The Mad Ghoul

State of death in life

We see what we want to see

Miracle monkey

One who knows the book of life

And can teach you to read it

Mad Love

The hands of Orlac

The Theatre of Horrors

Train wreck takes his hands

Murder grafted to music

Throws a knife to kill Gogol




Duchess of Danzig

A former washer woman

Reminds Bonaparte

Of when he could not pay bills

Ripe rollicking ravishing


Madame Bovary


Thousands of women

Who wish they were Emma are

Saved from her fate not

By virtue but simply by

Lack of determination

Madame Wants No Children

Dancing the Charleston

In a modern apartment

She suspects the worst

Wants Paul back more than ever

And Madame has a baby


The strains of music

Drift up to them and slowly

She begins to dance

Finally persuading her

Lover Emile to join her

The Madwoman of Chaillot

Come to my party

It's way down in the basement

Take this winding stair

Syndicate of exploiters

Is there oil under Paris?

The Magician of Lublin

With fingers like that

He could clean out the pockets

Of the entire world

I see less and less of you

Well, that has its good aspects

The Magnetic Fields

A sewing machine

And an umbrella on a

Dissecting table

Unrelated images

Of objects and ideas

The Magnetic Monster


Office of Scientific


Insurance machine receipts

Scanned with a geiger counter

The Magnificent Seven

The villagers stand

Against the fierce banditos

Can you catch that fly?

I was aiming at the horse

We're in Marlboro Country now

I don't understand

Why a man like you took the

Job in the first place

That's the greatest shot I've seen

I was aiming at the horse

Magnum Force

Cold brutality

Killing dissociated

From pain and from life

Since it's without emotion

It has no impact on us

The Major and the Minor

Why don't you get out

Of that wet coat and into

A dry martini

My only regret is that

I have but one wife to give

Malice in the Palace

Cafe Casbah Bah

Somewhere in the orient

Black sheep bah-bah-bah

What delays Hafadollah?

Get the map by hook or crook

The Maltese Falcon

Miles Archer got shot

What's his partner gonna do?

Repaint the windows

The fat man and his gunsel

Do anything for the bird

Man who likes talking

To a man who likes to talk

I'll tell you right out

Well, sir, here's to plain speaking

And a clear understanding


Mama's Little Pirate


That boy's a whirlwind

Well, what are we, mice or men?

When he gets going

A fellow can't do nothing

Well, men, should we take it all?


The knights of the road

Walk miles for one of your smiles

I'm looking at you

Across the breakfast table

Let me sing and I'm happy

There's a light divine

In your eyes that shines for me

Tells me I'm all right

Whatever they say or do

I know how I stand with you

The Man

James Earl Jones as the

President pro tempore

Massive Rod Serling

Magniloquent monolith

Trying not to give offense

Man by the Roadside

Old half-starved Schuster

Offers aid to an angel

Who brings him good luck

Landlord's mysterious death

Throws suspicion on Schuster

A Man Escaped

The story is true

I present it as it is

Moral resemblance

Glory of the Divine Grace

The Spirit breathes where it will

A Man for All Seasons

Not a bad public

Some men think the Earth is round

Others think it flat

Will the King's word make it round?

Will the King's word flatten it?

The Man from Planet X

How may we know what

Processes of thought run through

His head?  How may we

Assume he thinks as we do?

How may we anticipate?

Man Hunt

Stalks Hitler for sport

Captured by the Gestapo

Finally escapes

To become hunted himself

What makes Captain Thorndike run?


The Man I Killed


Who sent that young man

Out to kill?  Huh?  Who gave them

Bullets and gas and

Bayonets?  We--the fathers!

Here and on the other side!

The Man in Half Moon Street

Not so agile now

Men like us must walk alone

If you are looking

For corpus delecti then

There is always the cellar


Man of La Mancha


Tilting at windmills

Dream the impossible dream

The knight of mirrors

Challenges Don Quixote

To see himself as a fool

The Man Who Came to Dinner

Shall I tell you how

I glittered through the South Seas

Like a scimitar

I wrote a play with one hand

And made love with the other

The Man Who Could Cheat Death

I shall become the

Inheritor of all the

Sickness never had

Of every pain, disease

A life of illness at once

The Man Who Loved Women

One funeral is

Just like another.  And yet

This one is special.

Not a single man.  Only

Women.  Nothing but women.

The Man Who Would Be King

Peachy and Danny

Embarrassment to Britain

To Kafiristan

Footsteps of Alexander

How to divide five Afghans

The Man with the Golden Arm

Luckless living soon

To be the luckless dead

Anything that pays

Ain't nothing to be ashamed

A road drowns in a bucket

The Man with the Golden Gun

Who would pay that much?

Jealous husbands, outraged chefs


Tailors--the list is endless

The solex agitator

When I kill, it's on

The specific orders of

My government.  Those

I kill are themselves killers.

A girl in a bikini

The Man Who Fell to Earth


His people dying from drought

He is corrupted

Distracted from his mission

So damaged he can't return

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Que sera sera

Whatever will be will be

Storm cloud cantata

Assassin wants to fire gun

At the crash of the cymbal

The Man Without a Body

Beautiful the brain

Of Karl Broussard.  It's alive!

I'm Nostradamus

Restored a dead monkey's head

Revitalized the tissues

The Manchurian Candidate

What did you learn at

The ladies' garden party?

When you see that card,

Take your rifle to the booth

To take aim at Mom and Pop

Manhattan Murder Mystery


And a dead body.  It's a

Neurotic's jackpot

I forbid you!  Is that what

You do when I forbid you?

The Manitou

Your God won't help you

Nothing in your world will help

White man's medicine

A seller, not a buyer

Send him back where he came from

Manon Lescaut

Manon won her bet

She succeeded with her looks

To win you back and

In order to console you

Sends good-natured Micheline

Mardi Gras

Remember tonight

A fiddle, a rifle, an

Ax and a Bible

Stonewall Jackson loyalty

That man could sell me the bridge

The Mark of Zorro

Diego the fop

Fools his family and girl

To fight corruption

Pawn of the military

Mated by his double edge


The old sad story

Promising youth blighted and

Dragged down by money,

Position, noblesse oblige

Always pulling her skirt down

Decent?  I'm a cheat

And a liar and a thief

But I am decent.

Doctor, Doctor, I am ill

Send for him over the hill


Marriage Italian Style


To save the dying

Fulomena, Don Dumi

Consents to marry

She recovers instantly

Demanding conjugal rights

Married to the Mob

You people are like

The mob.  There's no difference.

The mob is run by

Cheating, murdering psychos.

We work for the president.

Mary Poppins

Sister suffragette

Chim-chim-cheree--step in time

Let's go fly a kite




In the slaughterhouse

Bloody results of fighting

Chewed by war machine

The public address system

Relationships unresolved

The Mask

I'm like an addict

It demands blood sacrifice

Put the mask on now

Deeper than the subconscious

On the verge of a breakdown

Master of the World

Cross between a blimp

A helicopter, a bat,

A resort hotel

It even has a side porch

For Robur the Conquerer


Will you remember?

Now is the month of Maying

Les filles de Cadix

Le regiment de sambre

Old woman relates flashbacks

The Maze

Did you notice the

Rubber covering on all

The hallways and steps

Each one is like a platform

The most dreadful thing I saw

Me and the Colonel

In the cathedral

Of my heart a candle was

Always lit for you

The best lit in all Europe

That's the way he was brought up

Mean Streets

Johnny Boy burns bright

In the city of the night

Martin Scorsese

Is the mortal hand and eye

Who frames fearful history

The Meaning of Life

Up your premium

Scribble away and balance

Tax deductable

Sail the wide accountancy

Find and explore funds offshore

Meet John Doe

Reporter contrives

Suicide on Christmas Eve

Protest against greed

Find a man to play this part

Is New Order possible?

A wide-eyed youngster

Facing a chaotic world

So what does he do?

He finds the world has clay feet

In protest against the state


Present it to him

As a cause for the common

The hope of the world

You can chalk up another

One to the Pontius Pilates

Meet Me in Las Vegas

Fun to be in love

The gal with the yaller shoes

Hell hath no fury

I refuse to rock'n'roll

You got looks if you can dream

Meet Me in St. Louis

Over bannisters

The year before the World's Fair

Under the bamboo

Clang, clang, clang went the trolley

A merry little Christmas


Margaretha has

Four fatal diseases.  And

It only takes one

The moment I saw him smile

I knew he was just my style

Melvin and Howard

Desert encounter

Pack up all my care and woe

Santa's Souped-Up Sleigh

Dream becomes reality

A beggar becomes a king

Men in Black

Call Doctor Howard

This patient's in a coma

No, I'm in a bed

A victim of circumstances

Doctor Fine, Doctor Howard

Mesa of Lost Women

Nothing different

About Zarpa.  Or is there?

I want a girl who's

Sincere, real, someone who'll stick

By me when the chips are down

Meshes of the Afternoon

Sleepwalking trance dance

The feet of Maya's shadow


An enclosing mirror where

A head is supposed to be


Contending forces

Labyrinth of catacombs

Mood of oppression

Fantastic futuristic

Nazi choreography

We have made machines

Out of men.  Now I will make

Men out of machines.

Pentagram over the door

Robots always point their toes




I could have you drive

Me around town then tell you

I left my purse home

If you want peace of mind then

Get yourself a taxicab

Midnight Express

I wish you could be

Standing where I'm standing right

Now and fee what that

Feels like because then you would

Know something that you don't know

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Bottom the weaver

In love with Titania

Makes himself an ass

Lamentable comedy

Lord, what fools these mortals be!

Million Dollar Legs

No man can resist

Arm wrestling power struggle

Coup d'etat cabal

Mysterious cross-eyed spy

Bombastic absurdity

The Mind Snatchers

The Happiness Cage

Addictive stimulation

The pleasure center

I don't love what defines me

Pain is part of what I am

The Miracle on 34th Street

Vortex of commerce

Sends shoppers to other stores

His cheery manner

Delights children and parents

Kris Kringle gets his letters

The Miracle Worker

If you want to stay

Radical change of manner

The room is a wreck

But her napkin is folded

Because I ask her to see


The Misfits


Aimless wanderer

Since his wife's death in childbirth

Rodeo rider

Rounding up mustang horses

To be made into dog food




Down by the river

Easy to remember but

So hard to forget

Fields deals himself five aces

Then tries to get rid of one

Missle to the Moon

I bid you welcome

Visit the beach, have a Coke

Meteorite field

Extermination chamber

The hardware--the gat--the gun

Mr Deeds Goes to Town

You said I could speak

You said I could have my say

He must be made to

Defend himself before you

Arrive at a decision


I must look funny

If you went to Mandrake Falls

You'd look funny, but

Nobody'd laugh at you 'cause

That wouldn't be good manners

Mister Roberts

I want some action

In the Pacific Ocean

Laundry and morale

Fulminate of mercury

Throw the palm tree overboard

Captain, it is I

Ensign Pulver and I just

Threw your stinking palm

Tree overboard.  Now, what's all

This crud about no movie?


Mister Rock and Roll


I just happened to

Be there when the breeze started

Blowing up a storm

Pied Piper for illicit

Adolescent emotion

Mr. Saturday Night

I wanted to be

The guy who when he walked in


Why him, the lucky bastard?

I'm funnier than he is!

Mr Smith Goes to Washington

You mustn't condemn

You see things as black and white

Angel or devil

That's the young idealist

That isn't how the world runs

Mrs. Miniver

Quiet heros from

Middle class and manor-born


A night in the bomb shelter

Community flower show


This isn't about

Money it's about friendship

Will you be my friend?

If you really want to be

Somebody's friend, it takes time

Moby Dick

Don't call me Ishmael

Ahab seeks the great white whale

Gold piece on the mast

Queequeg orders his coffin

Climaxing in the chase scene


Modern Times


He waves a red flag

That had fallen from a truck

And is arrested

Humanity crusading

In pursuit of happiness

The Mole People

The eye of Ishtar

Chars scrificial virgins


Albino Sumerians

Living on goats and mushrooms

Mommy Dearest

This ain't my first time

Helga, I'm not mad at you

I'm mad at the dirt

I'd rather you go bald to

School than looking like a tramp

No wire coathangers

Christina, bring me the ax

I'm mad at the dirt

From boarding school to convent

This ain't my first rodeo


Mondo Topless


Color makes me feel

You've only dreamed of women

Like these, but they're real

All you're doing is a dance

Girl with the Throbbing Guitar

Monkey Business

I worked myself up

From nothing to a state of

Extreme poverty

Come, let the violas throb

My regiment leaves at dawn


Monsieur Verdoux


Marries women with

Money and then murders them

Poison peroxide

If it were done when 'tis done

'Twere well it were done quickly

The Monster and the Girl

There is no Larry

Never has been.  Never will be.

With no abrasions

No bruises but every

Bone in the body broken

Monster from Green Hell

Nature has a way

Of correcting its mistakes

A stampeding herd

Is not the thing for a girl

The size of the wasps changes

The Monster of Piedras Blancas


At the bottom of the sea

Mutilation of the

Reptilian family

Turgid with conversation


Monte Carlo


Trimmin' the women

Will satisfy the craving

That's what you get for

Being nice to your servants

Beyond the blue horizon

Trimmin' the women

Whatever it is, it's grand

Always in all ways

Beyond the blue horizon

She will love me and like it

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

We dine well here in 

Camelot.  We eat ham and

Jam and Spam a lot.

Many times we're given rhymes

That are quite unsingable

He was not scared to

Be mashed into a pulp or

To have his eyes gouged

Out and his elbows broken

Brave Sir Robin ran away


The Moon Is Blue


Disarming questions

Would you try to seduce me?

Fend off would-be wolves

Virgin she will remain come

Hell or high guys of all kinds

The Moon Is Down

Slave labor resists

The will of a free people

Cannot be suppressed

Nazis are vulnerable

To our hatred and contempt

Moon over Miami

You started something

Solitary Seminole

Hooray for today

I've got you all to myself

The kindergarten conga

Moon Pilot

We are sending a

Man around the moon this week

Any volunteers

Chimp stabs Talbot with fork

He yelps and leaps to his feet


She caught you and you

Couldn't get away, so you

Chewed up your own foot.

You're scared of what the wolf will

Do if you try that again


More Than a Miracle


Once upon a time

The prince must choose a bride from

Seven princesses

With help from seven dumplings

Happily ever after


Bizarre backsliding

Marxist and way-out painter

A suitable case

Secure insecurity

It'll all come tumbling down


What am I bid for

A key to my dressing room?

Taking her shoes off

She follows legionnaire

Into the windy desert

The Mosquito Coast

The whole damn country

Ulcerated danger zone

Rabid scavengers

Nobody ever thinks of

Leaving this country

Most Dangerous Man Alive

The conclusion seems

A little presumptuous

But that's what happens

Candell will react like the

Melon and not the carrot

Mother Wore Tights

Dear Alma Mater

Burlington Bertie from Bow

Swinging down the lane

Kokomo, Indiana

Rolling down to Bowling Green


The secret fairies

Sing a song about their home

Big caterpillar

Turns into a giant moth

And rescues the tiny twins




Nothing happened

 To her a woman ain't built for

Suck on the poison!

Suck it out!  Suck it some more!

Now you've screwed up the fishing

Mourning Becomes Electra

Unfaithful Christine

Poisons homecoming Ezra

Orin shoots Adam

The hunted become the haunted

How's that for brotherly love?

The Mouse That Roared

War on the US

The Duchy of Grand Fenwick

Pour money into

Their former enemies to

Save the people they've beaten

Movie Maniacs

A couple thousand

People in pictures now know

Nothing about it

Who loaned us their furniture?

If the cops come, you'll find out




She's my woman, boy

My woman and you know why?

Because she needs a

Real man, not some gutless boy!

Says Brenshaw to McKinney

The Mummy

Death is the doorway

To new life.  We live today

We shall live again

In many forms we return

He went for a little walk

Murder at the Vanities

Live and love tonight

Lovely one cocktails for two

Marijuana mystery

The ebony rhapsody

Murder, My Sweet

Farewell, my lovely

Mosse Malloy is looking for

Missing jade necklace

Murders and double crosses

Beaten, cheated and knocked out

Murder Over New York

Important events

Like insistent alarm clock

Demand attention

Kitchen stove most excellent

Weapon--good for cooking goose

Behind that curtain

British tenacity with

Chinese patience like

Royal flush in poker game

Must have been a heart attack

Music in the Air

Might as well confess

Just how sweet I think you are

If I don't they guess

I've told ripples in a brook

Made my heart an open book

A beautiful theme

Of every dream I knew

Down deep in my heart

A beautiful melody

That beautiful rhapsody

Mutiny in the Big House

A man of mercy

And a man of murder face

Across battlements

Can you do a time step?  What's

That?  Some kind of convict march?

Mutiny on the Bounty

Call men to duty

Not by flaying their backs, but

By lifting their hearts

Fletcher Christian is still free

But Christian lost too, my lord

My Darling Clementine

Family values

Pa Clanton rules with a whip

Doctor Holliday

Joins Earps for direct action

Gunfight at OK Corral

My Dinner with Andre

I enjoy reading

About other little plays

People have written

And reading the reviews of

Those plays and what people said

My Fair Lady

Why can't the English?

Wouldn't it be loverly?

I've grown accustomed

With a little bit of luck

Get me to the church on time

Why can't the English

Teach their children how to speak?

If you spoke as she

Instead of the way you do

You'd be selling flowers, too

My Gal Sal

Brashness and swagger

On the banks of the Wabash

Fake medicine show

Tarred, feathered, run out of town

Oh, the pity of it all

My Little Chickadee

I generally

Avoid temptation unless

I can't resist it

Come up and see me some time

Philadelphia would do

My Lucky Star

Could you pass in love?

I've got a date with a dream

By a wishing well

This may be the night of nights

The All-American swing


My Son John


Recognized as an

Intellect and invited

To homes where only

Superior minds communed

A native communist spy

The Mysterians

Earth defense forces

Stars between Mars and Saturn

Were once a planet

It's as though everything

Was put in a big washer

Mysterious Island

Thomas Ayerton

Lived on the island for years

Became the green man

Eating certain mushrooms made

Him distasteful to the plant

The Mystery of the Wax Museum


The dream, inspiration of

Man through the ages

It is a cruel irony

People without souls have hands