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The Obsessed One


Her torture ended

When the bride finally died

For him it was the

Beginning of a brutal

Savage trail of possession




I told you, we have

Ways and means to make you talk

We have ways and means

German interrogator

While stoking fire with poker


An Officer and a Gentleman


I expect to lose

Half of you before I'm through

I will trip you up

The prize at the other end

Is a flight education


I keep it alive

Lift us up where we belong

Where the eagles cry

There are mountains in our way

But we climb a step each day


Of Human Bondage


A bloody cripple!

That's a laugh--I disgust you?

You're the one to talk

I suppose you think you're God's

Gift to women or something


Of Mice and Men


George's best laid plans

Easygoing but crafty

A dim, childlike brute

Lennie kills her with a hug

Tell me about the rabbits




Many a new day

People will say we're in love

It's all or nothing

The farmer and the conman

Up to date Kansas City


The Old, Dark House


A mute, brute butler

On a dark and stormy night

Could do with a shave

That's fine stuff, but it will rot

It's not very nice, is it?


The Old Man and the Sea


Make a real old man,

A real boy, a real sea and

A real rish and sharks

If I made them good enough

Everything kills something




Food glorious food

You've got to pick a pocket

Consider yourself

Review the situation

For as long as he needs me


The Omega Man


Is this how it starts?

The Laughing Academy

Are you really with

The Internal Revenue?

You are the angel of death


On Her Majesty's Secret Service


Lipstick on my thigh

A slight stiffness coming on

The angels of death

This time I've got the gadgets

And I know how to use them


On the Avenue


He aint got rhythm

Girl on the Police Gazette

You're laughing at me

Slumming on Park Avenue

I've got love to keep me warm


On the Beach


Bottle caught on shade

Rests on a telegraph key

Message from the wind

A handful of vacuum tubes

The movie that saved the world


On the Waterfront


Do you want to work?

Could've been a contender

What have I got now?

Ticket to Palookaville

The Stanislavsky method


I could've had class

I could've been somebody

Instead of a bum

What do I get?  A one-way

Ticket to Palookaville


Boys, this is my church

When the boss blows his whistle

Christ stands alongside

He sees you selling your soul

To the mob for a day's work


One Exciting Night


Agnes encounters

The mysterious masked man

Tree threatens to fall

Unmasking the bootleggers

And recovering the loot


One-Eyed Jacks


You've been trying for

Ten years to get yourself hung

In this town and I

Think that you're going to make it

You're a real one-eyed Jack, Dad


One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest


She likes a rigged game

He narrates the World's Series

Steals a bus to fish

I tried.  At least, I did that.

Ironic self-awareness


One Hour with You


What a little thing

Like a wedding ring can do

The marriage circle

We will always be sweethearts

Oh, Mitzi, what would you do?


101 Dalmations


It's up to us dogs

We must use the twilight bark

He has a network

Of friends throughout the country

I'll knock the spots off of you


Open Season


Three Vietnam vets

Kidnap innocents, put them

To work as servants

Abuse them sexually

Then turn them loose and stalk them


Operation Crossbow


Curtis has a scare

When the wife of the man he's


Turns up at his Dutch hotel

The battle of the buzz bombs


Operation Thunderbolt


If we don't save them

No one will save them for us

They can't be stubborn

They must be reasonable

Don't play roulette with our lives


The Orphan


Fast riding horseman

Picking off Indian braves

As an expert would

Demolish clay pipes in a

Sideshow shooting gallery




He wore a chef's hat

And slept right in the kitchen

Orphans like to creep

In the middle of the night

He slept there, one eye open


Orphans of the Storm


Storming the Bastille

Dragging aristocrats out

Of their carriages

Who had run over a child

Closing scenes on guillotine

Our Gang Follies of 1938

The King of Crooners

I'm the Barber of Seville

That Foolish Feeling

There's no two ways about it

My crooning days are over


Our Town


George and Emily

Grover's Corners, New Hampshire

Wake up, go to work

Get married and have children

This is the way that we were


Leisurely tour of

A little New Hampshire town

Childhood to courtship

We behold the dream of death

And survival of the soul


Our Vines Have Tender Grapes


You sure killed him dead

Do you want a new barn, Pa?

Just because milk's good

Doesn't mean we get it free.

Then I guess I understand.


The Outlaw


The two great reasons

For Russell's rise to stardom

Tussle with Russell

Mean, moody, magnificent,

Tall, terrific and trouble


Out of Africa


Lions have come there

And stood or lain on the grave

The ground round the grave

Levelled into a terrace

From there, they can have a view

The Outlaw

Billy still won't draw

You're the only real partner

I ever had.  Gosh,

Do you really feel that way?

 You used to be my best friend

Outside Woman


You learn that you don't

Waste time on stuff that free men

Waste time on.  You don't

Let little hurt feelings keep

You from getting what you want


The Ox-Bow Incident



Circumstantial evidence

Lynch mob hangs suspects

Sheriff proves falsely accused

Delivers widow's letter