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Pagan Love Song

The sea of the moon

The house of singing bamboo

Singing in the sun

In Tahiti we make love

But why is love so crazy?

A Pain in the Pullman

Curly cooks his shoe

That's filet of sole and heel

Heartthrob of millions

Goldstein, Goldberg, Goldblatt, and

O'Brien, Booking Agents

Paint Your Wagon

I talk to the trees

But they don't listen to me

The breeze hasn't time

To stop and hear what I say

I talk to them all in vain

The Pajama Game

There was once a man

The once a year day picnic

Racing with the clock

To Hernando's Hideaway

The man who invented love

Pal Joey

I could write a book

You mustn't kick it around

Happy hunting horn

Bewitched, bothered, bewildered

Plant you now, dig you later

The simple secret

Of the plot is just to tell

Them that I love you

Then the world discovers how

To make two lovers of friends

The Palm Beach Story

Men most in need of

Beating up are enormous

A double wedding

Cold are the hands of time that

Creep along restlessly

Panic in Year Zero!


I heard L.A. being torn

Apart and watched it

Being tossed into the air

Gets civilized, I'll rejoin


Henri Charriere

Escaped and lived the rest of

His life a free man

But the French penal system

Which imprisoned him did not

Paramount on Parade

He doubted I was

A murderer so I killed

The disbeliever

Just a trifle premature

There must be other suspects

Paris When It Sizzles

Writer finds the girl

Who stole the Eiffel Tower


Romance comedy western

Musical espionage


We're destined to meet

The uncrowned king of Ireland

Home rule for Ireland

Highest peak of his career

Co-respondent in divorce

The Passion of Joan of Arc

Triumph of the soul

To portray the inner life

Straw crown and arrow

Martyr's reincarnation

Realized mysticism

Paths of Glory

Troops are like children

In that they crave discipline

Shoot one now and then

No case in kangaroo court

Last refuge of a scoundrel


Remember that no 

Bastard ever won a war

By dying for his

Country.  He won it making

The other dumb bastard die

The men don't always

Know when you're acting or not

They don't need to know

Only a pimp would carry

A pearl-handled revolver

The Pawnbroker

You take this cloth and

You cut it in two and

Sell the two pieces

For a penny or two more

Than you paid for the first one

The Pearl of Death

Crime boss Conover

Pervades England like a plague

The Huxton Creeper

The chest of a buffalo

The arms of a gorilla


I'm afraid of the

Streets.  It just scares me going

Out there and being

A nobody.  Here I am

Somebody.  I got respect.


The Perils of Pauline


Koerner schemes to steal

Young Pauline's inheritance

Kidnapped by gypsies

Blown up by a mad pirate

Cliff hanging in the Rockies

Period of Adjustment

The night I met her

I heard noise like castanets

I noticed her teeth

Were chattering together

And her whole body shaking



Expressions begin to merge

What does it all mean?

Question of normality

Hysterical reversal

Peter Ibbetson

I wait in prison

For a visit from Mary

I dreamed long ago

Who cares what this life may bring?

In dreams, I can be with you

Peter Pan

Your mother and mine

The elegant Captain Hook

Made the red man red

You can fly, you can fly to

The second star to the right

I'm so glad you came

You see, I have to grow up

I might have missed you

I'll take you to Neverland

This time you have gone too far

Peter Pan

Never Never Land

Swallowing an alarm clock

I lost my shadow

Hook give poison to Peter

Do you believe in fairies?

The Petrified Forest

Let there be killing

A feeling of destiny

This is Duke Mantee

The killer and he's hungry

One well-directed bullet

The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues

Nature has many

Secrets man mustn't disturb

This was one of them

Mutated turtle gator

Fingerprints on the spear gun

The Phantom of the Opera


Their fates in her hands:

If she turns a grasshopper,

Their lives will be spared;

If she turns the scorpion

The house wil be blown to bits


Shade in the sewer

Disfigured by vitriol

Anguish and despair

The fugitive composer

Drops down the chandelier


The Phantom Planet

Almost too quiet

You could go nuts waiting for

Something to happen

We are able to translate

All languages through tone waves

The Phantom President

What's it really worth?

Friends this land is sad today

It faces want and dearth

Government of the people

Shall not perish from the earth

The Philadelphia Story


Learn to become yar

Goddess on a pedestal

Without any heart

Tracy the tattooed lady

Dinah at the piano

The Picture of Dorian Gray

If the picture could

Change and I could be always

What I am now.  For

That I would give anything

Yes, I'd give my soul for that

Wicked, elegant

Ethereal and aloof


Corrupted aristocrat

Epigrammatic disdain

Pierrot the Fool

I am only a 

Huge question mark poised over

The sea's horizon

I never told you that I

Would love you all of my life

The Pilgrim

An escaped convict

Disguised as a clergyman

Preaches his sermon

And David put his hand in

His bag and took thence a stone

Pillow Talk

Worse than a woman

Living alone.  It's saying

Don't take your bedroom

Problems out on me.  Nothing

In my bedroom bothers me


Skjetches of slave life

Creates a chasm between

As wide as your love

And as deep as my despair

And I hope gentle and kind


Puppet made of pine

Wake!  The gift of life is thine!

Am I a real boy?

A wooden boy!  What an act!

Plain as the nose on your face

Jiminy Cricket

When you wish upon a star

Hi diddle dee dee

Turn on the old music box

I've got no strings to tie me

Little Woodenhead

When you wish upon a star

Hi diddle dee dee

Just give a little whistle

Let your conscience be your guide

And any time you

Need me, you know, just whistle

Hi diddle dee dee

When you wish upon a star

Let your conscience be your guide

Pin-up Girl

Time alone will tell

The very merry widow

Yankee dudes hayride

Don't carry tales out of school

Red robings, bobwhites, bluebirds

The Pirate

It's not essential

For you to love me to be

In the troupe.  It helps.

There's a practical world and

A dream world.  I won't mix them.

Pirates of Penzance

The slave of duty

Apprentice to a pirate

Queen Victoria

Modern Major General

Pirates turn out to be peers

Plan 9 from Outer Space

UFOs are real

These things have been seen for years

They're here, it's a fact

And the public ought to know

You of earth are idiots

Planet of the Apes

You damn dirty apes

Take your stinking paws off me

You cut up his brain

It squashed a man's ego

The Statue of Liberty


We get up at five

Hump all day, camp at four

Dig foxholes, eat, then

Put out an all night ambush

Or three-man listening post

As it really was

Hell's impossible reason

Ghosts on the landscape

Death is extremely painful

Stand up to wrongheadedness


Suburban gothic

Spectral manifestations

Remember when you

Used to have an open mind

Tangina cleanses the house

Do you understand?

These souls who are not at rest

Are not aware that

They've passed on.  They're not part of

Copnsciousness as we know it

Pony Express

If he catches you

I just hope you're not around

I'm Buffalo Bill

Sure, and I'm Wild Bill Hickock

Nope, you're not that ugly

Poor Little Rich Girl

Military man

When I'm with you, my goodness

But definitely

You've gotta eat your spinach

And buy a bar of Barry's

Pop Goes the Weasel

Miss Lady Luck took

A gamble and she got stuck

Cause Mean Joe Greene ain't

Plaing when he goes slaying

So watch out, Lady Coco


I am what I am

I'm strong to the finish cause

I eats me spinach

What ain't on the up and square

And none of them gets nowhere


I'm like Robin Hood

I steal from the rich and give

To the poor--us poor

Word of advice.  Never give

A sucker an even break

Porgy and Bess

Got no car, got no

Mule.  I got no misery

No lock on the door

I got plenty of nothing

And nothing's plenty for me

Living is easy

I've got plenty of nothing

The cotton is high

I got my gal, got my song

Ain't necessarily so

Portnoy's Complaint

You eat like a pig

Someone should tell you the truth

Take it and stick it

This is my only life and

I'm living it in a joke

Portrait of Jenny

Out of the shadows

The sea flows--and nobody knows

Everything goes

Older each time he sees her

A flawed but haunting canvas

The Poseidon Adventure

We have a chance to 

Find the sunshine.  Let's keep on

Looking for the light

We can hold on through the night

Only with love we can climb

The Postman Always Rings Twice

Set up for murder

In a roadside restaurant

Was it accident?

Was it just coincidence?

Or uncanny happenstance?

The Premature Burial

I wake in my tomb

The rats have eaten my food

The bell wether breaks

What do I do now?  Panic?

The best laid plans oft go wrong

Pretty Woman

She rescues him back

He's not really my uncle

They never are, dear

I can do anything I

Want to, baby.  I ain't lost.

Pride and Prejudice

Matchmaking mother

Firm-minded Elizabeth

Does not need her help

Proud and arrogant Darcy

Overcomes her prejudice

The Pride and the Passion

I think you'd like to

Behave more like a man than

A piece of cold meat

Trumbell carries the bodies

Into the city they freed

The Priest's Wife

Suicide hotline

Singing with Johnny Guitar

In vinyl miniskirt

Refuses to compromise

His conscience or vocation

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

The leaves have gone green

And the clouds are so low you

Can touch them and so

Come out to the meadow, Jean

Come out of your half-dreamed dream

I'm in the business

Of putting old heads on young

Give me a girl at

An impressionable age

And she will be mine for life

Princess Olala

Chichotte shows princes

How to make the art of love

Xenia poses

As Chichotte to trick Boris

Disappointed in lessons

Priorities on Parade

Conchita Lopez

You're in love with someone else

Here comes Katrinka

I'd love to know you better

Obey your air raid warden

Prison Farm

You're running one of

The worst prison farms in the 

Country here.  But one

Of the most profitable.

We make money for the state.

Private Benjamin

All I want is a 

Big huse, nice clothes, two closets

A live-in maid and 

A professional husband

Your pop was home when you left

The Private Life of Henry VIII

Refinement's a thing

Of the past.  Manners are dead

Me marry:  am I

The king or a breeding bull?

The things I've done for England

Catherine Howard

Am I the king or a bull?

Jane dies in childbirth

The things I've done for England

The best of them is the worst

The Private War of Major Benson

Missed their objective

Men, We might as well face it

The major's a creep

When I see a lot of blood

I get sick to my stomach

Prizzi's Honor

Presents for favors

Christ, what a beautiful song!

Hired to hit husband

Nobody in my whole life

Has affected me like you

You wanna do it

Come on, Let's do it right here

With all the lights on

Do I ice her or do I

Marry her?  Which one of these?

No one in my life

Ever affected me the

Way you make me feel

That's it...That's everything

I think I'm in love with you

The Producers

Springtime for Hitler

My papers are in order

Prisoners of love

I am not responsible

I only followed orders

We win by losing

I'm just following orders

Springtime for Hitler

No experience needed

Eyes bulge, he gets a weird look

Promised Lands

Arab Israeli

Contradicting paradox

Resurrects Adam

With visual irony

And verbal incandescence

The Proud Valley

Let me do this son

This doesn't mean only your

Life.  It means the life

Of your wife, mother and kids

They've got nobody but you


They'll see and they'll know

And they'll say why she wouldn't

Even harm a fly

Mother isn't quite herself

Boy's best friend is his mother

Directing viewers

Playing them like an organ

Aroused by pure film

Achieved a mass emotion

It made the audience scream

Public Enemy

Powers to Kitty

I wish you was a wishing

Well, I could tie a 

Bucket to you and sink you

Squashes grapefruit in her face

Pulp Fiction

What's the gimp's hang-up?

What do they call a Big Mac?

Stabbing in the heart

A dead gangster in the trunk

Cheap shots and non sequiturs

Punch Drunks

Pop goes the weasel

Burnt toast and a rotten egg

I got a tapeworm

And it's good enough for him

K.O. Stradivarius

Punchy Cowpunchers

The men you choose will

Probably never come back

I have just the men

Yesterday was payday so

The cavalry will not come


I washed my face and

Hands afore I come.  I did

Incarnate insult

You do it ever so well

Hurricanes hardly happen...