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Raggedy Man


Nobody's business

Eavesdropping on the switchboard

Dancing with the broom

Her ravishers ambushed by

Her husband home from the war


Raging Bull


The thing ain't the ring

He would say that it's the play

He fought Sugar Ray

It's a thrill to be standing

Go get 'em, champ.  I'm the boss.




A missionary

With long limbs loosely jointed

Meets Sadie Thompson

Paths cross in the hourglass

The reverend cuts his throat


The Rain Maker


Downright inspiring

I can't believe what I see

 Is it really me?

No idea who I am

I want to do things for him


Rancho Deluxe


We rustle cattle

To keep from falling asleep

Last of the plainsmen

Pickup truck gun rack culture

Romantic absurdity


Random Harvest


A World War One vet

Suffering from amnesia

Post-traumatic stress

Regains his lost memory

Returns to the home he left


The Raven


Poe!  You are avenged!

I want you should fix my face

He does ugly things

Crazy-quilt of death and life

Longing for the lost Lenore

Rasputin and the Empress

He strokes his whiskers,

Rolls his eyes, cackles, chortles

And rants like a nut

Wheeling, dealing, blackmailing,

Brainwashing and murdering


The Razor's Edge


Questioning values

To find sources of wisdom


More in pity than in love

Understanding and knowledge


Enjoyment of art

Is the only remaining

Ecstasy that's not

Immoral or illegal

I shall never understand


Reaching for the Moon


When the swells slow down

Whenever the folks high up

Do the mean low down

So you can lay your dough down

You may believe it or not


Rear Window


Boxed by broken leg

Orgy of voyeurism

Parallel probing

Apertures of reflection

Wedding ring is giveaway


Life, love, loneliness

Happiness, sadness and death

News photographer

Lars comes over to kill Jeff

In a cliffhanging climax




Then like all dreamers

I was possessed suddenly


And passed like a spirit through

The barrier before me


Hostile housekeeper

Appearing suddenly and


The late Mrs. De Winter's

Memory pervades the house


Rebel Without a Cause


March of Dimes poster

How abut a chickie run?

Plato's socks don't match

My dad is Mister Magoo

He kissed her on the forehead




Brick throwing ballet

Filled with diversionary

Movements, retreats and

Surprise attacks pushing cops

And sailor into the lake


Red-Headed Woman


Is this dress too tight?

It sure is.  Good, I'll take it.

Prefer blondes?  Says who?

She frightens off most men, so

Who is there to love, but fools?


Red Heat



Is all that matters if you

Want to survive here

The world is an ugly place

Even if you deny it


Red Planet Mars



Collapsing around our ears

Like a deck of cards

I can hear the laughter now

Build our world on the ruins


Red River



Drives men as hard as cattle

At odds with his son

On the Kansas City trail

He tells them they are to die





Witty, tender humanist

Days that Shook the World

Comintern propaganda

Burial in the Kremlin


You're with me here now

Next to me and worlds away

See I'll free you and

I'll see you when I see you

Goodbye until whenever


The Red Shoes


I hate amateurs

I don't know exactly why

Emo illusion

I believe in destiny

The obsessive need to dance


The Reluctant Debutante


Dark interloper

Turns out to be the new Duke

Of Positano

With a palazzo to match

What a lot of housekeeping!


Remember the Night


In the presence of

Beautiful things, did you have

The sudden urge to

Take them and hurry away?

You mean was I hypnotized?


Repo Man


I shall not cause harm

To any vehicle nor

Personal contents

Not many people got a

Code to live by any more




Tail grows a body

Advanced regeneration

Goes even further

Each piece will regenerate

Into a whole animal

Restless Knights

Am I Count of Ten?

You're Baron of Graymatter

You may have your head

Cut off or burn at the stake

Hot stake's better than cold chop


Retour a la Raison


Man Ray sprinkled salt

And pepper on strips of film

On others he threw

Pins and thumbtacks at random

Then white light for a second


The Return of Charlie Chan



Is one of the most common

Motives for murder

Happiness is a warm clue

The cradle of Hercules


Return of the Fly



Breakdown of structure


Murderous brain of a fly

Does not have a human mind


The Return of Sherlock Holmes


Radio tapping

International circuit

For inside info

Moriarty's cigarettes

Protrude a poison needle


Reuben, Reuben


Come let us spread a

Picnic on the precipice

Backs to the abyss

This is our hopeless heaven

Flowers our eyes have watered


The Revenge of Frankenstein


You know what to do

Disembodied tattooed arm

Frankenstein, help me!

He cannibalized his wife

He's become his own monster


Richard III


Kingdom for a horse

Bad back, worse reputation

I do love thee so

I'd rather be a peddler

Subtle, false and treacherous


Riders to the Stars


How many G's?  Twelve.

Why that's twelve times a man's weight

If you can stand it

Cosmic rays destroy metals

Turning the moon into dust


Riding High


Injun gal heap hep

Willie the Wolf of the West

Whistling in the light

The Sultan's secretary

You're the rainbow, get you man


The Right Stuff


Pioneer pilots

Self-serving glory-hungry

Competitive men

Bought off by high salaries

Manipulated public


You need coverage

The greatest death-defying

Stunt ever broadcast

You need more than speed records

Let's punch a hole in the sky


Rio Bravo


You don't know women

Do you think you're good enough?

I'd like to find out

He's been doing a good job

He doesn't have to prove it


Rise and Shine


Central two two oh

I'm making a play for you

Want to be the guy

Hail, hail to Bolenciewez

Get thee behind me, Clayton


River's Edge


I get in a fight

Everything goes black and

I explode, you know

Who cares if this guy wastes me

I'm going to waste him first


Road to Morocco


No food!  No water!

I can't stand it, I tell you!

It's New York harbor

Why'd you have to go and spoil

The only good scene I got?


The Road Warrior


Everything lost

In the roar of an engine

Haunted by demons

Wandering in the waste land

Where he learned to live again


Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves


Cancel the kitchen

Scraps for lepers and orphans

And call off Christmas

No merciful beheadings

Men speak conveniently


Robot Monster


Monsters attack Earth!

Science meets the menace of

Astral assassins

Moon monsters launch Earth attack

Adventures in the future


Wipe out all humans

With your calcinator ray

Is this not the law?

There must be an in to your

Race.  I must, yet I cannot.


Rocket Attack USA



When the pig gets drunk, he talks

If you can stand it

Central Intelligence Group

Density in outer space


Rock'n'Roll High School


Vince Lombardi High

A teenage lobotomy

I want you around

You get detention for life

In Eaglebauer's office


A Romance of Happy Valley


His chief ambition

Is a toy frog that will swim

Sometimes they backslide

But the dream is still upward

God smiles from flowers and corn


Romance on the High Seas


It's you or no one

The tourist trade.  It's magic

Put 'em in a box

I'm in love run run run run

Two lovers met in the night


Romancing the Stone


Villainous strangers

Kidnap for a treasure map

Alligator bites

Wilder in the wilderness

The best time I've ever had


Romeo and Juliet


Feuding families

Montague and Capulet

Two star-crossed lovers

Feast on the fruit of their hate

Where for art thou he?


La Ronde


And me, what am I

The author, a passerby

I am one of you

Incarnation of desire

Master of ceremonies


Room at the Top


A savage story

Working class and proud of it

You know what Joe wants

We really belong to each

Other, till death us do part




Pity we couldn't

Have done it in bright sunlight


An immaculate murder

Being weak is a mistake


They kill for a thrill

Hide the body in a chest

In the same room where

His parents and fiancee

Ar coming to a party




The still of the night

As I gaze from my window

The moon growing dim

While this world is in slumber

Oh, the times without number


Rose Marie


Indian love call

Sergeant Bruce of the Mounties

She has what she wants

Someone as phoney as she

Gobbling beans and bacon


Rose of the Rancho


If I should lose you

Thunder over paradise

Gold in Monterey

Girl in Californ-I-A

Where's the padre and the bride?


The Rose Tattoo


Courted by a clown

A man who smells like a goat

Laughing from the heart

Pleasantly plump Sicilian

Seamstress in states of undress


Rosemary's Baby


Ro, I got the part!

His name is an anagram

Act like a cripple

I was bitten by a mouse

Betrayed by my own doctor


This isn't a dream

This is really happening

Tannis, anyone?

The name is an anagram

He shall redeem the despised


Royal Wedding


How could you believe

Me when I said I loved you

When you know I've been

A liar all of my life?

I've had that reputation

Since I was a youth

You must have been mad to think

I'd tell you the truth

I'd said I'd make you mine but

Who would go for that old line?


The Rules of the Game


Mechanical bird

Dancing on a volcano

A foreign substance

Entering the organism

Defeated at the outset


Run Silent Run Deep


Submarine captain

Rehearses down the throat shot

In the Bongo Straits

After duelling a sub

He is strafed by Jap airplanes




Would you know my name

If I saw you in heaven

Would it be the same

Cause I know I don't belong

Cause I know I just can't stay