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Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick


The general store

Soda shop marshmallow moon

Purt nigh but not plumb

Why should I believe in love?

Life is a beautiful thing


The Absent-Minded Professor


Flying rubber balls

Gamma rays strike the flubber

Make the kettle rise

Then he makes a flubber car

And flying basketball stars


The Accused


The next thing I know

He was squeezing my throat and

He was holding me

Down really hard and he was

Jamming his hand up my crotch


The Accusing Finger


Estranged wife of state

Prosecutor is killed by

A jewel thief but

Husband is convicted on

Circumstantial evidence


Ace in the Hole


I met a lot of

Hard-boiled eggs in my life, but

You're twenty minutes

A thousand dollars a day

You can have me for nothing


Across the Pacific


Army officer

Pretends to be a traitor

To trap the Jap spies

Counterespionage that

Glints with the sheen of blue steel


Across the Wide Missouri


A trapper marries

An Indian to make peace

She leads them over

A longer but safer route

To beaver territory


The Adding Machine


Zero is replaced

Stabs his boss with filing spike

Daisy Diana

Meets him in Elysian Fields

Then he goes another round




Adrift on a raft

A sailor swears to reform

If he is rescued

Breaking his promises, his

Soul drifts off into the fog


The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen


You have rather a

Weak grasp of reality

I don't have time for

Flatulence and orgasms

I've got tides to regulate


The Adventures of Mark Twain


Riverboat pilot

Roughing it in the wild West

California gold

Celebrated Jumping Frog

Flow on, big river, flow on


The Adventures of Robin Hood


Saxon repressions

I'll organize a revolt

Why, you speak of treason

I feel for beaten people

Romantic outlaw hero


The African Queen


We're in the same boat

Social juxtaposition

Shooting the rapids

Snarled in impassable reeds

Torpedoing the gunboat


The Agony and The Ecstasy


The words meant nothing

Because she meant nothing.  Less.

It left me empty

Maybe God has crippled me

With a purpose as he does


It troubles me that

Princes and tyrants should have

The right to order

Michelangelo will paint

The ceiling or he will hang




Captain is entombed

By the daugher of the king

Slave hides in the crypt

They swear their eternal love

As they are buried alive


The Alamo


The American

Army was commanded by

Producer John Wayne

While the Mexican army

Was directed by John Ford


Alcatraz:  The Whole Shocking Story


You are here because

You're useless and worthless both

In society

And the prison system and

Here you'll stay until you die


Alexander's Ragtime Band


Say it with music

When the midnight choo choo leaves

For Alabama

Oh, how I hate to get up

For your country, my country


Come on honey lamb

Let me take you by the hand

Ragged meter man

They can play a bugle call

Like you never heard before


I'm so all alone

There is no one else but you

By the telephone

Waiting for a ting-a-ling

I'm all alone feeling blue




A mature woman

You can feel a lifetime of

Experience in

Her fingers.  Know what I mean?

I got scratches down me back


What's it all about?

Is it just for the moment?

When you sort it out

And if only fools are kind

I guess it's wise to be cruel


Ali Baba Goes to Town


Laugh your way through life

I've got my heart set on you

Swing is here to sway

Vote for Honest Abe vote for

Vote for Arabania


Alibi Ike


I want you to have

No secrets in this club.  If

There's a man on first,

I want the pitcher to know.

Give them hell.  They deserve it.


Alice in Wonderland


No.  Can't wait.  I'm late.

There's a monster in my house.

I am exactly

Three inches high, and it is

A very good height indeed.


A world of my own

Late for an important date

The march of the cards

Walrus and the carpenter

In the golden afternoon




Shape-shifting evil

Priorities rescended

How do we kill it?

Its structural perfection

Matched by its hostility

All Gummed Up

Is that lady bow-

Legged?  That's no lady, that's

My mother-in-law!

A cake frosted with bubble

Gum instead of marshmallows.


All That Jazz


Take off on Broadway

Everyting old is new

There'll be some changes

Bye by love, after you've gone

I feel like I'm gonna die


The Alligator People


Real deep big trouble

I ain't never gonna stop

Shooting gators. No.

Dirty stinking nasty slime

In effect, you could say that


All Quiet on the Western Front


The greatest glutton

The argumentative ass

The brightest button

What kind of world will there be

After the war is over?


All the King's Horses


Careful, young lady

 A little white gardenia

King can do no wrong

Dancing the Viennese when

My Prince Charming comes along


All the King's Men


Hell bent for reform

Fascism and corruption

Gift to persuade crowds

Jaundiced intellectual

Ambition costs him respect


There is the spider

With his great faceted eyes

And the fangs dripping

What happens always happens

It could have been the whole world


I have a speech here

It's about what this state needs

You know what you need

A school house collapsed because

It was made of politics


All the President's Men


The editor comes

What do you think you're doing?

It's two thirty and

I'm washing carbon paper.

I feel like I never stopped




There is never a

Day when you don't play a part

In a word I say

You're the smile on my face or

A rainbow I chase in spring


Boss gets on my nerves

I've got a good mind to quit

Taken all I can

It's time to get up and git

The gentleman is a dope


Aloma of the South Seas


When your heart's lonely

The white blossoms of Tah-Ni

Will bring your love there

Try twining them in your hair

Keep weaving their fragrant spell


Alvarez Kelly


Cows are like women

Sometimes you have to be firm

Sometimes gentle and

Sometimes a slap on the rump

She's not a crinoline saint


Amazing Grace


Who's coming to put

An end to the dirty tricks

Lying mayors and

Crooked politicians?  Who?

Moms Mabley!  It's about time!


The Amazing Transparent Man


Now he has the key

If you ever mention my

Daughter's name again

There's a man who has unlocked

Every door except one




Holden woos Nancy

Hanging on her widow sill

Challenged to duel

Paul Revere rides out to warn

And arouse the countryside


American Gigolo


I know who you are

Come up off your color chart

Call me anytime

Roll me in designer sheets

Cover up love's alibi


American Graffiti


Smoke gets in your eyes

The night of the senior prom

Drag racing ho-dads

Hanging out at the drive in

Listening to Wolfman Jack


Curt's ambivalence

Where were you in '62?

About leaving town

Where were you in '92?

You just can't stay seventeen


An American in Paris


Mecca of the world

For study, inspiration

And for living is

Here on this star called Paris

If you can't paint in Paris


I'll build a stairway

Ever dance on cobblestones?

Embracable you

The world's oldest prodigy

Nice work if you can get it


American Me


You're like two people

One is like a kid--that's the

One I cared about

I hate the one who knows how

To run drugs, who kills people


Anchors Aweigh


Sailors on shore leave

Fall in love too easily

Mexican hat dance

Cumparsita fandango

Fantasy with cartoon mouse


If you knew Susie

We hate to leave--I begged her

Mexican Hat Dance

Hungarian Rhapsody

Fall in love too easily


And the Angels Sing


Could happen to you

His rocking horse ran away

The first hundred years

Knocking on your own front door

My heart's wrapped up in gingham


The Andalusian Dog


A razor slices

The eyeball of a woman

Nothing in this film

Symbolizes anything

Insists director Bunuel


The imbecile crowd

Novelty outrages their

Deepest convictions

Basically a desperate

Passionate call to murder


And Then There Were None


Never in my life

Have I been accused of crime

I shan't serve dinner

If that's what you think of me

Stupid to kill the servant


Anemic Cinema


The common factor

Is indifference to taste

Kinetic painting

Spiraling rotoreliefs

Anagrammatic word play




It's the privilege

Of a woman not to make

Sense.  Men who expect

Women to be logical

Are likely to be failures


Angels with Dirty Faces


Dead End Kids' idol

I know you're a smart lawyer

Don't get smart with me

Pretend to be a coward

Galvanic and volcanic


Suppose I asked you

To have the heart to be scared

Suppose the guards dragged

You out screaming for mercy

I want you to let them down


The Angry Red Planet


Returning from Mars

Iris has a mental block

The rat bat spider

We're illegal aliens

It's better to stay at home


We give this warning

We can and will destroy you

You have invaded

Technological adults

But emotional infants


Animal Crackers


Hello, I must go

Hooray for Captain Spaulding

You're one of the most

Beautiful women I've see

That's not saying much for you


The African explorer

Are we going to marry

But that's bigamy

Yes, and it's bigame, too

Did someone call me schnorrer?


Shot an elephant

In my pajamas.  How he

Quotes, unquotes and quotes

That's three quotes and another

Quote will make it a gallon


Ann Vickers


I've been in prison

Work for thirty-two years and

The only way to

Handle prisoners is to

Put the fear of God in them


Anna Christie


Dat ole devil sea

She is goot girl, my Anna

Gimme a whiskey

And don't be stingy, baby!

Out of the sea through the fog


Anna Karenina


Waiting for the train

Anna runs off with Vronsky

No toleration

Each unhappy family

Unhappy in its own way


Anne of the Thousand Days


There has never been

A king who gave so much to

Find his way to the

Heart of the woman he loved

I've stabbed, fought and clawed my way


I did not love him

Then I did.  Then I was his.

I can count the days

The days we bedded, married,

Hated, lusted, born dead child


Annie Get Your Gun


Colonel Buffalo

Doing what comes natur'lly

I can do better

Can't get a man with a gun

No business like show business


Annie Hall



Exploration of Alvey

Thinks I'm a yo-yo

What does she look like naked?

Refuses to change himself


It had to be you

You know nothing of my work

You play very well

God, what a dumb thing to say

If life were only like this


I would never want

To belong to any club

That would have someone

Like me for a member.  The

Key joke of my adult life


Love's too weak a word

That's the most fun I've ever

Had without laughing

They don't throw their garbage out

They make it into TV


I don't want to live

In any city where the

Only cultural

Advantage is right on red

From the start to the finish


Anything Goes


Transatlantic cruise

You're the top--Shanghai-di-ho

Public enemy

There'll always be a lady

I get a kick out of you


The Apartment


He walked out on me

Threw that key right in my face

Said I couldn't bring

You must be an iron man

From what I hear through the walls


Keeps book on the dates

Shameful gulibility

Cheerfully fetches

Amorous activity

Overdose of sleeping pills


Apocalypse Now


Trip up the river

Into the heart of darkness

The smell of napalm

From ritual to romance

You methods become unsound


Extreme prejudice

I love the smell of napalm

Smells like victory

I wanted a mission and

For my sins they gave me one


I've seen the horror

But you have no right to call

Me a murderer

You have a right to kill me

But you have no right to judge




Plot and counterplot

Fantastic interlacing

Oxford professor

Deciphers heiroglyphic

Assassination message


The Aristocats


I've got wanderlust

Gotta kick up highway dust

Strut them city streets

I'm showing off my eclat

I'm O'Malley, alley cat


Around the World


Candlelight and wine

He's got a secret weapon

Moke from Shamokin

Great news is in the making

Don't believe everything




I like wearing grey

You like being ornery

Sneaking up behind

Shouting out, "Turn around, dirt!"

Massacring warriors


Arsenic and Old Lace


Elderberry whine

Teddy charges San Juan Hill

Jonathan comes home

Whats under the window seat?

Dig the Panama canal


Asphalt Jungle


Marilyn Monroe

I didn't see anything

The black colt threw me

Driver, boxman, hooligan

The attorney shoots himself


The Assassination of Trotsky



So dryly and bloodlessly

Until the pickax

Comes crashing into his skull

Reverberations ripple


Assignment Outer Space


Station on Venus

India Zulu Four One

Saves Yankee One Three

Interplanetary News

Clues are contradictory




Tura Satana

Parts for my experiments

Powered by the sun

Unleash on America

Evil army of monsters

See crazed corpse stealers

See berserk human transplants

See brutal mutants

Menace beautiful women

In terrifying color


As You Like It


All the world's a stage

In the forest of Arden

Dukedom in exile

Ganymede is Rosalind

Touchstone tests us with his wit


At Land


Born of the sea, she

Adventures through life and then

Returns to the sea

Crawling on her belly down

The middle of a banquet


At the Circus


I bet your father

Spent the first year of your life

Throwing at the stork

If you hadn't sent for me

I'd probably be home now


Atlantic City


Yes, you should have seen

I worked for the people who

Worked for the people

You want information or

You want wisdom?  Both.  Teach me.


Atlantis, The Lost Continent


Plato's dialogue

Antediluvian world

Repeat after me

I'm getting more like a bul

Lots of gore, lots of action


The Atomic Submarine


The flying saucer

Recharges at magnetic north

Boarded by Lungfish

Your Earth seems most suitable

Then they shoot him in the eye


All front and no back

How could he have any sides?

Crushed by the iris

Our individual brain

Frequencies are now attuned


Attack of the Crab Monsters


Martha would not care

To hear the patter of so

Many tiny feet

The crab eats his victim's brain

Absorbing his mind intact


Attack of the 50 Foot Woman



Wealthy but miserable

Smashes through the roof

Clutches husband in her fist

Tangles in high tension wires


No time for questions

Does he think I'm crazy, too?

That's too much to ask

She pays most of the taxes

A sociable satellite


Attack of the Giant Leeches


If not for you, Liz

I wouldn't be in this fix

And my old friend Dave

Wouldn't be doing this to me

Ought to belt you in the mouth


Attack of the Puppet People


Change to energy

I'm not growing, you're shrinking

You're my living doll

A bath in a coffee can

Don't leave me, I'll be alone


Attila the Hun


Emperor's sister

Offers half of her kingdom

He orders her slain

The pope's miraculous storm

Stops Huns at the gates of Rome


Aunt Mary


The true story of

The courageous woman who

Conquered her own pain

And taught a bunch of wayward

Kids how to become winners


Autumn Sonata


I was a doll that

You played with when you had time

If I was naughty

You handed me over to

The nanny or to Father


The Avenging Conscience


He thinks of nature

As a great murder machine

Walls up his uncle

Then Annabel in despair

Throws herself over a cliff


The Awakening


The dawn is breaking

Romance is a game of chance

Your heart is aching

Tears will fall as you recall

The moon in all its splendor


The Awful Truth


I know I'll enjoy

Oklahoma City and

If it should get dull

You can always run over

To Tulsa for the weekend