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Take the Money and Run


Crime pays.  The hours

Are good.  You travel a lot.

The shrink asked me if

I thought sex was dirty.  It

Is if you're doing it right.




There's no food for thought

It's a great children's picture

As it should scare hell

Out of the little monsters

Atomically stabilized


The Tarnished Angels


A folklore of speed

A shadow whose projector

Had eluded it

Puny mortals vanishing

Against a vast, timeless void


Tars and Stars


When I get to town

Love is a merry go round

After the war, babe

I always meant to tell you

I'm glad I waited to see




The script said, "You go!"

Weismuller said, "You go quick!"

The director yelled,

"Cut!  We don't want any long

Speeches.  Just stick to the script.


Tarzan and His Mate


Wrestling crocodiles

Rhinoceros, elephants

Men who eat lions

A woman's greatest weapon

Is man's imagination


Taxi Driver


All the animals

Come out at night.  Whores, buggers,

Queens, dopers, junkies

Someday a real rain will come

And wash this scum off the streets


Teacher's Pet


Self-taught editor

Takes a journalism class

Taken with her looks

He wants her to criticize

Her father's Pulitzer Prize

Teacher's Pet

There's something goofy

With anybody what's got

A name like Crabtree

The pip that gave me the ride

Did I tell her everything


The Teahouse of the August Moon


Captain Fisby must

Democratize Tobiki

With Army Plan B

The army wants a schoolhouse

The people want a teahouse


Teenagers from Outer Space


Parts of a machine

Diagonal adjustment

Reading resisting

Structural forms by point eight

Sick and old are put to death


The gargon terror

Sorry I acted that way


I don't care where you are from

I shall make the Earth my home


The Ten Commandments


We were trying to

Find out how the hell to get

Cold beer in Egypt

Like an eight foot chorus girl

Too big and much too flashy

Let my people go

There was idolatry and


They may be your people but

Do you need to smell like them?

Termites of 1938


The Acme Escort Bureau

A pie-eyed piper

Acme Exterminator

If you got 'em, we'll get 'em


Test Pilot


Series of great risks

With periodic binges

A five day bender

Gigantic army bomber

Gunner goes down with the plane


The Testament of Orpheus


A petrifying

Source of thought resuscitates

Dead actions to give

Reality to irreal

You understand film to mean




Galloping horses

Drifters get into trouble

Rampaging cattle

Gang headed by the dentist

Opposite sides of the law


Thanks a Million


New O'leans da'lin'

Sing brother sing brother sing

I've got a pocket

Full of sunshine, sugar plum

I'm sitting high on a hill


That Kind of Woman


Wins wartime contracts

By supplying mistresses

To the generals

Millionaire offers marriage

She leaves him for a soldier


That's Entertainment


The clown with his pants

Falling down or the dance that's

A dream of romance

Lights on the lady in tights

Doubt while the jury is out




Giant mutant ants

Are plundering for sugar

Showdown in storm drains

A door into a new world

Where nobody can predict


Theodora Goes Wild


It's a free country

I'm over twenty-one and

What I choose to do

Is none of Lynnfield's business

Go take a jump in the lake!


There's No Business Like Show Business


You're like a baby

Afer you are presented

You're discontented

Don't you say that I'm unkind

You're always changing your mind


They Died with Their Boots On


George Armstrong Custer

Handsome cavalier figure

Law unto himself

Vainglorious ambition

Won his final victory


They Met in Bombay


A suave jewel thief

Encounters a lady crook

Who steals a pendant

A master of masquerade

Impersonates a hero


They Shoot Horses, Don't They?


Something may happen

You think has never happened

But you're mistaken

This experience you thought

Was new has happened before


Dance of destiny

Wonderful kids still struggling

And still hoping as

The marathon goes on and

The clock of fate ticks away


They Won't Forget


Death in the Deep South

Blackjacking of janitor

I didn't do it

Lynching of the schoolteacher

Intolerant crowd fury


The Thief of Bagdad


Clever little man

Master of the universe

But mortals are weak

Chain them to opposite wall

The death of a thousand cuts


The Thin Man


A missing person

Everyone comes to dinner

The Donner Party

A monkey wrench in the works

Sit back and see what happens


It's a dirty trick

To bring me all the way to

New York just to make

A widow out of me.  You

Wouldn't be a widow long.


The Thing with Two Heads


They transplanted a

White bigot's head onto a

Soul brother's body

With the fights, the fuzz, the chicks

They're really in deeeeep trouble


Things to Come


Life is limited

War always never ending

I adore the Chief

When I saw you swooping down

You bring the breath of greater


An end to progress

Make an end to progress now

Let this be the last

Day of the scientific

This or that?  Which shall it be?


The Third Man


Postwar Vienna

Corrupt, world-weary fringes

Bombed decadence

A used-up second-rater

Trying to crawl from sewer


We'd run anything

If they wanted it enough

And had the money

What can I do, man?  I'm dead

Leave death to professionals


The Thirty-nine Steps


Like a spy story

I'd like to come home with you

It's your funeral

One thing he cannot disguise

Half of his finger missing


Jumping from the train

Mastermind of the spy ring

Escape to the moors

Spies masquerade as police

Handcuff him to Pamela


This Gun for Hire


Well my friend get wise

Try to kiss her, first she won't

Then presto change-o

As we magicians would say

Now you see it, now you don't


This Is Not a Test


Cop smashes bottles

I said there'd be no drinking

Here and I mean it

If you do see him, shoot him

Atomic devastation


This Is the Army


Suntan shade of green

An olive drab color scheme

Dressed up in ODs

A tin hat for overseas

Aryans under the skin


This Island Earth


An offshore fragment

Ignored by the politics

Of the universe

There are some advantages

Gained by detachment


This Property Is Condemned


A man takes a drink

Then the drink takes a drink then

The drink takes the man

Learn more about each other

In an empty Pullman car


Those Were The Days


Brash boy on campus

A lion with the ladies

But disliked by all

Because of self-centeredness

And insensitivity

Three Dark Horses

Three delegates who

Are too dumb to think and who'll

Do what we tell them

Now, where do we find such guys?

Hammond Egger is a crook


Three Days of the Condor


A literary

History society

Popular fiction

As part of the agency's

Intelligence gathering

Three Hams on Rye

Another Broadway

Turkey set to lay an egg

Latest can of corn

A pot holder in the cake

The cast coughing up feathers


Three Little Girls in Blue


The moment you speak

I want to play hide and seek

Like a toy balloon

I want to go bounce the moon

Just like a couple of tots

Three Little Pirates

Island of Coney

The Rajah of Canarsie

Nah hah rasbanyah

Black Louis wants to kill them

Moe gets hammer in the head


Three Little Words


Eight little letters

That simply mean "I Love You"

All alone Monday

I wanna be loved by you

Hooray for Captain Spaulding


The time had to come

I'm like a pawn in your hand

Moved at your command

Whether it's for bad or good

Nevertheless, I'm in love


Three Loves


Smelting company

Running wheels and hissing valves

She dies in his arms

He is just awakening

From a terrible nightmare

Three Missing Links

Straight from the Stone Age

Hired to play a gorilla

Doctor Ba Loni

Sulami, Medicine Man

Gives Curly some love candy


The Three Musketeers


When it's love you give

I'll be a man of good faith

Then in love you'll live

I swear I'll always be strong

I'll be the fire in your night


3 Sailors and a Girl


Kiss me or I'll scream

My heart is a singing heart

You're but, oh, so right

I made myself a promise

Show me a happy woman

Three Sappy People

Remind me to tear

Your Adam's apple out.  I'll

Make a note of it

Oh, darling, in all my life

I've never had so much fun


Three Violent People


I've got no time to

Waste.  I've got a ranch to build

Want to get married?

Why, of all the cold-blooded

Interrupted by his kiss


3 Women


Go backwards in time

Ferret out the memories

Of pain, of despair,

Rejection, terror and shame

I am filled with derision




Don't flatter yourself

What i did was for king an

Country.  You don't think

It gave me any pleasure

What sharp little eyes you've got


THX 1138


Buy more and be happy

Criminal drug evasion

Unauthorized sex

We're all in this together

Until the budget runs out




Any black man that

Runs for sheriff down here in

Colusa County

Should have his head examined

Before the coroner does


Till the End of Time


My best friend, a Jew

Is lying in a foxhole

At Guadalcanal

I'm going to spit in your

Eyed because we don't want you


The Time Machine


The traveller has

The control in his pocket

All clear from the sphinx

The discs that tell of the past

Weena the Eloi beauty


This is man's future

All knowledge of work forgot

The underground world

Of the Morlocks was destroyed

So you can swim, dance and play


The Time of Your Life


Waterfront saloon

American Destiny

Kit Carson spins yarns

I don't suppose you ever

Fell in love with a midget


The Tingler


The house lights go out

Scream, scream for your very lives

The Tingler is loose

Motors vibrate under seats

My experiment in fear


To Be or Not To Be


That is the question

Is it nobler in the mind

To impersonate

The very antithesis

Of what we really can be


I saw him on the

Stage when I was in Warsaw

Right before the war

What he did to Shakespeare we

Are doing now to Poland


To Beat the Band


If you were mine dear

I saw her at eight o'clock

Miss America

Eeny meeny miney mo

Santa Claus came in the spring


To Catch a Thief


For what it's worth, I

Only stole from people who

Wouldn't go hungry

From where I sat, it looked as

Though you were conjugating


To Each His Own


What good is a song

If the words just don't belong

If a flame is to

Grow there must be a glow to

Open each door there's a key


To Have and Have Not


Papa Hemingway

Did not write the best-known line

Corncob No Count wrote

"Do you know how to whistle?

Just pucker up your lips and blow?"


I'm hard to get, Steve

All you have to do is ask

But don't make it sad

Hey, Slim, are you still happy?

Anybody got a match?


To Kill a Mockingbird


I would like to use

My remaining time with you

To remind you that

This case is not difficult

No minute sifting of facts


To Please a Lady


Midget car racer

Is blamed for a fatal crash

And booed by the fans

Gets barred from every track

And goes into a sideshow


To Sir with Love


I'd write across the

Sky in letters that would soar

A friend who taught me

Right from wrong and weak from strong

Why is it children grow up?


Tom Jones


Right way rewarded

The comedy of manners

Wrong way ridiculed

Nocturnal machination

Erotic mastication


If you take my heart

By surprise, the rest of my

Body must follow

We are all as God made us

Any many of us much worse




We've come for the boy

His daddy gave him to us

He's our sister's boy

Run boy to your grandfather

Her husband gave them the boy


Tomorrow Never Dies


William Randolph Hearst

Told his photographers, you

Provide the pictures

I'll provide the war.  I've just

Taken it one step further


Too Bad She's Bad


His accusations

Empty gesticulations

As the quick-witted

Fast-talking con artist team

Talks themselves out of trouble


Too Hot to Handle


Amazon natives

Want aviatrix for their

Voodoo rituals

Projects newsreels on a cliff

And they think he is a god


Too Many Girls


Heroes in the fall

Love never went to college

Kick up the cake walk

She could shake the maracas

We're the sweethearts of the team


Too Much Harmony


Two aristocrats

Guess it had to be that way

When you came along

Black moonlight bucking the wind

With a ha-cha lullaby


Top Hat


Feigned indifference

A heightened moment of pause

Haughty withdrawal

Fantasy and earthiness

The enchantment of tension


Dancing cheek to cheek

Isn't this a lovely day?

The Piccolino

Got no strings I'm fancy free

In top hat, white tie and tails


Top of the Town


That foolish feeling

Blame it on the jamboree

I've got to be kissed

Fireman, fireman, save my child

There's no two ways about it


Torn Curtain


It tears you apart

Stab, strangle, asphyxiate

The ballerina

Recognizes the hunted

Shouts, "Fire!" in the theater


Touch of Evil


Darling, you're a mess

Your future is all used up

Time bomb in a trunk

Too eccentric, grandiose

Self-defeating genius


Big man about town

Lay off the candy bars, Hank


The play of light and shadow

Emphasizing character


Toward the Unknown


Bond would rather test

Planes than do anything else

Having cracked under

Brainwashing in Korea

He is not reliable


Tragedy of Love


A wrestler throws his

Girlfriend's lover from the roof

The judge's mistress

Sees the wrestler's expressions

Through her opera glasses




I'm almost content

Choose a job, choose a career

Choose a family

Choose washing machines, compact

Disc players, choose your future


A Trapper and the Redskins


The band is killed off

In fine stockyard order and

Everything ends

Happily ever after

Except the poor Indians




"Anything" covers

A lot of territory

A big juicy bum

Once a tear runs down his cheek

Nowadays anything goes


Treasure Island


First, you draw a map

An old sea dog leaves the map

To Flint's treasure chest

Long John Silver's mutiny

Ben Gunn, a bottle of rum


The Treasure of the Sierra Madre


From the horizon

To the desert mountainside

Fred Dobbs looks about:

"Did he see me hide my goods?"

"Don't need no stinking badges!"

Tricky Dicks

Woman annoyed by

A man with a wooden leg

By the name of Smith

My sister was engaged to

A guy with a wooden leg


A Trip to the Moon



And reorganization

Rocket in the eye

Light was abruptly transformed

The dreamer changes the world


The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes


It would have been a

Great grief to me to have been

Forced to take any

Extreme measures, Mr. Holmes

Danger is part of my trade


Triumph of the Will


Longing repression

A flamboyant chastity

Releases itself

In orgasmic spectacle

Uncompromising demands


Trouble in Paradise


I want you to take

Five dozen deep red roses

Put in a basket

Send them to Madame Colet

Charge it to Madame Colet


First time I saw him

I thought he was a doctor

That man never met

Me before and he knows it!

Do you know what you're missing?


True Grit


One day little girl

The sadness will leave your face

As soon as you've won

Your fight to get justice done

You'll wonder what life's about


Tucker:  The Man and His Dream


One day we're going

To find ourselves down at the

Bottom of the heap

Buying radios and cars

From our former enemies


The Turning Point



Crusading journalist with

An eye for ladies

Cop in league with syndicate

Chase in a a fight stadium


12 Angry Men


Reasonable doubt

It's an open-and-shut case

Supposing we're wrong

You know how these people lie

They don't know what the truth is


Twelve to the Moon


Return to your Earth

You have done enough damage

We cannot allow

You to contaminate our

Perfect form of harmony


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea


Fun for all ages

They cast me into prison

That failed.  They tortured

My wife and young son to death.

Belly laughs, spine-tingling thrills!


Ram a merchant ship

Pick up a few castaways

Dragged down by the squid

Electrocute cannibals

Go home to Vulcania


20,000 Years in Sing Sing


If I find I got

A chance to crash my way out

And I have to rub

Somebody out to do it

I'd just as soon rub you out


The 27th Day


We are here to help

Save your beautiful planet

Here are three capsules

Eve throws hers into the sea

Its not their people speaking


Two for the Show


Things that once were clear

Now I scarcely see or hear

Somewhere there's music

If you would come to me soon

Still my heart.  How high the moon.


Two Girls and a Sailor


Inka dinka doo

Concerto for one finger

Young man with a horn

It's only a paper moon

Don't you know there's a war on?


Two Lost Worlds


The thrilling escape

From the dragon lizards and

Battle with the pirates

The Earth shakes on its axis

In a land that time forgot


Two Sisters from Boston


The fire chief's daughter

Two sides to every girl

Down by the ocean

Nel Martin after the show

G'wan home, mudder's callin'


Two Seconds


He really doesn't

Expect an answer.  If you

Gave him one, it would

Throw him off, and we'd have a

Devil of a time with him


2001:  A Space Odyssey


Its signals have ceased

Open the pod bay doors, HAL

The old are jealous

Also Sprach Zarathustra

A Bicycle Built for Two


Two Tickets to Broadway


The closer you are

It began in Yucatan

Pelican Falls High

Let the worry bird worry

You will never be sorry


Two Women


Mother and daughter

Are raped by Allied soldiers

In a bombed out church

Tough sardonic passionate

Post Traumatic Stress Complex




We may sail away

From this magic island shore

And yet we will keep

The palms of paradise above

Singing sweet music of love