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The Umbrellas of Cherbourg


A film enchanted

By the harbor's siren song

I will wait for you

Illusion of fantasy

I think you had better go


Under the Volcano


Corpses hand in hand

With bloody first class ticket

Holders standing in

Lines for miles waiting for trains

Ha ha bloody ha ha ha




Lifelong resentment

Against his black sheep brother

Bride becomes the star

Of paranoid fantasies

You can't see it, but it's there


Unfaithfully Yours


I forbid you to

Forgive me anything on

Any grounds and I

May still punch you in the nose

At any instant!  Get out!




They cut up her face

They cut her eyes out, her ears off

Five hundred apiece

I ain't like that anymore

My wife, she cured me of that


Union Station


Blind girl is kidnapped

Terminal designated

For ransom payoff

Trampled by stockyard cattle

While pursued by the police


Unknown World


The society

To save civilization

Atomic control

We can't bury ourselves in

The Earth and expect to live


An Unmarried Woman


I have simple tastes

Rembrandt and Botticelli

Kojak, camenbert

New York about half the time

And being madly in love


Untamed Women


One Million BC

Sandra, Sandra, hairy men!

Volcano erupts

Dinosaurs and women dead

All but one American

Untamed Youth

Youth turned rock'n'roll

Wild and the punishment farm

That makes them wilder

Turns a searing spotlight on

Teenage house of correction


The Untouchables


People want to drink

All I do is act on it

I'm a businessman

Nice to have a family

A man should take care of them


Up in Smoke


Pedro de Pacas

Don't come straight to this movie

Sergeant Stedenko

Uniforms that are the same

Never never dignity


Urban Cowboy


Mechanical bull

In slow sensual motion

Honky tonk cowgirl

I watch all the guys fall off

Then I get up and ride it