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Vagabond Loafers

He only had to

Die in poverty.  Now I

Have to live in it

Got to get a bigger Jeep

Two shakes of a martini

Valley of the Dolls

It's instant turn on

Dolls put you to sleep at night

Instant excitement

Kick you awake, make life great

Instant love, ultimate hell

The Vampire Bat


Is one who has solved

The secret of life to be

Considered mad?  Life!

Created in the lab.  Think!

Mad?  I have lifted the veil.


Varsity Show


Moonlight on campus

Have you got any castles

You've got something there

Love is on the air tonight

When your college days are gone




Judge's wife kidnapped

By mother of the accused

Then she kills herself

The tigress and the elephant

Die monstrously intertwined


The Verdict


Ambulance chaser

File cabinet Budweiser

When did you last eat?

He changed a one to a nine

But she had kept a copy


The law is a sham

I was a fool for having

Believed that there was

But today you are the law

All that they are is symbols





San Juan Batista Mission

Carlotta's locket

Suspended in his dream state

Scottie says, "I'll wait for you."



Suspended from the gutter


Judy has the locket he

Had given to Madeleine


Very Warm for May


All the things you are

I'll know that moment divine

Glow that lights a star

The breathless hush of evening

Trembling on the brink of song


Village of the Damned


The Midwich Cuckoos

What one child knows, they all know

Gleaming golden hair

They sat upright, very still

Moving deliberately


The Virginian


I'm giving you till

Sundown to get out of town

Stands up to Trampas

Who called him son of a bitch

Yup, when you call me that, smile


Visit to a Small Planet


A beatnik ballet

Shorn of its propaganda

For disarmament

Mary had a little lamb

The absolute craziest


Voodoo Woman


They mocked me, Chaka

Do not tamper with nature

They call me crazy

Not man, not of each



The Voyage


A toast to the love

They have always had for each

Other and which they

Mean openly to declare

On the eve of the World War


Voyage of the Damned


I saw my books burned

We had to hide from people

We thought were our friends

Throughout the years we survived

Because we have not lost hope


Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea


The Van Allen Belt

Impaled on a roasting spit

It clicks on the nose

Man must accept what's ordained

I'm placing you on sick list