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Yankee Doodle Dandy


You're a grand old flag

I was born in Virginia

I'll be true to you

All aboard for old Broadway

Come along with me away


Flat as a pancake

Then came a bolt from the blue


I'm an ordinary guy

Give my regards to Broadway


It's a grand old flag

Born on the Fourth of July

I'd rather be right

You'll get used to false eyebrows

Give my regards to Broadway


The Year of Living Dangerously


Silhouette puppets

Threatening interchanges

Shadow and substance

Journalists and diplomats

International intrigue




Whose only aim in

Life is to serve you and make

You think she doesn't

Deserve you.  No wonder he

Loves her.  What else could he do?


Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


I'm a volcano

Do a striptease with just the


Light on!  Spurts her admirer

Rusconi from Bologna


Yolanda and the Thief


Faux naivete

The only bank embezzler

Who juggled the books

But forgot to take the loot

Figure swathed in windswept veils


You Can't Beat the Law


As long as you keep

Your nose clean, you won't get hurt

Get curious and

It won't go so good for you

What do you think about that?


You Can't Take It with You


When daughter brings home

The stuffy future inlaws

Just do your own thing

I used to play saxophone

Fireworks in the basement fly

You Nazty Spy

We will extend two

Helping hands and help ourselves

To our neighbors' lands

Hailstone, Gallstone, and Pebble

Ixnay, Onay and Amscray 


You Only Live Once


I cheered the first time

I got out and they rammed it

Right down my throat.  They're

Not like you.  If they were

These places would be empty


You Only Live Twice


Ernst Stavro Blofeld

You were assassinated

This is my second

I think I will very much

Enjoy serving under you


You'll Find Out


You've got me this way

I would know you anywhere

The bad humor man

Just like the fellow once said

Don't think it ain't been charming


Young Frankenstein


High hats and collars

White spats and lots of dollars

Putting on the Ritz

On that famous thoroughfare

With their noses in the air