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The just man murdered

In an oppressive climate

Of hypocrisy

That's the way it is in Greece.

Black and white.  No nuances.




The disembodied

Pukes guns to barbarians

Death is better than

A boring eternity

In the valley of the gods




She will break your heart

If she smiles at you sweetly

Discreetly depart

Don't fall in love with that one

You're a problem to your life


Zero for Conduct


A row of dummies

Forcing its will on the weak

I say poo on you

Carrying paper lanterns

Pillow feathers in the air


Ziegfeld Follies


Lucy with a whip

Bring on the beautiful girls

You have seen my pan

In a House of Westmore tan

The Babbit and The Bromide


Pay the two dollars

Start off each day with a song

If swing goes, I go

The Babbit and The Bromide

There's beauty everywhere