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The Babe Ruth Story

You mean I'm gonna

Get paid to play baseball.  Gee,

A hundred dollars!

I'm riding this one out of

The park, me and a young pal

Babes in Arms


Walk around the block

I'm just wild about Harry

As sweet as apple

Daddy was a minstrel man

But I don't know where or when

Some things that happen

For the first time seem to be

Happening again

Things you do come back to you

Can't remember where or when


Baby Doll

People come into

This world without instructions

Of where to go, what

To do, so they wander a

Little and then go away


Bachelor Mother


Your son put me up

To this.  He's the father.  Dad,

This is the truth, he's

The father.  I don't care who

He is.  I'm the grandfather!

Back to the Woods

Merrie Olde England

A judge says, "Order, order!"

"I'll take a sandwich!"

Fight the redskin and savage

I love corned beef and savage


The Bad and The Beautiful


On every list

Of the ten best films ever

Made, there are always

Two or three of Jonathan's

Maybe I like to be cheap


To direct a film

A man needs humility

I'm happy to say

Love is for the very young

No tension, timing or pace


Bad Boy


So much work, so much

Play, so much study, so much

Fun and any boy

Who really wanted to get

Squared with the world could do fine


Bad Boys


Your fellow inmates

Are murdereres, armed robbers,

Rapists and mental

Defectives just like yourself

Stay cool and follow the rules


The Bad News Bears


The coach is waiting

For his next beer.  The pitcher

Is waiting for her

First bra.  The team is waiting

For a miracle.  Play ball!




Little did I know

That what would begin in the

Alleys and back roads

Of this little town would end

In the badlands of the West


Learn to fire a gun

If I have to carry on

Without my dear Kit

Dad doesn't like what he sees

A rebel without a cause




Beneath winter's snows

A heart as brave as your own

Soldiers of the Czar

With the magic of your love

For my heart is a gypsy


Ball of Fire


Professor Bertram

Potts encyclopedia

Sugarpuss O'Shea

Make no mistake, I regret

The absence of your keen mind


Ballet Mechanique


The girl in the swing

To numbers, geometric

Figures, Machine parts,

Christmas ornaments and the

Washerwoman climbing stairs




How will the young prince

Deal with his mother's demise?

Go ask the rabbit.

If you don't have something nice,

Don't say anything at all.


Get up.  Try again.

Prince of the Forest

Those are birds.  Say "Bird."

That's no flower.  That's a skunk.

The Prince can call me Flower.


Band of Angels


A mulatto girl

Is sold down the river to

Pay her father's debts

Bought by former slave trader

Who treats her as a lady


The Band Wagon


Dancing in the dark

Girl hunt.  She had more curves than

A scenic highway

Everything that happens in life

Happens in a show


A shine on your shoe

Something to remember you

That's entertainment

Louisiana hayride

Never marry a dancer


Bang the Drum Slowly


A million dollars

Of promise who's worth two cents

On delivery

The game without any rules

From now on, I rag no one





Duran Duran ecstasy

An angel is love

The Black Queen with the eye patch

Matmos brooding underneath


The Barefoot Contessa


Just this once, why don't

You empty your own ashtrays

Life behaves as if

It's seen too many movies

Everything fits too well


Barefoot in the Park


You know what you are?

There are watchers in this world

And there are doers

Watchers sit around watching

Tonight you watched and I did


Absolutely no

Sense of the ridiculous

Like last Thursday night

You wouldn't walk barefoot with

Me in Washington Square Park


The Barkleys of Broadway


There is no music

A weekend in the country

Manhattan downbeat

The poetry of motion

Can't take that away from me




In Hollywood, the

Audience identifies

With stereotypes

But not always a black man

We got a lot of letters


Battle of Algiers


Urban guerillas

Resistance in the Casbah

Smoke out insurgents

Arabs are prepared to die

Accept the consequences


The Battle of the Sexes


Desire pursued and

Desire running away with

Or against its will

Out of this convolution

Emerges life going on


The Battleship Potemkin


Revolution is

The only lawful, equal

Effectual war

It was in Russia this

War was declared and begun


The Odessa steps

Reinvented history

Shot by nobody

Dynamic composition

Bounty of the mutiny

The Beach Girls and The Monster

The boys are nothing

But a bunch of loafers and

The girls little tramps

I tell you Sheriff, something's

Got to be done about them


Bear Shooters


Here kitty kitty

Bootlegger as gorilla

Bees send them running

Shoot wild bears from a distance

Say about four or five miles


Beast from Haunted Cave


See screaming young girls

Sucked into a labyrinth

By a blood-starved ghoul

What I saw you won't believe

What happens when you get bored?


The Beast of Hollow Mountain


Ring around Saturn

Replacement animation

Valley of the mist

Allosaurus in the swamp

Rips the roof right off the hut


The Beast of Yucca Flats


Kill to be killing

Caught in the wheels of progress

Unleashes fury

Touch a button, things happen

Scientist becomes a beast


Beast with a Million Eyes


Hate and malice are

Keys to power in my world

Why do men have souls?

Where did the eagle come from?

Trampled to death by a cow


Beat the Devil


He can be quite fast

If he's whipped every day

When he starts to whine

A middle-aged roustabout

Let's hope that she breaks her neck


Bedtime Worries


What's the matter, Pop?

Can't you take it any more?

Nice peppy music

Where you going, Santy Claus?

I guess I'm going to jail


The Beggars' Opera


My heart was so free

How shall I change a dull day?

Can love be controlled

Youth's the season made for joy

O what pain it is to part

Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla

Now I can turn a

Man into a gorilla

What crazy thing dis?

Chumps become island monkey

In a jungle full of laffs!


The Belle of New York


Seeing's believing

Thank you Mr. Currier

Bachelor dinner

Wanna be a dancing man

Love to beat a big bass drum


Bells are Ringing


It's time to wind up

They've burst your pretty balloon

Just make your mind up

The candles flicker and dim

It's time to call it a day


There's no hope for him

My dearest friends would mutter

Time was running low

Lost.  The losing dice were tossed.

Bridges crossed, nowhere to go.




The two of us need

Look no more we both found what

We were looking for

Always running here and there

You're not wanted anywhere


Ben Hur


I wanted your help

Now you've given it to me

By condemning you

An old friend, I shall be feared

I shall discourage treason


The Benny Goodman Story


Harry I have a

Horrible sinking feeling

I thought you liked her

Not my boy.  Because you don't

Mix caviar and bagels.


The Best Years of Our Lives


A man with no hands

Can still roll a cigarette

He is no actor

And no one pretends he is

Skillful articulation


Between Showers


With guile and fury

Two fatuous adorers

Come to a showdown

To help a young lady get

Across a water puddle

Beyond the Forest

Evil is headstrong

In its naked ugliness

Like the scorpion

In a mad fury stinging

Itself to eternal death


Beyond the Time Barrier


Velocity the

Speed of light before you left

It's part of the plan

Time has little meaning here

In the catalisosphere


Beyond the Valley of the Dolls


Beyond show business

The oft-times nightmarish world

The Carrie Nations

Want to strap you on some time

But Lance Rocke loses his head


The Bicycle Thief



Passions of the forgotten

Boy coming of age

Indifference of police

Hypocrisy of the church


The Big Bird Cage


The dogs know who you

Are and they will always be

Able to find you

No matter how far you run

Blouses are kept unbuttoned


Big Broadcast of 1938


For the memory

Mom, that moon is here again

Right out of my heart

Tell a secret to a rose

Little ripple had rhythm


Candlelight and wine

It was swell while it lasted

Castles on the Rhine

You might have been a headache

But you never were a bore


The Big Chill


Why don't you just tell

So you came back a changed man

I'm still evolving

Finish that dissertation

I could have.  I chose not to.


The Big Doll House


All men are filthy

All they ever want to do

Is to get at you

They are so horny sometimes

At night you hear them honking


The Big Heat


The vigilante

Who steps in when established

Law and order fails

Tempted, tested, triumphant

He determines his own course


The Big House


You're in a tough spot

You've got to learn that whining

Will get you nowhere

I'd rather stand up and fight

Even if I got the rope


The Big Sleep


Statue camera

General hold court in greenhouse

Bluestocking nympho

Sex in terms of horse racing

The butler was at the beach


The Bird Man of Alcatraz


Find out who you are

Out there you can kick up dust

The air breathes easy

Go out there and bite the stars

Find yourself a fat mama


The Birds


Delivers lovebirds

Seagull gashes her forehead

Attack the party

Sparrows come down the chimney

Back into your gilded cage




I can't go out there

We're both totally screwed-up

I couldn't make it

I could smell burning flesh and

The smell was so familiar


The Birth of a Nation


Freedom of the screen

The first seed of dis-Union

A high class order

The Invisible Empire

The sweetest blood ever shed


Birth of the Blues


The waiter and the

Porter and the upstairs maid

A little closer

Wait till the sun shines, Nellie

My melancholy baby


The Bitter Tea of General Yen


We don't die, we change

Maybe he's a cherry tree

Maybe he's the wind

It's all a lot of hooey

I bet I'll find you there, too


The Black Camel


At first, I am bad

Driver; now me and road

Turn corner same time

Soap and water can never

Change perfume of billy goat


Have I pleasure of

Meeting Tarneverro the

Great?  Lifter of veils?

Peeker into mystery?

Allow me to lift yours, Chan!


My psychic powers

After all, may not be more


We are both detectives.  You

Look backward.  I look forward.


Such skill as yours should

Be at service of public

Whole world ask question

Harder to keep secret than

For egg to bounce on sidewalk


The Black Cat  


In Carpathia

Where the soul is killed slowly

Rites of Lucifer

Are we not both the living

Dead?  Even the phone is dead!


Black Gold


Oil is discovered

Charlie and Sarah Eagle

Become millionaires

And their lives much more

Complicated and troubled


The Black Legion


Living newspaper

Bogart becomes a maddened

Convert to the cult

Of Americanism

Then begs help from Dick Foran


Black Orchid


Mary locks herself

In her room for days on end

Rose gives up all hope

Of both marrying Frank and

Giving Ralphie his freedom


The Black Sleep


Power to place a

Body into helplessness

He is as a dead

Man, yet is not of the dead

Only when necessary




An African prince

Seeks an end to the slave trade


I've lived again to lose you

Disintegrates in the sun


Blade Runner


Retrograde future

What's it mean to be human?

Electronic slum

Homicidal humanoids

The atmosphere of decay


Attack ships of fire

Seabeams glitter in the dark

Near Tannhauser Gate

All those moments will be lost

In time, like tears in the rain


Blind Rage


Blind killer pull off

The most unbelievable

Rip-off of all time

Revenge made them hate the man

But money was the excuse


The Blob



His flesh at fantastic speed

Good old yesterday

Creeps and leaps and glides and slides

Through the door, around the walls


Blonde Venus



With radium poisoning

Really Hot Voodoo

Enters as a gorilla

Slips on blonde Afro wig


Blood Feast


Ramses catering

Slaughter and mutilation

Shudder and recoil

Admonition to parents

Lures in impressionable


The Blood of Jesus


Wash me in thy grace

Drive the misery away

Gone are the days

When those who prayed on their knees

Did not prey on their neighbors


Blood of the Vampire


You murdered this man!

Ruined an experiment

Infinitely worse

Indifferently acted

Despite total lack of style


Blow Job


The starkly lit head

Moving back and forth under

Light and shadow builds

Up a strong sense of volume

Tells a story without words





The more one looks at something

The less one can know

Putting puzzle together

The wind blowing throught the trees


The Blue Angel


Cabaret postcard

I'm naughty little Lola

Cartoons on blackboard

Crack an egg on teacher's head

And he crows like a rooster

The Blue Bird

I am the light that

Makes men see the radiance

Of reality

The blue bird of happiness

May be in your own back yard


Blue Hawaii


Perfume in the air

And white shadows we could share

A sky full of stars

And soft faraway guitars

The night is young and so are we


Blue Skies

Never saw the sun

Shining so bright.  Never saw

Things going so right

When you're in love, how they fly

Nothing but blue skies, now on


Blues in the Night


Mama done told me

A woman will sweet talk and

Give you the big eye

But when the sweet talking's done

A woman's a two-faced thing


The Bobo


A cheese sandwich, please

Make me a proposition

My Maserati

One night with Olympia

The singing blue matador


Boccaccio 70


A big bull gets loose

Panicking the fairground and

Charging through the crowd

Until he comes to Zoe

Who slowly removes her blouse


The Body Snatcher


The cabman robs graves

Macfarlane's medical school

Blackmail extortion

He puts his arm around him

You'll never get rid of me




The Angel of Death

My heart beats blood that is not

My blood but the blood

Of anonymous donors

Heart of the world that has none





Unsolved murder of a priest

Fits recollections

Luckless, sick of life vagrant

Confesses after grilling




Their payhole blowing

In with a mighty roaring

Splintering the head

Of the rig and hurtling a

Black geyser into the the sky


Boots Malone


A jockey's agent

Teaches a rich teenager


Deliberately lose or

Be murdered by the gangsters


Born to Dance

Why should I resist?

I tried so not to give in

So deep in my heart

You're really a part of me

I've got you under my skin


Rolling home rap tap

I've got you under my skin

Goodbye little dream

Love me, love my Pekingese

Goodbye little dream goodbye


Born Yesterday


A junkyard tycoon

Hires a young journalist to

Improve his mistress

A catspaw in possession

Of important concessions


Bouncing Babies


Before he came, I

Used to get attention, now

Nobody loves me

Back to the hospital where

He traded it for a goat


Bound for Glory



The voice of the downtrodden

When he pours water

Into her mouth, she drinks it

Making right what had been wrong


Boxing Gloves


Heavyweight battle

Joe can't get mad enough and

Chubby is a-scared

Fainting at the sight of blood

Faint once to see what it's like


A Boy and His Dog


My dog and I think

Alike and have a feeling

For one another

Wrong attitude and failure

To obey authority


Boy on a Dolphin


She lifted her skirt

Tucked it between her legs and

Pinned it to her belt

Dived into the blue-green sea

Came up like Aphrodite


The Boy with Green Hair


Always remember

And help others remember

Mister Nobody

Facing grandiosity

They didn't care about me


The Boys from Syracuse


Unable to see

Is falling for make believe

Is playing the fool

Is just for children in school

One night when the moon was full


Boys Town


There isn't any

Such thing as a bad boy but

A boy left alone

Is frightened and bewildered

The wrong hand reaches for him


The Brain Eaters



Ratio test was negative

Parasite's eye view

Our social order is pure

Free men from strife and turmoil


The Brain from Planet Arous


Strange new elation

What do you mean, different?

I want you Sally

What happened to him out there?

Power of pure intellect

I will have power

Of life and death over this


I chose very carefully

Your kiss makes my toes tingle


The Brain That Wouldn't Die


She loses her head

I hate them for what one did

We could have revenge

I told you to let me die

The sum total of mistakes


Don't try to play God

There are things you shouldn't do

A thin line between

Scientific genius

And obsessive fanatic




Terrorist Tuttle

Futuristic polemic

Triplets?  How time flies!

Sam is dreaming of rescues:

Walter Mitty meets Kafka




Killer on the lam

Antisocial criminal

Bogey want to be

Insecure and uncertain

Amusing and nonchalant


Bride of the Monster


Super beings of

Unthinkable strength and size

Police parakeet

The octopus in the swamp

He meddled in God's domain


The Bridge on the River Kwai


Psychopathic sadist

Escape is impossible

Internal logic

Groping toward the plunger

Train hurtles into canyon


Brief Encounter


The animal which

Is only a little way

Under our skins which

Can be very exciting

But very dangerous, too




The village appears

Once every hundred years

Two hunters find it

Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse

In the heather on the hill


When you love someone

Anything is possible

Even miracles

I'll go home with bonnie Jean

Almost like being in love


Bright Eyes


I'm going to fly

On the good ship Lollipop

To a candy shop

Crackerjack bands fill the air

All aboard for candy land


Brighton Beach Memoirs


Guess who's gonna be

Blamed for the war in Europe?

I love tense moments

Especially when I'm not

The one that they're tense about


Bringing Up Baby


Screwball Katherine

Hepburn and Prof Cary Grant

Are the cat's meow

Countryside careening can

Make a leopard change his spots


I don't like leopards

I think you've found a real friend

Then let him stand still

Don't be silly, David.  You

Can't make a leopard stand still


Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia


I been here before

You got jewels in your ears

There's nothing sacred

About a hole in the ground

The church cuts off the fingers


Broadcast News


I'd give anything

If you were two people so

I could call up the

One who's my friend and tell her

About the one that I like


Broadway Gondolier


Lulu's back in town

Outside of you can be kissed

The rose in her hair

Lonely pig and lonely cow

Flagenheim's odorless cheese


Broadway Melody of 1940


Between you and me

Please don't monkey with Broadway

Begin the beguine

I happen to be in love

I've got my concentration


Broadway through a Keyhole


When you were the girl

On the scooter and I was

The boy on the bike

I love you pizzicato

Doing the uptown lowdown


Broken Blossoms


Wasn't nothing wrong

All the tears of the ages

Rush over his heart

Gorilla from the jungle

Burrows fights Limehouse Tiger




He was nobody

A black in a white prison

She was somebody

A radical professor

Their story shocked the nation




When you're out in the

Field and you're sitting on your

Horse and holding your

Gun and holding all the cards

What keeps you from taking off?


Brute Force


We're buried, ain't we

The only thing, we ain't dead

No more aches and pains

The good Lord treat Franklin fine

Let him off before his time


Buck Benny Rides Again


Say it over and

Over and over again

Ever and ever

Never stop saying you're mine

Just like an old valentine


Bull Durham


Life wisdom I give

There's no guilt in baseball and

It's never boring

Making love is like baseball

Just relax and concentrate


The Burning Cross


Not enter my vote

Ask me for one of my eyes

For all my money

I'll give you that but cannot

Will not give you my birthright


But Not for Me


The accent on youth

A May-December Romance

Disillusioned drunk

Sobers up to rewrite script

The play becomes a smash hit


Butterfield 8


Get in solid with

The director--He'll put you

In solid with the

Producer and pretty soon

You'll wind up with a big part


Bye Bye Birdie


The gloomy mask of

Tragedy is not your style

Put on a happy

Grey skies are gonna clear up

Brush off the clouds and cheer up