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Come hear the music

Money makes the world go round

They both sleep with Max

Who's that knocking at the door?

Tomorrow belongs to me.


Where are your troubles?

Forgotten.  I told you so

We have no troubles

Life is beautiful here, the

Orchestra is beautiful


Cabin in the Sky


Why they call me Shine

I'm taking a chance on love

Lucifer Junior

One of Pappy's favorites

As angels go sailing by


Caesar and Cleopatra


Shaw in a toga

The etiquette of ruling

Seeking her shelter

Between the paws of The Sphinx

Awakening awareness


Cafe Electric


Pimps and prostitutes

A woman loses her way

Contractor's daughter

Seduced by a gigolo

Steals a ring from her father




It ought to be run

With a piece of rubber hose

Break them if they talk

We got honest matrons here

When I bribe one, they stay bribed


Cain and Mabel


Tuneful melody

Romance pathos and humor

Publicity stunt

A fat hand in a small glove

Skimpy, thinly woven plot


Calamity Jane


Higher than a hawk

The black hills of Dakota

I can do without

Got a hive full of honey

Planning to marry Harry


Calendar Girl


I'm telling you now

Lovely night to go dancing

At the fireman's ball

Let's have some pretzels and beer

Bluebird is singing to me


Call Me Madam


The Ocarina

The hostess with the mostest

Marrying for love

Can you use any money?

That international rag


Call of the Wild



Buck pulls a thousand pound sled

Shorty rolls the bones

Hearing a pack of wolves howl

Buck breaks free from his harness

Calling All Curs

Curly gets his arm

Into one guy's jacket sleeve

Turns in a circle

And punches the other guy

Who then hits his accomplice


Calling Doctor Death


You're big game, Doctor

Makes the chase interesting

Cold-blooded murder

Psychological study

This is The Inner Sanctum


Caltiki, The Immortal Monster


When her mate appears

Power will destroy the world

It can multiply

Electronic bombardment

Come out, John, are you afraid?




The sword in the stone

Razor edge Excaliber

Once and future king

Lancelot to the rescue

What do the simple folk do?


Hair streaked with sunlight

Lips red as flame.  A lustre

That puts gold to shame

If ever I would leave you

It wouldn't be in Summer


Can Can


On this timeless town

Everytime I look down

Whether blue or grey

I love Paris in the Spring

I love Paris in the Fall

Can't Stop the Music

Cowboy, Indian,

Soldier, construction worker,

Biker and a cop

Sing "Liberation"  we won't

Let small minds stand in our way


The Cape Canaveral Monsters


We need more Earthlings

For our new experiments

Specially females

Fantastic odds against that

Ixnay, oneyphay opeday!


Captain Carey USA


Is it only cause

You're lonely they have blamed you

Lovely work of art

Dreams are brought to your doorstep

They lie there and they die there


Captain January


Come and follow me

We'll join in the jamboree

At the codfish ball

Lobsters dancing in a row

Shuffle off to Buffalo


The Captive God


The Aztecs capture

And are about to kill him

When the daughter of

Montezuma arrives with

His warrors and rescues him


Captive Wild Woman


Don't tamper with things

That no man should ever touch

The gorilla girl

What would you have?  A human

Form with animal instincts?


Carbine Williams


The chain gang is the

End of the line.  I've seen a

Lot of men broken

On the chain gang.  It breaks a

Man's body, breaks his spirit


Carmen Jones


Love's a baby that

Grows up wild and he don't do

What you want him to

Love ain't nobody's angel

And he won't pay any mind


Carnal Knowledge


This one came so close

To being what I wanted 

I would have settled

For the legs if she had two

More inches here and three here


Carnival of Souls


Something separates me

It was as though for a time

I didn't exist

I had no place in the world

I've no desire for contact


Tell me what to do

I have no place in the world

A girl who never lived

Never let herself be loved

He's trying to take me back




June is bustin' out

This is a real nice clam bake

Swaggering barker

In the purgatorial fires

Brings to his daughter a star


Somehow I can see

Just exactly how I'd be

Weaving at the loom

The shuttle would tangle threads

Warp would get mixed with the woof


Walk on through the wind

Though your dreams be tossed and blown

Walk on through the rain

Walk on with hope in your heart

And you'll never walk alone





Stayed away from the others

Be wary of boys

Pour a bucket of pigs' blood

Pulling her into her grave


We lived sinlessly

I should have killed myself when

He put it in me

I was weak and backsliding

Now the devil has come home


Carve Her Name with Pride


A sleep I shall have

Yet death will be but a pause

A rest I shall have

For the peace of my years in

The long, green grass will be yours




Play it again, Sam

For Mrs. Victor Lazlo.

Better man than I.

A smile is just a smile.  Round

Up the usual suspects.


Sam, for old times sake

I don't know what you mean, miss

Play "As Time Goes By"

Your business is politics

Mine is running a saloon


Casino Royale


US Cavalry

And Indians parachute

With young Jimmy Bond

Burping radiation as

A walking atomic bomb


Castle in the Desert


Guilty conscience like

Dog at circus--many tricks!

Sharp wit sometimes much

Better than deadly weapon

Theory like thunderstorm


Castle on the Hudson


It don't mean a thing

Nothing gonna get me down

Once I'm in the joint

They'll be lucky to keep me

If I don't like it, I'll move


The Cat and The Canary


Do you believe that

People come back from the dead?

Like Republicans?

Don't empty houses scare you?

I used to be in vaudeville


Cat Ballou


A silver nose cone

The lost tribe of Israel

Speak Hebrew to me

Back to the hole in the wall

This is where all outlaws go


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


The mendacity

That underlies the thinking

And feeling of our

Affluent society

Truth is as dirty as lies


Truth is pain and sweat

And paying bills and making

Love to a woman

You do not love any more

Truth is dreams that don't come true


Cat People


As fog continues

To lie in the valleys, so

Does ancient sin cling

To low places in the world

What does one tell a husband?

One of the dreaded

Doomed to slink and prowl by night

Fearing always that

A kiss might change her into

A snarling clawing killer


Cat Women of the Moon


Our generation

Predates yours by centuries

Water without air

Just a touch of space madness

In the bowels of the moon


Catch 22


The plot stucture is

To tell a large narrative

In terms of fragments

Interrupted episodes

Things do happen twice or more


The Catered Affair


One day you'll find out

A lot of time's gone by and

You'll wake up knowing

This is the way it's always

Going to be.  Just like this.




Midnight memory

All alone in the moonligt

Withered leaves collect

Burnt out ends of smoky days

Another day is dawning


Caught in a Cabaret


The Ham and 1/2

Is a waiter who hammers

His most obnoxious

Customers over the head

Hit in the face with a pie


Caught in the Draft


I snore in my sleep

I'm always late for dinner

Love me as I am

I linger in the shower

I never cap the toothpaste


Caught in the Rain


Sleepwalking lady

Enter's Charlie's hotel room

Irate husband knocks

Charlie out the window and

The rain falls on our hero


Cell 2455 Death Row


I can't show fear but

I'm afraid, I've died fifty 

Times in this cell but

I've changed.  I know now what brings

A man to death row--himself




Mike the scorned lover

Moonlight on the open sea

Lets her play with him

Regards her as a sap for

Not telling Richard the truth


Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo


Car with new spark plug

Like flea on new puppy dog

Make both most active

Actions speak louder than French

Very difficult language


Chip off ancient block

Case like too many cocktails

Very bad headache

It is with lead in the heart

I say au revoir my friend


It is ever so

The money, it is nothing

They play only to

Give insult to each other

This time he's out to wreck Paul


Please stop deductions

Also approaching auto

Soon no suspects left

Instruct loquacious driver

Assembling jigsaw puzzle


Charlie Chan at the Circus


Mind like parachute

Only function when open

The big ape is loose

Enemy who misses mark

Like serpent, must coil to strike


Charlie Chan at the Olympics


Fish in sea like flea

On dog, always present but

Difficult to catch

Man who stretch neck looking up

Apt to break neck falling down


Fear Number Two Son

Have symptoms of detective

Would be blessing if

War fought with machinery

Instead of human beings


What about the gal?

The one with the white fox fur

Just one more check and

Very bright junior son walk

Now positively walk home!


You've never met him

Suspect husband like toupee

Used for cover up

Power behind Miss Roland

Regain valuable robot


Yet behind all this

There is another struggle

For supremacy

In a more sinister field

Players sometimes disregard


Charlie Chan at the Opera


Small thing tell big tale

Unfortunate assistant

Receive dressing down

I don't like that Barelli

I think he uses perfume


Charlie Chan at the Race Track


Rooster who stick head

In mower end up in stew

Murder without blood

Like Amos without Andy

Disguise self as laundry boy


Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum


The Doc is smart.  He

Makes faces behind their backs

Fix this map so no

Cop will ever know me, Doc.



Three clues spell Degan:

Quill toothpick, bamboo dart and

Poison called tonga

Degan send another man

To meet McBirney's bullets


Charlie Chan at Treasure Island


Swelled head gives police

More cooperation than

Criminal mistake

Swelled head gives criminal more

Trouble than indigestion


Do not challenge the

Supernatural unless

Armed with sword of truth

Sometimes black magic very

Close relative of blackmail


Charlie Chan Carries On


Only a very

Clever man can shoot off a

Cannon quietly

Only a very brave mouse

Will make its nest in cat's ear


Charlie Chan in London


Control of noble

Animal by lonely man

Most interesting

If you want wild bird to sing,

Do not put him into cage


Charlie Chan in Paris


Very difficult

To explain hole in doughnut

But hole always there

Many strange crimes committed

In the sewers of Paris


Charlie Chan in Rio


Lola was murdered

Somebody beat me to it

Long experience

Teach, until murderer found

Suspect everybody


Charlie Chan in Shanghai


Most ingenious

Motive is like end of string

Tied in many knots

The end may be in sight but

It is hard to unravel


Talk cannot cook rice

If answer known, question seem


Gave you plenty of rope, you

Make excellent noose for neck


Charlie Chan in The Chinese Cat


Murder's my business

Murder's all right, Mr. Chan

But you wholesales it

Any detective will tell

All novels most horrible


Always noted for

Great artistry but also

Secret compartments

Once you have large family

Other troubles mean nothing


Charlie Chan in the Secret Service


You are like business

End of water spout--always

Running off at mouth

Trouble with modern children

They do not smart in right place


Detective without

Curiosity is like

Glass eye at keyhole

When alibi pushed at me

Suspect motive in woodpile


Charlie Chan on Broadway


Puppy detective

Realize snooping very

Dangerous business

One woman's intuition

Better than ten scientists


Like revolving door

One side close, other open

Stop.  Mention of food

More painful than surgeon's knife

Chinatown, My Chinatown


Enough info to

Blow the lid off this island

Print on asbestos

The big wigs expect you to

Tear a duck apart with them


Suggest you return

Camera remember things

Human eye forget

Mud of bewilderment now

Beginning to clear from thought


Triangle very 

Ancient motive for murder

Not only angle

Observe picture more closely

Have hit tack on cranium


Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise


Echo of image

Something whispers and watches

Out there in the fog

Better ten times a victim

Than let one man go hungry


Charlie Chan's Secret


Greetings at the end

Of journey like refreshing

Rain after long drought

Finding web of spider does

Not prove which spider spin web


Shadows of night cling

To house like moss on tombstone

That sir is the front

The back door is at the rear

Shall we enter by front door?


The Chase


An escaped convict

Is trapped at the town's junkyard

Sheriff Calder tries

To protect him from the mob

Who kill him at the jailhouse


Cheech and Chong's Nice Dreams


They're gonna take you

On a magic ride baby

On the other side

They'll take you on a wild scheme

To places you've never seen


Cheyenne Autumn


Cheyenne are asked to

Remember much; the white man

Remembers nothing

Even a dog can go where

He likes but not a Cheyenne


Children of Paradise


Boulevard of crime

The Palace of Visions or

The Lovers of the Moon

As one's astral complexion

Harmonizes completely


The China Syndrome


You keep your reason

Or you throw it all away

Somewhere in between

A harbor round the corner

Where all drifters choose to stay




I'm a bedroom dick

I make an honest living

Chinatown cops do

As little as possible

To stop crime and corruption


He drowned in a drought

He's got water on the brain

You're hiding something

Where did you get the midget?

What happens to nosy guys?


A Chorus Line


Kiss today goodbye

The sweetnes and the sorrow

What I did for love

The gift was ours to borrow

Point me toward tomorrow


You know you'll never

Be lonely with you know who

Give here attention

One thrilling combination

Every move that she make


The Chosen


The Kabbalah says

Women are on a higher

Spiritual plane

We have free choice but we don't

Always make the right choices


Christmas in July


Poor and unknown one

Minute and sitting on top

Of the world the next

That's a feeling no one can

Ever take away from me


A Christmas Story


Daisy Red Ryder

Carbine-action BB gun

As cool and deadly

A piece of weaponry as

I had ever laid eyes on


The Christmas Tree


His son dying from

Radiation poisoning

Steals wolves from the zoo

Dead beneath the Christmas tree

Presents open, wolves on guard




You'll need a pumpkin

Can't go to the ball like that

Now we'll need some mice

I'm your fairy godmother



Cinderella Jones


You never know where

You're going until you get there

When the one you love

Simply will not love you back

If you're waiting, I'm waiting


Citizen Kane


Charles Foster Rosebud

On a Flexible Flyer

Sailing down the hill

Hardly a banner headline

I look up to the ceiling


As it must to all

Death came to Charles Foster Kane

I think it would be

Fun to run a newspaper

You provice the prose poems


City Lights


War with an object

Trapped in a situation

Girl idealized

Surreal social comment

Slapstick and sublime pathos


Clash of the Titans


Bringing gods to life

From a few hands full of clay

Carefully sculpted

Stop motion animation

Thank you, Ray Harryhausen!


The Clock


Whoever up there

Makes the arrangements has done

Pretty well for us

Home is the smell of cut grass

In the shadow of a sphinx


A Clockwork Orange


We are not concerned

With motives or high ethics

These are subtleties

Only with cutting down crime

He will be your true Christian


I hate eggy-weggs

I'm just singing in the rain

The theiving magpie

The Ludovico treatment

The old ultraviolence


This would sharpen you

And make you ready for

A bit of the old

We're not concerned with motives

Only with cutting down crime


Close Encounters of the Third Kind


Oboe and tuba

Conversational duet

Looking for answers

Dreamy divertimento

Variations on a theme


The Cobweb


Can't tell the patients

Chippendale rose on satin

Isn't it enough

That they have color and form

Show me some red and some green


The Coca-Cola Kid


Sell the miracle

A product with charisma

Try to analyze

Dark color, cold, wet, bubbly

Listen to the sound of Coke


The Coconuts


Here's a viaduct

Leading over to the land

All right, why a duck?

We want a room, but no bath

You're just here for the winter


College Humor


Down the old ox road

Learn to croon alma mater

I'm a bachelor

Of the art of ha-cha-cha

Moonstruck Killarney Colleen


College Rhythm


As sweet as you are

A number from one to ten

Give three cheers for love

Goo goo ga-ga over you

So stay as sweet as you are




Feather in the breeze

Rhythmatic you hit the spot

Will I ever know?

Grandfather's clock in the hall

Learn to be lovely again


Colored Rhythm


Is in no way an

Illustration of music


Is is an art in itself

Mode of succession in time


The Colossus of New York


Keen Mr. Giant

International Peace Prize

He wants me to call

Don't think I can stop myself

There's nothing but monstrousness


Coming Home


Chauvinistic hawk

No attempt for victory

Paraplegic dove

Vets ignored by the system

I don't feel good about it


Command Decision


Operation Stitch

Designed to destroy the new

German jet fighter

The bombers blast the wrong town

And fifty airplanes are lost


Common Law Cabin


She knew his balance

Why worry about his heart?

It's the bitch in me

I only say what you think

So you'll hear how bad it sounds




You have come here filled

With ideas of escape

There is no escape

Because the jungle is filled

With fever, the sea with sharks


The Condemned of Altona


The dead symbols of

A dead reich surrounded by

Industrial sounds

Of new power and conquest

Existence precedes essence


Condemned Women


There are two times

You oughtn't to believe a man

Daytime and nighttime

You can run into as much

Tough luck out there as in here


A Connecticut Yankee


Thou swell thou witty

Well me as in a spell met

Wouldst kiss me pretty

I lift my helmet sandy

Are you too wistful to care?


The Conquerer


There are moments for

Wisdom, Jamuga--then I

Listen to you, and

There are moments for action

Then I listen to my blood


The Conquerer Worm


Cromwell's Roundheads send

The Witchfinder General

To exterminate

To confiscate property

For homeland security


Conquest of Space


Immanent danger

Of falling off into space

Running into a

Meteor or asteroid

For the enemy of peace


The Conversation


Who's interested

In these people, anyway?

Once I saw you up

By the staircase hiding and

Watching for a whole hour


Convicts 4


Have you ever thought

Of art as a weapon to

Get you out of here?

I discovered a new world

I want wall to wall freedom


Cool Hand Luke



Beheading parking meters

What we have here is

A man who ate fifty eggs

Failure to communicate


What we have here is

Failure to communicate


This is the way it is

You're gonna have to kill me




Just a butterfly

I know how true you can be

Now that I love you

I'll keep you close to my heart

Nothing can keep us apart

Corny Casanovas

The tacks won't come out

Maybe they're income taxes

Gee, Moe, I'm sorry

What mo' can a fellow say

That is all, there ain't no mo'




I've got some new shoes

But how do I rate with you

Keep your fingers crossed

Yes, you took my breath away

Alls well in Coronado


The Cosmic Man



There are two kinds of power

Not as we know it

Anti-matter emitting

Rays instead of reflecting


The Cosmic Monster


The Fourth Dimension

The Strange World of Planet X

Mutated insects

Powerful magnetic fields

Man is the cosmic monster


The Count of Monte Cristo


Burial at sea

Cut myself out of the shroud

Treasure in the cave

The count rewards his friends and

Punishes his enemies


The Counterfeit Traitor


Eric Erickson

Ingratiates himself with

Nazi officials

To tour oil refineries

For British intelligence




That was a nice tune

But it sounded like you were

Whistling in the dark

I'll bet he's as warm as toast

He's got his burning ego


A Countess from Hong Kong


We go to the show

Not to solve a problem but

To indulge in one

Charlie's not a verbal man

Words at times are enemies


The Country Girl


Bernie Dodd evolves

Contemptuous dislike to

Admiring respect

He finds he's fallen in love

She returns to her husband


The Court Jester


Get it.  Got it.  Good.

The pellet with the poison

Vessel with pestle

The chalice from the palace

Has the brew that is true.  Right?


The Courtship of Eddie's Father


Transfixed with horror

Goldfish floating upside down

Explosion of grief

Tom careens out of control

Shaking and slapping the child


Cover Girl


The show must go on

Long ago and far away

Put me to the test

Tropical alter ego

Poor John--What I love to hear


The Covered Wagon


The wagon train winds

Across panoramic plains

Indian attack

Prairie fire, buffalo hunt,

Fording the flooded river


The Crawling Eye


Mind of Ann Pilgrim

The Power of the Ixodes

Trollenberg Terror


A cloud made of cotton wool


The Crazies


Evans City plague

The army's nobody's friend.

We know. We've been in.

Haven't been told why they're here

To burn out the infected


The Creation of the Humanoids


Copper turns it green

Miles had eccentricities

Would be one of us

Can't you see they are killing

Us with consideration?




I'm scared, Barbara

You've got to do something to

Show them you're alive

Sid!  She's grabbing my hand!  Sid!

She's crying.  Look.  She's alive!


Creature from the Haunted Sea


Guess who got the gold

What was the unspeakable

Secret of the sea?

But please do not give away

The answer to the secret


The Creature Walks Among Us


Nature moving out

One phase into the other

Make the giant step

Create a new form of life

We can change the blood texture


Creature with the Atom Brain


Trains are wrecked and vast

Factories blown up until

Every stock shot

In the library is used

He's torn the child's doll to shreds


The Criminal Code


What good is it to

Save a man if you destroy

Him while doing it?

What good is it to save a

Man when he'd be better dead?




Sadistic bully

With his two army buddies

Beats a Jew to death

Lies his way out of charges

Set up to reveal himself


The Crying Game


First there are kisses

Before you know where you are

You're saying goodbye

Soon I'm going to tell the moon

I know all there is to know


Curse of the Cat People


Out in the garden

My imaginary friend

Waits under the tree

Little girl lost in the snow

When the Headless Horseman rides


Curse of the Faceless Man


Egyptian jewels

Etruscan gladiator

Embalming fluid

Shock is like a heavy door

Some sort of inner vision


Cutter's Way


Lost eye, arm and leg

Fighting a meaningless war

Avoid commitment

Beach bum retracts his statement

Bone pulls the trigger for him