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Damn Yankees


You've gotta have heart

What Lola wants Lola gets

In the good old days

Shoeless Joe from Hannibal

Little brains, little talent


A Damsel in Distress


I can't be bothered

Jolly Tar and the Milkmaid

Things are looking up

Nice work if you can get it

Pay some attention to me

You won't regret it

Loving one who loves you and

Then taking that vow

Nice work if you can get it

You can get it if you try


Dance Fools Dance


Jake the bootlegger

Gangland killing of seven

Take her for a ride

A hard-drinking weakling who's

Spoiled by his wealthy father


The Dance of Life


You wouldn't kid me

I would if I could, sister

I would if I could

The burlesque team who split up

He goes into the Follies

Dancing Lady

Let it go faster

That's the rhythm of the day

Rhythm is master

Come with me and leave the past

Life today is wild and fast

Dancing on a Dime

Mighty fine music

The rattle of the milkman

Laughing of children

The singing of the sparrow

The perking of the coffee


Dangers of Engagement

Nights of love letters

From seducer's diary

It's better this way

The baron wipes off the gun

Holds it in his hand and dies

Dark Alibi

Even gravedigger

Know some people for whom he

Would do work with joy

One small wind can raise much dust

Tooth missing, but gap remain


Dark City


Danny, no one can

Live without getting involved

I can try, can't I?

We've got this guy on our tail

We don't know what he looks like


The Dark Past



From cocky gang leader to

Terrified psycho

Holding a psychiatrist

Hostage in his country home

Darling Lili

Girl in No Man's Land

Whistling away in the dark

Gypsy violin

Smile away each rainy day

Your goodwill ambassador

David and Bathsheba

We Hebrews are of

The desert.  Our emotions

Are fierce like the wind

The king himself forgets he

Is a servant of the Lord

A Day at the Races

One dollar and you

Remember me all your life

Most nauseating

Are you a man or a mouse?

Put a piece of cheese down there

Day for Night

A film about film

Films move like trains in the night


I would not tell all the truth

I would tell only true things

A Day in the Country

Disappointed love

Followed by a ruined life

A prancing satyr

Pursues the not unwilling

A nightingale calls its mate

The Day the Earth Caught Fire

Many of you are

Blaming the combined effects

Of nuclear tests

For this disturbance of Earth

The majority deny

The Day the Earth Stood Still

The penalty for

Provoking their action is

Terrible to risk

In matters of aggression

They act automatically

The Day the World Ended

There's something out there

And it tries to talk to me


I feel so sorry for him

There may be more worse than him

The Days of Wine and Roses

I want to come home

Wouldn't it be wonderful

If we could go back

Just erase everything

In between--start all over

Laugh and run away

Through meadowland toward a

Door marked nevermore

The lonely night discloses

A breeze filled with memories

Dead End

The Bowery Boys

Babyface come back to hide

Why n't ya slap her?

Well, what do you think of that?

The reward will help Tommy

Dead Men Tell

Desire for ocean

Adventure is much like hives

Gives itch to many

Have come to return young sea

Hawk to nest of college books

He comes to escort

Us to the other world

You hear the tap of

His wooden leg and the scratch 

Of his iron hook on the door

Death of a Salesman

Subjective memoir

In his imagination

Salesmanship is fraud

Therefore he has sold himself

I'm worth more dead than alive


Duelling banjos

They're raping the whole landscape

White-water rapids

Men settle for too little

Opening to a dark place

Demon Seed

Super computer

Proteus makes obsolete

Functions of the brain

Its insides are organic


Desert Bloom

My grandmother too

Us out to the desert to

Look for wildflowers

Her favorites were the ones

That grow in the hard places

The Desert Song

Best be riding low

It means the Riffs are abroad

The sound comes to warn

If you're the Red Shadow's foe

The Riffs will strike with a blow


Design for Living


Mother of the arts

We have our own decencies

And our own ethics

Our lives are a diffferent

Style from yours.  Wave us goodbye.


Designing Woman


Free for all slugfest

Turned into impromptu dance

She's done it again!

Marble hearth Modigliani

There will be some changes made


Awake in a dream

She slips the stolen necklace

In his coat pocket

Then she has to get it back

Flirting with him on the road


Desire under the Elms


Eben vows to get

His rightful inheritance

That was his mother's

His father's new wife smothers

The baby Eben had sired


The Desperate Women


Innocent women

Put their lives into the hands

Of shameful men whose

Ties are with the underworld

Shall I take the easy way?

Destroy All Monsters

Godzilla, Mothra,

Rodan, Manda, Barugon

And Godzilla's son

All attack Moscow, Paris,

Peking, London, and New York

Destry Rides Again

A sheriff uses

Reason rather than a gun

In a corrupt town

If I had carried a gun

One of us might have got hurt


The Break of Dawn Club

In Reno diner flashback

Pretty lucky guy

Start polishing cuspidors

Fate sticks out its foot to trip


Detroit 9000


Murder capital

The rip-off of the decade

It's gotta get solved

Or the town's gonna explode

White cop squeezed in the middle

Devil Girl from Mars

Black silk tights and cloak

Metal wig, walled in makeup

Never looking at

The person to whom she talks

With atomizing pistol

The Devil Horse

After Indians

Attack a wagon train, the

Only survivors

Become Indian haters

Who can recognize their smell

Devil in the Flesh

A sand castle which

The tide will carry away

As pure as a tear

A sordid and suggestive

Atmosphere pervades the film

The Devil Is a Woman

If it isn't pain

Then honey it isn't love

The older man lets

The younger win the duel

Later she changes her mind


The Devil's Brigade



Testings of mettle and a

Free-for-all bar brawl

The Yanks and Canadians

Find warm mutual respect

Devil's Canyon

You know I've lived through

Eight prisons and just about

The same amount of

Wives by blending into the

Background when the noise gets loud

The Devil's Disciple

On the screen, it seems

People do things for reasons

Off the screen, they don't

Penny-in-the-slot heroes

Are automatic and dull

Devil's Island

Money can buy a

Way to the coast and a boat

To reach the mainland

The guards are changed every

Day but they all can be bribed

Dial M For Murder


Margot thrusts her arm out to

Grasp for the scissors

Stabbing him in self-defense

Final trick makes him admit

Diamond Horseshoe

The more I see you

An old fashioned melody

Cooking up a show

Acapulco mink lament

For a nickel's worth of jive

Diamond Lil

White slaver racket

Come up and see me sometime

Knew you could be had

Goodness had nothing to do

A stiletto from Rio

Dick Tracy

If she don't wear mink,

A woman don't wear nothing

I look good both ways

All's fair in love and business

I'm wearing black underwear


Where could we do it?

Were her parents going out

So we could do it?

When you're married, it's crazy

You can have it whenever

Dinner at Eight

Machinery is

Going to take the place of

All the professions

Oh my dear that's something you

Need never worry about


Frozen solid at

The bottom of the channel

Perfectly preserved

Dynamite must have blasted

Through the rock that entombed them

Dirty Gertie from Harlem USA

Paradise Hotel

A hot time in the old town

She's a Jezebel

Hard to get and hard to hold

Hager reads the crystal ball

Dirty Harry


Being this is a

Forty-four magnum, the most

Powerful handgun

In the world--ask yourself one

Question--Do I feel lucky?

I'll read you your rights

Whenever I am ready

Forty-four magnums

Give the force back to police

Go ahead, punk, make my day!



Not afraid of life or death

Puts on her lipstick

Waiting for the firing squad

Transcribes musical ciphers


The plot is so smart

That it outsmarts itself and

The introduction

Of a fairy godfather

Does seem a bit of a cheat


She's from Missouri

Sunday, Monday or always

Jemima walks by

It's Kinda Peculiar Brown

A horse that knows the way home

Dizzy Doctors

The three best salesmen

That ever sailed, sail down the

Street on a gurney

From the Los Arms Hospital

Brighto brightens old bodies

Do Re Mi

Make someone happy

Make just one someone happy

One smile that cheers you

One face lights when it nears you

And you will be happy too

Docks of New Orleans

All cards should repose

On table when personal

Liberty at stake

Sometimes most essential clue

Very difficult to find

Dr. Faustus


As a Franciscan friar

Strikes a hard bargain

Face that launched a thousand ships

Penultimate repentance

Dr. No

Jump up Jamaica

Three blind mice over a cliff

I tink they were on

Their way to a funeral

Underneath the mango tree

Dr. Rhythm

PS 43

My heart is taking lessons

Trumpeter's lament

On the sentimental side

What only a gypsy knows

Dr. Strangelove

The Doomsday Machine

Sapping our vital fluids

Major Bat Guano

Slim Pickens on an H-bomb

Frying chickens in their coops

Hello, Dimitri

One of our base commanders

He had sort of

He went funny in the head

And he did a silly thing

Dog Day Afternoon

He didn't do it

It's not him to rob a bank

He might of done it

His body functions might of

But not he himself


Dog Star Man


A woodsman climbs up

A hill and chops down a tree

With telescope

And microscopic footage

Of sun, moon, stars, heart, lungs, blood

Dogs Is Dogs

Mama, Wheezer's got

Pete in bed with him again

I'll fix him for that

You gotta turn 'em over

Shuffle 'em around a bit

La Dolce Vita


Empty piazzas

Dissects milieu of the rich

Clarity at dawn

Taking the temperature of

An ailing society


There will be total

Depravity.  How squalid

Leave, paparazzi!

You are the first woman on

The first day of creation

The Dolly Sisters

If you should ask me

How deeply I adore you

Words I choose refuse

I can't begin to tell you

Make believe I've said them all


The Donovan Affair


While the lights are out

Donovan is stabbed to death

The butler did it

Because the gambler had been

Fooling around with the maid

Donovan's Brain

Stealing a man's brain

The good of humanity

Causing him to limp

Unnatural, unholy

I did many foolish things

Ruthless millionaire

Exets will on scientist

There's no more Cory

Cuts children out of his will

Struck dead by the lightning rod

Don't Look Now

If the world is round

Why is a frozen pond flat?

Nothing is what it seems

The dwarf draws out a long knife

What a silly way to die

Don't Throw That Knife

I've got an uncle

Who can make things disappear

He's a magician?

He's a kleptomaniac

A prestidigitator

Dopey Dicks

Evil scientist

Needs a brain small enough to

Put in a robot

Strange men are following me

They'd be strange if they didn't

Double Endemnity

Didn't get money.

Murder like honeysuckle.

Didn't get woman.

I've been taking a sunbath.

I hope no pigeons were out.

A Double Life

Broadway attraction

Hid depression and despair

Lonely and withdrawn

Affair with dumb blonde waitress

Othello was his downfall


Dough and Dynamite


A bakery is

Demolished by dynamite

Which strikers have

Concealed in a loaf of bread

Charlie is buried in dough


Downhill Racer


Tough undisciplined

Loner from Colorado

Is determined to

Let no one stand in his way

His father denies him praise


I bid you welcome

Not human lives but small ones

The strangest passion

Locomotor ataxy

Leaving tomorrow evening

I never drink wine

Listen.  Children of the night

What music they make

To die, to be really dead

Yes, that might be glorious

Driving Miss Daisy

Daisy, she's all there

Too much there is the problem

That's one sorry sight

It only took me six days

Time it took to make the world

I used to wrestle

Hogs during killing time--ain't

No hog got away

I do enjoy Christmas there

You're the only Christian there

Drums Along the Mohawk


General slides off his horse

His head blown half off

I saw them all streaked with paint

I got down behind a log

Duck Soup

Rufus T. Firefly

Freedonia's dictator

You think you're bad off

Wait 'til I get through with it

If that isn't an insult

Rufus T. Firefly's

Anarchic absurdity

Deflating put downs

I was with him to the end

No wonder he passed away

Duel in the Sun

Innocent half-breed

Raffish cattle baron's son

Find lust in the dust

Refuses to follow through

Die in a bloody embrace

The laughing outlaw

And the half-breed girl from down

Along the border

The Paris of the Pecos

Guess I'm just trash like my Ma


I blow the whistle

The trumpets are trumpeting

The drums are drumming

Then comes the climax.  Maybe

It comes to me in a dream.

Dunked in the Deep

The stooges light up

Sitting on a crate that's marked




The Dunwich Horror

The professor from

Miskatonic Institute

And his assistant

Fulfill fatal destinies

In releasing Cthulu

Dust Be My Destiny

I'm sorry I was

Chump enough to think cops would

Believe when I told

Them I was only trying

To help a guy who was shot

The Dybbuk

There are no demons

But souls of people whose light

Went out too early

And there are souls that enter

The body of one they knew

Dynamic of the Metropolis

Rhythmical motion

As phenomena of light

Unusual views

Selective isolation


The Dynamite Brothers


The black cat from Watts

And kung fu cat from Hong Kong

Are chained together

Nobody can handle them

Street fighting against kung fu