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Earth Vs. The Spider


Hatching from their eggs

People have gone in that cave

And never come out

The coolest zoologists

We want to know how come that


The Earthling


Teaches him to fish

And what berries not to eat

Buried under stones

Indian medicine bag

To ward off spirits




Collapsing houses

Broken bridges buckling streets

Tumbling vehicles

Toppling high tension towers

Hail of rubble and debris


East of Eden


Is it just Cal you

Won't answer?  Can you answer?

You can understand

It's awful not to be loved

It's the worst thing in the world


The Easter Parade


It only happens

Let's take an old-fashioned walk

Better luck next time

The girl on the magazine

Fella with the umbrella


A couple of swells

Fella with an umbrella

Better luck next time

Happens when I dance with you

Stepping out with my baby


Easy Living


Let me give you a

Piece of advice, young lady

Don't be too wise.  Don't

Think you know all the answers

Things have been done for people


Easy Rider


Ride across the land

To see America first

Stop off at a cafe

For a go-rilla love-in

Axe handles for Mardi Gras


Polemic vision

And visceral emotion

Fantasies fulfilled

Chorus comments on action

Flaunted freedom enrages


They don't have no wars

No monetary system

They don't have leaders

Because each man is leader

People in all walks of life


Of course, don't ever

Tell anybody they're not

Free cause they're gonna

Get real busy killing and 

Maiming to prove that they are


Eating Raoul


You could think you could

Buy another frying pan

I'm just a little

Squeamish about cooking in

The one we're using to kill


Eaux D'Artifice


Hide and seek in a

Nocturnal labyrinth of

Cascades, balustrades

Grottoes, and leaping fountains

Figure and fount become one


Edge of Darkness


Occupied Norway

Resistance slowly growing

A fate worse than death

Oppression and rebellion

Village is able to strike


Educating Rita


Bettering herself

Open university

Gives him a haircut

Again looks out his window

Starts to care about teaching




The crazed love of a

Prehistoric giant for

A ravishing girl

The sulfur in the walls of

His cave has kept him alive




Lives that have been bought

Self-portrait of the artist

How a man should live

Fantasy and memory

And professional crisis


The Electric Horseman


They're harder to hold

They'd rather give you a song

Than diamonds or gold

Cowboys ain't easy to love

Each night begins a new day


The Electronic Monster


May I remind you

That you are no longer in

Charge of surgery

At that concentration camp

A perfect kind of escape


Elizabeth the Queen


The Lord of Essex

Suffers the need for power

Wants to share the throne

The fateful spur of power

Pricks the individual


Elmer Gantry


Well, let me tell you

Jesus had love in both fists

And what is that love?

Love is the morning and the

Evening star.  Hear ye sinners!


Elvira Madigan


Runaway couple

Pathetically immature

Exposed by a friend

Walking improvised tightrope

Running toward each other


Emak Bakia



Irrationality and


Sequences without logic

Disregards storytelling


A cinepoem

A series of fragments make

Up a whole sequence

That still remains a fragment

Appreciate the abstract


The Emperor Jones


Chocolate city

The day of revolt has come

Hide in the jungle

His fears take shape in the dark

Silver bullet for himself


Empire of the Sun


Thrills to the attack

Separated from parents

Jim is in control

His parents discover him

Atrocity exhibit


End of the Trail


We've never kept a

Single Indian treaty

That's why I'm for them

Because every instance

The white man has been to blame


Enemies:  A Love Story


Holocaust victim

Tamara crawled over some

Corpses and escaped

The subject of my next speech

Mixed marriages--plague of Jews




I would rather hear

Them shouting than applauding

Whistles are for sale

At the door.  If you are not

Satisfied, the go to hell!




Mother licks the face

Internal apocalypse

Everything is fine

Defies a coherent plot

Description of any kind


Escape from New York


Harry Dean Stanton

Breaking out impossible

Breaking in insane

Maximum security

The Bronx and Staten Island


Escape to Athena


Knifings, explosions

Silencer-muzzled gunshots

Motorcycle chase

Nazi prisoners try to

Escape while stealing Greek art


The Eternal Return


Death has sculpted them,

Enfolded them, lifted them

On a royal shield

They are alone in glory

And so begins their real life


Every Day's a Holiday


Now tell me, Peaches

Do you keep a diary?

Keep a diary

And some day it will keep you

A corkscrew for a ruler


Every Day's a Holiday


The gold of Naples

May be baked inside a pie

Pizzas on credit

Take a long walk in the rain

How's that for a slice of life?


Everybody Sing


The show must go on

Love will come along some day

On Melody Farm

Swing Mr Mendelssohn swing

The sun never sets on swing


Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask)


Didst I feel aright

Or didst I feel thy two hands

I must think quickly

The Renaissance will be here

And we will all be painting




Forged by a wizard

The future has taken root

In the present.  Done.

No mortal could possess it

No kingdom could command it


The Executioner's Song


What do I do?  Rot

In prison and eat my heart

Out for the wondrous

Love you gave me which I threw

Away cause I was so spoiled




Each person aboard

This ship is a soldier and

The only weapon

We have is our willingness

To die.  But for what purpose?