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The Fabulous World of Jules Verne


Volcano castle

Last and most diabolic

Of the buccaneers

Cartoon, puppets and actors

Smallest details stylized


A Face in the Crowd


Oh, it's wonderful

Just put yourself in my hands

How do you like that?

Not just an entertainer

I'm an influence...a force!


Fahrenheit 451


Paper will ignite

At four hundred fifty-one

Degrees Fahrenheit

The Book People memorize

Many maps of misreading

False Alarms

Where's the fire?  Right here

And she's got me all burnt up

Let's go and eat things

I'd have you shot at sunrise

We don't get up that early


The Family


You can't go alone

You have to belong to an


The organization is

Changing.  It's getting cleaner.


Fanny and Alexander


I'm a scientist

The head of the faculty

Takes me to task and

Says I neglect my lectures

The only real scientist




Waltz of the flowers

Thunder lizard rites of spring

Night on Bald Mountain

Dawning Ave Maria

Symphonic synaesthesia


The Nutcracker Suite

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Night on Bald Mountain

The primeval Rite of Spring

Pastoral mythology


The Fantasticks


Try to remember

When life was slow and mellow

Love was an ember

Deep in December our hearts

Should remember and follow


The Far Horizons



Falls in love with William Clark


Merriwether Lewis more

Than Indian ambushes


Farewell My Lovely


A black pool opened

Up at my feet.  I dived in

It had no bottom

I'm just a small businessman

But I like to follow through


The Farmer Takes a Wife


We're doing it for

The natives in Jamaica

When I close my door

With the sun warm upon me

Can you spell Schenectady?


The Farmer's Daughter


Wide abilities

No task is beyond her range

Excellent masseuse

Challenges the candidates

Nonsensical dialogue


Faster Pussycat!  Kill!  Kill!


While violence cloaks

Itself in a plethora

Of disguises, its

Favorite mantle is sex

Let's examine closely then


Fatal Attraction


I was terrified

I climbed underneath the chair

Right here.  This is it.

That's one of the only times

My father was nice to me.


The Fatal Glass of Beer


Outraged outrager

Wandering beyond limits

'Taint a fit night out

Bard of sensibility

Eating his favorite dog


The Fatal Mallet


People stood behind

A door and hit each man who

Entered on the head

Like a game of ninepins in

Which the pins themselves took part





It's a whole new business now

The kids with the beards

Don't need scripts--just give them a

Handheld camera and zoom


The Feathered Serpent


Only children and

Fools open their mouths when they

Have nothing to say

He who fights and runs away

Lives to fight another day


Ferris Bueller's Day Off


Ism's are not good

A person should not believe

In any ism

He should believe in himself

I would still have to bum rides


Fiddler on the Roof


Scratch out a simple

Tune withouth breaking their necks

I'm starving to death

I'm not really complaining

Matchmaker, make me a match

Fiddlers Three


Call out the guards, telephone

The newspapers and

Notify the FBI

A shoeing Sue we must do


Field of Dreams


Shoeless Joe Jackson

Archibald Moonlight Graham

No, it's Iowa

Ease his pain, go the distance

If you build it, he will come


Fiend without a Face

Energy of thought

Principles of thought control

A mental vampire

Able to detach my thoughts

Without the limitations


Fifth Avenue Girl


You don't like the rich

I'm not a capitalist

I'm a victim of

The capitalist system

All I wanted was some fun


55 Days at Peking


You're going to wish

There were more soldiers and less

Women and children

By dampening down the fire

The kettle won't boil over


Film Studie


Heads change into eyes

Eyes into moons, moons into

Peas, peas into rain

Rain into waves, waves into

Hans Richter's suspended head


The Finger Points


A hard-boiled newshound

Suppresses news of gangdom

For thousands in graft

Mowed down by machine guns as

Fulfillment of the finger


Finian's Rainbow


Come and get it day

Theres something sort of grandish

In Glocca Morra

The message in its madness

The pot of gold at the end


Fire Over England


I have the body

Of a weak, feeble woman

But I have the heart

And valour of a king and

Of a king of England, too


The Fire Within


The will of the wise

Life does not move fast enough

So I quicken it

Inability to love

He reached out but touched nothing


First Man into Space


Satellite of blood

Assume there is life in space

I'm going straight up

I have been groping my way

Through a maze of fear and doubt


The First Seven Years


Suit is for Sundays

She loves me, she loves me not

I didn't get killed

A pretty neat looking chick

Wouldn't marry any man


First Space Ship on Venus


Vitrified forest

Extraterrestrial in

Origin and not

Of human manufacture

Robot programmed to play chess


A Fish Called Wanda


You what Nietzsche

Said about the animals

God's second blunder

Focuses your aggression

Don't ever call me stupid


To call you stupid

Would really be an insult

To stupid people

Sheep I've known could outwit you

That's quite a stutter you've got

Fishy Tales

Run Alfalfa run

Out of my way.  Come on, Woim!

You're darn right it's Butch

Now what have you got to say

Before I take you apart


Five Easy Pieces


Works on an oil rig

Bowls, plays poker, sleeps around

No love or respect

You talk as if she can't hear

You people are full of it


All you have to do

Is hold the chicken, bring me

The toast, give me a

Check for the chicken salad

And you haven't broken rules


I move around lots

Not because I'm looking for

Anything really

'Cause I'm getting away from

Things that get bad if I stay


The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T


Piano practice

Reduced to assembly line

The whammy duel

Climb the stairway to heaven

Have you done your homework yet?


The Flame Barrier


Protects our planet

From the unknown rays of space

Like a reptile skin

Poets say eternal night

And dreamers say there is life


The Flaming Frontier


The swindling of the

Indians out of lands by

The politicians

Sitting Bull Noble Johnson

Rain In The Face Bonomo


The Fleet's In


Countess of Swingland

Is allergic to sailors


She gets angry, then he gets

Angry and they get married


Arthur Murray taught

Me dancing in a hurry

A better mousetrap

When you hear the time signal

You belong to Uncle Sam




This film may induce

Epileptic seizures or

Produce symptoms of

Shock treatment.  Remain in the

Theater at your own risk


Flower Drum Song


A flower boat with

Singing girls came drifting down

You are beautiful

You're the girl whose eyes met mine

You've the girl whose laugh I heard


Only an old man

Knows all that a man should know

How can a young man

Know just where his heart will go

Fresh and sweet like buds in May


The Fly


What else could it do

But go to someone it loves?

Stream of cat atoms

Gruesome, gory and bizarre

Reintegrating matter


Follow the Fleet


There may be trouble

Ahead but while there's moonlight

And love and romance

Let's face the music and dance

A gob and a dance hall girl


Footlight Parade



Pretty maids all in a row

Busby Berkeley drill

Automated assembly

Catherine wheel of fortune


Ah, the moon is here

Sitting on a backyard fence

Honeymoon Hotel

Dick's dream--By a Waterfall

The memory of a thrill


Forbidden Planet


Sir, a commanding

Officer doesn't need brains

Just a good loud voice

My evil self at that door

I have no power to stop


Outlined by crackling

Force field electricity

Monster from the id

Leaves his hideous footprint

At the flying saucer's base


Monsters from the id

Some impossible tree sloth

The power of ten

Raised almost literally

To that of infinity


Force of Arms


First hostility

Then sexual chemistry

Acts predictably

Peterson shirked his duty

Because of anxiety


Force of Evil


Seven seven six

July Fourth's luck number

Policy bankrupt

I'm a business man born dead

Autopsy on Capital


A Foreign Affair


People are people

Even in postwar Berlin


Trades birthday cake for mattress

Nazi turns up at nightclub


Ruins of Berlin

Investigate troop morale

Black market night club

The Lorelei is raided

The siren goes on singing


Foreign Correspondent


I can't read the rest

Of the speech I had because

The lights have gone out

Hang on to your lights.  They're the

Only lights left in the world


Posing as the head

Of a pacifist group but

Is actually

A Nazi double agent

Instrumental in the plot


Forsaking All Others


Drawing room slapstick

Bicycle catapulted

Into a pig sty

Their jittery affection

Takes refuge in a cabin


Forty Second Street


Sawyer, you listen

To me and you listen hard

You've got to go on

You're going out a youngster

You've got to come back a star


Manhattan skyline

Girl jumps out of a window

Into a boy's arms

Getting to be a habit

Shuffle off to Buffalo


Innocent and sweet

Come and meet those dancing feet

Who are indiscreet

Underworld meet the elite

Side by side they're glorified


For Whom the Bell Tolls


It's a love story

Against a brutal background

Delaying action

Proving ground for war machines

Lovers share a sleeping bag


I don't know how to

Kiss, or I would kiss you.  Where

Do the noses go?

Man fights for what he believes

Ask not for it tolls for thee

The Fountainhead


About how superior


Don't have to follow the same

Rules as everyone else


4D Man


Maybe I just like

The power to do something

Nobody else can

The amplifier isn't

Working.  You did that yourself.


The Four Feathers


The Khalif's army

Fuzzy wuzzy dervishes

To be a coward

Is to be an impostor

Menace to lives in your hands


The Four Hundred Blows



Teachers, police, janitors

And psychiatrists

Crush the spontaneity

And destroy the joy of life


Four Jacks and a Jill


Now you go your way

The boogie woogie coach

Wherever you are

Good shape for the shape I'm in

I haven't a thing to wear




Signs with Paramount

Affair with playwright Odets

Back to Hollywood

Slaps insulting hairdresser

Shock treatment, lobotomy




My God! It's alive!

My creation is alive!

Lightning and thunder

Sizzle up Jacob's ladders

To electrodes in his neck


Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man


Frank wolfs the meat man

His son gave me a new brain

I will rule the world

I was afraid you'd left me

I thought you'd found that diary


Frankenstein 1970


Transplanting organs

And knitten them together

Learn how flesh was made

I must admit that perhaps

He was not too scrupulous


Frankenstein's Daughter


A boon to mankind

Oliver, you're a strange boy

Negative to man

You treat me as a monster

Now you're going to be one




Come one, come all!  See

The Hindu Living Torso

The Armless Wonder

The Hilton Siamese Twins

We accept you, one of us

Free Wheeling

The mule ran away

I don't know where we're going

But we're on our way

If you do have some money

I think I could excite you


The French Lieutenant's Woman


Overblown spareness

With remnants of subplots and

Clues that lead nowhere

He's to be her next target

Cartoons of the privileged


He was full of smiles

And caresses but I knew

He was insincere

Ate the supper that was served

Drank the wine he pressed on me




The Necktie Strangler

Corpse in a potato sack

Monogram stickpin

You are my kind of woman

You are not wearing your tie




Cicily's asleep

I would like to talk to you

She talked in her sleep

As she used to when little

She used to wake up screaming


Friday Foster


Wham!  Bam!  Here comes Pam!

A billionaire with a brain

She couldn't resist

Madame Rena tried to warn

And got a knife in the back


The Frisco Kid


I am what I am

Why can't you be what you are?

I saved the Torah

A posse right behind us

What a beautiful country!


From Earth to the Moon



I deal excusively with

The incredible

Feel the weight of the finger

Effervescent Power X


From Here to Eternity


Private Bob Prewitt

Had blinded a friend sparring

I know where I stand

You want to put the screws on

Anything you can dish out


From Russia with Love


Orient Express

Electronic decoder

Hijack a speedboat

Bruising hand-to-hand struggles

And ingenious escape


Suppose when we meet

In the flesh, I don't come up

Just see that you do

That should've told me something

She should have kept her mouth shut


The Front


Young at heart Truman

McCarthy, Dimaggio

Bombing Korea

Ratty opportunism

Only sin buying retail


Front Page Woman


You don't think this dame

Will take on?  Oh, probably

The last one I saw

Screamed all the way to the chair

That's what I hate about dames


The Fugitive


You know, we're always

Fascinated when we find

Leg irons with no legs

So he showed up not dead yet

Don't argue with the big dog


The Fugitive Kind


Orpheus descends

To hell in Mississippi

With just a guitar

And a green snakeskin jacket

A fire in the wine garden


Full Metal Jacket


I'm so happy that

I am alive, in one piece

I am not afraid

In place of "search and destroy"

Now substitute "sweep and clear"


These are great days, bro

We are jolly green giants

Walk the earth with guns

We're gonna miss not having

Anyone that's worth shooting


The Full Monty


We may not be young

We may not be pretty and

We may not be good

We're here, we're live, we're going

No less than the full Monty


Funny Face


Banish the black, burn

The blue and bury the beige

From now on think pink

Take an editorial

To women everywhere


Funny Girl


I'm a bagel on

A plate of onion rolls.

You're Park Avenue

And I'm the Lower East Side.

You are woman.  I am man.


I'm the greatest star

If a girl isn't pretty

I'd rather be blue

His love makes me beautiful

Don't you rain on my parade


Don't tell me not to

The sun's a ball of butter

I've simply got to

I guess I didn't make it

At least I didn't fake it


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum


Comedy tonight

Young master Calidorus

Ought to have a maid

Collect a vial of mare's sweat

Pseudolus wins his freedom


The Fury



A government agency

You never heard of

The Soviets don't have one

They can make you disappear