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The Gambler


Know when to hold them

Know when to walk away and

Know when to fold them

Never count your money when

You're sitting at the table




Torture my body

Break my bones, even kill me

The truth is the truth

It is time you recognized

Masters in another's home


An eye for an eye

Ends up with the whole world blind

Love has always won

They are not in control.  We are.

Strength of civil resistance


The Garden of Allah


A sand diviner

Predicts a trip, happiness

Then suddenly stops

Romantic and religious

Fervor instead of drama




Mister Manningham

Did not find his wife's jewels

Driving her crazy

Psychological pressure

A crescendo of suspense


Gator Bait


It's rape and revenge

In Acadian bayous

Claudia Jennings

Looks great in her action scenes

Open blouse and cut off jeans


The Gay Divorcee


The Continental

A needle in a haystack

Let's k-nock k-nees

When you dance you're charming and

The newest thing over here


The General


Background in motion

Manipulation of trains

Deadpan expression

Aloof and indifferent

Repose and self-containment





By the exuberance of

Your velocity

I said I'm not drinking at

All today--nothing at all


Gentlemen Prefer Blondes


She works very hard

Her scheming is really work

Like the president

Oh, she walks like Lorelei

And we'd follow her for blocks

Gents Without Cents

Niagara Falls

Slowly I turn, step by step

Inch by inch until

Two soles and a heel married

To Flo, Mary and Shirley


George White's Scandals


Who killed vaudeville, George?

I want to be a drummer

Who killed vaudeville, George?

I wake up in the morning

How'd you get out of my dreams?


Get Carter


I want to stroke you

Kiss you all over.  Take off

What would Jesus say?

Almost forgotten what

Your eyes looked like.  Still the same.


The Getaway


Tell him I'm for sale--his price

Thank you for getting me out

It was a pleasure

If you're trying to get me back

You're going about it right


The Ghost and Mrs. Muir


Renting haunted house

She calls upon the spirit

Dictates his memoirs

Fairley turns out to be fraud

Exists only in her dreams




Plutocratic herds

My saddle is just turning

Crude ostentation

My papa built it to show

He was as big as they were


The Giant Behemoth


The head carried high

I have hoped this day would come


The creatures were still alive

But no proof, no form of proof


Giant from the Unknown


The creeping terror

That arose from Devil's Crag

Big bad battle axe

It came from another world

Suspended animation


The Giant Gila Monster


Music, kids, hot rods

A strange highway accident

Eats some teenagers,

Salesman, oil truck and a train

The Lord Said, Laugh, Children, Laugh


Let the children laugh

Give me a snort of sody


My baby she rocks and rolls

Whenever she walks and strolls


Gigantis, The Fire Monster



Godzilla's counterattack

Destroys Osaka

Flees and gets buried in ice

To return many more times




To take care of me

Means that I should go away

From here with you and

That I should sleep in your bed

Thank heaven for little girls


Gossip--it's a bore

Thank heaven for little girls

I'm glad I'm not young

She is not thinking of me

Oh, I remember it well


The Girl Can't Help It


Cry me a river

Can't marry a nobody

Jayne Mansfield's milk jugs

Let's Rock Around the Rock Pile

Better than potato chips


The Girl in Room 20


You gotta show class

This club is no place for you

Wolf in sheep's clothing

But look what it's costing her

Our prayers have been answered


The Girl of the Golden West


Soldiers of fortune

Sunup the wind in the trees

Who are we to say?

Sundown shadows on the moon

The West ain't wild anymore


The Girl Who Stayed at Home


Cutie Beautiful

A playboy, drafted against

His will is remade

Mercy is the woman's part

The German mother's prayer


The Glenn Miller Story


The Basin Street Blues

The Chattanooga Choo Choo

Tuxedo Junction

Little Brown Jug--In the Mood

Pennsylvania six five oh

Glove Taps

The class pugilist

How To Be A Fighter In

Ten Easy Lessons

The Oklahoma Wildcat

Good rest over the weekend


Go Into Your Dance


Casino de Parce

About a quarter to nine

Latin Manhattan

A good old fashioned cocktail

With a good old fashioned girl


Go West


We're riding the range

No you can't argue with love

It's if I don't know

New moon over old corral

Can't get along with horses


The Godfather


In a month from now

This big shot is going to

Give you what you want

They start shooting in a week

An offer he can't refuse


Make him an offer

Impossible to refuse

My brother Fredo

Invited me to Vegas

I wonder what he's up to


Don Corleone

An offer he can't refuse

Shot at a tollbooth

Luca Brazzi garotted

Take Fredo out in the lake


The Gods Must Be Crazy


Rhinos stamp out fires


It fell from the sky

Take it back where it came from

And collect the deposit


Godzilla, King of the Monsters


Awesome and then some

A rampage of destruction

Raging through the world

Belching fire that blasts mighty

Cities to oblivion


Primeval anger

Rises from the crashing waves

Tears down power lines

Derails elevated train

Comes back in many sequels




Married--or something--

To a robot named Magog

With variable

Nuclear operated

Automatic computer


Going Hollywood


Nacio Herb Brown

Temptation after sundown

In our big love scene

We'll make hay while the sun shines

With Cinderella's fella


Going My Way


Father O'Malley

Rehabilitates rundown

Father Fitzgibbon

Brings the parish together

In purpose and harmony


Father O'Malley

The day after forever

Swinging on a star

Silent Night Habanera



Gold Diggers of Broadway


Mechanical man

Painting the clouds with sunshine

In a kitchenette

Keeping the wolf from the door

What will I do without you?


Gold Diggers of 1933


We're in the money

I've got to sing a torch song

Petting in the park

Remember my forgotten

Violins glow in the dark


We're in the money

I've got to sing a torch song

Petting in the park

Swaying to the shadow waltz

Remember my forgotten


We're in the money

Old man depression you are

Through you done me wrong

We never see a breadline

About a headline today


Golden Boy


The dame from Newark

Hopes to wed the manager

After his divorce

Pulls his punches in the ring

So as not to hurt his hands


The Golden Eye


Willingness to speak

Not necessarily mean

Willingness to act

Bear should not toy with tiger

When you think it is, it ain't




Something big's come up

The man with the Midas touch

Pressing engagement

Aston Martin DB5

And Pussy Galore


I've been in love with

It's colour, its brilliance, its

Divine heaviness

Do you expect me to talk?

No, I expect you to die


The Golem


Rabbi, if you've brought

The dead to life through magic

The lifeless clay will

Scorn his master and turn to

Destroy him and all it meets


Gone With The Wind


Scarlet O'Hara

The burning of Atlanta

Bound to old Tara

Nothin' 'bout birthin' babies

Frankly, I don't give a damn


Fiddle dee dee war

War talk's spoiling all the fun

Every party

Sir, you are no gentleman

And you miss are no lady


Good Morning and Goodbye


A shameless brazen

Bulldozing female prepared

To humiliate

A lush cushion of evil

A cesspool of pollution


Good News


Be a ladies' man

Imagine--lucky in love

An easier way

Pass that varsity peace pipe

The best things in life are free


Goodbye Charlie



Female reincarnation

It's as though I'd been

A gourmet all my life and

Suddenly I'm a lamb chop


Goodbye, Mr. Chips


Never be afraid

A very modest person

Feeling for the past

In my mind, you remain boys

I shall always remember


Good Fellas


Nobody tells you

Your murderers come with smiles

They come as your friends

I'm a union delegate

They don't have things organized




Sold to the circus

It's a bad thing you're doing

Here comes his mother

London Bridge is falling down

Big Ben and the Underground


The Gospel According to Matthew


Answer a qauestion

With a question, parable

Or dismissive scorn

Feel like a motherless child

Deliver Him to Pilate


The Graduate


Generation gap

I just want to say one word

I don't think we have

Much to say to each other

What are you going to do?


Grand Hotel


Want to be alone?

Lobby and reception desk

Telephone switchboard

People come and people go

But nothing ever happens


Grand Illusion


Men of good faith will

Find a common meeting ground

The war to end all wars

Its hopes never realized

Its promises never kept


The Grapes of Wrath


We keep a'comin'

The meek inherit the earth

They can't wipe us out

We'll go on forever, Pa

'Cause we're the people that live


Grave of the Fireflies


While scrounging for food

He often fed himself first

The sole survivor

Guilty for his sister's death

Purging tormenting demons




Beauty school dropout

Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee

You're the one I want

There are worse things I could do

Rock and Roll is here to stay


The Great Dictator


A Jewish barber's

Mistaken identity

Ridicules danger

Guttural oratory

A transcendent paradox


Only unloved hate

The kingdom is within not

One man but all men

That's what we should do, fight back

We can lick them together


The Great Gatsby


Gone is the romance

Influencing what you wear

That was so divine

Ballantine's "21" Scotch

Classic white teflon cookware


The Great Love


An unscrupulous

Victimizer of women

Shield and protector

Innocent idealist

Conspiring war profiteers


The Great McGinty


A dam is something

You put lots of concrete in

If it weren't for graft

You'd get a very low type

Of people in politics


The Great Santini


Bouncing on his head

I want you to look on me

Like I was, well--God

Military psychopath

Fight somebody besides me


The Great Train Robbery



Fighting on the coal tender

Robbers stop the train

The engineer a captive

They line up the passengers


The Great Waldo Pepper


He'd conduct business

And try on four pairs of gloves

Then pick out a scarf

To avoid the moment when

He had to get in the plane


The Great Ziegfield


If you knew Susie

Won't you  come and play with me

Shine on harvest moon

Circus must be different

Never looked so beautiful


The Greatest


I decided long

Ago never to walk in

Anyone's shadow

If I fail, if I succeed

I learned to depend on me


The Greatest Question


Little Miss Yes'M

Menaced by the husband's lust

Then the wife's vengeance

Those who still grope in darkness

Strange meandering river


The Greatest Show on Earth


With shots of circus

Audiences munching at

The refreshment stand

DeMille will sell more popcorn

Than any movie ever


The Greatest Thing in Life


Too much good fortune

Has made him a selfish snob

Here--here's your mammy

He kisses the dark cheek of

A dying Negro soldier




The apeneck dentist

Can pull a tooth with bare hand

Trina's lottery

Money was harder to get

Dragging death through the desert


The Green Pastures


Gangway for de Lawd

Cabarets of Babylon

Revilers' crap shoot

The road to the promised land

Can restore God's faith in man


Guys and Dolls


A woman in love

Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown

If I were a bell

Luck be a lady tonight

Sit down you're rocking the boat


Hug around the neck

And a barrel and a heap

Make my heart a wreck

And you make my life a mess

And I'm talking in my sleep


He'll furnish the spot

If you're looking for action

It's never too hot

Even when the heat is on

It's always just a short walk




Everything was

Coming up roses for me

Sing out Rose sing out

Was I right or was I right?

I thought you did it for me