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Hail the Conquering Hero


What do I do now?

Just let it all blow over

The farce is over!

Rampant patriotism

And political flim flam


You didn't know a

Good man when you saw one so

You elected a

Phony instead until a

Bigger phony came along




Let the sunshine in

Singing my space songs on a 

Spider web sitar

Crystal revelation and

The mind's true liberation




Soul-saving, dancing

Preaching, shouting, baptizing

Gambling, lovemaking

Forgotten land of cotten

Fanatical expressions


Hallelujah I'm a Bum


Bumper found a grand

What do you want with money?

I'd do it again

Gotta get back to New York

Rhythmic rhymed conversation


Bumper found a grand

What do you want with money?

You talk like a red

He can make me feel I'm full

When he feeds me full of bull




I am thy father

They poured poison in my ear

The play's the thing

Catch the conscience of the king

Get thee to a nunnery


Hangmen Also Die



Of the Nazi governor's


In Czechoslovakia

Executing a quisling


Hanna's War


I saw the leaders

Stand up and vote for racial


Can any one say they are

Proud of what they are doing?


Hannah and Her Sisters


Be alone with here

And hold her and kiss her and

Tell here how much I

Love her and take care of her--

Stop it.  She's your wife's sister!


Hans Christian Andersen


Her eyes were fire bright

Through the ever haunted night

Voice a soft caress

Her smile was the tenderness

Tears silver as morning dew


A Hard Day's Night


John doesn't have nerves

He's just a dirty old man

Working like a dog

Running, jumping, standing still

Studied spontaneity


The Harder They Come


Johnny, you're too bad

With a pistol in his hand

He takes on the man

He makes women and the charts

And is on top of them both


Sitting in limbo

Too Many Rivers to Cross

Johnny, you're too bad

Rastafarian reggae

I say, "Who's the bad man here?"


Harry and Tonto


Man the barricades

You got to go to the streets

Blow up the cesspool

Capitalistic bastards

If you know people, that's home


Would you believe it?

There were trolleys, cobblestones

Bristling energy

The aroma of corned beef

And cabbage spiced with strudel





I'd like you to meet my friend

A pookah was here

You have to be oh so smart

So why not be oh so nice


The pooka appears

Here and there, now and then, to

This one and that one

Fond of rumpots, crackpots and

How are you, Mr. Wilson?


The Harvey Girls


It's a great big world

The Atchison, Topeka

And the Santa Fe

Swing your partner round and round

Where the evening sun goes down


In the valley where

The evening sun goes down

The train must be fed

Swing your partner round and round

It's a great big wild wild world


The Haunting


I'm coming apart

A little at a time--a

Little at a time

Now I know where I'm going

I want to stay here always


The Head


Arteries and veins

Delicately connected

Strange Medusa-like

Wires are attached at the crown

The naked and the Satan


Head over Heels


Don't give a gosh darn

Looking round corners for you

That look in your eyes

Through the courtesy of love

May I have the next romance

Healthy, Wealthy and Dumb

Fifty thousand bucks

From Coffin Nail cigarettes

Pie a la mode with

Beer chasers three times a day

At Hotel Costa Plente


The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter


He thinks he and I

Have a secret together

Once they know the truth

They are oppressed no longer

I wish I knew what she hears


The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things


You know any psalms?

I am an anarchist, I

Am an antichrist

Sing that song for Grandfather

And he'll give you some candy


Hearts and Minds



Atrocity exhibit


John Foster Dulles offered

The French two atomic bombs

Hearts Are Thumps

Wide eyed amazement

He Man Woman Haters Club

Promise not to fall

I have to live my own life

You have personality


Hearts of the World


War propaganda

A country worth living in

Is worth fighting for

If we can't get what we want

We'd better want what we get


Hell's Highway


Don't you know better

Than to leave them mules out in

The sun, Rascal?  Yes

Sir, boss.  Mules cost four dollars

A head; convicts cost nothing


Hell's Hinges


Poppy the trollop's

Systematic seduction

To hell with the church

The minister burns it down

Blaze squares off for a showdown




I need somebody

I can see them laugh at me

Why am I so shy?

I have got another girl

She's got a ticket to ride


Henry V


Help make more human

Some anonymous army

Matures on the job

Carries dead boy past carnage

For glory, England, God and king


Her Friend the Bandit


Identity thief

Steals Count de Bean's tuxedo

And invitation

To a Keystone reception

Including the Keystone cops


Here Is My Heart


Crooner disguises

Himself as a waiter

To get close to princess

With every breath I take

Love's just around the corner


The Hiding Place


The lights have gone out

Only two weeks ago there

Was a free nation

There's now the stillness of death

Unhappy pray in silence


High Noon 


Do not forsake me

The killer rides the noon train

On our wedding day

Sheriff casts a long shadow

Back into dust thou shalt go


You're asking me to

Wait an hour to find out

If I'm going to

Be a wife or a widow

For nothing.  For a tin star.


High Society


You're sensational

Making love is quite an art

More or less aloof

You require the proper squire

You should meet a maiden sweet


High, Wide and Handsome


We will make changes

As any family will

We may be adding

We'll build a home on the hill

A cottage that two can fill


Higher and Higher


Minuet boogie

Today I'm a debutante

You're on your own now

A most important affair

Couldn't sleep a wink last night


The Hill


That's marvelous, sir

The courtyard of Sisyphus

 A great construction

Run up and down 'til I drop?

I can do without it, sir.

Hi, Neighbor

A real pocket knife

Look out!  Get away from there!

Don't rush me big boy

Oh, what a beautiful car

You don't want to ride in that


Hiroshima Mon Amour


Densely intertwined

Labyrinth of allusions

Catharsis for guilt

Memories and illusions

Nuclear detonation


His Favorite Pastime


Charlie meets a girl

Follows her home from the bar

And soon encounters

A highly outraged husband

Who chops the pole he has climbed


His Girl Friday


I'm particular

About whom my wife marries

He's got lots of charm

He comes by it naturally

His grandfather was a snake


Albany is a

Mighty good insurance town

Most people take it

Out pretty early in life

Well, I could see why they would


His Greatest Bluff


Jeweler's pocket

Picked by Goliath the dwarf

Henry and Harry

Decide to switch places and

Henry gets into a trunk


His Kind of Woman


At my studio

All messages are handled

By Western Union

When I have nothing to do

I always iron my money


His New Job


With a tremendous

Shako on his head and an


Sword at his side, he blunders

Through his role as a hero


Hit Parade of 1943


How to write a song

Do these old eyes deceive me?

Change change change of heart

So who took me home last night?

Harlem sandman tahm boom bah


Hit Parade of 1947


The chiquita from

I'll have that dream right away

Santa Anita

I threw a kiss to a star

Carts are going to the dogs


Hitler's Children



Mass dehumanization


She converts the Nazi youth

So they can die together

Hoi Polloi

What molds gentlemen?

Can it be heredity

Or environment?

It will break the old man's heart,

But you've got the drop on us


Hold Everything


Take it on the chin

And sing a little theme song

Alone together

Roses get the blues for you

Isn't this a cock-eyed world?


Hold Your Man


All I can say is

If you got a safe racket

You're crazy to fool

Around with another one

That jail food is terrible


A Hole in the Head


Once there was an ant

Who didn't know the meaning

Of the words, "You can't."

They're so happy and so poor.

Broke, yes, but not poor.  We're poor.


Holiday Inn


Let's start the New Year

Dreaming of a white Christmas

I can't tell a lie

Let's say it with firecrackers

Plenty to be thankful for


I long to be out

In the deep tangled wildwood

Stretching and yawning

Till I sleep like a child would

Kill time being lazy


Home from the Hill


They kill each other

A little at a time--tore

Me in half that way

Every day of my life

That's what they call family




Sing you sinners sing

What's in my little hope chest?

Let's be domestic

I don't need atmosphere so

What is this power I have?


Honeysuckle Rose


On the road again

The life I love is making

Music with my friends

Places that I've never been

Things I'll never see again


Honky Tonk


Con man extorts in

A sharp and violent ruse

Money for a church

Dancehall and palace of chance

They grow rich from their grafting


The Hoodlum Priest


He spent his time with

Thieves and killers!  This man who

Wore a priest's garb and lived

In a world of violence!

A city howled for his scalp


Horrors of the Black Museum


Haven't danced in months

A man I can do things with

I can't do with you

No woman can hold her tongue

Fools cannot be hypnotized


The Horse Soldiers


Marlowe hates medics

Wife died during surgery

Marlowe wounds leg

Military school cadets

Called to oppose intruders

Horses' Collars

Moe, Larry, the cheese!

He's marked that way because his

Father was a rat

Double Deal Decker

See that heel?  I ran that down!

The Hot Scots

Glen Heather Castle

'Tis late and the bonny banks

Of Scotland are closed

McLarry, McShemp, McMoe

Hi, Lorna, how ya doin'?

Hot Stuff

Go to his house and

Pretend you're carpet layers

I'm not that rugged

Potatoes boiled in varnish

And head cheese garnished with nails


The Hound of the Baskervilles


Fifty years ago

A black sheep went abroad and

Started a new life

Cousin?  What does it all mean?

Cool, calculated murder


The House I Live In


What's America?

The children in the playground

The faces I see

All races, all religions

That's American to me


House Made of Dawn


It's a holy thing

Those who run are the life that

Flows in our people

What's it going to be like?

We'll get drunk, see how it looks


House of Fear


Death stalking its halls

Horror seeping from its walls

The pattern of the

Puzzle seems to be forming

But the pieces don't fit in


House of Fright


Full-bodied frolic

Of sadism, murder, lust

And nightclub capers

Opium, can can dancers

Decadent depravity


House of Horrors


Deathless masterpiece

The perfect Neanderthal

Soon the whole world will

Recognize my genius

Things like this just don't happen


House of Numbers


Actually filmed

Within the escape-proof walls

Of San Quentin!  The

Most amazing getaway

And the blonde he did it for!


How Green Was My Valley


Firm father Morgan

A gentle but wise mother

Work in the coal mines

Marries the mine owner's son

Crosses the class barrier


How To Make a Monster


Infused with spirit

I'm going to stop these men

From destroying us

Barbeques the bad people

That's the way the footage cuts


How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying


Brotherhood of man

A noble tie that binds all

Human hearts and minds

Lifelong membership is free

Give each brother all you can


Cool clear eyes of a

Seeker of wisdom and truth

Upturned chin and the

Grin of impetuous youth

Bold brave spring of the tiger




Foot and mouth disease

Arrogant, unscrupulous

Ship the whole herd out

You're an unprincipled man

Out to do other people


The Human Comedy


I'll spit at the world

In event of drunkenness

I shall ask from you

A depth of understanding

That only comes from children


The Hurricane


If the gods had meant

Me for another, then why

Why did they send you?

Marry me at once or leave!

Well, since you put it that way--


Hurry!  Hurry!


A microscopic

Investigation of sperm

Cells lashing around

Double-exposed over flame

With the sounds of bombardment


Husbands and Wives


I've always had this

Penchant for kamikazes

And we both know it

They crash their plane into you

And you die along with them


The Hustler


All of a sudden

The pool cue is part of me

It's got nerves in it.

You feel the roll of those balls.

You don't have to look.  You know.