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Harry Connick, Jr. isn't the only son of a New Orleans politician playing music. Reynard Rochon, Jr. spent decades on the underground scene and has finally released the first of 5 instrumental improv CDs recorded at a Solstice party "like it's 1999" in his parent's den near Jazz Fest fairgrounds. (He's got family at House of Blues, too--lovely Lilith, choreographer for Nipples of Isis.)

In the 80s, Reynard fronted Rosicrucians with funky bassist Lloyd Boisdore of Evil Nurse Shiela and psychic guitarist Jules Ford of Voodoo Jive and Soul Remedy. With "The Sparkle of Broken Glass," Reynard is joined by bass Mike Joseph of Black Problem, Lump and Egg Yolk Jubilee, where Mike plays alongside trumpet Eric Beletto, whose dad leads Al Beletto's Big Band.

Reynard plays strings and winds. Rochon learned lots of guitar licks from roommate Jimmy Bower of EYEHATEGOD, Mystic Krewe of Clearlight, and supergroup Down starring crunchers from Pantera, Crowbar, and Corrosion of Conformity. Reynard's sax is "John Coltrane via Jimi Hendrix." Exotic Middle Eastern flavor is influenced by Klezmer All Stars' sax Ben Ammon's recordings with Lump. Drum Andre Londgnes, bass Joel Webb, and keyboard Nicole Klose show high marks in New Orleans' outstanding jazz education system headed by UNO Prof Marsalis. Enjoy these organically inspired explorations to experience the future of postmodern jazz. (Most of these CDs available at Tower, but you've got to get Jak Rabit Feast from roo2new@hotmail.com)