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Feu Follet

The scouts hunting trip had fallen into
"That's it for the night," coaxed the man.
Went out. He was
We have said are just stories
Bill rose and the smoke swirled
His hand up to try to cover a sly
Decided to keep it to himself for the moment.
Rolling around the campfire as
Ain't got two bits."
They did not know
Broke him off.
Caused by atmospheric conditions
"Alright, that's it," jumped Tom, "you've
his two bits,
they did not know what they were talking about either,
had not
"I don't know how either," said Tom, "and
what he
"Three Indians were sitting
needed to
keep it to himself for the moment
"That reminds me of an old story from the Depression."
Early to bed and early to
"Some people may say that, too." Said the
"Alright, that's it," jumped Tom, "you've been asking for
beasties are what you are talking about,
about this one. It was not really a story,
all night long. He decided
it, Tom, before I take a shot at you."
Making this up from seeing too many late night movies.
On stagnant
Of that era always choked him up.
That they were all getting drowsy. He
"Tell us about Le Feu Follet!"
'Three Indians were sitting around a
a laugh
due to favoritism.
Cold there be pollution years ago
"And how are they?" the youth retorted.
That. I said I
He went
You may have a misfire."
Caught it, the tail breaks off in your hand. That's
Enthusiasm. He rubbed the whiskers on
"Then what is the whole
But it was hard to
"Well, I don't
Jesus was lanced by the Roman soldier Longinus. A priest
Big gob of tar. He wiped his mouth
But if the bullets broke
Up, he might have that much more chance of
Back so as to deliver
"Isn't there another one about
turned toward Tom as if he were
"That reminds
night." Coaxed the man. "You all need
been on a three-masted schooner, Professor?"
cover a sly smirk. This gave the first boy
corner of
does it cost."
If he were an intruder upon their territory.
On half-seriously hamming it
Started again, but coughed
Mounds. Those wily
Remarkable self-assuredness at his skill
Was going to get him now.
Words that happen to mean something
Any sense to
"Kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, reverent
did you ever come up with that?
His rapid-fire delivery of the rest of the
Now. They had spent
Their answers would be
Talking about either, yet they
Joey looked at him in awe. Tom had been
Just about
"OK, boys, settle down. I guess that I
corner of his eye while he kept an
their ghastly torches through the swamp to lead
from books. You need to
"OK. If you insist, but first I
what he said when
be. Would there even be any answers at all?
A big gob of tar. He wiped his mouth
Again. "Tom is lost in the
Everyone wants a happy ending anyhow.
Looked right at Tom as he went
Tom knew how Billy told
Something that
To mean something
But it was
Always looked at Tom from the
Bit. He went on
that collect on twigs. It
it again sooner or later. That's just how they
"All that
Tom through the swirling soot.
That people tell around campfires. They
Time to take over the conversation
"Yeah, Chief, you promised!"
to clear the tobacco tar that blocked his voice box.
"It's just like when
Tom took
"You'd better can it, Tom, before
a James Bond book
no trouble. He could shoot them in
broke him off. The man's stare momentarily
Tom continued to try to
To pull
Who have sinned in this world."
Sometime. I don't know just what it is that
Crusaders as they searched
Their answers would be. Would there even be any
The chief got up and said:"
"How much does
white men astray away from the tribal burial mounds.
Have you been on a three-masted schooner, Professor?"
Some say
Shoot them in the morning as soon as they
Scoutmaster coolly. "I don't' always
The scouts'
They did not know what they were talking
Now. They
Going to tell you that
Around a fire.
Just about all that I know about
About is caused by pollution, this ignis fatuus or will-o-the-wisp

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