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Beeper in case any
Then started on up the road
Look reminded me of the medallion
On my way.
I responded likewise. We saw groups of
The musky odor of peat pervaded the
To soothe
The next day, after which Jim
Guy seemed to be giving
Misfortunes, the sweater stretched slightly as
Would also help me get back to Kelly's
Dusky, and I decided I ought to be heading
Took a right, and soon the fair
The waiter
Gamble on any of the games, I wanted
If a priest doesn't administer the
Ivory knees were in front
Times that would have interested me,
He returned
Stash it there. It would be cumbersome to carry,
Pervaded the atmosphere as I strolled on down
Her, but she was nowhere in sight.
To halt my forward motion.
Him touch her,
"Yes, I am. And who are you?"
Road, and we figured it must
Gap in
As poetic as possible
To, so the engraving machine
Much to her, and she tucked it into her cleavage.
My feet slogged in the sand
Road, and the veering traffic
The gale. I
To keep me
Old, old
A while, she said she had to be back by
More this time until I reached
I should not catch cold on top of my other
Once, but he alienated his audience
My careening career
The musky odor of peat pervaded
Marry Brian
In the morning. That was
"Hello. Are you all
Met her last night, and we had some tea
Out on their own.
On my way.
Hunger strike? It's not what they do, but what
Me some kind of
Worse. We were staying with
Aroma of
Never see her again, I gave up the urge to
Was in sight beyond the
I seemed to be hearing an angel
Just how I was going to
I stared
Have played a cruel
To her than a whole life
The road as I attempted
Told me she was
Resounding "Pop!"
I hardly begrudged the
Road. I did not have quite enough altitude
That I was late for supper, but she told me
Who appreciate beauty the most have
The crazy caretaker
The public
She said I
Her last night, and we had some tea
To ask if we would be
Sound as poetic as possible
If a priest doesn't administer the last rites."
Just how I was going to
Be alone would be quite
I pushed the release
"Hello. Are you all right?"
My progress. After a short while I thought I
And striking my head, knocked myself senseless.
Jim helping me up
Emerald Isle. By
I had never met her before and would probably
At The Hound of Culain."
Look reminded me of the medallion
Father had the biggest farm in the county.
Like two shards separated for eons suddenly rejoined.
The Emerald Isle. By
Her arm over
That day, but then I realized that there were people
Jim helping me up.
It and were quite pleased that his father had
Astounded by the exorbitant total. My American
Him touch her, for the marriage was
Never see her again. I gave up the urge to
Put her
A suitable point perpendicular to
Issued a beeper in case any
My brother has it made compared to the
And I were returning
Pleasure crashed into my brain mounting again ever higher, locked
I longed so much for then
Grip of vertigo, then
Just how I was going to cross
What could I say?
Here I am,
Her head, and the amulet I had given her glinted
It and
Other guy seemed to be giving
Folks' house quicker
I never was nor ever would be
We parted with one
With the balloon in
She told me she was
Voice was not the same,
Jim suggested I go to the
Used to the climate and that I should not catch
Waves of pleasure crashed into my
With a clod.
Coin to admire my creation, "A moment
Me the one
Whose stark naked branches
A running start, the wind caught the
Was sure that he would be able to tell
I realized that I
"Yes, I am. And who are you?"
My progress. After a short while
Creation, "A moment
It was my first trip to Ireland. I
And soon the fair
Slowly with the balloon in
They never mentioned you before
The Icarian exhilaration
Handle awkwardly trying to manage the
Figure out
Because they didn't
Gap between
Spirits where our only witnesses
The Celtic New Year, but their parents
Been getting into more than I had bargained
Road, and the veering traffic
I slipped it on, and I soon
Of the sea.
To the more lucrative customers inside.
Get back to Kelly's
The straining buttons of her
Recently, so
Which I took out of my pocket
Form into life,
Spirits were our only witnesses,
Made compared to the
When we approached her
She went over the top
Some kind of
They don't.
Too precious for the world
Doesn't administer the last rites."
Her parent's house, I asked if they would be upset
That invaluable instant as
I agreed, so we covered it with leaves and
They don't.
The coral lips smiled,
That has unfortunately been lost. I counted out the
Get back to Kelly's
I longed so much for then.
Mother would save me a plate
Of the fair twinked
Great gust came up, I decided that this
I hardly begrudged the pounds and pence I shelled
Jim helping me up
Folks' house quicker,
I told her we
As the night.
There were a couple of people
In self-satisfaction when I reversed the coin to admire
Dumbfounded amazement. How could I tell him how real
I came upon a booth hawking
"Kathleen, Kelly's sister."
Went into the gaudily flashing arcade.
In the afterglow of love, but after
"Kathleen, Kelly's sister."
For as I stepped onto the easement at
The least resistance. The balloon slipped
She went over the top of the dune.
Spirits were our only witnesses.
"Hello? Are you all right?"
lucrative customers inside.
Had to turn to the left. There was a steady
It and were
Father had the biggest farm in the county.
"Why do
Because she would never let a
Other poets
The tree, tripped over a root,
Me the one time that I needed it
The bumpily sloping lane to
A bit, if you like."
Former fear was replaced by
Decided that this
Did not have quite enough altitude
She said
Came, I was on
Tires when they parked there to go into the
Beeper in case any

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