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Nympholeptic Fit

"As for art,
where's decorum?"
Browning's Pacciarotto

Loafers shuffle keeping syncopated counterpoint to
Giving her a social
A snap of her fingers
To me about
In the face. I'm still
And tried to put his arm around
You get me a
With a
Still going on? I was wondering when she
"I'm really
around the neck of a Dixie beer and
number. I mean, what's
Fred stifled his hysteria.
Can he do?" Lily retorted. "He's only the manager
Nervously, sipped his beer, then cleared his
Tonight. They still
Broke her neck in that accident, didn't she?
"I'm really trying to do that, but I can't get
to think
a tall glass with plenty of rocks and two straws
Lily's direction, but out of the other side
The wildflower and tucked it behind his
Noticed a
Trick is really something else. I don't
Fred slid a chair to the side and tried
The brunette turned to look
Iridescent sheen framing the slick slate banquettes. High heels click
Mess. It was her shoes the first
It's really a shame
"You mean you haven't heard?"
do you need to talk to me about
that, but when I wear that costume or uniform or
how about one from the late
tired of
haunt you after hours
whatever you want to call it, I feel I'm not
in one
"Look, I'll cue
her drink.
Keep that thinking up. Do you think you'll have a
Well be talking to some dumb bunnies.
"I've seen other girls go through this feminist phase," Hal
do the LA hustle?"
at all. I think that I may as
"Yes, ma'am. Next you'll accuse
that mirror is still up there."
Out of my mind what Lily was
The lowest common denominator?"
Other threshold. Famous
"Hey, barkeep, make that
yourself all upset
and pallid thighs telltale tracks of
how cracked you are."
How cracked
"Sure, Boss. Write Miss Lonelyhearts." Fred set down
a woman should be bring her so far down.
Thrown all over the place. Everywhere."
White silk stockings, but Fred didn't see her
I get for you to drink?
Banquettes. High heels click and
Sure, Boss. Write Miss Lonelyhearts." Fred set down Hal's
Column of smoke that
"Well, I don't."
it sometimes."
Vieux Carre, and their days are finally at
How cracked you are."
That is all
I'm not."
He's only the manager
"Yeah, and I bet you can speak Flemish
to be in a mood. You shouldn't be
hotel clerks.
Hal gave her arm a slight
Door??inthe House??servation Hall.
"But that was earlier; I'm trying to forget about her
get the beer out of his ear.
"You're really starting to sound like Lilith now," Lily
"What do you need to talk to
Whatever you
eye from the spike heel that hit me

Live and in person."
Did it the second. I thought that Hal had enough
The back of her
To get the beer out of his ear.
"Who, me?" she says as she sits crossing
though it got all
"I need to find an ashtray," blowing
don't think that he
"Oh, yeah?"
"You're really starting to sound like Lilith
bar at a fancy club, but you're just cold turkey,
Walker black in a tall glass with plenty of
The electric pipes."
Willie, but I'll give you another chance.
The beer out of his ear.
Discourse when she notices a look of
That's the best way
At Fred, "But what does this
And Lily."
Rocks?? two straws."
Can do much good for us in the overall
That is not the self
And the napkins in the other leaving two slight beaded
Beer out of his ear.
Toll booth across
On her coffin nail, its lurid glow redoubled in
He never could see beyond all the things that
Up with
That accident, didn't she?"
Lily licks her lips savoring
Your sick jollies?"
Slight beaded crescents of condensation
Snake, and the one standing by the leg said
His collar, "Who, me?"
Swave DeBoner.
The others
At her own reflection!"
Lips into a bobine.
Against the
And Lily."
Going to spill my scotch."
Lily quizzes with a wondering gaze. "I
But I left the mirror up where it was.
One from the late great Otis Redding
I can't help but feel afraid."
"You've been spooked ever since
while you're
Feminist phase," Hal smugly observes,
"No, I guess not."
Spiral to get the beer out of his
Man with a close-cropped
Hal," greets Lily as she swivels around contrapostally hanging
Been these three times. It's as if someone's
I don't see why you always want to be
"With a wild flower."
The pier glass, but whose face is
"It's your specular image."
It down and to yourself."
"I'll kiss it to make it better."
Everywhere, all over the place."
Other, "What are you talking
Seem to be
Fred assumes a diplomatic demeanor,
He pauses to
She really needs it."
Attention to."
Fred tugs his bowtie from i8ts
"No, about what?"
"Oh, shut up, Fred!" snaps
"I've seen other
eye from the spike
"What's between him and Hal?" Lily quizzes with a wondering
promise not to tell. Hal did
fine down of her cheek the result of
"Hm." A swig of swill. "Hal and I
she has to get that business
impatiently as she presses
Lily takes Irene's hand, "Just what message
Lily stares down at
A message from myself to myself, from a self
And heads toward the bar
Bar at a
Hal sets down the drink he had nursed
The doctor said she'd have to have a hysterectomy."
Lips into a bobine.
Going to do, Lily?" asks the woman across the table.
Sister Lilith?"
Bubbles. They only float away
Has feelings like anyone else."
"Go on, get out of here, Fred."
"Oh, no. Look
stuff was thrown about as Lily's has
talking about? Is there something going on?"
"You said that
I work
To eventually dissipate on the burnished brass
Needs a little respect. Is that such a futile cause?
A sip and a wipe. "So if you keep that
Best way
Surely look nervous. What'll it be?"
Down the esplanade."
A long time ago."
"Sounds like monkey business to me."
And the doctor said she'd have to have a hysterectomy."
Out of her system."
Off any further fire from Fred.
"Oh, shut up, Fred!" snaps the dark woman
"That must've been hysterical to see
and two straws."
His head bobbing to the jukebox beat
Live and in person."

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