Apocalypso Stomp
Arby's Legacy
Authentic Respiration
Auto da Fais Deaux-Deaux
Baba Oppenheimer
Ballad of the Green Berettes
Bell of Brandenburg
Brief Blink Beyond
Bug Out
Case in Joint
Chartreuse Sonnetoid
Christian Soldier
Conflict on the Ecliptic
Crow's Nest
Dawn Joy Marks
Dogged Will
Ecphrastic Ecstasy
Family Values
Felix Culprit
Feral Frag
Fer Jimmy
Forgotten Jewelry
Graph Fight
Hanging In
Heal Thyself
Heavy Music
Hunter's Epitaph
Jerrycan Shrug
Leroi Tafur
Locke Steppe
Magic Numbers
Martial Meets Ramones
Masque of Anarchy
May Day
Merry Robins
Mismatched Gizmo Gears
Mocking Afflicton
Monodramatic Portrait
Necropolitan Nightmare
Neo-expressionist Exhibition
New Year's Meditation
The Night
Not A Soul
Osmosis of Elvis
Panther Spoor
Pardoner's Sac
Paris Sight
Poem for National Poetry Month
Polemic Plight
Preppie's Howl
Project NOLA Express
Rap Sheet
Remember RN
Roben's Nest
Robin Hood Crowd
Romantic Archetypes
Saturday AM
September Psalm
Side Two
Silly Jism
Sonnetaneous Combustion
Spirit of St Louis Cannibalized
There's Someone
Wake Up
Window Pain
Wow, man
Yuptown Thing
Contact Me

Saffron cobalt amber ocher azure
Gray black gray black
Umber coral maroon saffron crimson
Gray white gray white
Amethyst violet celadon tangerine celadon indigo

One Night in the Tropics, Buck Privates, Who Done it?, It Ain't Hay, Hit the Ice

abbot abbots about babbitt abort babbitts apostate
able bail ably bal bale ball ape abbe able
atria darling darwin adorn atrial attain darings darking darling
awareness haleness aware haler hairline
albert alberta albeit alert alerts labor laborite alerted alertly
alteration allegretto
allen alien alley ellen alan aliens alae aline ally
algoid alleged alloyed allot lagoon allowed alloy allegro
allusion allusions allays alleys alloys
maches amerce ambience anechoic machete mace macho machetes amerces
ames amos ambus amass amish amiss ambers amnesia mas
andrew andre nadirs anderson nacres nadir anodes angers amblers
nacres angers nacreous ankles amperes nacre ammeters anger anothers
ardent radian eared ardency ardently arid radians radiant arena
early raleigh earlier easel arena ardent are area argent
earliest rallies arias aries earlier early aweless awnless raises
arnold earned armload rankled armloads
arthur arthurs rather earthly earthy earthier earth earthward earthwork
astride satire aspire acquire satires actor aspires aspired assayer
actor actors ashtray aster astray astrol astron ashtrays ascot
atoll atilt
auto awry augury aura austere austria auth austral aurally
aides airs aide aiders aired airiest airless airy yahwehs

Mr. Skeffington, An American Romance, The Affairs of Susan, Joe Palooka in Humphrey Takes a Chance, Sideshow, Stop That Cab

Figure formed by two lines, point of view, purpose. Elbow, notch, cusp, fork, flare. Perspective, viewpoint, outlook, slant, point, standpoint, position. Intention, plan, aim, objective, approach, method.
Attract, attraction, attraction of celestial bodies, attractive, attractive to the opposite sex, attractiveness, attribute, attrition, attune, auction, audacious, audacity, audible, audience, audit, audition, auditorium, auditory, augment, augmentation, augmented, augmenting, augur, augural.

Brother Rat, On Your Toes, Parachute Nurse, Danger in the Pacific

darwin tarring daring taring taurine darking darling darning darting
albert alberta albeit alert alerts labor laborite alerted alertly
alberta albert alertly albeit alert lacerate alerts alerted algeria
allen alien alley ellen alan aliens alae aline ally
ellen allen elan elaine ell else eleanor elec elem
alan elan ala alae alai alien align allen aline
maches maces nacres machetes macho makes nacreous mace machete
ames amos ambush amass amish amiss ambers amnesia mas
ammos amos annos ames ambush amass amish amiss amps
ambush amos amish amiss amuse ampuls ames amps ambers
amish amiss ambush ames amos ambits anise amps ambushes
andrew andre nadir nacre anode anger anderson
andre andrew nadir android andy nacre nadirs andorra anode
anderson andiron nadirs ambers angers andrew anodes nacres
raleigh railing ramie raven
arnold earned armload rankled armloads
arthur arthurs rather earthly earthy earthier earth earthward earthwork
arthurs arthur ratters archers earthy rashers raters rather arguers
austria austrian austere austral austrians australia austerity auctorial australis
yahwehs yahweh yawed jades

Right Cross, Too Young to Kiss, The Girl in White, Love Under Fire, In Old Chicago

Azure olive coral saffron lilac

Mother Carey's Chickens, the Arkansas Traveler, Roman Scandals, Blood Money

bacilli bacillar bacillus abaca abaci aback bailable
banter baiter banters painter painters baiters bander bantered banterer
banked backhand banker banished
bare pare pariah barrio bear bearish paris bar barite
barons banes barrens beanies barns bearings bairns bares bareness
bather batter patter barter bathers batters battery patters pattern
beagle beige belie belle peggy beagles belay belg belly
beldame beldam beldams bellboy belle belly bedlam belay
bend bending benedict pending bends benin penis
beneath pennant benny penny bennies pennies ebonite benin beget
berman belgian begrime begriming
bickered bicker picker
blacker blackberry blacked blacken blackener blancher placket blacks blackleg
plain plained plainer blarney plainest plainly plaice plains blanche
blonde blondes blonds plowed
blare blares blared bloke bluer blur blarney blurred bleared
blithe blot blight blather blither blotch ply blights blotchy
obdurate podiatry
poland poled bola polkaed pollard bolas polar polaroid poleaxed
boned bond pond bonded bonder bonnie ponded ponder bona
berg burg boar boer bog boor poor bong bore
body bold bond booed boy bode board boodle bound
buyer boor bore borer boy bother boys borers bothers
brad bratty braid brandy brads bradded braky brat brayed
brandy brand brained branded brander brandish brandies brandied brands
braze brazil brazier brazing braziers
pregnant pregnancy preen
brunt breath brunts preen bran breathe bred brunet brat
broke brooked brook brooks broken broker brooches brooklet brooking
bruce brioche brume prude prune breech bruise brunch brute
brinier bringer pruner pruners brine prune bryan

On the Waterfront, 12 Angry Men, Tarnished Lady, My Sin

paris parish pares parse bares pariahs parrs parries pears
peggy piggy pegged begged beggar peg beg pegs pegging
belg bell beg peg beagle belt berg pelf pelt
benin benign benny begin penning penis penman benzoin peining
berman bemoan barman bemoans permeate persian bemoaned persians persona
belgian belgians belgium belling beluga belying pelican penguin beeline
poland philander poled bola polkaed pollard polar polaroid bolas
polaroid polaroids polarity bolero polaris pollard polarize pollards polars
brazil braze brazier brazenly breezily brazing braziers preaxial braille
bruce brioche brume prude prune breech bruise brunch brute
bryan brian prying pry

Meet the Girls, Return of the Cisco Kid, Night in Montmartre, Love Lies

Gray white black gray

Mayor of Hell, Footlight Parade, Scatterbrain, Sis Hopkins, Puddin' Head

canoe chained cane canny chain cagey candy canes caned
canoe canvas canna canvases canvased canvass canon carnival canto
canticles canonicals
care carry scare scares scared scary acre cares cared
karen sarong acorn careen carney scaring carbon caring carrion
scarlatina carrageen celandine celandines carrageens
carillon carillons charily carol caribou acridly carrion saris acrid
carol carrel carryall carolled caroller carrels carryalls carols carrot
carson carbon carton scares across cares carrion scansion scars
chancy chanty cane canny canoe shanty chance change chantey
chaplain chaplains kaolin chapping chapel chablis chaplet chapman cheapen
charisma charities cherishes carouse shares chariest chariots caries carious
chattered chattering shattered shattering scattering chatterbox chatterer chartering chatters
clark clerk clerks clair cloak clack clank clara clear
clark clerked clara clerk slake claret cloaked slakes slaked
cleft cliff clefts slit clef clifton slight cliffs clot
cob sob chop cobs sobs so cobble sobbed cobol
sober cobra sobering occur
occur coacher scorcher coachman chlordan scorch cochlea cocoa ocarina
choler cobbler colder collect collier colored cholers cholera solder
collins colleens collies colons columns kolinsky solons codlins colleen
column columns complain colon solomon solon columnar columned command
schooner cannery confer conger conjure connie sonar confers congers
sorb sorry corbel chore score sorbed core corky corny
core chore chores chorea scorer korea sore sorry cores
cortex chortle sort sorted sorter chord court chortles chortled
cotton scott cotter cote cottons cottony scout scouted octane
chowing cowing cowman sowing sown cowhand cowmen koran chow
crabby crabbed crabber crabbier scrabble scrape scribble scribe crabbers
crayon chron crane crania crank scorn cranks cranny scrawny
screamer scorer cringer creakier creamer creamier creaser creator scorers
crony kronen cranny crone krona krone crooning chron chronic
crossbar crossbow scrubby crops christy scrubs cribs cross crossly
chumming chumminess scumming summing summons cunnings cuppings cuttings suitings
cutis scurries courses courtiers curies curios curtsies churlish courtesy

Cavalier of the West, Devil Horse, Fanny, Guns of Darkness

Caller, calling, calliope, callous, callow, calm, calmative, calming, calmly, calmness, calumniate, calumny, camaraderie, camber, camera mechanism, cameraman, camisole, camouflage, camp, campaign, campaigner, can, canaille, canal.
Clasp, cut short, decrease. Hasp, fastener, buckle, hook, clamp, grip, snap. Bob, snip, slice, crop, shear, prune. Curtail, pare, shorten, abridge, diminish.
Near, confined, oppressive, reserved, miserly, intimate, accurate. Immediate, near at hand, imminent, neighboring, impending, adjacent. Impenetrable, cramped, restricted, dense, crowded, firm, solid. Warm, stuffy, congested, stifling, heavy, sweltering, breathless. Close-mouthed, reticent, secretive, silent, taciturn. Mean, niggardly, parsimonious, penurious, stingy, tight, closefisted. Familiar, attached, confidential, trusted, devoted, phyical, dear. Exact, lifelike, strict, faithful, precise, minute, meticulous.
Incision, fashion, penetrate, insult, slice, cut off, harvest. Rent, channel, stab, gash, pierce, nip, passage. Form, garb, kind, stamp, mode, sort, style. Score, scratch, gash, claw, incise, lance, pierce. Hurt, move, slight, touch, wound. Haggle, chisel, bisect, dissect, mangle, rive, carve. Trim, shave, crop, truncate, lop, lop off. Mow, Reap.
Customers, customs, cut, cut-off trunk, cut at an angle, cut away, cut back, cut down, cut into, cut off, cut off one's head, cut short, cut up, cut with a chisel, cute, cutter, cutting, cutting edge, cutting tool, cycle, cyclic, cyclone, cylinder, cymbal.

It's in the Bag, House of Frankenstein, Captain Kidd, Guns at Loos, What Money Can't Buy

karen careen akron care caring careens charring carbon cares
carson carbon carton scares across cares carrion scansion scars
chablis challis chapels cabals cables chaplains cabbies cable charles
clark clerk clerks clair cloak clack clank clara clear
clair clear slayer clara clark claim clay clears slain
clara sclera chloral chlorate clair claret clarion clark clear
clifton cleft
cobol cobble cobalt cobbles cobbled cobbler scoopful cob cobalts
collins colleens collies colons columns kolinsky solons codlins colleen
solomon solomons colombian solemn column colophon columns cologne colophons
connie sonny sonnies scone sonnet connate sonnive connote sconce
korea chorea koreas korean core chore chores choreas okra
scoot scot scott cot soot sot scout cote scat
koran korans korean corny cornea chorea okra korea coring

The Dance of Life, Illusion, Sweetie, Go Chase Yourself, Law of the Underworld

Purple maroon olive azure purple

My Darling Clementine, Forever Amber, Youth Will Be Served, Chad Hanna

tail dahlia daily dale daly tails talc addle dally
daily tailed dailies dale dally table tail tailless dales
darnel darnels dearness daniel adrenal darned darner adrenals adrenally
darnel darnels dearer adrenal dares dared darer dawdle tares
davis davits daddies advise taxies daises dadoes advises advised
davis advise davits daddies david davit dadas taxis advises
decal declare decor tearoom edictal decals decalogue decry tearful
de tee ted tees teed teem teen teeth teems
defer edger
deli telia delis delirium deletion delusion
deny tenn denned dennis tennis tenon eden den eddy
deviance divine deviancy device devise deviant devices deviled devises
dewily deviled devilled detailed textile dewed edible
dickens ticking dickies ticking
dietetic dieter identic
die dixie dye dice dick dict did dig dike
donate donna tonal tongue donates donated tonnage tongues tongued
tonally tonal
tonneau tonal donned donna tonally tones toned toner dowel
tonally donned docilely tonelessly
torah torn dory tore tory doorman torahs torrent torsion
douglas doglegs dogmas doubles tousles toughly dollars dogie dullards
dressier dresser dressers dressy trestle dresses dressed tresses trestles
true dry try drub drug drum dr dray druid
dormant dumfound tumor
dun tun tunny duns dune dung dunk tuns tuna
dune tune dunned tunnel tunny dunce tuna dunes tunes
dunce tunic tunny
turban turbans tubing turbid dublin turbaned dubbing during doubling
dourly turfy douse

Hell's House, Man Who Played God, Sweetheats of the Fleet, He's My Guy

Grow, improve, tell, elaborate. Acquire, mature, form, evolve, advance, ripen. Spread, enlarge, stretch, expand, promote, advance, exploit. Unfold, disclose, exhibit, unravel, uncover, explain, unwind. Fill out, amplify, explicate.
Straight, immediate, open, guide, instruct, aim. True, uninterrupted, undeviating. Evident, prompt, personal, simple, unbroken. Main, catagorical, naked, downright, officious, earnest, plump. Enjoin, advise, head, conduct, influence, control, oversee. Require, bid, command, inform, will, wish, order. Level, sight, turn, point.
Melt, adjourn, destroy, invalidate, vanish. Fuse, liquefy, soften, thaw, run. Discontinue, break up, postpone, dismiss, disperse, disunite, free. Break down, crumble, die, disintegrate, dispel, end, expire. Annul, repeal. Melt away, fade.
Twice as much, stand in, make twice as much, substitute. Duplicated, paired, second, twofold, two, twin. Clone, counterpart, duplicate, twin, mate, match. Duplicate, increase, grow. Stand in, fill in for.
Strike, name. Poke, push. Christen, call.

Young at Heart, Love Me or Leave Me, The Man Who Knew Too Much, The Story of Dr. Wassel, Bride by Mistake

dally daly tally dale tale daily duly talky tall
daniel darnel dane tangelo dance dandle darnels dane tangelos
davis advise davits daddies david davit dadas taxis advises
david davit davits davis advt taxied adv advice advise
de tea teat tech ded def del dem den
teen ten tenn den then the thee them thens
dennis denies tennis denims tenens tennises tenons edens denials
eden edens ethel deed deem deep edge ether ethnic
dixie idle dive tine tinier tire dyne dizzier tinnier
donna tonneau done tone tony donned tonal don donate
torah torahs thorax thorough tore tory dory torch torr
tory dory tore troy torah thorny torr thorax torsi
torahs torah doris torches thorax thrash tours thomas thorns
douglas doglegs dogmas doubles tousles toughly dollars dogie dullards
dr dry dray dwt dwarf drab drag dram drat
dublin doubling doubloon double doubloons doubly dubbing dueling doubles

From This Day Forward, Two Guys From Milwaukee, Portrait in Black, Romanoff and Juliet

White gray white black

Broadway to Hollywood, Dancing Lady, Make Mine Music, Northwest Outpost

eiders euchres eider eyebrows eyelash eyeless eyesores eyelets eyelids
error ergo err eros errors
rewind rewinds erring erie ermine rewire rewrite erosion
evens veins vends vents even events veals vein eves

Cradle Snatchers, Dry Martini, Slightly Terrific, Invisible Man's Revenge

Revise and correct, be editor of. Polish, revise, correct, rearrange. Publish, formulate, distribute, issue, regulate.
Found, verify, enact. Locate, fix, place, form, situate, constitute, install. Prove, ascertain, demonstrate, substantiate, learn, determine, find out. Appoint, authorize, decree, fix, ordain.

The Adventures of Martin Eden, Drums of the Congo, Blondie for Victory, Grand Canary, Paris Interlude

eros eras ewers errs reps erase errors ergs ewes
erie eries eric ewer rein erred reich reign reheat

Stand Up and Cheer, Death on the Diamond, The Thirteenth Chair, Sinners in Paradise, Army Girl

Amethyst indigo ivory amethyst cinnabar indigo

Too Many Parents, Border Flight, Little Big Shot, Miss Pacific Fleet

african africans afrikaans
farrier feared farce fairer fares fared afire farewell after
fay fayed fate fays phage phase face fade fake
verger verier ferret ferry fernery vergers vernier ferries ferried
fleming flaming flemings flamingo flexing flamingos flaking flaring flawing
phony fly flying flay flaying flayings phonying
voc foci voce voice focal focus foehn fohn phon
fondle fondly fondue phonate phoned fond fonded fonder phonates
phonation phonating phoenician phonate phonations votaries
francis frances francs frnachise francisco franciums france francium phrenic
frailly frailer frailty frail frazzle frankly friable phrase fragile

Joan of Arc, Whirlpool, Six of a Kind, You're Telling Me

Decline, bleach, disappear, hush. Wane, decrease, dwindle, droop, diminish, taper, languish. Blanch, pale, etiolate. Dissolve, disperse, pass away, evaporate, vanish. Quiet, sink.
Quick, active, dissipate, resistant, firm, inescapable, fastened. Fleet, brisk, accelerated, expeditious, rapid, swift. Alert, energetic, quick. Dissipated, dissolute, extravagant, prodigal, profligate, reckless. Impregnable, strong. Adherent, fixed, immovable, secure, stanch, steadfast. Inextricable. Closed, set, tenacious, fixed, tight.
Membrane, movie, photographic medium, make a motion picture. Pellicle, gauze, coating, fabric, thin layer, transparency, coat. Motion picture, cinema, cartoon, dramatization. Negative, microfilm. Capture, shoot, record.
Refined, little, acute, accomplished, fancy, penalty, penalize. Admirable, rare, choice, expensive, consummate, delicate, elegant. Minute, small, impalpable, powdery. Keen, sharp. Brilliant, skilled. Affected, ornamented, ornate. Damage, forfeit, punishment. Mulct, exact, amerce, tax, confiscate, levy, seize.
Flick, flicker, flicker over, flickering gleam, flier, flight, flight of fancy, flightiness, flighty, flimsy, flinch, fling, fling down, fling oneself about, flippancy, flippant, flirt, flirt with, flirtation, flit, flitting, float, float in the air, floatable.
Chassis, structural case, exposure, put together, enclose, fake the evidence against. Scaffold, skeleton, framework, fabric, support, structure, cadre. Case, enclosure, span, support. Take, scan, setting, image, outline. Build, contrive, erect, conceive, devise, sketch, draw up. Confine, encircle, outline, limit, set off, mount, border. Set up.

The Turn of the Tide, Three Witnesses, Alias Jesse James, The Big Circus, The Crowded Sky

african africans africa africas afrikaans farcing farina avarice farce
africans african africas afrikaans africa avarices farinas farcing farina
afrikaans africans afrikaanses african
fleming flaming flemings flamingo flexing flamingos flaking flaring flawing
flemings fleming flaming flamingos flamingo flutings flexing fleecing fleeting
flaying flyings flying flanging
phoenician phoenicia phoenicians physician physicians phonically phonemic phonetic
francis frances francs franchise francisco franciums france francium phrenic
frances francis france frenches francs frankers franchise franciums francisco
franchise franchises franchised franchisee franchiser franchisees francis francisco franchisers
francisco franciscan franchise francis franciscans franchisee frances franchises franchised
france frances franc phrenic francis francium franked franker francs

An American in Paris, Scaramouche, Young Man With Ideas, Jigsaw, Mister Roberts, War and Peace

Coral purple umber orange scarlet

Leave It to Smith, How's Chances?, Ghosts on the Loose, Reunion in France

gearbox garb gabbro garbed garble garbs gary gear gabbros
gardener gardeners jardiniere gardened guardian guarding garden guardians guarani
garner gardener guarder garden garners guarders guarding gardens gardeners
jarful gabriel gasified
jason garcon jargon garrison gears gars gearing guarani jars
guano ghana guanos
george georges georgia georgian zero genre geog zeroed zeroes
gis guise gush gi gash gosh gist gigs gins
glees guiles gleams gleans glues gulags glass glens glads
godded godhead gouda gonad
grabble garble grabbles grabbled grapple graupel grabbed grabber graben
graham gramme grammar grammes grata graphed graph
grays greasy grayish greys grass grayest grabs grads grams
grayer greed greek green greet greeter grey grater greater

Pigskin Parade, Broadway Melody of 1938, Cash McCall, The Children's Hour, Boys' Night Out

Turn to ice, chill, make motionless. Ice, become solid, frost, congeal, solidify, refrigerate. Benumb, nip, refrigerate, cool. Fix, petrify, paralyze, halt, stop, arrest.
Grasp, on a handlebar, get ahold of. Hold, handhold, clutch, purchase, squeeze, fist. Handle, twist grip, knob, knocker, handgrip, ear, lug. Grasp, clench, clutch, seize, grab, squeeze, clasp.

Big City, Words and Music, Sunny Side Up, Happy Days

gary gray gear gory agar agree gar geared jar
gabriel gabbier garble gambrel garbles garbled gambrels garbed garbing
jason gassing gashing yarn yawn gas gash gasohol jasmine
ghana ghanaian guano gang gannet gander ganged ganger guava
george georges georgia georgian zero genre geog zeroed zeroes
georges george zeroes georgia georgia's georgians georgette jerries jeerers
georgia georgian george georgia's georgians georges geography zeros zeroing
georgian georgia georgians george georgia's
gouda goudas ghoul guide goad good gout god gourd
greek greeks greece greed green greet grey greeces greg

Valient Is the Word for Carrie, Madame X, They Gave Him a Gun, Houdini, The Great Diamond Robbery

Gray black white gray

The Leatherneck, Sal of Singapore, Higher and Higher, Gildersleeve on Broadway

happen hake hale hag happens whale hanging hanged hanger
hamilton hamlet hailstone
handing haring handling heading headings headlong healing heaping hearing
harrow hallow harlot harrows hallows harold harlots harrowed hallowed
harris harries hearers hares harriers harrison hearses wharves harpies
harrison harridan harris harries hearers
wharves hare hary harvest heave wharf have hearty heavier
hassle has hash hassock hays hansom hasp hassles hassled
hazer hater have hover hauler hazers hazier whaler whatever
harden hoyden haven wheaten hardens hayed hardened hardener hayes
hayes hay hayed hays ahoy hate hates hap hare
hayward hazard hazards haywire
hemline wheeling wheeling healing heeling hellion hemlines whaling helen
henry henries
whence hence whine heme here when heifer heired hen
whinnied heired hennaed henry henries wherein whiner herded herein
helot heron whetstone hesitant whereon whets whist heist heisting
obit oblate hoariest hoary hoarsest oblates
olden holding holder holed horde oldie holdings older hold
holiday holidays holidayed holidaying
helm whom whole ohm hokum hold hole holt holy
hocking honking whopping whooping opens opines hooking hopping hooping
orion houston orlon hormone whoreson orlons orotund horizon hormonal
hudson huron hours housing house whoso hounds
hussy hussies whose husky husks
houston hustling hudson huron housing housetop whoso housetops
houston hutting huron
hie hies hied hoer hyena hype why higher hike

Where the Boys Are, Angel Baby, My Little Chickadee, The Villain Still Pursued Her

Tall, energetic, expensive, exalted, shrill, chief, important. Elevated, lofty, towering. Intense, intensified, strong. Costly, dear. Prominent, distinguished, important, preeminent, elevated, eminent. Piercing, sharp, penetrating, acute, strident. Head, main, principal. Essential, crucial, consequential, serious, capital, grave, extreme.

Lady Behave, Hollywood Stadium Mystery, Peg of Old Drury, Becky Sharp

hamilton hamlet hailstone
harold harlot haploid hared harlots hearsed haploids harlotry hearted
harris harries hearers hares harriers harrison hearses wharves harpies
harrison harridan harris harries hearers
harry hare hazy heavy ahoy hairy hay hearty heathy
hayes hay hayed hays ahoy hate hates hap hare
hayward hazard hazards haywire
wheeling wheeling whaling whiling whelming whelping wheezing whirling heeling
helen helena herein hereon heaven hellion hempen whale wheeling
henry wherry henries where whiny here hero when hearty
henries wherries whinnies heavies heroes hebrews heiress henry hernias
orion orlon orient roan hormone orlons horsing orbing orients
houston outdone hustling outdo outdoing housing oust hosting house
orlon orlons orion role oral orleans rolling orlando hormone
orlons orlon orleans roles orals orion hormones horrors horizons
hudson huron hours housing house whoso hounds
huron hurons heron hudson hour hurling hurting hours whoreson

The Love Parade, The Saturday Night Kid, The Constant Husband, The Reluctant Debutante

Coral saffron maroon silver maroon

A Walk in the Sun, Behind Green Lights, It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog

ireland israel rican

My Darling Clementine, Wake Up and Dream, Railroaded, The Gangster, Open Secret

ireland israel rican
israel israeli israelis israelite ira sire irate ire iran

Day of the Nightmare, Fort Utah, Flight of the Hawk, Arizona Bushwackers

White gray white gray

Woman From Hell, Handcuffed, Wings in the Dark, Behold My Wife, People Will Talk

gaffe gagged gaffer gaffes gaff gaffs gaffers gaffing jade
gagger gaggers jigger jogger jagged gagged gage gaggle jaggedly
johnson johns jones joins
gosling goslings johnson jolts jowls yowls
jones yokes yores gone goners johns joins goons jokes
gory gore yore yo-yo jury jour gores gored gorge

London By Night, My Dear Miss Aldrich, A Guy Named Joe, Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case

johnson johns jones joins
johns joins john jones joan johnson join joints goings
jones yokes yores gone goners johns joins goons jokes
you yom yon jo ion iou your joe yoga

The Bachelor Party, Johnny Trouble, Oklahoma?, Carousel, April Love

Magenta violet cinnabar ivory indigo emerald

Man Trouble, Little Accident, The Five Pennies, On the Double, The Man From the Diners' Club

carload carol charlock carols cargo caroled caroler carolyn carob
charms charts carneys carps carts karen karst carney akron
cay kate cays kayak chase chat kale kame kayaks
cheapen cheat cheating chasten cheats cheated cheater keystone chart
kegler keeled keener keeper chelae keglers celery cherrier cheesier
kelly cello chela cell cellar cellos cells keel keenly
kennedy kenned kenneth keened kennel chewed
cheer cherry chert kerf cert cheers cheery cherts cherty
keys cheeps cheers chess ekes keels keens keeps cheese
kibble kibbles kibbled
cruder crueler crueller cruiser cruller crummier crupper crusher crude

The Small Voice, Annie Get Your Gun, Appointment for Love, Bahama Passage

Lock opener, means of access. Pass. Index, catalog, guide, manual, code, clue, means.

For Me and My Gal, Pilot No. 5, Private Number, Sing, Baby, Sing

carolyn caroling carolina carolling charley carol caroled caroler scarcely
akron acorn karen acorns acre acronym akin across acronyms
kate chat chattel cater chats chateau cheat kite chart
cheerier cherries chirpier sherries cheekier cheesier cherry sherry sherbert
kelly cello chela cell cellar cellos cells keel keenly
kennedy kenned kenneth keened kennel chewed
kenneth kenned kennedy keynote keenest kennel kennels cement

The Song and Dance Man, The Country Beyond, The Man From Laramie, Trial, The Naked Dawn

Maroon scarlet crimson cerise maroon

China, And Now Tomorrow, Salty O'Rourke, 16 Fathoms Deep, Blondie's Reward, Blondie's Big Deal

lad laid laud lads lade lady ladle land lard
lamer lama lamas altar
lamer labor languor aloud languors
lancaster lancets lactate lackluster
lackluster launches launchers
landau lanai land landed lander lands landing landaus lane
lanais landaus landless lands ladies landers landmass lanes lades
lang lunge lane lance languid languor large lanes alone
lanai lane lanka landau laze lazy lanais lain landaus
laughter laughs
laurel laureate largo larels latrine laureled lawrence latrines
lei leis leg legs levi elfish leghorn legis legit
lemon lemming lemons lemony lemmings lemonade
lease lensless ells leaflike
lewis leeways legis levis elfish lewdest elites legions lesions
linda lints linseeds liens lions lyons lines lianas limns
loran lore lorans lores lory olden lories loosen lording
lore lorry lory lores lorries lories lorded lour louvre
louise louises louis louse lousier lousy loose louses loused
lovely olive loves loved lover
lay laey lob loc log lop los lot low
lugs lounges lungs lotus
luke ulnas looks lucks lurks lotus loquats louts ullages
lupine lupines loopin loping lopping luminous loupe
lynn lion lynx link lint lynch links lying lyons

My Favorite Spy, The Story of Mankind, On Our Merry Way, Lulu Belle

Place, finding. Point, position, site, spot, area, situation, whereabouts. Discovering.
Prone, unwell, downcast, base, lowly, lowborn, crude. Prostrate, supine, dead. Sickly, feeble, weak, exhausted, sinking, dying, expiring. Depressed, blue, sad, unhappy, dispirited, miserable, dejected. Lowly, undignified, unbecoming, dishonorable, disreputable, disgraceful, ignoble. Base, abject, servile, ignoble, degraded, vile, menial. Lowly, base, plebian, poor, meek, humble, plain. Rude, vulgar, coarse, unpolished.

The Bishop's Wife, The Big Clock, The Secret Garden, After, the Thin Man, The Thirteenth Chair

lancaster lancets lactate lackluster
lanka lanky lank lanai lankly lane lankier lake laky
lares laurels labels lapels larges laterals laurel largess lawless
lawrence lawrencium laureate laureled lawmen laurel
levi levy levee levis leave levier levies levied level
lewis leeways legis levis elfish lewdest elites legions lesions
levis levies elfish elves levees levi leaves legis levels
linda lined liana linden linseed line lint lineal linear
lyons lions lion lints lioness lyes lynn links lintels
louise louises louis louse lousier lousy loose louses loused
louises louses looses losses louise lousiest loesses loosest loutish
louis louise olios louts loins loss louse lousy lugs
ale lay alae ales late lays layer lacy lady
los loss las loess lose lost lobs logs lops
luke lake like looked looker look loupe louse ulcer
looping loping lopping loop looking looming loosing looting locoing
lynn lion lynx link lint lynch links lying lyons

Derelict, Mr. Belvedere Goes to College, Bus Stop, The True Story of Jesse James

Gray black gray black

The Mouthpiece, Weekend Marriage, Men With Wings, Cafe Society, Invitation to Happiness

machine machines machined mainline malaise maladies malaises macaroni macaronies
macaroni macaroon
macerate macerated nacres
maiden madden madmen maidens mailed nailed maddens maidenly male
maleness maligned malinger amino ammonite mailmen ample maltose maple
mare maria mary nary marie marry mar maraud mardi
marge marges margin mango mare mary nary amigo marion
mavin marian marion margin marlin martin mavins marring marina
marc mark nark march marks narks mar marcs max
masses massed masseur mass amiss maser masseurs masseuse nasty
natty martha matte matthew match matts
maxilla navel
medina median medianly media mediae medians medially medias medial
nereid nerieds merest merged nerved
merely mere merge nerve meres
miscall miscalls mischief miscue niche miscalled miscible nickel niches
mislead millpond mullen mislaid midland milled million misleads milan
mine nine mines mined miner mini myna nina nines
misread nirvana myriad misreads nirvanas migrant mired myriads midland
monroe moire mono mongrel morn monos monorail mongrels morns
mountable montana
monte mont montes month mount mote motel mounted mounter
more moire moored moor moires moorhen morse norse monroe
moorland moorlands morseled motherland morels morgan morsel mortal normal
moron moorhen more morello mormon morton morn mourn moorhens
morgan morgans norman moron moraine moray mordant more normans
mini nun nuncio mound mount nuns mourn munch moue
murphy murphies murky mourn mouthy mushy
murrain umbra mural murky murrains mourn

The Rogues of Sherwood Forest, A Lady Without a Passport, Two in a Crowd, Adventure in Manhattan

Disguise. Masquerade, act, pose, dissemble, pretend.
Equivalent, contest, union, equate, agree, oppose. Equal, peer, counterpart, mate, analogue, approximation. Competition, tournament, sport, event, game, meet, rivalry. Marriage, espousal. Equal, even, balance, pair, unite, mate, liken. Correspond, fit, resemble, harmonize, go with, suit. Pit, array, rival, compete with, play.
Mixture, combine, fraternize. Concoction. Amalgamate, fuse, admix, blend, merge, commingle, incorporate. Hobnob, associate, socialize, consort, join, mingle.
Monkey business, monody monograph, monolith, monologue, monomaniac, monopolize, monopoly, monotonous, monotony, monsieur, monster, monstrosity, monstrous, monthly payment, monument, monumental, mooch, moocher, mooching, mood, moody, moon, moonbeam.

Battle of Broadway, The Shopworn Angel, Carefree, Lassie Come Home, The White Cliffs of Dover

madonna madonnas macon madwoman amazonian
marry mary nary mare maria marie mar marly mardi
marie maria mare marge mary naris nary marred mardi
mardi married nard maria marie mare mart mary matrix
marion marian marino maroon margin marina marine marlin martin
marian marion marina maria margin marine marino marlin martin
martha marsha mart maria narthex marital marts meaty manta
matthew matte matted mattes matter match matts natty matters
medina median medianly media mediae medians medially medias medial
nereid nereids neared nerved merged merit mere merite mermaid
nereids merits merriest nearest negroids nereid neared nerved mercies
milan mislay million myelin mile milton muling mislaid mislays
nina nine ninny min inn innate nines ninon nisi
monroe moire mono mongrel morn monos monorail mongrels morns
montana montana's montage mountain mountains monomania monte month mount
mont monte month mount mint moat mon montes months
morse mores norse morsel moose morass mouse noose more
norse morse mores morsel noose nurse onrush more morose
morgan morgans norman moron moraine moray mordant more normans
mormon mormons norman normans moron morton norma morons norm
morton mouton mormon moron moutons morons north northern more
morgans morgan morgues normans moraines mormons morons moorages mordants
norman normans norma mormon mormons normas normal morgan moron
normans norman normas mormons normals morgans mormon norma mormonism
murphy murphies murky mourn mouthy mushy
murphies murphy murkiest mouthiest mushiest

Ex-Lady, Elmer the Great, Professional Sweetheart, Dick Turpin, Hot Pepper

Copper azure silver crimson amber

The Long Voyage Home, The Enchanted Cottage, Somebody Up There Likes Me, The Rack, Until They Sail

knish nays anise naifs nails nabs nags naps knishes
meal kneel knell meals mealy kneels knelt mea knead
newsman newsmen
nissen invent knave knife knives nissens inveigh invents nisei
knolling nolo molar mole only knoll moiling moll molten
nova novae novas novo move nouveau nov knock

The Subject Was Roses, Pink Panther, Bedtime Story

nissen nissens missend mission nisei missing missends misses missed
nissens nissen niseis knishes misses missends missions missend mission

Where the Spies Are, Lady L, Casino Royale, The French Line, Pushover

Orange amber silver azure cobalt

The Rainbow Trail, The Gay Caballero, Mystery Ranch, Our Vines Have Tender Grapes, Bad Bascomb

hoagie hoagies hoarier oaken oak oaks hoariest
operant opera operandi oper boer boers
borne boring boron hombre bore hoboing boric opine hombres
hoary hoarse hoard hoarier hoax hoarded hoarder hoarsen hoarser
ocher ochre
holland eland loan loaned hogan hollands load holed loans
oliver olive olives holdover logier loiter holdovers loitered loiterer
oliver holdover loftier olive olives olivine olivines logier loiter
osculation houseclean osculating
hostile tooled odorless tool tools hotel
owe hoyden woe owing own owned owner hove owes

The Last Hurrah, Some Like It Hot, Town Tamer, Citizen Kane, Man from Headquarters, Canal Zone

Visual. Viewed, perceived, ocular, seeable, viewable, beheld.
Escape, away from, outside, absent, disqualified, unconscious, distant. Excuse, way out, explanation. Outward, from, from within, out of. External, outer, extrinsic, exposed, extraneous, open, out-of-doors. Not in, away, gone, left, busy, on vacation. Put out, retired, in the field, down, away. Out cold, insensible, comatose, senseless, insensate. Beyond, removed, away.

The Buster Keaton Story, Cry for Happy, The Wonders of Aladdin, Sentimental Journey, Do You Love Me?

oper hooper hopper opera hope obey obeyer hooker hoover
hogan hoagie hogging horn hoarsen hoaxing hobnail hog holland
oliver olive olives holdover logier loiter holdovers loitered loiterer

The House on 56th Street, Lady Killer, Torch Singer, Passport to Hell, The Son-Daughter

White gray black white

Her Kind of Man, Of Human Bondage, Lights of New York, The Canary Murder Case

apogee page pages paged bagged bagel bagger baize apogean
balance balances balanced palace balancing palaces apolune panache panacea
palette palettes pallet palliate palled pallets balled ballet ballets
patrick patrick's patricia partook patrician patriot partake patricide party
paterson patters batters pattering battering battery patterns patterning psalters
pawnee bayonet pawned pawner payee paten pawn pawnees pay
peppered pepper pepped peppier peppers peppery peppy bernard
perkiness perking perkiest persians persons perky pertains perukes perkier
pigeon pidgin pigeons pidgins pigpen pigment pigpens bilge binge
pits piths bits bites pints pit pith bit bite
poise boise phonier politer boiler philter opiner poetize pokier
bowel bowels bowled bowleg bowler bowl power bowed bower
pretties premiss precises preens premises prettiness precis pretests permits
priestly presses pressed presser preset prise prelate press briefly
presto prestos preset pertain prison priest present presets prisons

Crime Unlimited, Bad Blood, Design for Living, Flying Down to Rio

Open container, criticize, wash, move. Pot, kettle, casserole, vessel, broiler, roaster. Censure, disparage, denounce, cut up, knock. Shake, agitate, mine, separate. Sweep, follow, scope, purview.
Product, cause, bear, show. Harvest, return, outgrowth, production, yield. Bring about, create, effect, generate, give rise to, make, manufacture. Afford, propagate, blossom, bring forth, generate, furnish, provide. Bring forward, present, demonstrate, display, exhibit, unfold.
Possessions, land, characteristic. Belongings, equity, assets, effects, holdings, estate. Acreage, tract, realty, real estate, grounds, frontage. Trait, attribute, feature, quality.

Interrupted Melody, The Man With the Golden Arm, The Flying Deuces, Son of the Navy, Knights of the Range

patrick patrick's patricia partook patrician patriot partake patricide party
patrick's patrick patricians
patricia patrician patricians patricide patrick batrachian patricidal patricides parisian
paterson patroon patters bathers payers patterns bathes psalters pastern
psalters psalter psaltery psalteries palters salters palter salter pallets
pawnee pawnees pawned pawner pawn pawners pawns paunches pause
pawnees pawnee pawners pawnors paunches pawns pawned pawner pauses
bernard berated perorated
persians persian persons personas prosiness proteins presents pressings pensions
boise poise poises poised obese pois obis poison boas

Claudia and David, The Plainsman and the Lady, Breach of Promise, No Man of Her Own

Olive umber amber yellow sapphire

Parole!, Swing High--Swing Low, Waikiki Wedding, Last Train From Madrid

quoin quint quinoa qui quai quaint quieten quince quincy

The Brave Bulls, Mask of the Avenger, Viva Zapata!, The World in his Arms, The Brigand

quincy quince quinces quinsy quoin quaintly quint quick quickly

The God Game, Shoes of the Fisherman, Guns for San Sebastian

Black gray black gray

Corvette K-225, Cry Havoc, Quck Millions, Hush Money, Palmy Days

rainier ranger ranker wringer ruiner raider rained rainy raiser
rhinos wryness rains rainless ranges rained rainy raises aridness
arson arsons rails arsonist radon rheas
ramie ramble rambles rambled rambler armed armenia aroma
radial radially randy radials rainfall radical rainfalls radar radically
rawboned rationed ration
ray rayed rate rays rhea wry rayon wrap wryer
reagent reagents reactant
relic remit eric rheum
rioter writer writers writhe written ratter rioters write rite
rhubarbs robbers orchards robed orbed roamers roarers orchard
robberies robbers robbery robert robber robes robotic
robbers rheometers
robins robing rosins orbing orbits
robes robin robs rosin orbs robot rhombus
rogers roger rogues wrongers orgies rouges rovers rowers orders
orlando orlon orleans roman rowan orphaned
romper roamer romeo roomer rome roomier rompers rhyme roamers
ornery rhino wronged wronger orion ornately roomy rhode wrong
wrangles wriggle wriggles wrigglers wriggled wriggler roubles rubbles rubles
rumen rumania roumanian rumanian rumba urban ruminant rheum rowan
russell wrasse russet rouses roused rouser rubella ruses russets
roan wren wrying rhea wry wrap wryness wryneck wrangle

The Lady and the Monster, Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?, No Down Payment, The Mating Game

Unfinished, uncooked, inexperienced, candid, cold. Crude, unrefined, coarse, natural, rough, rude, unprepared. Underdone, fresh, rare. Unskilled, untrained, undisciplined, untried, green, ignorant. Bold, frank, exposed. Chilly, bleak, biting, damp, wet, windy.
Spool, stagger. Roll, spindle, bobbin. Sway, weave, totter, wheel, careen.
Irregular, bristly, boisterous, stormy, uncivil, approximate, unfinished. Uneven, jagged, craggy, rugged, bumpy, scabrous. Coarse, hairy, shaggy, hirsute. Disorderly, turbulent, riotous, wild, crude, coarse, raucous. Tumultuous, turbulent, agitated, inclement, disturbed, tempestuous, raw. Unpolished, unrefined, uncultured, impolite, crude, rude, indelicate. Inexact, incomplete, vague.
Haste, reeds, dash, attack. Hurry, charge. Fiber. Hasten, bolt, charge, run, boil. Surge, overcome, thrash, whip.

The Last Days of Pompeii, A Tale of Two Cities, Kind Lady, Four Jills in a Jeep, Pin-Up Girl, Monsieur Verdoux

armenia armenian armenians arena arsenic ramming ramekin ramping arsenal
eric reich uric erie erect eruct ewer rein eries
robert robber robed orbed robot orbit robe robbers robbery
rogers roger rogues wrongers orgies rouges rovers rowers orders
orlando organdy orlon orleans
orleans orlons organs orphans roles ordains orients orlon hornless
romeo rome rhyme rhomboid rhomb rodeo rom romp romped
rome romeo rhombi rhyme rhomb rime rom romp roomy
rhode rode rhodes rodeo rod rodeos rhodium road rhodesia
rumania rumanian rumanians roumanian roumanians rumen urbana rumba urban
roumanian romanian romanians roumanians rumania rumania rumanians romancing ruminant
rumanian rumania rumanians roumanian roumanians ruminant romanian urbana
russell wrasse russet rouses roused rouser rubella ruses russets

Mrs. Parkington, Gentle Annie The Picture of Dorian Gray, Double Door, One Crowded Hour

Magenta vermilion emerald magenta violet celadon

A Hatful of Rain, Raintree County, The Saint in Palm Springs, Man Hunt, The Gay Falcon

shabby scabby sabah cabby scab cab cabbie saber sabin
shakily shakable sawmill shake shako shaky shakeable shackle shack
childbirth childcare
scoot scot scott cot soot sot scout cote scat
saw show shawl shah shay saws sawn skew shows
shredding shrewing shrewd shreds
shirley skirled shaley sheerly sharply shire shirred shrilly chorale
sidney sydney sidle cinder side shindig shine shinny skidded
simians summon summons summonses summonsed shimmies skimmings shimming shimmers
signora scimitar signatory signature cinnabar shiner shinto sinistral sinuate
skeleton sheraton skeletons
shipworm shipwright shipworms shipwrights
sleazy sleazier skylark sclera sleazily clerk
clone skeane cline clonal clones cloned skyline slain slowness
southern shoehorn shooter shorten shouter shortens cotter shooters shorter
stager stagier stagger stinger stagers stodgier stingers stingier stainer
stan ste stein stench stern stun shun steel pst
stewart steward stewards stewarded stellar skewer stealth skater
stockpile stocked
stormier strobe strode stroke strophe strove strophic strophes stores
swans skeans swains sways swain swash swanks
side shutdown scrod

The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, Dead Reckoning, Desert Fury, Heritage of the Desert, Supernatural

Arena, picture, incident. Theater, stage, setting, spot, locate, environment, region. View, landscape, seascape.
Handwriting, book. Penmanship, scribble, graphology, scrawl. Manuscript, text, dialogue, scenario, document.
Succession, result, series. Continuity, perpetuity, continuance, flow, continuousness. Consequence, outcome, sequel. Arrangement, order, classification, distribution, placement, chain, string.
Predetermined, fixed, rigid, collection, group, inclination, scenery. Fixed, foreordained, resolved. Firm, stable, solid, determined, settled, customary, usual. Stubborn, unyielding, immovable, obstinate, stiff, relentless. Assemblage, assortment, kit, pack, outfit, series. Organization, company, clique, class, faction, coterie, sect. Attitude, direction, bent, disposition, position, bearing, aspect. Decoration, setting, scene, stage.
Injured by gunfire, worn out, shooting a gun, attempt, photograph. Dead, bleeding. Ruined, broken, broken-down, shoddy, screwed up, beyond repair. Crack, firing, gunfire. Endeavor, reach, range, chance, try, distance. Perspective, picture, photo, snapshot.
Gradual, lazy, dense, late, dull, drowsy, belated. Deliberate, leisurely, unhurried, moderate, laggard. Inactive, slothful, sluggish, idle, slack, negligent, remiss. Leaden, dull, apathetic, torpid, phlegmatic, stupid. Tardy, dragging, behindhand. Boring, humdrum, tedious, uninteresting, tame, stolid, stupid. Sleepy, listless, lethargic, inert, dormant, supine. Delayed, impeded, detained, overdue, backward, retarded.
Malleable, smooth, sweet, gentle, tender, smooth, flexible. Pliant, moldable, pliable, yielding, mushy, pappy, impressible. Delicate, fine, velvety, fluffy, feathery, downy, pulpy. Pleasing, pleasant, melodious, gentle, faint, low, faraway. Tender, mild, kind, affectionate, kindly, genial, considerate. Gentle, mild, compassionate, sympathetic, benign, lenient. Soothing, mollifying, ingratiating. Yielding, submissive, compliant, irresolute, undecided, impressionable, sensitive.
Whole, reliable, sensible, proper, deep, healthy, tone. Complete, entire, hardy, healthy, hearty, robust, vigorous. Trustworthy, dependable, faithful, loyal, stable, safe, honest. Judicious, rational, reasonable, just, sane, prudent, fair. Correct, right, orthodox, valid, legal, allowed, sancioned. Profound, intellectual, thoughtful, fast, unbroken, undisturbed. Healthy, well, vigorous, thorough, hale, effectual, complete. Noise, vibration, resonance, note, pitch, intonation, timbre.
Spit, spit out, spite, spiteful, spitfire, spittle, splash, splashing, splatter, splay, spleen, splendid, splendor, splenetic, splint, splinter, split, split up, splitting, splitting the atom, splitting up, splotch, splurge, splutter.
Crack, divide. Fissure, cleft, division, rupture, breach, break, rift. Sever, break, separate, disjoin, cleave, splinter, cut off.
Tale, plot, report, floor. Anecdote, allegory, yarn, parable, fable, narrative, legend. Theme, incident. Account, allegation, description, statement. Landing, level.
Sup, over.
Symbolic, symbolic representation, symbolize, symbols, symmetrical, symmetry, sympathetic, sympathizer, sympathy, symphonic, symphony, symposium, symptom, symptom of cold or flu, synchronous, syncopate, syndicate, syndrome, synonym, synopsis, synthesis, synthesize, synthetic, syrupy.
Summary. Condensation, digest, abridgment, brief, compendium, syllabus.

Shadow on the Wall, Pretty Baby, Born to Be Bad, Wild Gold, Three on a Honeymoon

sabah cabal sabra scab asap sabbath cab asia cabals
shirley skirled shaley sheerly sharply shire shirred shrilly chorale
sidney sydney sidle cinder side shindig shine shinny skidded
sydney sidney sidle side sides sided shyness skydive skyline
shinto shintos chino chintzy shine shiny shunt china chine
sheraton cheroot cherty chelator cheroot chelation chevron scherzo cherts
stan stain stun stand stank skean sta stanch stanks
ste pst set st steel ct stem step stet
stewart steward stewards stewarded stellar skewer stealth skater

Search for Beauty, Bolero, Mother Knows Best, Four Devils

Saffron silver yellow turquoise maroon

Topkapi, Lord Jim, Chimes at Midnight, The Crowd Roars, Stand Up and Fight, Lucky Night

theater thatcher theaters thither theatre taxer thanker thatchers taxed
tiering tiered iterate thieve tiers tires tired tiredly tinier
dobbin toby topi dobbins tobies topping dogbane thorn thornier
toad toddy toed thoued toddle toyed dodo today told
toller dolor toiler tole dollar tiler tyler other otter
tracy trace trachea trces traced tracer tack tract trance
teachery trencher trenchers drencher drenchers thrasher threadier thresher treacle
tremor tremors twirler

The Catered Affair, King of the Coral Sea, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, Bewitched

Acquire, seize, embrace, receive, select, subtract, carry. Obtain, get, secure, procure, win. Grasp, catch, capture. Grasp, clasp, grip, accept, adopt. Accept, admit, take in. Choose, pick, elect. Deduct. Convey, transfer.
Teem, teeming, teeming with, teen, teen ages, teenager, teens, teeter, telecast, telecommunications, telegram, telegraph, telepathic, telephone, televise, television, tell, teller of tales, telling, telltale, tellurian, temblor, temerity, temper.
Thoughtfully, thoughtfulness, thoughtless, thoughtlessness, thralldom, thrash, thread, threadbare, threaded fastener, threaded metal rod, threadlike, threat, threaten, threatening, three-dimensional, three-way, three times, threesome, threshold, thrift, thriftless, thrifty, thrill, thrilled.
Lean, slope, joust. Tip, list, cant, lurch, dip, slant, incline. List, inclination, slant, drop, leaning, rake, angle. Tournament, encounter, engagement, match, collision, contest.
Name, commission, claim, entitle. Designation, appellation, cognomen, denomination, epithet. Decoration, medal, privilege, degree. Interest, holding, ownership, right, due. Term, designate, call, denominate, style.
Handling, processing, therapy. Manipulation, execution, management, approach, strategy. Preparation, modification, painting, coating, refining. Care, mediation, prescription, regimen, doctoring. Treat.
Twice as much. Duplicated, paired, second, twofold, double, twin.

The Egyptian, The Left Hand of God, Advise and Consent, Bottoms Up, The Poor Rich, Cockeyed Cavaliers

tyler tiler tiller tilers tile tiger tiles tiled tillers
tracy trace trachea traces traced tracer track tract trance
trices threes treas trees treks treys thresh tress dress
teacher teachers deanery thatcher etcher teaberry teaches thatchers etchers

Charlie Chan in Panama, Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise, Dangerous Partners, Her Highness and the Bellboy

Black white gray white

East of Eden, The Rose Tattoo, I Love You, Alice B. Toklas

vela evil vel feel fell felled feller veal vealed

Lady of the Pavements, Tiger Rose, happy Go Lovely, The Belle of New York

Choice, speech, pronunciation. Decision, preference, option, opinion, say, vote. Inflection, vociferation, utterance, tongue. Diction, articulation, accent.

On the Town, Three Little Words, White Christmas, Let's Be Happy

Ocher yellow lilac yellow maroon

The Clock, Her Highness and the Bellboy, Model Wife, Watch on the Rhine

wanner warner wander warners wager wanders wane waggery whaler
wanton watts wantons waste what's wheats wasting wheatens wants
wayne wane wanes waned wanner wanness warned warner wankel
web webs webbed
wheelless wells whales wheelers whiles welled whalers welches welshes
whittle witty withy whittles whittled white hit wit with
wickers wickets wicked wicker wicket wickiups whiskeys wicks winces
wisdom wider
wiled wilder wildly willed whiled wild while wile wide
william willis willing willard williwaw wilily
william willis willings wilily
windson windier winder windstorm winds winders windy window whines
wing won own wooing owing wont owns worn who
woodwind woodwork woodland
woolly woollier woollies woolies wooly wholly woolen woolliest who'll
ray wary wry rwy wrap rays wrath rayed rayon
woman wyoming
wine wing wink winks why winner winnow windy wines

The Shepherd of the Hills, Lady for a Night, The Man Who Wouldn't Die, Just Off Broadway, The Mad Martindales

Broad, comprehensive. Spacious, extensive, extended. Far-reaching, universal, all-inclusive, extensive, large, spacious, vast.
Untamed, uncivilized, stormy, crazy, eager, unrestrained, extravagant. Savage, ferocious, feral, unbroken, native, agrarian. Barbarian, barbarous, uncultivated, uninhabited. Frenzied, turbulent, violent, tempestuous, impetuous, furious, boisterous. Insane, mad, frantic, raging, distracted. Excited, ecstatic, enthusiastic, thrilled, anxious. Lawless, riotous, undisciplined, unruly, uncontrolled, unbridled, uncontrollable. Impracticable, reckless, rash, fantastic.
Cleanse. Wash, scrub, brush, clear, sweep, clean, launder.

Tarzan and His Mate, Tarzan Escapes, Tarzan Finds a Son, Journey into Fear, Jane Eyre

wayne wane wanes waned wanner wanness warned warner wankel
wankel wangle wane wayne wake awoke wanes waned wangles
william willis willing willard williwaw wilily
willis whiles wiles wills wiliest willows will william while
willard willed wizard wizards william
windsor winds winding wilson windy widgeon window windstorm whines
wyoming wyoming's whooping whopping wining winning wiping wiring wising

Bombers B-52, Darby's Rangers, 10 North Frederick, The Man Who Came to Dinner, The Mayor of 44th Street

Gray white black gray

The Male Animal, The Affairs of Susan, Three Blind Mice, Suez, Kentucky

Sound. Whir, buzz, rumble, vibration, hum, whine.

Wife, Husband adn Friend, The Story of Alexander Graham Bell, H.M. Pulham, Esq., Joe Smith, American

Emerald ivory tangerine indigo celadon indigo

Lilac olive ocher lilac ocher
White gray black gray
Saffron coral lilac amber cerise
Black gray white black
Magenta celadon violet tangerine cinnabar indigo