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Wow, man
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Wow, Man! Far Out! Huh?!

Did you ever walk up to someone and you are vibrating, and she is vibrating also, and this makes you suspicious, so you look in her eyes and you both start to laugh when you realize that you are both just ripped and freaking?? Then she takes a piano out of his pocket and you start to grow; for fortune has cast upon you both to face the swirling vortex. The sound is not clear. It seems to have been swallowed, and you wish that it would be polished like burning chrome to flash and drive sparks into internervous channels of speed. Ripped off and on the rack and out on the tiles and gone.
There is a plane sliding in the back. Or is it the inside? Or could it be turning? And it might be going backwards. One can feel it or sometimes when the eyes are close, the charges seem so intense as to grasp all perception.
So where is the joy of coming here? We're going back, but to whom? We may actually fear many, but most probably ourselves. So you drop it, and you're still attached, but it doesn't come back. So you wonder if it is still hanging, or if it will fall and hit, but if it didn't hit and still is going, couldn't it come around? I don't even know what to call this now, but it will come to me. This place is a hotbed of insanity. Perhaps a color reading could be taken. That is not a norbal wall. That wall is far-out at times. It has gotten into the weird by now. Would you send me that book that you had where you wrote thigs down at the festival fall thing? That's an interesting question, indeed. Where did I go? It all sounds important, but I'm going to talk to John Lennon live and in person and ask him if he thinks it all right to go on. That's right. Straight down the left to bullet then right to a draw. Or could that be a tie game perhaps and could it perhaps have been happening all our lives? I think that it could also be foolishness, but who cares to go any further?
'I don't wanna be a soldier, mama; I don't wanna die!"
Check it again and if it can come through the ice and sand, it is an awareness thing that is fantastic and spirals free. Everything is clear in our world, and it took you by surprise that the freaks were freaking me out as they flaked and degenerated. OK. Man, if what you are talking about is peace, then how do you go about doing it? It doesn't stay the same shape as it goes forward, nowhere to turn. It's a corner again, and it's really a bummer that she did it. Scarlet stands at the door and invites into her eye. So what if the world seems tough or a bit worn at the edges.
It's all right that we can rise above into the rare and pure. Cold, clear, piercing fact. Undimmed reality enveloping the whole. I'd love to turn you on! It may come as a mild supposition or an occasion of grief, but the wailing plastic inevitable will spear through. And to think that we could be arrested for being incredible. Actually? Outstanding. (And they are mild!) So what if I go now? All right? I wouldn't want it without considering your feelings. Who feels that a teenage wasteland had prevailed among us? And/or? His humongous catalogue of achievements makes any lauditory appelations applied to him vague and forthright, however quickening. So, if it is a rebirth thing, it could be a good bargain. But then, who is as cast into doubt as you and I? Shouldn't we be together through this?