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Various Episodes in the Paradox

Canto I

Argument: The author finds too any people hung up on insignificant points which amount to little but aesthetic quibbles. He has read a poem by a friend, and it grieves him to find one so disturbed over nothing. What one calls suppression is what the other longs for as freedom and opportunity. Perhaps attitude is important.

L'entrée or L'Enfant

But they I like to throw these in every once
Can gleam in a while because they have
Faster an intellectual appeal, and anyhow
Than your such things are making a lot of
Color-words money these days.
Can shoot. "Very funny, Mr. Snoid."

What I'd like to do and what happens next are two
Things you won't second-guess, but what if
You could visit me here. It's the same color up and down.
Or should I have said &? As long as I have
A monkey woman, a wrapcity can be in no other color
Or language. Lemon-squeezers and egg carton
Humorists won't even deny that. I didn't have
Much to say in the first place, but do feel that there
Is more to be experienced. James Marshall sez:
"Dot, dot, dot and blah-blah woof-woof." But then
someone tries to tell him
about guitars.

I know it's absurd,
but that is why
I wrote the following

To Donovan ----

I think that your first assertion
Begged the question in that
Even you must not be so stone-blind and
Sealed away unto himself (More Phenergan)
To accept that blank is chic
Among coffee and bridge and that
Our kids will smoke legal grass.

Do you ever consider that reality, materialism
And Objectivity flow into each other? Ducks all.
For what other point is there a Mr. Natural or myself
Than to keep your heart forward and not
So ravaged as you may take it in your words
Or countenance to appear, and you can cope with it,
But then, what are appearances worth anyhow?

I think you want grace and color words and
To capture a bit of the fiber of validity.
But does it lie in ugliness? Or can
Absurdity achieve much the same with so
Little in the way of malignant side-effects
Upon the self. For that matter, Ducks all again.
Draw back a while, let the quiet in, and you will know.

I hope you do not take criticism for competition.

There is more than that which I want
To say, so I'll get on into it:
I doubt that "Slicky Fingers" would amuse you
Or that you would admit to more than what lies
Between Delcambre and Basile.
I can get tok-san hap-smoke dingy-dingy
And throw words together as well as anyone.

But I think that this is important enough
To stow all Milhous-jive and say it on out.
Maybe you feel your subjectivity a bit acutely
Without having found it: A squirrel cage.
Your profs didn't cut your balls, but if you
Don't like them, then just go ahead and burn them.
You may not know about rampant beggarism
Or the Spec 4 Mafia, but believe that the
Army is putting out more revolutionaries
And heads than any other organization in the world.
So don't think social lobotomization is so widespread.

Does it frustrate you that they reason away
The essence? Would you want
Them to be afraid of you?
You can't ignore the heaving potency
Of the world, nor do you know what suppression really
Is. --------------------- from "The Grey Castrati" 2/2/72
(Try the clip and paste method on this one, kids!)

Canto II

Argument: The author has a very bad sinus condition and wonders if one of his ancestors or past lives may have been a vampire or, worse still, a toadsticker. What this has to do with the poem is debatable, but the sun still rises and sets. He reflects on his current condition and situation and tries to decide how the circumstances can be reversed. Depression is refused entrance once again.

Where's everyone booking?

My Korean friends do not understand my comix
Or drawings, and feel that loneliness is
The all-pervading factor in my poems.
I would not say so, but who am I to judge?
It's perfectly Natural to say, "What the
Blank is happening?"
I wonder how much of this can go unexpurgated.

"Anyone using this material for purposes of
Erotic excitation will be
Considered subject to fetish."

A lot of people think that dudes are naturally
Cool (but that can't be, even if they are Freds)
But never are close enough long enough
To see how much is façade and affectation.

So strike up your cause and book along
And you may run into me next-time-around,
But I am still one for the individual.

Tell me the subject of the above and
The 17th President of the US in 25 words
Or less, with an order of smackwater on the side.

Canto III

Argument: Misogynous lycanthropy. An alligator friend reminds the author of a reference to the Rolling Slones. Weights and measures cannot deny the presence of overriding factors. Beatniks are brought up again, and also a salty dog. The author's critics are informed that the aerosol can be ordered by mail to prevent embarrassment.

For all the girls

I hope you are not so crashed out
On reality that you cannot afford
A wet dream at times. I just try
To be inoculating, though it could be
Tried and effective by blacking out
Offending superstrictures to their meanings.

You wouldn't even know what I'm saying
Now if it hadn't been for some pride
That doesn't reveal whatever could be
Purposely obscure. Are all Pounds present?

Dean spanned two generations of the pelvis,
But his life was not unflawed, though he
Tried to develop The Laugh. (God help him.)
So who are you to go cutting through each
Other? What are the political aspects of aesthetics?

Be my friends, print my words, laugh a bit
At me and at yourself and you might
Find that it can be fun, too, and
Does not have to be so heavy all
The time. Box joints preside in this show.

Shoot Her Again, Sam

A quivering viscoid of someone's thumb
May prove to be your end. What do you
Expect after Ionesco and 200 Motels

I have a lot of fun with it, but still do
Not understand why it is against their law.
Everyone gets a bit wierdie every once in himself.

If the numbers surprise you, see what else he has.
Go ahead. Stick your head into it.
It won't hurt for that long, and then who's to know?

(Blown away again.)

"How many moons and how many Junes
Has it been since we made Love?"

(The house lights come on.)

Jack-a-ninny stole a penny
So who are you to pick apples?
They even sell Hindoo potions in aerosol.

Here's something to think about the next time
You puke: pointless is as pointless does
And that can/will never expend itself.

Canto IV

Argument: Up until now all messages have been in the majority cryptic. A dialogue develops in which the author contends his uniqueness of that beyond substance and the priority of salvation. All heart proceeds from there. The opposition will manifest its main weapon as cynicism and try to set the author up as a Cassandra. Perhaps he does have certain delusions of grandeur, but do not tell him that there cannot be more than one Batman. All proceeds will go to maintaining the municipal code. More can be expected to come from that which is still becoming.

Coming Home

Would you agree with someone who cries forth:
"Death is not Where.
It is At, man?" If you caught
The pun send me 25 cents and three
Coupons for your choice of colors,
Which is very much the same as observing
That it is not important to know
What Avedis Zildjian sells, though
They have been with it since 1623.
Actually, there are a lot of symbols
Involved, but then that would be
Another pun. Write 39 Fayette St.,
N. Quincy, MA 02171 and ask
For the set-up book, and then
You will know.

The answer to the first one is still
I'd have to be Objective to find it.

The Conspiracy -- Part 47

I think that there is a cold going around.
I had a terrible feeling last night about
Somebody whose name I can't spell, but
It would not help me to mention it, so
I'll just have to read more essays
In self-destruction
If I an expect to sing a song of joy
And peace for you.
It's not really so dull, but the snow makes
It that way. (Donovan could have his polyphonic
Ravings here for a change.) Polyphonic, my Eustatia!
So, what if I were to tell you it is a plot?

Would you show my poems to your grandmother
At the Crack of Doom? What about hers?

That does not necessarily mean that it is
Contaminated, but don't you think it
Rather ridiculous when faced with such large spiders?

This is meant more as a sensual and
Emotional experience anyhow.
If there is anything to you
You'll end up in your own images,
Grey, yet free to die.
2000 may not be so bad for glory.

Canto V

Argument: An apology is rendered for something which has burned through and is recognized as that which burrows within all. Music by the Solar Arkestra or perhaps Pink Floyd. All should come as they are. Everything is evident at the end of a fork. Pattern-jugglers commit various atrocities for the amusement of the audience and certain people are tripped. Pseudo-commercialism ruins everything in the finale.

Luncheon in the Garden of Ra

"Come, Photon, tell how time has fared against thee."
As she comes to each one, her imprint is left
Greenly in their retinae
A huge black centipede wanders on stage, seeming to
Be little in the deanxietized sense.
Still, no time for impacted hairs.

We are more than that which we have assimilated.
That is why those who sing of revolution fall so
Short of being tuned themselves, or is that
Different drummer more the fashion this season?
I seem to ask a lot of questions for one who
Knows so few answers and can't even carry
A lullaby. The categories are arbitrary.

As large and as far as that goes, another can serve the same.
Still, when all is said and written, one does
Taste menthol too soon for the
Autumn of his madness to be that
Close at hand. And please, don't worry for me.

If you want to know for sure, I hope you
Enjoyed these, so if you care for seconds
Send 47 cents and your favorite aunt, uncle,
Or Christmas tree to Box 4002,
Radio City Station, rye cheer in good ole
You-know who. (How's that for an omnipotent point-of-view?)


Hi there! I'm Curtis, and if you just read the above and found yourself liking it and perhaps understanding it, you may now have reason to doubt my sanity and your own. Mine is past the edge of any doubt. In fact, I went over the edge a long time ago, and I keep trying to pull as many people in with me as I can. That is what the conspiracy is all about. If you did not like or understand the above, we can take care of you, too, because you may have forgotten about the edge behind you.