Always Nunnery Cabin Deacon Vacancy
Amalgam Nuptuals Cabinet Dead Vacant
Amalgamate Nurse Cabinet member Dead end Vacate
Amalgamation Nursemaid Cable Dead heat Vacating
Amass Nursery Cablegram Deaden Vacation
Amassed Nurture Caboose Deadened Vacation spot
Amassing Nurturing place Cache Deadliness Vaccinate
Amateur Nut Cackle Deadlock Vacillate
Amateurish Nutrient Cacophonous Deadlocked Vacillating
Amatory Nutriment Cacophony Deadly Vacillation
Amaze Nutrition Cad Deaf Vacuity
Amazed Nutritional Cadaver Deafening Vacuous
Amazement Nutritious Cadaverous Deal Vacuum
Amazing Nutritive Cadence Deal out Vacuum cleaner
Amazon Nutty Cadre Deal with Vagabond
Ambassador Nuzzle Cafe Dealer Vagary


Jagged Brainless COD
Jail Brains Cab
Jailbird Brainwash Cab driver
Jailed Brainwashing Cabal
Jailer Brake Cabalism
Jam Branch Cabalistic
Jam-packed Branch off Cabaret
Jammed Brand Cabin
Jangle Brand-new Cabinet
Jar Brandish Cabinet member
Jargon Brash Cable
Jarred Brass Cablegram
Jarring Brassy Caboose
Jarring impact Bravado Cache
Jaundiced Brave Cackle
Jaunt Brave man Cacophonous
Jaunty Bravery Cacophony
Javeline Brawl Cad
Jaw Brawler Cadaver
Jazz Brawling Cadaverous
Jazz up Brawn Cadence
Jealous Brawny Cadre
Jealously Bray Cafe


Gabble Joyous Cabinet
Gadget Jubilant Cabinet maker
Gaffe Jubilation Cable
Gaffer Jubilee Cablegram
Gag Judas Caboose
Gaggle Judge Cache
Gaiety Judgement Cackle
Gain Judgment Cacophonous
Gain advantage over Judicial Cacophony
Gain on Judiciary Cad
Gain subsistence Judicious Cadaver
Gainful Judiciously Cadaverous
Gainsay Juice Cadence
Gait Juicy Cadre
Gala Jumble Cafe
Galactic dust Jumbled Cafe
Galaxy Jump Cage
Gale Jump out Cagey
Gall Jump over Caitiff
Gallant Jumpy Cajole
Gallantry Junction Cajolery
Gallery Juncture Cake
Galling Junior Calamitous
Gallingly Junket Calamity
Gallop Junkie Calculable
Galvanize Juridical Calculate
Gamble Jurisdiction Calculated
Gambler Just Calculating
Gambol Just as though Calculating approximately
Game Just begun Calculation


Jig Military officers Cablegram
Jiggle Military rank Caboose
Jingle Military training Cache
Jingoist Military walk Cackle
Jinx Militia Cacophonous
Jittery Milk Cacophony
Jive Milksop Cad
Job Milky Cadaver
Jock Milky way Cadaverous
Jockey Mill Cadence
Jocose Millennium Cadre
Jocular Millet Cafe
Jocund Milling Cafe
Jog Millstone Cage
Join Mime Cagey
Join forces with Mimic Caitiff
Join together Mimicry Cajole
Joined Minaret Cajolery
Joined in order Mince Cake
Joining Mincing Calamitous
Joint Mind Calamity
Jointly Minded Calculable
Joist Mindful Calculate
Joke Mindfully Calculated
Joker Mindfulness Calculating
Joking Mindless Calculating approximately
Jollity Mine Calculation
Jolly Mineral Calendar
Jolt Mingle Calf
Jolting Miniature Caliber


Micro-organism Amiability Dab Caravan
Microbe Amiable Dabble Carbon
Microfilm Amicable Dabbler Carbuncle
Microgroove Amid Dad Carcass
Microorganism Amiss Daddy Card
Microscopic Amity Daft Card file
Microwave Amnesty Dagger Card game
Mid Among Daily Card games
Middle Amoral Daily journal Card or marker
Middle east Amorous Daintiness Cardboard
Middlebrow Amorphous Dainty Cardinal
Middleman Amount Dairy dessert Cards
Middlemost Amount due Dais Care
Middling Amount of liquid Dale Care for
Midget Amount paid Dally Careen
Midnight Amount to Dam Career


Reword Down Carp
Rework Down-to-earth Carpet
Reworking Down and out Carping
Rhetoric Down in the dumps Carriage
Rhetorical Down on Carrier
Rhyme Down cast Carrion
Rhythm Downfall Carry
Rhythmical Downgrade Carry on
Rib Downhearted Carry out
Ribald Downing a player Carry over
Ribbing Downpour Carry through
Ribbon Downright Cart
Rich Downy Carte
Rich man Dowry Cartel
Riches Doze Cartilaginous
Richness Drab Carton
Rickety Draft Cartoon
Ricochet Draft animals Carve
Rid Drag Carved
Riddance Dragging Carving
Riddle Dragon Cascade
Ride Drain Case
Ride at full speed Draining Cash
Rider Drake Cash in
Ridge Drama Cash on delivery
Ridicule Dramatic Cashier
Ridiculing Dramatic performance Casing
Ridiculous Dramatization Casket
Rife Dramatize Casserole
Riffle Dramatizing Cast


Gentle radiance Warn Carrion
Gentlefolk Warning Carry
Gentleman Warp Carry on
Gentleness Warped Carry out
Gentlewoman Warrant Carry over
Gently Warranted Carry through
Gently break a habit Warranty Cart
Gentry Warring Carte
Genuflect Warrior Cartel
Genuflection Wary Cartilaginous
Genuine Wash Carton
Genuinely Washed out Cartoon
Genuineness Washed up Carve
Genus Washing Carved
Geotectonic Washout Carving
Germ Waspish Cascade
Germ-free Waste Case
Germane Wasted Cash
Germinate Wasteful Cash in
Gestation Wastefulness Cash on delivery
Gesticulate Wasteland Cashier
Gesture Wasting time Casing
Get Wastrel Casket
Get ahead Watch Casserole
Get ahold of Watch over Cast
Get along well Watch secretly Cast-off
Get around Watcher Cast a ballot
Get better Watchful Cast down
Get by Watching Cast of characters
Get down Watchman Cast off


Arrive at Joshing Lumber Carry
Arriving Jostle Lumbering Carry on
Arriving by air Jot Luminary Carry out
Arriving by sea Jot down Luminescence Carry over
Arrogance Jounce Luminosity Carry through
Arrogant Journal Luminous Cart
Arrogate Journalism Luminous radiance Carte
Arrow Journalist Lummox Cartel
Arsenal Journey Lump Cartilaginous
Art Journey over Lump of earth Carton
Art studio Joust Lumpish Cartoon
Artery Jovial Lunacy Carve
Artful Joviality Lunatic Carved
Artfulness Joy Lunch Carving
Article Joyful Lunge Cascade
Articulate Joyless Lurch Case
Articulation Joyous Lure Cash
Artifice Jubilant Lurid Cash in
Artificer Jubilation Lurk Cash on delivery
Artificial Jubilee Lurking Cashier
Artificial product Judas Luscious Casing
Artisan Judge Lush Casket
Artist Judgement Lust Casserole
Artiste Judgment Lust after Cast
Artistic Judicial Luster Cast-off
Artistic scene Judiciary Lusterless Cast a ballot
Artistry Judicious Lustful Cast down
Artless Judiciously Lustrous Cast of characters
Artlessness Juice Lusty Cast off
Artwork Juicy Lute Cast out


Widow Shudder Catchy
Width Shuffle Catchy tune
Wield Shun Catechize
Wife Shut Categorical
Wife of a king Shut-eye Categorically
Wiggle Shut-in Categorize
Wild Shut down Categorizing
Wild about Shut in Category
Wild horse Shut off Cater
Wilderness Shut out Caterpillar
Wildly Shutter Caterwaul
Wile Shuttle Caterwauling
Wiliness Shy Catfish
Will Shyster Catharsis
Willful Sibling Catholic
Willfully Sick Catholic concept of god
Willing Sick bay Catholic sacrament
Willingly Sicken Catlike
Willingness Sickened Cattle
Wilt Sickening Catty
Wily Sickliness Caucus
Wimp Sickly Caught
Win Sickly person Caught up
Win over Sickness Cause
Wince Side Cause craziness
Wind Side-by-side Cause fermentation
Wind-swept Side by side Cause to fall
Wind around Side dish Causing disease
Wind instrument Side effect Caustic
Wind up Side of the face Cauterize


Lowest part Separateness Categorical
Lowland Separation Categorically
Lowly Septic Categorize
Loyal Sepulcher Categorizing
Loyalist Sepulchral Category
Loyalty Sequel Cater
Lubberly Sequence Caterpillar
Lubricant Sequential Caterwaul
Lubricate Sequester Caterwauling
Lubricous Sequestration Catfish
Lucent Seraph Catharsis
Lucid Serene Catholic
Lucidity Serenity Catholic concept of god
Lucifer Serf Catholic sacrament
Luck Serial Catlike
Luckless Serialized story Cattle
Lucky Series Catty
Lucrative Series of songs Caucus
Lucre Serious Caught
Ludicrous Serious amateur Caught up
Lug Seriously Cause
Lugubrious Seriousness Cause craziness
Lukewarm Sermon Cause fermentation
Lull Sermonize Cause to fall
Lullaby Serpent Causing disease
Lumber Serpentine Caustic
Lumbering Serrate Cauterize
Luminary Servant Caution
Luminescence Serve Cautious
Luminosity Service Cautiously


Manufacture Pontifical Categorically
Manufactured Pony Categorize
Manufacturing Pool C ategorizing
Manumit Poor Category
Manure Poorest Cater
Manuscript Poorly Caterpillar
Many Pop Caterwaul
Many-sided Pope Caterwauling
Map Populace Catfish
Mar Popular Catharsis
Maraud Popularity Catholic
Marauder Populate Catholic concept of god
Marauding Population Catholic sacrament
March Porcine Catlike
Margin Pore over Cattle
Margin purchaser Pornographic Catty
Marginal Pornography Caucus
Marijuana Porous Caught
Marina Port Caught up
Marinade Portable Cause
Marinated Portal Cause craziness
Marine Portend Cause fermentation
Mariner Portent Cause to fall
Marionette Portentous Causing disease
Maritime Portiere Caustic
Mark Portion Cauterize
Mark down Portion of hair Caution
Mark of ownership Portly Cautious
Markdown Portrait Cautiously
Marked Portray Cavalcade


Gabble Vacuity Categorizing
Gadget Vacuous Category
Gaffe Vacuum Cater
Gaffer Vacuum cleaner Caterpiller
Gag Vagabond Caterwaul
Gaggle Vagary Caterwauling
Gaiety Vagrancy Catfish
Gain Vagrant Catharsis
Gain advantage over Vague Catholic
Gain on Vagueness Catholic concept of god
Gain subsistence Vain Catholic sacrament
Gainful Vainglorious Catlike
Gainsay Vainglory Cattle
Gait Vale Catty
Gala Valet Caucus
Galactic dust Valiant Caught
Galaxy Valid Caught up
Gale Validate Cause
Gall Validated Cause craziness
Gallant Validity Cause fermentation
Gallantry Valley Cause to fall
Gallery Valor Causing disease
Galling Valorous Caustic
Gallingly Valuable Cauterize
Gallop Valuation Caution
Galvanize Value Cautious
Gamble Valued at Cautiously
Gambler Valueless Cavalcade
Gambol Vamp Cavalier
Game Vampire Cave


Rave Think about Chairman
Ravel Think over Chalice
Raven Think up Chalk
Ravening Thinkable Chalk up
Ravenous Thinking Chalky
Ravine Thirst Challenge
Raving Thirstiness Challenging
Ravish Thirsty Chamber
Ravisher Thirty-six-inch ruler Chambermaid
Raw This one Champion
Rawhide Thither Champion of the status quo
Rawness Thong Chance
Ray Thorax Chancy
Ray of moonlight Thorn Chandelier
Raze Thorny Change
Regime Thorough Change direction
Reach Thoroughbred Change into cash
Reach a conclusion Thoroughfare Change of heart
Reach a destination Thoroughly Changeable
Reach beyond Thoroughness Changed
Reach orgasm Though Changeful
React Thought Changeless
Reaction Thoughtful Changing
Reactionary Thoughtfully Changing course
Read Thoughtfulness Changing residence
Read over quickly Thoughtless Channel
Read with a scanner Thoughtlessness Chant
Readable Thralldom Chaos
Readapt Thrash Chaotic
Readily Thread Chap


Wield Elevator Chancy
Wife Elf Chandelier
Wife of a king Elfin Change
Wiggle Elicit Change direction
Wild Elide Change into cash
Wild about Eligible Change of heart
Wild horse Eliminate Changeable
Wilderness Eliminate from the body Changed
Wildly Eliminated Changeful
Wile Elimination Changeless
Wiliness Elite Changing
Will Elitist Changing course
Willful Elixir Changing residence
Willfully Ell Channel
Willing Ellipse Chant
Willingly Elliptical Chaos
Willingness Elocution Chaotic
Wilt Elongate Chap
Wily Elope Chaperon
Wimp Eloquence Chaplain
Win Eloquent Chapter
Win over Else Char
Wince Elucidate Character
Wind Elucidation Characteristic
Wind-swept Elude Characteristic weather
Wind around Elusive Characteristically
Wind instrument Elutriated Characterize
Wind up Elysian fields Charade
Windbag Elysium Charge
Windfall Emaciated Charge with electricity


Characteristically Speculate Changeable
Characterize Speculation Changed
Charade Specualtive Changeful
Charge Speculator Changeless
Charge with electricity Speech Changing
Chargeable Speechless Changing course
Charged Speed Changing residence
Charger Speed bump Channel
Charisma Speed up Chant
Charitable Speedily Chaos
Charity Speedy Chaotic
Charity ball Spell Chap
Charlatan Spell out Chaperon
Charlatanism Spellbound Chaplain
Charm Spend Chapter
Charmed Spend extravagantly Char
Charmer Spendthrift Character
Charming Spent Characteristic
Chart Sperm Characteristic weather
Charter Spew Charateristically
Chary Spew forth Characterize
Chase Sphere Charade
Chasm Sphere of duty Charge
Chassis Spherical Charge with electricity
Chaste Sphinx Chargeable
Chastely Spice Charged
Chasten Spice up Charger
Chastise Spicy Charisma
Chastisement Spider web Charitable
Chastity Spike Charity


Pacify Swirl Chastely
Pack Swish Chasten
Pack together Switch Chastise
Package Switch off Chastisement
Packaged Switch on Chastity
Packaging Swivel Chat
Packed Swollen Chateau
Packet Swoon Chattel
Packing Sword Chatter
Packing house Sworn statement Chatterbox
Packing material Sybarite Chatterer
Pact Sybaritic Chatty
Pad Sycophant Chauffeur
Padding Sycophantic Chauvinist
Padlock Syllabus Cheap
Padre Sylph Cheap gaudy clothes
Pagan Sylvan Cheapen
Pageant Symbol Cheaply
Pageantry Symbolic Cheapness
Paid for Symbolic representation Cheapskate
Paid in installments Symbolize Cheat
Pain Symbols Cheated
Pain-killer Symmetrical Cheater
Pained Symmetry Cheating
Painful Sympathetic Check
Pains Sympathizer Check for weapons
Painstaking Sympathy Check mark
Paint Symphonic Check or credit card
Painted Symphony Checkmark
Painter Symposium Checkmate


Anticipating Patrol Check or credit card
Anticipation Patrolman Checkmark
Antidote Patron Checkmate
Antipathetic Patronage Cheek
Antipathy Patronize Cheeky
Antipode Patronizing Cheep
Antiquated Patrons Cheer
Antique Patter Cheer up
Antiquity Pattern Cheerful
Antiseptic Paunch Cheerfulness
Antisocial Pauper Cheering
Antithesis Pause Cheerless
Antithetic Pave Cheery
Antitoxin Pavement Chef
Anxiety Paw Chemical
Anxiety neurosis Pawn Chemical gas
Anxious Pay Chemical reactor
Any Pay attention Chemise
Any one Pay for Cherish
Any printed matter Pay off Cherished
Any time Pay off a debt Cherry
Anyhow Payable Cherub
Anyone Paying Chest
Anything forged Paying passenger Chestnut
Anything insubstantial Payload Chesty
Anything put in Payment Chew
Anything soothing Payment under duress Chewing
Anyway Payoff Chewing gum
Anywise Peace Chewing tobacco
Aorta Peace lover Chic


Fracture Jack up Chic
Fragile Jackass Chicane
Fragility Jacket Chicanery
Fragment Jackpot Chick
Fragmentary Jade Chicken
Fragments Jaded Chide
Fragrance Jag Chief
Fragrant Jagged Chiefly
Frail Jail Chieftain
Frailty Jailbird Chiffon
Frame Jailed Child
Frame of mind Jailer Child's play
Framework Jam Child's room
Franchise Jam-packed Childbearing
Frangible Jammed Childbed
Frank Jangle Childbirth
Frankfurter Jar Childhood
Frankly Jargon Childish
Frankness Jarred Childless
Frantic Jarring Childlessness
Fraternal Jarring impact Childlike
Fraternity Jaundiced Children
Fraternization Jaunt Chill
Fraternize Jaunty Chilled
Fraud Javelin Chilling
Fraudulent Jaw Chilly
Fraught Jazz Chime
Fray Jazz up Chimera
Frayed Jealous Chimerical
Freak Jealously Chiming


Kaleidoscopic Offshoot Choosy
Karma Offspring Chop
Keel Often Chore
Keel over Ogle Chortle
Keen Ogre Chorus
Keenness Oil Chosen
Keep Oily Chow
Keep a steady pace Ointment Christ
Keep apart Okay Christen
Keep away Old Christendom
Keep back Old-fashioned Christian
Keep busy Old-time Christian sacrament
Keep company Old age Christian scriptures
Keep on Old clothes Christmas
Keep out Old guard Chronic
Keep up Old lady Chronicle
Keeper Old man Chronological
Keeping Old testament Chubby


Lend a hand Elaboration Cleanse
lend itself to Elan Cleansing
Lend oneself to Elapse Clear
Length Elapsed Clear-cut
Lengthen Elastic Clear-sighted
Lengthened Elasticity Clear away
Lengthwise Elate Clear up
Lengthy Elated Clearance
Lenience Elation Cleared
Leniency Elbow Clearly
Lenient Elbowroom Clearness
Lenity Elder Cleavage
Lens Elderly Cleave
Leprechaun Elderly person Cleaver
Lesion Elect Cleft
Less Elected Clemency
Less and less Election Clement
Lessen Electioneer Clench
Lessening Electorate Clergy
Lesser Electors Clergyman
Lesser part Electric appliance Cleric
Lesson Electric chair Clerical
Let Electric current Clerk
Let alone Electric fixture Clerk's
Let down Electric storage cells Clever
Let go Electric wires Clever person
Let slip Electrical charge Cleverly
Let the air out Electricity Cleverness
Lethal Electrification Cliche
Lethality Electrify Click


Steelyard Group Clearness
Steep Group of dissidents Cleavage
Steep in water Group of four Cleave
Steer Group of musicians Cleaver
Steersman Group of vessels or aircraft Cleft
Stem Group of words Clemency
Stench Group spirit Clement
Stentorian Grouping Clench
Step Grouse Clergy
Step in Grout Clergyman
Step lively Grove Cleric
Step on Grovel Clerical
Step on it Groveling Clerk
Step up Groveling person Clerk's
Steps Grow Clever
Stereotype Grow dark Clever person
Stereotyped Growing Cleverly
Sterile Growl Cleverness
Sterility Growling Cliche
Sterilize Grown Click
Sterilizing Grown-up Client
Sterling Growth Clientele
Stern Grub Cliff
Stew Grubby Cliff dweller
Steward Grudge Climacteric
Stick Grudging Climate
Stick on Grueling Climax
Stick out Gruesome Climb
Stick together Gruff Climb skyward
Sticker Grumble Climber


Arrive at Hoyden Clot
Arriving Hub Cloth
Arriving by air Hubbub Clothe
Arriving by sea Huckster Clothe loosely
Arrogance Huddle Clothed
Arrogant Hue Clothes
Arrogate Hue and cry Clothing
Arrow Huff Clothing maker
Arsenal Huffy Cloud
Art Hug Cloud over
Art studio Hug the road Cloudburst
Artery Huge Clouded
Artful Huge sea mammal Cloudless
Artfulness Hugeness Cloudy
Article Hulk Clout
Articulate Hulking Clown
Articulation Hull Clowning
Artifice Hullabaloo Cloy
Artificer Hum Cloyed
Artificial Human Cloying
Artificial product Human being Club
Artisan Human beings Clubhouse
Artist Human race Cluck
Artiste Humane Clue
Artistic Humanitarian Clump
Artistic scene Humanities Clumsy
Artistry Humanity Clumsy person
Artless Humanizing Cluster
Artlessness Humankind Clutch
Artwork Humanoid Clutched


Wield Frankness Coat with ice
Wife Frantic Coat with plaster
Wife of a king Fraternal Coating
Wiggle Fraternity Coax
Wild Fraternization Cobweb
Wild about Fraternize Cocaine
Wild horse Fraud Cock
Wilderness Fraudulent Cocked
Wildly Fraught Cocksure
Wile Fray Cocktail
Wiliness Frayed Coddle
Will Freak Code
Willful Freakish Codependent
Willfully Freckled Codify
Willing Free Coed
Willingly Free-flowing Coequal
Willingness Free-handed Coerce
Wilt Free-lance Coercion
Wily Free of charge Coexistent
Wimp Free wheel Coexisting
Win Freebooter Coffee shop
Win over Freed Coffer
Wince Freedom Coffin
Wind Freedom from guilt Coffin cover
Wind-swept Freeing Cog
Wind around Freeloader Cogency
Wind instrument Freeloading Cogent
Wind up Freely Cogitate
Windbag Freethinker Cogitation
Windfall Freeway Cogitative


Gentle radiance Mete out Coffin cover
Gentlefolk Meteoric Cog
Gentleman Meter Cogency
Gentleness Method Cogent
Gentlewoman Methodical Cogitate
Gently Methodologist Cogitation
Gently break a habit Meticulous Cogitative
Gentry Metropolis Cognate
Genuflect Metropolitan Cognition
Genufleciton Mettle Cognizance
Genuine Mettlesome Cognizant
Genuinely Mezzanine Cognize
Genuineness Miasma Cognomen
Genus Miasmatic Cogwheel
Geotectonic Micro-organism Cohere
Germ Microbe Coherence
Germ-free Microfilm Coherent
Germane Microgroove Cohesion
Germinate Microorganism Cohort
Gestation Microscopic Coiffeur
Gesticulate Microwave Coil
Gesture Mid Coin
Get Middle Coincide
Get ahead Middle east Coincidence
Get ahold of Middlebrow Coincident
Get along well Middleman Cold
Get around Middlemost Cold-blooded
Get better Middling Cold and damp
Get by Midget Coldness
Get down Midnight Coliseum


Salubrious Tattoo Coherence
Salutary Taunt Coherent
Salutation Taunting Cohesion
Salutation with a drink Taut Cohort
Salute Tauten Coiffeur
Salute with a drink Tautness Coil
Salvage Tautology Coin
Salvation Tavern Coincide
Salve Tawdry Coincidence
Salvo Tawny Coincident
Same Tax Cold
Same sound Taxi Cold-blooded
Sameness Taxicab Cold and damp
Sample Taxing Coldness
Sanatorium Tea party Coliseum
Sanctification Teach Collaborate
Sanctified Teacher Collaboration
Sanctify Teaching Collaborator
Sanctimonious Team Collapse
Sanctimony Team up Collapsed
Sanction Teamwork Collar
Sanction or approve Tear Collate
Sanctioned Tear-jerking Collateral
Sanctioning Tear down Collation
Sanctity Tear gas Colleague
Sanctuary Tearful Collect
Sand Tearfully sentimental Collected
Sandbank tearing Collecting
Sane Tears Collection
Sanguinary Tease Collection of work


Jack up Female child Cook
Jackass Female parent Cook in oven
Jacket Female ruler Cooked
Jackpot Female sovereign Cooking
Jade Feminine Cookout
Jaded Femininity Cool
Jag Femme fatale Cool and aloof
Jagged Fen Coolness
Jail Fence Coop
Jailbird Fencing sword Cooperate
Jailed Fend Cooperating
Jailer Fend for oneself Cooperation
Jam Fend off Cooperative
Jam-packed Fender Cooperator
Jammed Feral Coordinate
Jangle Ferment Coordinated
Jar Fermentation Cop
Jargon Ferocious Cope with
Jarred Ferry Copied
Jarring Fertile Copious
Jarring impact Fertility Copiousness
Jaundiced Fertilizer Copper and zinc alloy
Jaunt Fervent Copse
Jaunty Fervid Copulate
Javeline Fervor Copulation
Jaw Fester Copy
Jazz Festival Copying
Jazz up Festive Copyist
Jealous Festivity Copyright
Jealously Festoon Coquet


Curled Mummer Cosmetics
Curmudgeon Mummify Cosmetologist
Currency Mummy Cosmic
Current Munch Cosmopolitan
Current information Mundane Cosmos
Current of air Municipal Cosset
Current thing Municipal legislator Cost
Curse Municipality Cost-effectiveness
Cursed Munificence Costly
Cursing Munificent Costume
Curt Mural Cot
Curtail Murder Coterie
Curtain Murderer Cottage
Curtains Murderous Cotton
Curtsy Murky Couch
Curvaceous Murmur Cough
Curvature Muscle Council
Curve Muscle action Counsel
Curve sharply Muscular Counselor
Curved Muse Count
Curved metal Museum Count on
Cushion Mush Countenance
Cusp Mushroom Counter
Cuss Mushy Counteract
Cussing Music Counteraction
Custodian Musical Counteractive
Custody Musical composition Counterattack
Custom Musical instrument Counterbalance
Custom-made Musical performance Counterclaim
Customarily Musically inclined Counterfeit


Edifice Essential element Culminate
Edify Essentially Culmination
Edifying Establish Culpability
Edit Established Culpable
Editing Established mode of speech Culprit
Edition Establishing Cultivatable
Editorial Establishment Cultivate
Educate Estate Cultivated
Educated Esteem Cultivation
Education Esteemed Cultivation of gardens
Educational Estimable Cultural
Educational institution Estimate Culture
Educator Estimating Cultured
Educe Estimation Cumbersome
Eerie Estrange Cumulative
Efface Estranged Cunning
Effacing Estrangement Cup
Effect Estuary Cupboard
Effecting Etch Cupidity
Effective Etch letters in metal Cur
Effectiveness Etching Curative
Effects Eternal Curators
Effectual Eternal life Curb
Effectuate Eternally Curbed
Effeminate Eternity Curd
Effervesce Ethanol Curdle
Effervescence Ether Cure
Effervescent Ethereal Cure-all
Effete Etherealness Cured
Efficacious Ethical Curing


Gentle radiance Arm band Curtail
Gentlefolk Arm joint Curtain
Gentleman Armada Curtains
Gentleness Armed conflict Curtsy
Gentlewoman Armed force Curvaceous
Gently Armed guard Curvature
Gently break a habit Armed military craft Curve
Gentry Armed ship Curve sharply
Genuflect Arming Curved
Genuflection Armistice Curved metal
Genuine Armor Cushion
Genuinely Armory Cusp
Genuineness Arms Cuss
Genus Arms depot Cussing
Geotectonic Army Custodian
Germ Army engineer Custody
Germ-free Aroma Custom
Germane Aromatic Custom-made
Germinate Aromatize Customarily
Gestation Around Customary
Gesticulate Arouse Customer
Gesture Aroused Customers
Get Arraign Customs
Get ahead Arraignment Cut
Get ahold of Arrange Cut-off trunk
Get along well Arranged Cut at an angle
Get around Arrangement Cut away
Get better Array Cut back
Get by Arrearage Cut down
Get down Arrears Cut into