Pharisaic Tattoo Far east
Pharisee Taunt Far off
Pharmaceutical Taunting Faraway
Phase Taut Farce
Phase out Tauten Farcical
Phenomenal Tautness Fare
Phenomenon Tautology Farewell
Philander Tavern Farfetched
Philanthropic Tawdry Farm
Philanthropist Tawny Farm implement
Philanthropy Tax Farm out
Philharmonic Taxi Farmer
Philippic Taxicab Farming
Philistine Taxing Farmland
Philosopher Tea party Farrago
Philosophic Teach Farther
Philosophy Teacher Farthest
Phlegm Teaching Fascinate
Phlegmatic Team Fascinated
Phobia Team up Fascinating
Phoenix Teamwork Fascination
Phone Tear Fascism
Phonetic Tear-jerking Fascist
Phoniness Tear down Fashion
Phony Tear gas Fashionable
Phosphorescence Tearful Fashioning
Photo Tearfully sentimental Fast
Photoengraving process Tearing Fasten
Photograph Tears Fastened
Photographer Tease Fastener


Jack up Thing Far off
Jackass Things Faraway
Jacket Think Farce
Jackpot Think about Farcical
Jade Think over Fare
Jaded Think up Farewell
Jag Thinkable Farfetched
Jagged Thinking Farm
Jail Thirst Farm implement
Jailbird Thirstiness Farm out
Jailed Thirsty Farmer
Jailer Thirty-six-inch ruler Farming
Jam This one Farmland
Jam-packed Thither Farrago
Jammed Thong Farther
Jangle Thorax Farthest
Jar Thorn Fascinate
Jargon Thorny Fascinated
Jarred Thorough Fascinating
Jarring Thoroughbred Fascination
Jarring impact Thoroughfare Fascism
Jaundiced Thoroughly Fascist
Jaunt Thoroughness Fashion
Jaunty Though Fashionable
Javelin Thought Fashioning
Jaw Thoughtful Fast
Jazz Thoughtfully Fasten
Jazz up Thoughtfulness Fastened
Jealous Thoughtless Fastener
Jealously Thoughtlessness Fastening


Wield Customs Fatherless
Wife Cut Fatherly
Wife of a king Cut-off trunk Fathom
Wiggle Cut at an angle Fathomable
Wild Cut away Fathomless
Wild about Cut back Fatigue
Wild horse Cut down Fatigued
Wilderness Cut into Fatiguing
Wildly Cut off Fatness
Wile Cut off one's head Fatso
Wiliness Cut short Fatten
Will Cut up Fatty
Willful Cut with a chisel Fatuity
Willfully Cute Fatuous
Willing Cutter Fault
Willingly Cutting Faultfinder
Willingness Cutting edge Faultfinding
Wilt Cutting tool Faultless
Wily Cycle Faultlessness
Wimp Cyclic Faulty
Win Cyclone Faux
Win over Cylinder Faux pas
Wince Cymbal Favor
Wind Cynic Favorable
Wind-swept Cynical Favorably
Wind around Cynicism Favorably inclined
Wind instrument Czar Favored
Wind up Czarina Favorite


Sever Political power Fermentation
Several Political protest Ferocious
Severance Political science Ferry
Severe Politician Fertile
Severe pain Polity Fertility
Severed Poll Fertilizer
Severely Pollute Fervent
Severing Polluted Fervid
Severity Pollution Fervor
Sew Poltergeist Fester
Sew lightly Poltroon Festival
Sewer Polyurethane Festive
Sewing instrument Pommel Festivity
Sex Pomp Festoon
Sexual Pompon Fetch
Sexual organs Pomposity Fetching
Sexually Pompous Fete
Sexually inadequate Pompous talk Fetid
Sexy Pond Fetish
Shabby Ponder Fetor
Shack Pondering Fetter
Shackle Ponderous Feud
Shade Pontiff Fever
Shaded Pontifical Fevered
Shadow Pony Feverish
Shadowy Pool Feverishness
Shady Poor Few
Shaft Poorest Fiasco
Shag Poorly Fiat
Shaggy Pop Fib


Ice Hamlet Fire
Ice-cream parlor Hammer Fire-breathing monster
Ice cream Hammer away at Fire escape
Iciness Hammer out Firebrand
Icon Hammered Fired
Iconoclast Hamper Fired up
Icy Hamper the legs Fireplace
Icy precipitation Hamstring Fireside
Idea Hand Firewood
Ideal Hand-me-downs Firing
Idealism Hand movement Firm
Idealist Hand out Firmament
Idealistic Hand truck Firmly
Idealization Handbag Firmly established
Ideally Handball Firmness
Identical Handbill First


Jig Goose Flaxen
Jiggle Goose egg Flay
Jingle Gore Fleck
Jingoist Gorge Flecked
Jinx Gorged Flee
Jittery Gorgeous Fleece
Jive Gorilla Fleeing
Job Gory Fleet
Jock Gossamer Fleeting
Jockey Gossip Flesh
Jocose Gossiping Fleshiness
Jocular Gothic Fleshly
Jocund Gotten better Fleshy
Jog Gouge Fleshy protuberance
Join Gourmand Flexibility
Join forces with Gourmet Flexible
Join together Govern Flick
Joined Governing Flicker
Joined in order Governing body Flicker over
Joining Government Flickering gleam
Joint Government official Flier
Jointly Governmental Flight
Joist Governor Flight of fancy
Joke Gown Flightiness
Joker Grab Flighty
Joking Grabbing Flimsy
Jollity Grace Flinch
Jolly Graceful Fling
Jolt Gracefulness Fling down
Jolting Graceless Fling oneself about


Edifice Morality Formational
Edify Moralize Formative
Edifying Morally Formed
Edit Morals Former
Editing Morass Formerly
Edition Moratorium Formidable
Editorial Morbid Forming
Educate Morbid melancholy Formless
Educated Mordant Formula
Education More Formulate
Educational More advanced Formulation
Educational institution More aged Fornicate
Educator More willingly Forsake
Educe Moreover Forsaken
Eerie Morning Forswear
Efface Moron Forswear oneself
Effacing Moronic Fort
Effect Morose Forte
Effecting Morphine Forth
Effective Morsel Forthcoming
Effectiveness Mortal Forthright
Effects Mortality Forthrightness
Effectual Mortar Forthwith
Effectuate Mortgage Fortification
Effeminate Mortification Fortify
Effervesce Mortified Fortifying
Effervescence Mortify Fortitude
Effervescent Most Fortress
Effete Most inferior Fortuitous
Efficacious Most recent Fortuity


Steelyard Collation Fortitude
Steep Colleague Fortress
Steep in water Collect Fortuitous
Steer Collected Fortuity
Steersman cellecting Fortunate
Stem Collection Fortune
Stench Collection of works Fortune-teller
Stentorian Collective Forum
Step Collector Forum of justice
Step in College building Forward
Step lively College of music Forwardness
Step on College teacher Fossil
Step on it Collide Fossilize
Step up Collide with Foster
Steps Collision Foul
Stereotype Colloquial Foul dirt
Stereotyped Colloquial language Foul up
Sterile Colloquialism Foully
Sterility Colloquy Foulness
Sterilize Collude Found
Sterilizing Cologne Foundation
Sterling Colonial state Founder
Stern Colonist Founding
Stew Colonize Foundling
Steward Colonnade Fountain
Stick Colony Fountainhead
Stick on Color Four-sided
Stick out Coloration Four hundred
Stick together Colored Foursome
Sticker Colorful Foxy


Jargon Benefit Lend Fortitude
Jarred Benevolence Lend a hand Fortress
Jarring Benevolent Lend itself to Fortuitous
Jarring impact Benign Lend oneself to Fortuity
Jaundiced Benignity Length Fortunate
Jaunt Benison Lengthen Fortune
Jaunty Bent Lengthened Fortune-teller
Javelin Bent on Lengthwise Forum
Jaw Benumb Lengthy Forum of justice
Jazz Benumbed Lenience Forward
Jazz up Bequeath Leniency Forwardness
Jealous Bequest Lenient Fossil
Jealously Berate Lenity Fossilize
Jealousy Bereavement Lens Foster
Jeer Berry Leprechaun Foul
Jejune Berth Lesion Foul dirt
Jell Beseech Less Foul up
Jelly Beset Less and less Foully
Jellyfish Beside Lessen Foulness
Jennet Besides Lessening Found
Jeopardize Besiege Lesser Foundation
Jeopardy Besmear Lesser part Founder
Jerk Besmirch Lesson Founding
Jerry-built Besprinkle Let Foundling
Jest Best Let alone Fountain
Jester Bestial Let down Fountainhead
Jesting Bestir Let go Four-sided
Jet Bestow Let slip Four hundred
Jet-black Bestowal Let the air out Foursome
Jet airplane Bestride Lethal Foxy


Reword Brutal Fry
Rework Brutality Fuddy-duddy
Reworking Brute Fugitive
Rhetoric Brutish Fulcrum
Rhetorical Bubble Fulfill
Rhyme Bubbles Fulfilled
Rhythm Bubbling Fulfillment
Rhythmical Bubbly beverage Full
Rib Buccaneer Full-fledged
Ribald Buck Full-grown
Ribbing Buck off Full of meat
Ribbon Bucket Full of news
Rich Buckle Full of remorse
Rich man Buckle down Full of vermin
Riches Bucolic Fullness
Richness Bud Fully
Rickety Budding Fully cooked
Ricochet Buddy Fulminate
Rid Budge Fulmination
Riddance Budget Fumble
Riddle Buff Fume
Ride Buffalo Fumes
Ride at full speed Buffer Fumes from burning
Rider Buffet Fumigate
Ridge Buffeting Fuming
Ridicule Buffoon Fun
Ridiculing Bug Function
Ridiculous Buggy Functional
Rife Build Functioning
Riffle Build in Fund