Philippic Lacquer Label
Philistine Lad Labeled
Philosopher Lade Labor
Philosophic Laden Labored
Philosophy Lading Laborer
Phlegm Ladle Laborius
Phlegmatic Lady Labyrinth
Phobia Ladylike Lace
Phoenix Lag Lacerate
Phone Laggard Lacerated
Phonetic Lagoon Laceration
Phoniness Laic Lacework
Phony Laid open Lack
Phosphorescence Lair Lack of embellisment
Photo Lakeside Lack of harmony
Photoengraving process Lamb Lack of moisture


Pictorial Chimney Dawdling Lack of harmony
Picture Chimpanzee Dawn Lack of moisture
Pictured Chin Dawning Lack of refinement
Picturesque China Day Lack of reverence
Piddling Chink Day of rest Lack of simplicity
Pie Chip Daybreak Lack of wisdom
Piece Chirp Daydream Lackadaisical
Piece for one person Chisel Daydreamer Lackey
Piece of furniture Chit Daylight Lacking
Piecemeal Chit-chat Days of yore Lacking order
Pier Chitchat Daze Lacking sense of hearing
Pierce Chivalrous Dazed Lacking sense of propriety
Piercing Chivalry Dazzle Lacking spirit
Piercing stare Chock-full Dazzling Lackluster
Pietistic Choice Deacon Laconic
Piety Choir Dead Lacquer
Pig Choke Dead end Lad
Pig out Choleric Dead heat Lade
Pigeon Chomp Deaden Laden
Pigeonhole Choose Deadened Lading
Pigheaded Choose sides Deadliness Ladle
Piglet Choosing Deadlock Lady
Pigment Choosing by casting votes Deadlocked Ladylike
Pigskin Choosy Deadly Lag
Pike Chop Deaf Laggard
Piker Chore Deafening Lagoon
Pilaster Chortle Deal Laic
Pile Chorus Deal out Laid open
Pile up Chosen Deal with Lair
Pileup Chow Dealer Lakeside


Wake up Satisfy Lamentation
Wakeful Satisfying Lamenting
Waken Saturate Lamp
Walk Saturated Lampoon
Walk lamely Saturation Lampooning
Walk lightly Saturday and sunday Lance
Walker Sauce Land
Walking Saucer Land by the water
Walkway Sauciness Land measurement
Wall Saucy Landholder
Wall scrawl Sauna Landing
Wallet Saunter Landing field
Wallop Saute Landlord
Wallow Savage Landmark
Wan Savageness Landowner
Wand Savagery Landscape
Wander Savant Lane
Wander around Save Language
Wanderer Saved Languid
Wandering Saving Languish
Wane Savings Languishing
Wangle Savoir-faire Languor
Waning Savoir faire Lank
Want Savor Lanky
Want badly Savorless Lantern
Wanted Savory Lap
Wanting Saw Lapse
Wanton Saw-toothed Lapsed
Wantonness Sawhorse Larceny
War Say Lard


Rigid Wiggle Language
Rigidity Wild Languid
Rigor Wild about Languish
Rigorous Wild horse Languishing
Rigorously Wilderness Languor
Rile Wildly Lank
Rill Wile Lanky
Rim Wiliness Lantern
Rind Will Lap
Ring Willful Lapse
Ring-shaped Willfully Lapsed
Ring up Willing Larceny
Ringing Willingly Lard
Ringlet Willingness Larder
Rink Wilt Large
Rinse Wily Large and clumsy
Riot Wimp Large boat
Rioter Win Large nail
Riotous Win over Largely
Rip Wince Largeness
Rip-off Wind Larger
Ripe Wind-swept Largess
Ripen Wind around Lark
Riposte Wind instrument Larva
Ripped Wind up Lascivious
Ripping Windbag Lasciviousness
Ripple Windfall Lash
Riptide Winding Lash out
Rise Window covering Lass
Rising Windstorm Lassie


Hardworking Join together Large
Hardy Joined Large and clumsy
Harlequin Joined in order Large boat
Harlot Joining Large nail
Harlotry Joint Largely
Harm Jointly Largeness
Harmed Joist Larger
Harmful Joke Largess
Harmless Joker Lark
Harmonic Joking Larva
Harmonious Jollity Lascivious
Harmonize Jolly Lasciviousness
Harmony Jolt Lash
Harness Jolting Lash out
Harpoon Josh Lass
Harpy Joshing Lassie
Harrow Jostle Lassitude
Harrowing Jot Lasso
Harry Jot down Last
Harsh Jounce Lasting
Harshly Journal Latch
Harshness Journalism Late
Harvest Journalist Lately
Harvesting machine Journey Latent
Hash Journey over Later
Hash out Joust Lateral
Hasp Jovial Laterally
Hassle Joviality Latest
Haste Joy Lather
Hasten Joyful Latitude


Helmsman Touch Laudation
Help Touch-and-go Laudatory
Help out Touch down Laugh
Helper Touchable Laugh nervously
Helpful Touched Laugh quietly
Helpfulness Touching Laughable
Helping Touchstone Laughing
Helpless Touchwood Laughingstoc
Helter-skelter Touchy Laughter
Hem Tough Launch
Hem and haw Tough guy Launching
Hence Toughen Launder
Henceforth Toughened Laundry
Henchman Tougher or stronger Laurel
Herald Tour Lavatory
Herculean Tourist Lavish
Herd Tourist car Lavish event
Hereafter Tournament Lavishness
Hereditary Tousled Law
Heredity Tout Law enforcement
Hereinafter Tow Lawbreaker
Heresy Toward Lawful
Heretic Toward that place Lawfully
Heretofore Tower Lawless
Heritage Tower above Lawlessness
Hermetic Towering Lawn
Hermit Town Lawn-seat
Hermitage Township Lawsuit
Hermitlike Toxic Lawyer
Hero Toxin Lax


Anticipating Laudation Laugh quietly
Anticipation Laudatory Laughable
Antidote Laugh Laughing
Antipathetic Laugh nervously Laughingstock
Antipathy Laugh quietly Laughter
Antipode Laughable Launch
Antiquated Laughing Launching
Antique Laughingstock Launder
Antiquity Laughter Laundry
Antiseptic Launch Laurel
Antisocial Launching Lavatory
Antithesis Launder Lavish
Antithetic Laundry Lavish event
Antitoxin Laurel Lavishness
Anxiety Lavatory Law
Anxiety neurosis Lavish Law enforcement
Anxious Lavish event Lawbreaker
Any Lavishness Lawful
Any one Law Lawfully
Any printed matter Law enforcement Lawless
Any time Lawbreaker Lawlessness
Anyhow Lawful Lawn
Anyone Lawfully Lawn-seat
Anything forged Lawless Lawsuit
Anything insubstantial Lawlessness Lawyer
Anything put in Lawn Lax
Anything soothing Lawn-seat Laxity
Anyway Lawsuit Lay
Anywise Lawyer Lay a wager
Aorta Lax Lay aside


Thing Edifice Laurel
Things Edify Lavatory
Think Edifying Lavish
Think about Edit Lavish event
Think over Editing Lavishness
Think up Edition Law
Thinkable Editorial Law enforcement
Thinking Educate Lawbreaker
Thirst Educated Lawful
Thirstiness Education Lawfully
Thirsty Educational Lawless
Thirty-six-inch ruler Educational institution Lawlessness
This one Educator Lawn
Thither Educe Lawn-seat
Thong Eerie Lawsuit
Thorax Efface Lawyer
Thorn Effacing Lax
Thorny Effect Laxity
Thorough Effecting Lay
Thoroughbred Effective Lay a wager
Thoroughfare Effectiveness Lay aside
Thoroughly Effects Lay away
Thoroughness Effectual Lay bare
Though Effectuate Lay down
Thought Effeminate Lay off
Thoughtful Effervesce Lay on
Thoughtfully Effervescence Lay open
Thoughtfulness Effervescent Lay out
Thoughtless Effete Lay the foundation
Thoughtlessness Efficacious Lay waste


Manufacture Adversity Lend
Manufactured Advertise Lend a hand
Manufacturing Advertisement Lend itself to
Manumit Advertising Lend oneself to
Manure Advice Length
Manuscript Advisable Lengthen
Many Advise Lengthened
Many-sided Advised Lengthwise
Map Advisement Lengthy
Mar Adviser Lenience
Maraud Advisory board Leniency
Marauder Advocate Lenient
Marauding Adz Lenity
March Aegis Lens
Margin Aerial Leprechaun
Margin purchaser Aerobics Lesion
Marginal Aerosol Less
Marijuana Aesthete Less and less
Marina Aesthetic Lessen
Marinade Afar Lessening
Marinated Affability Lesser
Marine Affable Lesser part
Mariner Affair Lesson
Marionette Affect Let
Maritime Affectation Let alone
Mark Affected Let down
Mark down Affecting Let go
Mark of ownership Affection Let slip
Markdown Affectionate Let the air out
Marked Affianced Lethal


Goon Envelope Lengthy
Goose Envelope or binder Lenience
Goose egg Envenom Leniency
Gore Envious Lenient
Gorge Enviousness Lenity
Gorged Environment Lens
Gorgeous Envisage Leprechaun
Gorilla Envision Lesion
Gory Envoy Less
Gossamer Envy Less and less
Gossip Enzyme Lessen
Gossiping Eon Lessening
Gothic Ephemeral Lesser
Gotten better Ephemeron Lesser part
Gouge Epic Lesson
Gourmand Epicure Let
Gourmet Epicurean Let alone
Govern Epidemic Let down
Governing Epidermis Let go
Governing body Epigram Let slip
Government Epigrammatic Let the air out
Govenment official Epilepsy Lethal
Governmental Epileptic fit Lethality
Governor Epilogue Lethargic
Gown Episode Lethargy
Grab Epistle Letter
Grabbing Epitaph Letter of credit
Grace Epithet Letter of introduction
Graceful Epitome Letter of reference
Gracefulness Epitomize Letter writer


Clarified Lethargy Stranded
Clarify Letter Strange
Clarion Letter of credit Strangely
Clarity Letter of introduction Stranger
Clash Letter of reference Strangle
Clashing Letter writer Strangling
Clasp Lettered Strap
Class Lettering Strapping
Classic Levee Straps and buckles
Classical Level Stratagem
Classification Level off Strategic
Classified Level surface Strategy
Classify Lever Stratosphere
Clatter Leverage Stratum
Clause Levitate Stray
Claw Levity Straying
Clay Levy Streak
Clean Lewd Stream
Clean-cut Lexical Streamer
Clean-shaven Lexicon Streamlet
Clean house Liability Streamline
Clean the floor Liable Street
Clean up Liaison Strength
Cleaned Liar Strengthen
Cleanly Libation Strenuous
Cleanness Libel Stress
Cleanse Libelous Stretch
Cleansing Liberal Stretch out
Clear Liberality Stretchable
Clear-cut Liberate Stretched


Materialization Greatest Letter of reference
Materialize Greatly Letter writer
Maternal Greatness Lettered
Mates Greed Lettering
Mathematics Greedy Levee
Matriarch Greedy monster Level
Matriculate Greek Level off
Matrimony Green Level surface
Matrix Greenhorn Lever
Matron Greenhouse Leverage
Matted Greenness Levitate
Matter Greet Levity
Matter-of-course Greeting Levy
Matter-of-fact Gregarious Lewd
Matting Gremlin Lexical
Mattock Grenade Lexicon
Maturation Grid Liability
Mature Griddle Liable
Mature seed pod Grief Liaison
Matured Grievance Liar
Maturing Grieve Libation
Maturity Grieved Libel
Maudlin Grieving Libelous
Maul Grievous Liberal
Maunder Grill Liberality
Mausoleum Grim Liberate
Maverick Grimace Liberated
Maw Grime Liberation
Mawkish Grimy Libertine
Maxim Grin Liberty


Characteristically Audible Lilliputian
Characterize Audience Lily-livered
Charade Audit Limb
Charge Audition Limber
Charge with electricity Auditorium Limbo
Chargeable Auditory Limit
Charged Augment Limitation
Charger Augmentation Limited
Charisma Augmented Limiting
Charitable Augmenting Limiting intake of food
Charity Augur Limitless
Charityball Augural Limits
Charlatan Augury Limp
Charlatanism August Limpid
Charm Aural Line
Charmed Auricle Line-up
Charmer Aurora Line up
Charming Auspicious Lineage
Chart Auspiciously Lineal
Charter Austere Lineament
Chary Austerity Linesman
Chase Autarchic Linger
Chasm Authentic Lingerie
Chassis Authenticate Lingering
Chaste Authenticated Lingo
Chastely Authenticity Lingua
Chasten Author Liniment
Chastise Authoritarian Lining
Chastisement Authoritative Link
Chastity Authoritatively Linked


Next to Vacancy Limited
Nexus Vacant Limiting
Nib Vacate Limiting intake of food
Nibble Vacating Limitless
Nice Vacation Limits
Nicety Vacation spot Limp
Niche Vaccinate Limpid
Nick Vacillate Line
Nicker Vacillating Line-up
Nickname Vacillation Line up
Nictitate Vacuity Lineage
Niggard Vacuous Lineal
Niggardliness Vacuum Lineament
Niggardly Vacuum cleaner Linesman
Niggling Vagabond Linger
Nigh Vagary Lingerie
Night Vagrancy Lingering
Night before Vagrant Lingo
Night club Vague Lingua
Nightfall Vagueness Liniment
Nightly Vain Lining
Nightmare Vainglorious Link
Nighttime Vainglory Linked


Dart Live through Gentle radiance
Dash Live up to Gentlefolk
Dashing Live wire Gentleman
Dastard Live with Gentleness
Dastardly Livelihood Gentlewoman
Data Liveliness Gently
Data base Lively Gently break a habit
Date Liven up Gentry
Date after Livery Genuflect
Date back Livestock Genuflection
Dated Living Genuine
Daub Living organism Genuinely
Daunt Living room Genuineness
Dauntless Living thing Genus
Dawdle Load Geotectonic
Dawdler Loaded Germ
Dawdling Loaf Germ-free
Dawn Loafer Germane
Dawning Loafing Germinate
Day Loam Gestation
Day of rest Loan Gesticulate
Daybreak Loath Gesture
Daydream Loathe Get
Daydreamer Loathing Get ahead
Daylight Loathsome Get ahold of
Days of yore Lob Get along well
Daze Lobby Get around
Dazed Local Get better
Dazzle Locale Get by
Dazzling Localism Get down


Housemother Pickpocket Loll
Hovel Picnic Lone
Hover Pictorial Loneliness
Howbeit Picture Lonely
However Pictured Lonesome
Howl Picturesque Lonesomeness
Howling Piddling Long
Hoyden Pie Long-lived
Hub Piece Long-suffering
Hubbub Piece for one person Long-winded
Huckster Piece of furniture Long ago
Huddle Piecemeal Long for
Hue Pier Long thin thing
Hue and cry Pierce Long wailing cry
Huff Piercing Longed for
Huffy Piercing stare Longhorn
Hug Pietistic Longing
Hug the road Piety Longing for
Huge Pig Longitudinally
Huge sea mammel Pig out Look
Hugeness Pigeon Look around
Hulk Pigeonhole Look at
Hulking Pigheaded Look for
Hull Piglet Look like
Hullabaloo Pigment Look over
Hum Pigskin Look through
Human Pike Look up
Human being Piker Look up to
Human beings Pilaster Look upon
Human race Pile Looking


Carillon Feeder Looking glass Dawdling Variety
Carmine Feeding Lookout Dawn Various
Carnage Feel Loom Dawning Various mineral chlorides
Carnal Feel for Looming Day Varnish
Carnality Feeler Loop Day of rest Varnished
Carnival Feeling Loose Daybreak Vary
Carnivorous Feeling of agreement Loosen Daydream Vassal
Carol Feeling of well-being Looseness Daydreamer Vast
Carousal Feign Loosening Daylight Vast size
Carouse Feigned Loot Days of yore Vastness
Carouser Feigning Looter Daze Vault
Carp Feint Lop Dazed Vaunt
Carpet Felicitous Lop off Dazzle Vector
Carping Feline Lope Dazzling Veer
Carriage Fell Lopsided Deacon Vegetable
Carrier Fell with a blow Loquacious Dead Vegetal
Carrion Fellow Loquacity Dead end Vegetation
Carry Fellow citizen Lord Dead heat Vehemence
Carry on Fellow man Lord's day Deaden Vehement
Carry out Fellowship Lord it over Deadened Vehicle
Carry over Felon Lordly Deadliness Veil
Carry through Felonious Lore Deadlock Veiled
Cart Felony Lose Deadlocked Vein
Carte Female Lose blood Deadly Vellum
Cartel Female child Loser Deaf Velocity
Cartilaginous Female parent Loss Deafening Velvety
Carton Female ruler Losses Deal Venal
Cartoon Female sovereign Lost Deal out Venality
Carve Feminine Lot Deal with Venation
Carved Femininity Lotion Dealer Vend


Jack up Rung Loved one
Jackass Runlet Loveliness
Jacket Runnel Lovely
Jackpot Runner Lover
Jade Running Loving
Jaded Running away Low
Jag Running water Low-class people
Jagged Runt Low-pitched
Jail Rupture Low-priced
Jailbird Rupturing Low cost
Jailed Rural Low mark
Jailer Rural area Low spirits
Jam Ruse Lowborn
Jam-packed Rush Lowbred
Jammed Russet Lower
Jangle Rust Lower oneself
Jar Rustic Lowering
Jargon Rustle Lowest
Jarred Ruthless Lowest part


Audible Manumit Lore Newspaper Lucifer
Audience Manure Lose Newspaper item Luck
Audit Manuscript Lose blood Newsy Luckless
Audition Many Loser Next Lucky
Auditorium Many-sided Loss Next to Lucrative
Auditory Map Losses Nexus Lucre
Augment Mar Lost Nib Ludicrous
Augmentation Maraud Lot Nibble Lug
Augmented Marauder Lotion Nice Lugubrious
Augmenting Marauding Loud Nicety Lukewarm
Augur March Loud cry Niche Lull
Augural Margin Loud noise Nick Lullaby
Augury Margin purchaser Loud speaker Nicker Lumber
August Marginal Loudness Nickname Lumbering
Aural Marijuana Lounge Nictitate Luminary
Auricle Marina Lounging around Niggard Luminescence
Aurora Marinade Louse Niggardliness Luminosity
Auspicious Marinated Lout Niggardly Luminous
Auspiciously Marine Loutish Niggling Luminous radiance
Austere Mariner Lovable Nigh Lummox
Austerity Marionette Love Night Lump
Autarchic Maritime Love-making Night before Lump of earth
Authentic Mark Love child Night club Lumpish
Authenticate Mark down Loved Nightfall Lunacy
Authenticated Mark of ownership Loved one Nightly Lunatic
Authenticity Markdown Loveliness Nightmare Lunch
Author Marked Lovely Nighttime Lunge
Authoritarian Marked down Lover Nihil Lurch
Authoritative Marked up Loving Nihilism Lure
Authoritatively Markedly Low Nimble Lurid


Trinket Demonstration Lusty
Trio Demonstrative Lute
Trip Demonstrator Luxuriance
Triple Demoralize Luxuriant
Triplicate Demoralized Luxuriate
Trite Demote Luxuriate in
Triteness Demulcent Luxurious
Triturate Demur Luxury
Triumph Demure Lying
Trimphal Demurral Lying down
Triumphant Den Lynch
Trivia Denial Lyre
Trivial Denigrate Lyric
Triviality Denigration Lyrical