Sequential Variegated Rabbi
Sequester Variety Rabbit pen
Sequestration Various Rabble
Seraph Various mineral chlorides Rabble-rouser
Serene Varnish Rabid
Serenity Varnished Race
Serf Vary Racer
Serial Vassal Racial
Serialized story Vast Racing vehicle
Series Vast size Racism
Series of songs Vastness Racist
Serious Vault Rack
Serious amateur Vaunt Racket
Seriously Vector Racy
Seriousness Veer Radar
Sermon Vegetable Radiance
Sermonize Vegetal Radiant
Serpent Vegetation Radiate
Serpentien Vehemence Radiate light or heat
Serrate Vehement Radiation
Servant Vehicle Radical
Serve Veil Radically
Service Veiled Radio


Jig Cross-examination Rancher
Jiggle Cross-examine Rancid
Jingle Crossbreed Rancor
Jingoist Crossing Rancorous
Jinx Crosspiece Random
Jittery Crossroad Randomly
Jive Crosswise Range
Job Crotch Ranging
Jock Crotchet Rangy
Jockey Crouch Rank
Jocose Crouch to avoid Rank and rile
Jocular Crow Rankle
Jocund Crowd Ransack
Jog Crowded Ransom
Join Crown Rant
Join forces with Crown of light Ranting
Join together Crucial Rap
Joined Crud Rapacious
Joined in order Crude Rapacity
Joining Crudely Rape
Joint Crudeness Rapid
Jointly Cruel Rapidity
Joist Cruelly Rapidly
Joke Cruelty Rapids
Joker Cruise Rapine
Joking Crumb Rapist
Jollity Crumble Rapport
Jolly Crumbling Rapprochement
Jolt Crumple Rapt
Jolting Crunch Rapture


Greenness Yaw Rapprochement
Greet Yawn Rapt
Greeting Yawp Rapture
Gregarious Yea Rare
Gremlin Year Rare item
Grenade Year after year Rarely
Grid Year in school Rarity
Griddle Yearbook Rascal
Grief Yearling Rascality
Grivance Yearly Rash
Grieve Yearn Rashness
Grieved Yearn for Rasp
Grieving Yearning Raspberry
Grievous Yeast Rasping
Grill Yegg Rat
Grim Yell Ratchet
Grimace Yellow Rate
Grime Yellow-brown Rate of occurrence
Grimy Yellow-green Rate scholastically
Grin Yelp Rather
Grind Yes Ratification
Grinder Yes-man Ratified
Grinding Yes indeed Ratify
Grip Yet Ratio
Gripe Yield Ratiocination
Gripping Yielding Ration
Grisly Yodel Rational
Grit Yoke Rationale
Grits Yokel Rationalism
Gritty Yonder Rationalistic


Tending Mercy Rather
Tending to produce Mere Ratification
Tenement Merely Ratified
Tenet Meretricious Ratify
Tenets Merge Ratio
Tenor Merger Ratiocination
Tense Meridian Ration
Tenseness Merit Rational
Tension Merited Rationale
Tentacle Meritorious Rationalism
Tentative Mermaid Rationalistic
Tenuous Merriment Rationalization
Tenure Merry Rationalize
Tepid Merrymaking Rations
Tergiversation Mesa Rattle
Term Mesh Rattlesnake
Term of endearment Mesh gears Raucous
Termagant Mesmerize Ravage
Terminal Mesmerized Ravaged
Terminal part of leg Mesmerizing Ravaging
Terminat Mess Rave
Terminated Mess-up Ravel
Termination Mess around Raven
Terminology Mess up Ravening
Terminus Message Ravenous
Terms Messenger Ravine
Terra cotta Messiah Raving
Terrace Messy Ravish
Terrain Met Ravisher
Terrestrial Metal Raw


Manufacture At the same time Registered
Manufactured At this time Registering
Manufacturing At times Regress
Manumit At what time Regression
Manure At which place Regressive
Manuscript At your convenience Regret
Many At your leisure Regretful
Many-sided Atavism Regrettable
Map Atheist Regular
Mar Atheistic Regularity
Maraud Athlete Regularly
Marauder Athletic Regulate
Marauding Athletic event Regulating
March Athletics Regulation
Margin Atmosphere Regurgitate
Margin purchaser Atmospheric Rehabilitation
Marginal Atmospheric conditions Rehabilitation center
Marijuana Atom Rehabilitative
Marina Atomic bomb Rehearsal
Marinade Atomize Rehearse
Marinated Atone Reign
Marine Atone for Reimburse
Mariner Atonement Reimbursement
Marionette Atrocious Rein
Maritime Atrocity Reinforce
Mark Attach Reinforcement
Mark down Attache Reinforcements
Mark of ownership Attached Reinstate
Markdown Attached equipment Reinvigorate
Marked Attachment Reiterate


Equivocal Manumit Relocate
Equivocate Manure Reluctance
Equivocating Manuscript Reluctant
Equivocation Many Rely
Era Many-sided Rely on
Eradicate Map Remade
Eradication Mar Remain
Erase Maraud Remainder
Erasure Marauder Remaining
Erect Marauding Remains
Erecting March Remains of what is burned
Erection Margin Remake
Eremite Margin purchaser Remark
Eremitic Marginal Remarkable
Erode Marijuana Remedial
Erosion Marina Remedy
Erosive Marinade Remember
Erotic Marinated Remembrance
Erotically appealing Marine Reminder
Err Mariner Reminisce
Errant Marionette Reminiscence
Erratic Maritime Reminiscent
Erratum Mark Remiss
Erring Mark down Remission
Erroneous Mark of ownership Remit
Error Markdown Remnant
Ersatz Marked Remnants
Erstwhile Marked down Remodel
Erudite Marked up Remonstrance
Erudition Markedly Remonstrate


Cavalcade Jig Revolted
Cavalier Jiggle Revolting
Cave Jingle Revolution
Cave in Jingoist Revolutionary
Caveat Jinx Revolutionist
Cavern Jittery Revolutionize
Cavil Jive Revolve
Caviling Job Revulsion
Cavity Jock Reward
Cavort Jockey Reword
Cease Jocose Rework
Ceased to exist Jocular Reworking
Ceaseless Jocund Rhetoric
Ceaselessly Jog Rhetorical
Cede Join Rhyme
Ceiling Join forces with Rhythm
Ceiling price Join together Rhythmical
Celebrate Joined Rib
Celebrated Joined in order Ribald
Celebration Joining Ribbing
Celebraton of the mass Joint Ribbon
Celebrity Jointly Rich
Celerity Joist Rich man
Celestial Joke Riches
Celestial body Joker Richness
Celibacy Joking Rickety
Celibate Jollity Ricochet
Cell Jolly Rid
Cellar Jolt Riddance
Cellophane Jolting Riddle


It's easy Arm band Reword
Itch Arm joint Rework
Itching Armada Reworking
Itching to Armed conflict Rhetoric
Itchy Armed force Rhetorical
Item Armed guard Rhyme
Item in a log Armed military craft Rhythm
Item of clothing Armed ship Rhythmical
Item used to decorate Arming Rib
Itemize Armistice Ribald
Iterate Armor Ribbing
Itinerancy Armory Ribbon
Itinerant Arms Rich
Itinerary Arms depot Rich man
Ivories Army Riches
Ivory Army engineer Richness


Jargon Patrimonial Fresh maize Reworking
Jarred Patrimony Freshen Rhetoric
Jarring Patriot Freshen up Rhetorical
Jarring impact Patriotic Freshly Rhyme
Jaundiced Patriotism Freshman Rhythm
Jaunt Patrol Freshness Rhythmical
Jaunty Patrolman Fret Rib
Javelin Patron Fretful Ribald
Jaw Patronage Freudian therapy Ribbing
Jazz Patronize Friable Ribbon
Jazz up Patronizing Friar Rich
Jealous Patrons Fricassee Rich man
Jealously Patter Friction Riches
Jealousy Pattern Fried Richness
Jeer Paunch Friend Rickety
Jejune Pauper Friendless Ricochet
Jell Pause Friendliness Rid
Jelly Pave Friendly Riddance
Jellyfish Pavement Friendly and sincere Riddle
Jennet Paw Friendly intercourse Ride
Jeopardize Pawn Friendly with Ride at full speed
Jeopardy Pay Friendship Rider
Jerk Pay attention Frieze Ridge
Jerry-built Pay for Fright Ridicule
Jest Pay off Frighten Ridiculing
Jester Pay off a debt Frightened Ridiculous
Jesting Payable Frightful Rife
Jet Paying Frigid Riffle
Jet-black Paying passenger Frigidity Riffraff
Jet airplane Payload Frill Rifle


Airiness Pillage Ribbing
Airplane Pillar Ribbon
Airport Pillow Rich
Airs Pilot Rich man
Airship Pilot program Riches
Airtight Pimp Richness
Airy Pimple Rickety
Akin Pin Ricochet
Alacrity Pinch Rid
Alarm Pinch hitter Riddance
Alarmed Pine Riddle
Alarming Pine away Ride
Alarum Pinion Ride at full speed
Albeit Pink Rider
Album Pinkish Ridge
Alcohol Pinnacle Ridicule
Alcohol addict Pioneer Ridiculing
Alcoholic Pious Ridiculous
Alcove Pip Rife
Alderman Pipe Riffle
Alehouse Pipe down Riffraff
Alert Pipe up Rifle
Alertness Pipeline Rift
Alibi Piquancy Rig
Alien Piquant Rigged
Alienate Pique Rigging
Alienation Piqued Right
Alight Piracy Right-wing
Alighting Pirate Right-wing dictatorship
Align Pirate ship Right away


Relocate Hardheaded Validate Right-wing dictatorship
Reluctance Hardhearted Validated Right away
Reluctant Hardihood Validity Righteous
Rely Hardly Valley Righteously
Rely on Hardness Valor Righteousness
Remade Hardship Valorous Rightful
Remain Hardwood Valuable Rightfully
Remainder Hardworking Valuation Rightly
Remaining Hardy Value Rightness
Remains Harlequin Value at Rigid
Remains of what is burned Harlot Valueless Rigidity
Remake Harlotry Vamp Rigor
Remark Harm Vampire Rigorous
Remarkable Harmed Van Rigorously
Remedial Harmful Vandalism Rile
Remedy Harmless Vandalize Rill
Remember Harmonic Vanguard Rim
Remembrance Harmonious Vanish Rind
Reminder Harmonize Vanished Ring
Reminisce Harmony Vanishing Ring-shaped
Reminiscence Harness Vanity Ring up
Reminiscent Harpoon Vanquish Ringing
Remiss Harpy Vanquished Ringlet
Remission Harrow Vapid Rink
Remit Harrowing Vapor Rinse
Remnant Harry Vaporize Riot
Remnants Harsh Vaporous Rioter
Remodel Harshly Variable Riotour
Remonstrance Harshness Variance Rip
Remonstrate Harvest Variant Rip-off


Ragout Manumit Right away
Rags Manure Righteous
Ragtime Manuscript Righteously
Raid Many Righteousness
Raider Many-sided Rightful
Rail Map Rightfully
Rail at Mar Rightly
Railing Maraud Rightness
Raillery Marauder Rigid
Railroad Marauding Rigidity
Rain March Rigor
Rain gauge Margin Rigorous
Rain gutter Margin purchaser Rigorously
Rainbow-colored Marginal Rile
Rainless Marijuana Rill
Rainy Marina Rim
Raise Marinade Rind
Raised Marinated Ring
Rake Marine Ring-shaped
Rakish Mariner Ring up
Rally Marionette Ringing
Ram Maritime Ringlet
Ramble Mark Rink
Rambler Mark down Rinse
Rambling Mark of ownership Riot
Rambunctious Markdown Rioter
Ramificaiton Marked Riotous
Rampage Marked down Rip
Rampaging Marked up Rip-off
Rampant Markedly Ripe


Fractious Dab Righteously
Fracture Dabble Righteousness
Fragile Dabbler Rightful
Fragility Dad Rightfully
Fragment Daddy Rightly
Fragmentary Daft Rightness
Fragments Dagger Rigid
Fragrance Daily Rigidity
Fragrant Daily journal Rigor
Frail Daintiness Rigorous
Frailty Dainty Rigorously
Frame Dairy dessert Rile
Frame of mind Dais Rill
Framework Dale Rim
Franchise Dally Rind
Frangible Dam Ring
Frank Damage Ring-shaped
Frankfurter Damaged Ring up
Frankly Damages Ringing
Frankness Damaging Ringlet
Frantic Dame Rink
Fraternal Damn Rinse
Fraternity Damn with faint praise Riot
Fraternization Damnable Rioter
Fraternize Damnation Riotous
Fraud Damned Rip
Fraudulent Damning Rip-off
Fraught Damp Ripe
Fray Dampen Ripen
Frayed Damper Riposte


Newspaper Anatomization Righteously Knotted
Newspaper item Anatomize Righteousness Knotty
Newsy Anatomy Rightful Know
Next Ancestor Rightfully Know-how
Next to Ancestral Rightly Know-it-all
Nexus Ancestry Rightness Know-it all
Nib Anchor Rigid Knowable
Nibble Anchorage Rigidity Knowing
Nice Ancient Rigor Knowingly
Nicety Ancient artifact Rigorous Knowledge
Niche Ancient times Rigorously Knowledgeable
Nick Ancillary Rile Known
Nicker And Rill Knucklehead
Nickname Andiron Rim Kook
Nictitate Anecdote Rind Kowtow
Niggard Anemic Ring Kowtow to
Niggardliness Anesthetic Ring-shaped Kudos
Niggardly Anesthetize Ring up Kung-fu


Lower Delight in Road
Lower oneself Delighted Road house
Lowering Delightful Roadway
Lowest Delimit Roam
Lowest part Delineate Roaming
Lowland Delineated Roar
Lowly Delineation Roaring
Loyal Delinquency Roast
Loyalist Delinquent Roasted bread
Loyalty Delirious Roaster
Lubberly Delirium Rob
Lubricant Deliver Robbed
Lubricate Deliverance Robber
Lubricous Delivery Robbery
Lucent Delude Robe
Lucid Deluge Robot
Ludidity Delusion Robust
Lucifer Delusive Rock
Luck Deluxe Rock and roll
Luckless Delve Rock music
Lucky Demagogue Rocket
Lucrative Demand Rocky
Lucre Demand noisily Rod
Ludicrous Demanding Rogue
Lug Demands Roguish
Lugubrious Demarcate Roil
Lukewarm Demarcation Roll
Lull Demean Roll of parchment
Lullaby Demeanor Roll up


Edifice Argue about Road house
Edify Argue against Roadway
Edifying Argument Roam
Edit Argumentation Roaming
Editing Argumentative Roar
Edition Aria Roaring
Editorial Arid Roast
Educate Aridity Roasted bread
Educated Arise Roaster
Education Arising Rob
Educational Aristocracy Robbed
Educational institution Aristocrat Robber
Educator Aristocratic Robbery
Educe Arithmetic Robe
Eerie Arm Robot
Efface Arm band Robust
Effacing Arm joint Rock
Effect Armada Rock and roll
Effecting Armed conflict Rock music
Effective Armed force Rocket
Effectiveness Armed guard Rocky
Effects Armed military craft Rod
Effectual Armed ship Rogue
Effectuate Arming Roguish
Effeminate Armistice Roil
Effervesce Armor Role
Effervescence Armory Roll
Effervescent Arms Roll of parchment
Effete Arms depot Roll up
Efficacious Army Roller


Reword Characteristically Roaster
Rework Chacterize Rob
Reworking Charade Robbed
Rhetoric Charge Robber
Rhetorical Charge with electricity Robbery
Rhyme Chargeable Robe
Rhythm Charged Robot
Rhythmical Charger Robust
Rib Charisma Rock
Ribald Charitable Rock and roll
Ribbing Charity Rock music
Ribbon Charity ball Rocket
Rich Charlatan Rocky
Rich man Charlatanism Rod
Riches Charm Rogue
Richness Charmed Roguish
Rickety Charmer Roil
Ricochet Charming Role
Rid Chart Roll
Riddance Charter Roll of parchment
Riddle Chary Roll up
Ride Chase Roller
Ride at full speed Chasm Rollick
Rider Chassis Rollicking
Ridge Chaste Roly-poly
Ridicule Chastely Roman god
Ridiculing Chasten Romance
Ridiculous Chastise Romantic
Rife Chastisement Romanticist
Riffle Chastity Romp


Wield Penance Activity Roaster
Wife Penchant Actor Rob
Wife of a king Pencil Actress Robbed
Wiggle Pendant Actual Robber
Wild Pendent Actuality Robbery
Wild about Pending Actualize Robe
Wild horse Penetrable Actually Robot
Wilderness Penetrate Actuate Robust
Wildly Penetrating Acumen Rock
Wile Penetration Acuminate Rock and roll
Wiliness Penitence Acupuncture Rock music
Will Penitent Acute Rocket
Willful Penitentiary Acuteness Rocky
Willfully Penmanship Adage Rod
Willing Pennant Adamant Rogue
Willingly Penniless Adamantine Roguish
Willingness Pennon Adapt Roil
Wilt Penny pincher Adaptability Role
Wily Pension Adaptable Roll
Wimp Pensioner Adaptation Roll of parchment
Win Pensive Adapted Roll up
Win over Pensiveness Add Roller
Wince Pent-up Add-on Rollick
Wind Penurious Add salt Rollicking
Wind-swept Penury Add to Roly-poly
Wind around People Add up Roman god
Wind instrument People of high social standing Add up to Romance
Wind up Pepper Added Romantic
Windbag Peppery Addendum Romanticist
Windfall Per Addict Romp


Lubberly Microwave Valuation Depredation Robbed
Lubricant Mid Value Depress Robber
Lubricate Middle Valued at Depressed Robbery
Lubricous Middle east Valueless Depressing Robe
Lucent Middlebrow Vamp Depression Robot
Lucid Middleman Vampire Deprivation Robust
Lucidity Middlemost Van Deprive Rock
Lucifer Middling Vandalism Deprive of vitality Rock and roll
Luck Midget Vandalize Deprive of weapons Rock music
Luckless Midnight Vanguard Depth Rocket
Lucky Midpoint Vanish Depths Rocky
Lucrative Midst Vanished Depute Rod
Lucre Midway Vanishing Deputize Rogue
Ludicrous Mien Vanity Deputy Roguish
Lug Miff Vanquish Derange Roil
Lugubrious Might Vanquished Deranged Role
Lukewarm Mighty Vapid Derangement Roll
Lull Migrant Vapor Derelict Roll of parchment
Lullaby Migrate Vaporize Dereliction Roll up
Lumber Migrate from elsewhere Vaporous Deride Roller
Lumbering Migration Variable Derision Rollick
Luminary Migratory Variance Derisive Rollicking
Luminescence Mild Variant Derisive sound Roly-poly
Luminosity Mild anger Variation Derivation Roman god
Luminous Mildew Varicolored Derive Romance
Luminous radiance Mildly Varied Derived Romantic
Lummox Mildness Variegate Dermatitis Romanticist
Lump Milestone Variegated Derogate Romp
Lump of earth Milieu Variety Derogative Roof
Lumpish Militant Various Derogator Roofing


Choosing by casting votes Gentle radiance Rooster
Choosing Gentlefolk Root
Chop Gentleman Rooted
Chore Gentleness Rooter
Chortle Gentlewoman Rootless
Chorus Gently Rootlet
Chosen Gently break a habit Rootstock
Chow Gentry Rope
Christ Genuflect Ropes and pulleys
Christen Genuflection Ropy
Christendom Genuine Rose
Christian Genuinely Rose-colored
Christian sacrament Genuineness Roseate
Christian scriptures Genus Rosette
Christmas Geotectonic Roster
Chronic Germ Rostrum
Chronicle Germ-free Rosy
Chronological Germane Rot
Chubby Germinate Rotate
Chuck Gestation Rotation
Chuckle Gesticulate Rotten
Chum Gesture Rotund
Chummy Get Roue
Chunk Get ahead Rouge
Chunky Get ahold of Rough
Church Get along well Roughhouse
Church officer Get around Roughly
Churl Get better Roughness
Churlish Get by Round
Churn Get down Round out


Jaunty Jab Roughhouse
Javeline Jabber Roughly
Jaw Jack Roughness
Jazz Jack-of-all-trades Round
Jazz up Jack up Round out
Jealous Jackass Roundabout
Jealously Jacket Rounded
Jealousy Jackpot Rounded off
Jeer Jade Rouse
Jejune Jaded Roustabout
Jell Jag Rout
Jelly Jagged Route
Jellyfish Jail Routine
Jennet Jailbird Routinely
Jeopardize Jailed Rove
Jeopardy Jailer Rover
Jeopardy Jam Roving
Jerk Jam-packed Row
Jerry-built Jammed Rowdiness
Jest Jangle Rowdy
Jester Jar Royal
Jesting Jargon Royal household
Jet Jarred Royal seat
Jet-black Jarring Royalty
Jet airplane Rub