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A glass pearl game

by Curtis Cottrell

a kinetic/phonetic cyberlit incantation

is the strange filtered through the conventional and

Titles contain cryptic clues to major themes. "AOK" is a collection of responses to a list of Oklahoma counties--European misreadings of Native American names. "Bardo" is Shakespeare's entire crew of characters. Individual casts of classics are also played.

Watch out! Avon's swan uses anagrams as well as puns!

(A tip of the hat to Gertrude Stein & J.R.R. Tolkien.)

Meaning oscillates on the plane of signification as the signal to noise ratio fluctuates between motivated and arbitrary words. Arbitrary elements can combine with primary motifs to form complimentary contexts. Or these chance elements may allow unrelated supplimentary themes to develop lives of their own.

A maximum of nine two-syllable words produce up to eighteen beats per line. This rhythm makes the lyrics suitable to be conducted in 6/8 time when the trisyllables are performed as triplets. Count out the remainder of short lines as silent rests.

The phonic level interplays complimentary and supplimentary sounds. A complimentary letter is one in the same phonic family. Supplimentary letters include silent vowels (e,u) and consonents (w,h). Feedback patterns generate sonic waves. Surf the sea of sound!

Eventually, there is soothing tonic resolution.

  • A kinetic composition can be scrolled and scanned, browsed and sampled at the reader's own rate
  • Different speeds will yield various interpretive patterns freeing the power of imagination at play