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Friends, Romans, countrymen:  lend me your ears!
I fed Shakespeare to a computer, and it spat this back.

julius julies guiles joules gullies yules julians gulls joule
caesar caesars caesura caesuras caesural aces chafer scalar safer
octaves octavos octave octavo oxtails oxtail
marches marcs narcissi marcels marchers markups maracas mares narcoses
antonio antonyms ammonias ammoniums ammonium nations anteings antonymous nation
elides leprous elide
chicory cicerone ciceroni chickory icier chicago chicano chimera kicker
publish publics bubbles pueblos pulpits pupils public publishes published
populous populism populist populi poplins poplin
lean len lento leon leaned leaner lend lens lent
brutes bruits brunts brutish brute bruit brunt
cassias caseous chases chassis sasses sassiest caseins cassia cases
chase sashay cascade cascara case cask cassia casual cash
treasonous threnodies trombonist
lugubriuous linear
tedious tediums edicts deceits decries decision decisive edict edits
emotes meteor nestle nestlers
chimaera chimer cumber cumbers simmer simper chimers chimera cumbered
china chine chino chinned chinas sine canna chin sinned
flavors flatus flails flairs flaky
marvellous marcel
luscious loquacious
tuitions titaniums tuition titanium
messily mescal message messiah mescals messy mesas metal
chatty cathy catty chat chateau scat kathy actor cat
voluminous voluming
farrow vary fare aver var various far farrier farrows
slits clouts clots slots cliques cliquish slit slithers clout
strata straitly strait strategy stratum strut strata's stratums striate
lucia luscious lucid louises loutish luckiest lupus lucks lousy
binders binaries binder picadors binary
calumniate california calipering
portion porting portico portiere portions ports psoriasis portal porticos
rome romeo rhombi rhime rhomb rime rome romp roomy
philippic philip philippics philippine filipino fillip filliping filipinos fillips
julius julies julians jujus
julies julius juleps julians juries juices julep julienne junes
julians julian juliennes julius julies julep
caesar caesars caesura caesuras caesural camera
caesars caesar caesuras caesura caesarean caesarian cameras cafes cages
antonio anthony antonym
chicago chicago's chicano chicane chicanos
chicano chicane chicanos chicanes chicaned chicago chicaning chicanery chicken
leon lean len leo leans leant lend lens lent
lugubrious lugubriously
cathy catty catchy cat catch cats cathode cart cast
kathy kate katydid
lucia ludid lucy lucite lucidly lucille luck luckier lucifer
louises louses looses losses louise lousiest loesses loosest loutish
california californias californian californians californium californiums caledonia calipering calcifying
rome romeo rom romp roomy roam roman romped romper
romeo rome rodeo rom romp romped romper roam roamed
rhyme rhymes rhymed rhymer rhymers
philip phil phial
philippine philippines philippic philistine philippics philistines
filipino filipinos filliping fillip
filipinos filipino filliping