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Manner, means, progress, distance, passage. Fashion, method, style, mode, custom, practice, habit. Mode, technique, method, system, procedure, policy, plan. Passage, direction, extent. Interval, space. Path, route, channel, course, road, track, avenue.
Solitary, isolated, unity. Alone, separate, separated, unaccompanied, secluded, apart, lonesome. Sole, solitary, separate, unique, lonely. One, single, sole, particular, unique.
Final, continue. Concluding, closing, conclusive, latest, ultimate, hindmost, extreme. Endure, persevere, persist, remain, perpetuate, abide, go on.
Beloved. Intimate, cherished, sweet, darling, esteemed, dear, precious.
Lengthy, boring, yearn. Extensive, prolonged, drawn out, extended, attenuated, dragging. Tedious, long-winded, verbose, wordy, prolix, dragging. Crave, desire, hunger, ache, yearn for.
Textual discourse, texture, textured surface, thalassic, thank, thank you, thankful, thankfulness, thankless, thanks, thanksgiving, that, thatch, thaw, the archfiend, the arts, the birth of Christ, the courts, the creator, the crown, the devil, the movies, the number enrolled, the one.
Ripple, riptide, rise, rising, risk, risky, risque, risque', rite, ritual, rival, rivalry, rive, river, rivet, rivulet, road, road house, roadway, roam, roaming, roar, roaring, roast.
Former, gone, recent, expired, antiquity, experiences, beyond. Antecedent, prior, preceding, foregoing, anterior, elapsed, gone by. Over, finished, done, done with, bygone, forgotten, gone by. Preceding, earlier, retired, late, onetime. Lapsed, over, elapsed, gone by. History, long ago, days of yore. Behind, through, by, farther, over, across, nearby.
Night before. Evening, night, twilight.
Part of speech. But, neither, although, conjuncion, for.
Activity, actor, actress, actual, actuality, actualize, actually, actuate, acumen, acuminate, acupuncture, acute, acuteness, adage, adamant, adamantine, adapt, adaaptability, adaptable, adaptation, adapted, add, add-on, add salt.
Away. Hence, onward, out, on, outward, out of sight.
Bend. Curve, turn, veer, deviate, twist, deflect, dodge.
Concerning. Connected with, respecting, in regard to, about.
Coast, brace, support. Beach, seashore, seaside, seacoast, lakeside. Stay, support, prop, post, beam, buttress, strut. Prop, brace.
Until, toward. As far as. Facing, through.
Curve, twist, influence, acquiesce, deviate. Twist, angle, turn, wind, bow, crook, curvature. Warp, bow, crook, curve, deflect. Manipulate, persuade, direct, compel, coerce, mold. Agree, bow, give way, succumb, stoop, submit, yield. Sway, lean, droop, incline, swerve, buckle, diverge.
Concerning. Connected with, respecting, in regard to, about.
Color, body of water, animal sound. Brown, brownish-red, chestnut, reddish-brown, ruddy, reddish. Harbor, gulf, cove, inlet, lagoon, firth, estuary. Howl, bark, caterwaul, cry, bellow, trumpet, wail.
Upsurge, upswing, uptight, upturn, upward, urban, urban area, urbane, urchin, urge, urgency, urgent, urging, urn, usable, usage, use, use a razor, use dial telephone, use for clothing, use the hands, use too much, use up, used.
Near, at the hand of. Close to, next to, nigh. At, along with.
Commination, commingle, commingled, commiserate, commiseration, commission, commissioned, commissioner, commit, commitment, committee, commodious, commodities, commodity, common, common ownership, common sense, common speech, commonalty, commonly, commonly accepted, commonly owned apartment house, commonplace, commonwealth.
Vicarage, vicarious, vice, vicinity, vicious, vicissitude, vicissitudes, victim, victimize, victor, victorious, victorious contest, victory, victuals, vie, view, viewable, viewed, viewer, viewing, viewpoint, vigil, vigilance, vigilant.
Concerning. Connected with, respecting, in regard to, about.
Posterior, rear, support, reverse, backward. Hind, after, rear, remote. End, posterior. Help, uphold, abet, further, aid, endorse, favor. Retreat, retire, withdraw, repel. To the rear, away, off, rearward.
Until, toward. As far as. Facing, through.
House of worship, house painter, housebreak, housebreaker, housebreaking, household, housekeeper, housemother, hovel, hover, howbeit, however, howl, howling, hoyden, hub, hubbub, huckster, huddle, hue, hue and cry, huff, huffy, hug. Fortress, palace, rook. Fortification, citadel, fort, stronghold. Residence, chateau, mansion.
Part of speech. But, neither, although, conjunction, for.
Entry, entry way, entryway, entwine, enumerate, enunciate, enunciation, envelop, envelope, envelope or binder, envenom, envious, enviousness, environment, envisage, envision, envoy, envy, enzyme, eon, ephemeral, ephemeron, epic, epicure.