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Frank Lloyd Written

Bower. Arbor, trellis, gazebo, retreat, lattice, hideaway
Colonnade. Corridor, mezzanine.
Designer, originator. Creator, author, prime mover, mastermind, designer, engineer.
Covering. Hatch, ceiling, case, umbrella, roofing, cover, integument.
Movie house. Cinema, playhouse, film society.
Barn attic. Barn, hayloft, storehouse, silo, haymow.
Cellar, foundation. Excavation, vault. Footing, wall, bed, bottom, groundwork. Base. Low, menial, inferior, corrupt, disreputable, foundation, stand, principle, camp, point of departure, establish. Dirty, sordid, contemptible, cowardly, villainous, mean, degraded. Abject, lowly, squalid, beggarly, ignoble, degrading. Shabby, cheap, poor, coarse, counterfeit, tawdry, unworthy. Evil, foul, tained, sinister, vile, ungodly, wretched. Dishonorable, disgraceful, infamous, notorious, scandalous, shameful. Substructure, basis, basement, groundwork, grounds, bed, bedrock. Bottom, foot, seat, rest. Element, essence, root, basis, core, support. Site, station, headquarters, settlement, post, center, garrison. Terminal, goal, object, radical. Fasten, build, found, ground, rest, stay, predicate.
Facility. Equipment, machinery, plant, tools. Build. Make, increase, found. Put together, manufacture, set up, fashion, assemble, construct, erect. Mount, swell, wax, amplify, augment, grow. Establish, institute, organize, formulate, constitute.
Adhesive, stick. Glue, mortar, epoxy, grout. Paste, glue, fasten, mortar, plaster, tar, connect.
Room, container, assembly. Cubicle, apartment, antechamber, cabin, berth, closet. Compartment, cell, case, cavity, cubbyhole. Congress, legislature, organization, government, representatives, parliament.
Smokestack. Stack, funnel, flue, exhaust pipe.
Actual, physical, made of cement, pavement. Specific, particular, real, accurate, definite, solid, singular. Solid, firm, stron, compressed, hard, dense, tangible. Solid. Cement, mortar, asphalt.
Cop. Steal. Pilfer, swipe, appropriate, abstract, lift, filch.
Arcade. Colonnade, mezzanine.
Base, establishment, girdle. Basement, basis, groundwork, footing, bed, ground, substructure. Endowment, institution, organization, settlement, institute, society, company. Corset. Found. Discovered, lay the foundation. Met, detected, rescued. Establish, begin, create, set up, fix firmly, erect.
Brace. Stud, timber, joist, rafter, strut, stay, beam. Gird. Brace, bind. Fortify, prepare, ready, steel, strengthen, support. Fasten, secure, surround, encircle, girdle.
Joist. Brace. Stud, timber, beam, rafter, strut, stay, girder.
Bower. Alcove, trellis, gazebo, retreat, arbor, hideaway.
Bathroom. Bath, shower, spa, sauna, shower room.
Timber, trudge. Boards, wood, hardwood. Plod, clump, shamble, barge, stumble, slog.
Architectural ornament. Frame, frieze, embellishment, decoration. Mold. Form, distinctive nature, fungus, fashion, influence, decay. Model, cast, die, matrix, pattern, shape, cavity. Type, cast, class, character, sort, kind, stamp. Mildew, mould, parasite, decay. Form, model, shape, make, forge. Bend, govern, transform, develop, convert, transfigure. Mildew, rot, spoil, molder, rust.
Adhesive. Glue, cement, epoxy, grout.
Larder. Storehouse, warehouse, room. Pant. Gasp, gasp, yearn, pulsate. Huff, heave, puff, throb. Blow, puff. Desire, hunger, long, thirst. Palpitate, throb. Try. Attempt, test, refine, judge. Endeavor, strive, assay, offer, essay, seek. Check, examine, prove, investigate. Extract, distill, melt, render. Decide, hear, examine, referee.
Distribution, division, part, wall, divide. Allotment, apportionment, division, portion, share. Disjunction, separation. Piece, section, segment. Barrier, screen. Apportion, deal out, mete out, parcel out, portion, separate, share.
Column. Support, pillar, post, prop, minaret, shaft.
Stucco, coat with plaster. Mortar, grout. Cover, daub, face, mortar, bind, cement.
Plumb. Sound, vertically. Fathom, measure, explore, search, mark, gauge. Squarely, straight, uprightly.
Brace. Stud, timber, joist, beam, strut, stay, girder.
Scant. Bare. Meager, just, mere, sheer, simple, sole, alone.
Sheath, sheathe. Quiver. Scabbard. Wrap. Cover, surround, envelop.
Side. Secondary, edge, team. Indirect, lateral, auxiliary, oblique, subordinate, extraneous, off center. Border, flank, rim, fringe, margin, verge, wing. Position, party, faction, wing, viewpoint, caucus, camp.
Detail. Circumstance, particular, feature, item, particularity, point. Specific. Particular. Definite, certain, special, individual, especial.
Construction, edifice. Fabrication, configuration, arrangement, composition, organizaiton, form, shape. Building, bridge, dam, framework.
Plaster. Mortar, grout.
Stud. Upright beam, breeding animal. Post, upright, joist, rafter, timber, two by four. Stallion.
Till. Drawer, cultivate. Compartment, bin, receptacle, tray. Farm, labor, harrow, grow, work.
Beam, wood. Mast, boom, frame, tie, balk. Lumber, hardwood, forest, timberland.
Shelf. Ledge, counter, bench, stand, booth, board.
Veneer. Facing, false front. Thin layer, surface treatment, cover, wrapper, coating. Facade, front, pretension.
Foyer. Hallway, entry, lobby, anteroom.