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Fossilize, foster, foul, foul dirt, foul up, foully, foulness, found, foundation, founder, founding, foundling, fountain, fountainhead, four-sided, four hundred, foursome, foxy, foyer, fracas, fraction, fractionate, fractious, fracture.
Tally, mark, music, purpose, count, mark, obtain, total, record, count, rate, number, average, reckoning. Line, notch, stroke. Arrangement, composition, orchestration, transcript. Motive, reason, ground, consideration. Tally, total, add, tabulate, calculate, enumerate, reckon. Notch, scratch, deface, cut, mar, maim, mill. Gain, procure, get, purchase, win.
Part of speech. But, neither, although, conjunction, for.
Set to work, set type, set up, set upon, setback, settee, setting, setting free, settle, settle down, settle the score, settled, settlement, settlings, sever, several, severance, severe, severe pain, severed, severely, severing, severity, sew.
Ossify, ostensible, ostensibly, ostentation, ostentatious, ostracism, ostracize, other, other person, otherwise, otherworldly, otiose, ought to, ounce, oust, out, out-and-out, out-of-date, out-of-doors, out-of-the-way, out-think, out and out, out back, out cold.
Broken hearted, broker, bromide, bronco, Bronx cheer, bronze, brooch, brood, brook, broom, broth, brother, brotherhood, brotherly, brought into, brought up, browbeat, brown, brown-noser, brownie, brownish, brownish-red, brownish yellow, browse.
Forward. Out.
Upon, against, near, forward, approaching. Over, above, touching, in contact with, covering, on top of, about. Next, close to, in contact with. Beside, adjacent to, bordering, close to. Ahead, onward, advancing, along, forth, toward. Toward, proceeding, at, moving.
Thin layer, thin rope, thing, things, think, think about, think over, think up, thinkable, thinking, thirst, thirstiness, thirsty, thirty-six-inch ruler, this one, thither, thong, thorax, thorn, thorny, thorough, thoroughbred, thoroughfare, thoroughly.
Country. Nation, fatherland, region, province, land.
Fresh, additional, fresh, latest, different, untrained, recently. Current, late, modern, modernistic, new-fashioned. Increased, fresh, supplementary, further, extra. Unique, unaccustomed, original, unused, bizarre, unusual, unspoiled. Modish, fashionable, modern. Unlike, dissimilar, distinct. Unseasoned, unskilled, incompetent, inexperienced. Afresh, anew, freshly, lately, newly.
People, realm. Ethnic group, population, race, stock, tribe. Community, commonweath, republic, country, monarchy, kingdom, dominion.
Instituted. Set up, achieved, established.
Inside of, during. Surrounded by, within, pertaining to. While, whilst, meanwhile, at, in the act of.
Freedom, time. Independence, liberation, unconstraint, privilege, immunity, autonomy, franchise. Holiday, vacation, furlough, leave, absence.
Part of speech. But, neither, although, conjunction, for.
Divine. Sacred, sanctified, blessed, glorified.
Until, toward. As far as. Facing, through.
Textual discourse, texture, textured surface, thalassic, thank, thank you, thankful, thankfulness, thankless, thanks, thanksgiving, that, thatch, thaw, the archfiend, the arts, the birth of Christ, the courts, the creator, the crown, the devil, the movies, the number enrolled, the one.
Proposal, approach. Presentation, plan, overture, scheme. Ask, accost, solicit.
Another, the one. Particular. This one, who.
Every, whole, alone, altogether, totally. Each, any. Entire, complete, intact, total, full. Solely, exclusively. Solidly, completely, entirely, utterly, wholly. Entirely, altogether, exactly, just, purely, quite, utterly.
Humanity. Folks, human beings, mankind, humankind, man, people.
Archaism, archangel, arched gateway, archetypal, archetype, arching, architect, architectural ornament, architectural style, archives, arctic, ardent, ardor, arduous, area, area in garden, arena, argent, argot, arguable, argue, argue about, argue against, argument.
Constructed. Fabricated, completed, assemled, built, produced, made, contrived.
Alike, uniform, adequate, counterpart, match. Equated, similar, coequal, balanced, commensurate, coordinate, correspondent. Square, even, invariant, regular, unvarying. Competent, fit, sufficient, suitable, tantamount. Coequal, compeer, parallel, rival, fellow, complement. Equate, measure up, balance, coordinate, meet, equipoise.