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Land. Property, tract, realty, real estate, grounds, frontage. Acre. Plot, estate, area, property.
Cultivation. Farming, tillage, husbandry.
Cultivatable. Fertile, fruitful.
Be. Live. Exist, breathe, continue, move, subsist, be alive.
Livestock. Stock, sheep.
Edible pulpy mass. Vegetable, peach, fruit.
Thread. String, fiber, filament, strand, yarn, twine, cord.
Help. Advance, nurture, encourage, foster, favor, forward, further.
Appointment, period of time, see, register. Tryst, engagement, assignation, rendezvous, interview, call, visit. Epoch, period, era, day, term, course, spell. Escort. Appoint, determine, measure, mark.
Fret. Corrosion, gnawing.
Left unplanted, idle. Uncultivated, unproductive, neglected. Inactive, dormant, inert, unused.
Dressing. Manure.
Food. Feed, supplies, forage, provisions, provender.
Search for food, feed. Search, raid, hunt, overrun, foray, scrounge. Fodder, pasture, hay, grain, nourishment, food. For. Part of speech. But, neither, although, and, conjunction.
Edible pulpy mass, mature seed pod, results. Vegetable, peach, cherry. Capsule, nut. Result, effect, product, outcome, aftermath, pay.
Seed of cereal, minute particle, fiber. Corn, oats, wheat. Particle, bit, pellet, speck, fragment, grit. Texture, fabric, nap, striation, warp, woof, tendency.
Straps and buckles, equip for work. Yoke, bridle, accouterments, gear, rigging, tackle. Outfit, cinch, control, fetter.
Farm implement, cultivate. Plow, rake, shovel. Till, plow, rake, smooth, drag, scour.
Intake, crop, reap. Cropping, gathering, results. Produce, yield, output. Collect, plow, pick, harrow, cull, glean, amass.
Cultivation of gardens. Agriculture.
Direct. Send, divert, redirect, route, convey, channel.
Failure, citrus fruit. Dud, bomb, flop, loser, washout, bust. Fruit, food.
Acreage. Tillage, pasture, field, plot, garden, mead, grassland.
Grain. Corn, oats, food.
Mow. Loft, cut. Haymow, barn. Clip, scythe, crop, harvest, reap.
Acreage. Tillage, field, meadow, plot, garden, mead, grassland.
Edible pulpy mass. Vegetable, fruit, cherry.
Season. Salt, flavor, spice up.
Trim. Snip, clip, shave, pare, cut, shear.
Hiss. Bird, boo, Bronx cheer, catcall, hoot.
Reap. Harvest, acquire. Glean, cut, cull, gather, garner, pick. Get, derive, obtain, gain, receive, glean, secure.
Grain silo. Elevator, bin, crib.
Lower. Sink, dull, depress, drop, settle, dip, reduce.
Term of endearment. Lover, sweetheart, precious, dearest, darling.
Till. Drawer, cultivate. Compartment, bin, receptacle, tray. Farm, labor, harrow, grow, work.
Kind of bird. Chicken, duck, goose, crow, bird.
Vegetal, passive. Plant, organic, growing. Brainless, inanimate, inert, inactive, paralyzed, stagnant.
Seed of cereal. Corn, oats, grain.