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Attendant music, appendage. Accessory, appurtenance, adjunct.
Vocalize. Croon, sing, tune, choir, chant, warble, yodel.
Musical performance, agreement, cooperation. Symphony, performance, recital, show, spectacle, philharmonic. Unity, concord, accordance, accord, harmony, collaboration, partnership. Teamwork, collaboration.
Musical instrument. Lyre, lute, steel guitar.
Compatibility, symmetry, tune. Accord, rapport, agreement, equanimity, amity, unanimity, concord. Conformity, congruence, balance, congruity, regularity, consistency, consonance. Diapason, concord, consonance, concert, music, euphony, symphony.
Bedtime song.
Tune, euphony. Music, song, composition, measure, lyric, aria, diapason. Unison, concord, consonance, resonance, inflection.
Agreeable sound, musicology. Euphony, harmony, song, symphony, melody, air.
Show. Concert, pageant, play, performance, musical.
Band. Philharmonic, symphony.
Proposal, introduction, approach. Advance, offer, presentation, opening, proposition. Preclusion, proem, prelude, preface, prologue, voluntary. Advance, tender, suggestion.
Narrative, concert. Account, description, relation, story, history. Presentation, performance, musical. Recite. Narrate, detail. Describe, relate, recount, repeat. Expatiate, recapitulate, recount, enumerate, itemize, number, count. Cite. Summon, refer to a source. Arraign, subpoena, call, ticket, order, enjoin. Quote, allude to, excerpt, mention, point out, enumerate.
Making ready. Priming, formation, preparing, manufacture, establishment, gestation, preparation. Rehearse. Drill, tell. Practice, train, repeat, recite, act. Describe, recount, relate, portray, recapitulate, narrate, recite.
Musical composition, orchestra. Piece. Philharmonic.
Tendency, singer. Drift, substance, trend, tone, course, purport.
Voiced, outspoken. Uttered, spoken, oral, expressed. Vociferous, assertive, noisy, candid, vehement.