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Every, whole, alone, altogether, totally. Each, any. Entire, complete, intact, total, full. Solely, exclusively. Solidly, completely, entirely, utterly, wholly. Entirely, altogether, exactly, just, purely, quite, utterly.
Archaism, archangel, arched gateway, archetypal, archetype, arching, architect, architectural ornament, architectural style, archives, arctic, ardent, ardor, arduous, area, area in garden, arena, argent, argot, arguable, argue, argue about, argue against, argument.
Necessary. Essential, indispensable, required, imperative, vital.
Near, at the hand of. Close to, next to, nigh. At, along with.
Every, apiece, each in his own way. All, any, separate, particular, individual, specific. Every, individually, separately, singly. One, one another.
Single, unique, united, single item, unity. Lone, sole, solitary, separate, only, particular. Special, uncommon, especial, individual, different, peculiar, singular. Joined, connected, linked, related, associated, wed. Unit, whole, person, thing, digit, individual, integer. Entirety, totality, solidarity, oneness, togetherness.
Nonexistence, zero, nonentity. Nothingness, extinction, annihilation, obliteration. Cipher, naught, zilch, nullity, zip, goose egg, blank. Insignificance, nullity, trifle, bagatelle, whippersnapper.
Irretrievable, irreverence, irreverent, irreversible, irrevocable, irrigate, irritability, irritable, irritant, irritate, irritate a person, irritated, irritating, irritation, Ishmaelite, isolate, isolated, isolation, issuance, issue, issuing, it's a snap, it's easy, itch.
Impartial, average, promising, rainless, distinct, principled, pale. Evenhanded, disinterested, righteous, candid, equitable, objective, dispassionate. Mediocre, ordinary, middling, passable, reasonable, tolerable. Favorable, hopeful, likely. Bright, placid, clarion, cloudless, calm, pleasant, fine. Clear, frank, open, plain, unencumbered, unobstructed. Clean, sincere, pure, above-board, spotless. Pallid, light, sallow, milky, white, flaxen, blond.
Oppressor, opprobrious, opprobrium, oppugn, opt for, optic, optical, optimism, optimistic, optimum, option, optional, opulence, opulent, oracle, oracular, oral, orangutan, orate, oration, orator, oratorical, oratory, orb.
Moral, skillful, admirable, obedient, kind, worthy, reliable. Upright, virtuous, righteous, worthy, exemplary, conscientious, blameless. Proficient, qualified, able, adroit, capable, clever, dexterous. Commendable, excellent, exceptional, precious, capital, valuable, satisfactory. Heedful, tractable, well-behaved, dutiful, decorous. Humane, kindly, beneficent, benevolent, favorable, obliging, well-disposed. Deserving, honorable, immaculate, unblemished, unsullied, fair. Trustworthy, safe, competent, honest.
Separate, solitary, solely. Apart, detached, isolated, removed, private, in isolation, remote. Unique, singular, unaccompanied, unparalleled, forlorn, unequaled, desolate. Only, uniquely, singly, simply.