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Metatropic Scheme

Story. Legend, fable, myth, parable, tale.
Volume. Loudness, intensity, power.
Science of living organism, structure of the body. Bone structure, physique, shape, figure, form, skeleton.
Opposite. Converse, reverse, inverse, corollary, transformation. Thesis.
Turning point, zenith, culminate. Crisis, climacteric. Culmination, acme, pinnacle, summit, extremity, ascendancy. Cap crown, peak, consummate, conclude, finish off, achieve.
Memorial. Remembrance, eulogy, wake, commemoration.
Exaggeration. Metaphor, embellishment, distortion.
Mockery. Sarcasm, satire, humor, derision. Iron.
Resemblance. Comparison, proportion, correlation, likeness, similarity, likening, contrast.
Contradiction, puzzle. Inconsistency, incongruity, reversal, equivocation. Enigma, ambiguity, dilemma, absurdity, quandary, nonsense, maze.
Duration, cycle. Age, day, epoch, era, interval, term, time. Course.
Verbal effusion. Tautology, verbiage, wordiness, circumlocution, redundancy, verbosity.
Redundancy. Wordiness, verbosity, profuseness, repetition, circumlocution, verbiage, convolution.
Relationship. Kinship, parity, relation, reciprocity, community, correlation, similarity.
Redundancy. Pleonasm, reiteration, repetition, wordiness, verbosity, verbiage.