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Figure formed by two lines, point of view, purpose. Elbow, notch, cusp, fork, flare. Perspective, viewpoint, outlook, slant, point, standpoint, position. Intention, plan, aim, objective, approach, method.
Attract, attraction, attraction of celestial bodies, attractive, attractive to the opposite sex, attractiveness, attribute, attrition, attune, auction, audacious, audacity, audible, audience, audit, audition, auditorium, auditory, augment, augmentation, augmented, augmenting, augur, augural.
Caller, calling, calliope, callous, callow, calm, calmative, calming, calmly, calmness, calumniate, calumny, camaraderie, camber, camera mechanism, cameraman, camisole, camouflage, camp, campaign, campaigner, can, canaille, canal.
Clasp, cut short, decrease. Hasp, fastener, buckle, hook, clamp, grip, snap. Bob, snip, slice, crop, shear, prune. Curtail, pare, shorten, abridge, diminish.
Near, confined, oppressive, reserved, miserly, intimate, accurate. Immediate, near at hand, imminent, neighboring, impending, adjacent. Impenetrable, cramped, restricted, dense, crowded, firm, solid. Warm, stuffy, congested, stifling, heavy, sweltering, breathless. Close-mouthed, reticent, secretive, silent, taciturn. Mean, niggardly, parsimonious, penurious, stingy, tight, closefisted. Familiar, attached, confidential, trusted, devoted, phyical, dear. Exact, lifelike, strict, faithful, precise, minute, meticulous.
Incision, fashion, penetrate, insult, slice, cut off, harvest. Rent, channel, stab, gash, pierce, nip, passage. Form, garb, kind, stamp, mode, sort, style. Score, scratch, gash, claw, incise, lance, pierce. Hurt, move, slight, touch, wound. Haggle, chisel, bisect, dissect, mangle, rive, carve. Trim, shave, crop, truncate, lop, lop off. Mow, Reap.
Customers, customs, cut, cut-off trunk, cut at an angle, cut away, cut back, cut down, cut into, cut off, cut off one's head, cut short, cut up, cut with a chisel, cute, cutter, cutting, cutting edge, cutting tool, cycle, cyclic, cyclone, cylinder, cymbal.
Grow, improve, tell, elaborate. Acquire, mature, form, evolve, advance, ripen. Spread, enlarge, stretch, expand, promote, advance, exploit. Unfold, disclose, exhibit, unravel, uncover, explain, unwind. Fill out, amplify, explicate.
Straight, immediate, open, guide, instruct, aim. True, uninterrupted, undeviating. Evident, prompt, personal, simple, unbroken. Main, catagorical, naked, downright, officious, earnest, plump. Enjoin, advise, head, conduct, influence, control, oversee. Require, bid, command, inform, will, wish, order. Level, sight, turn, point.
Melt, adjourn, destroy, invalidate, vanish. Fuse, liquefy, soften, thaw, run. Discontinue, break up, postpone, dismiss, disperse, disunite, free. Break down, crumble, die, disintegrate, dispel, end, expire. Annul, repeal. Melt away, fade.
Twice as much, stand in, make twice as much, substitute. Duplicated, paired, second, twofold, two, twin. Clone, counterpart, duplicate, twin, mate, match. Duplicate, increase, grow. Stand in, fill in for.
Strike, name. Poke, push. Christen, call.
Revise and correct, be editor of. Polish, revise, correct, rearrange. Publish, formulate, distribute, issue, regulate.
Found, verify, enact. Locate, fix, place, form, situate, constitute, install. Prove, ascertain, demonstrate, substantiate, learn, determine, find out. Appoint, authorize, decree, fix, ordain.
Decline, bleach, disappear, hush. Wane, decrease, dwindle, droop, diminish, taper, languish. Blanch, pale, etiolate. Dissolve, disperse, pass away, evaporate, vanish. Quiet, sink.
Quick, active, dissipate, resistant, firm, inescapable, fastened. Fleet, brisk, accelerated, expeditious, rapid, swift. Alert, energetic, quick. Dissipated, dissolute, extravagant, prodigal, profligate, reckless. Impregnable, strong. Adherent, fixed, immovable, secure, stanch, steadfast. Inextricable. Closed, set, tenacious, fixed, tight.
Membrane, movie, photographic medium, make a motion picture. Pellicle, gauze, coating, fabric, thin layer, transparency, coat. Motion picture, cinema, cartoon, dramatization. Negative, microfilm. Capture, shoot, record.
Refined, little, acute, accomplished, fancy, penalty, penalize. Admirable, rare, choice, expensive, consummate, delicate, elegant. Minute, small, impalpable, powdery. Keen, sharp. Brilliant, skilled. Affected, ornamented, ornate. Damage, forfeit, punishment. Mulct, exact, amerce, tax, confiscate, levy, seize.
Flick, flicker, flicker over, flickering gleam, flier, flight, flight of fancy, flightiness, flighty, flimsy, flinch, fling, fling down, fling oneself about, flippancy, flippant, flirt, flirt with, flirtation, flit, flitting, float, float in the air, floatable.
Chassis, structural case, exposure, put together, enclose, fake the evidence against. Scaffold, skeleton, framework, fabric, support, structure, cadre. Case, enclosure, span, support. Take, scan, setting, image, outline. Build, contrive, erect, conceive, devise, sketch, draw up. Confine, encircle, outline, limit, set off, mount, border. Set up.
Turn to ice, chill, make motionless. Ice, become solid, frost, congeal, solidify, refrigerate. Benumb, nip, refrigerate, cool. Fix, petrify, paralyze, halt, stop, arrest.
Grasp, on a handlebar, get ahold of. Hold, handhold, clutch, purchase, squeeze, fist. Handle, twist grip, knob, knocker, handgrip, ear, lug. Grasp, clench, clutch, seize, grab, squeeze, clasp.
Tall, energetic, expensive, exalted, shrill, chief, important. Elevated, lofty, towering. Intense, intensified, strong. Costly, dear. Prominent, distinguished, important, preeminent, elevated, eminent. Piercing, sharp, penetrating, acute, strident. Head, main, principal. Essential, crucial, consequential, serious, capital, grave, extreme.
Lock opener, means of access. Pass. Index, catalog, guide, manual, code, clue, means.
Place, finding. Point, position, site, spot, area, situation, whereabouts. Discovering.
Prone, unwell, downcast, base, lowly, lowborn, crude. Prostrate, supine, dead. Sickly, feeble, weak, exhausted, sinking, dying, expiring. Depressed, blue, sad, unhappy, dispirited, miserable, dejected. Lowly, undignified, unbecoming, dishonorable, disreputable, disgraceful, ignoble. Base, abject, servile, ignoble, degraded, vile, menial. Lowly, base, plebian, poor, meek, humble, plain. Rude, vulgar, coarse, unpolished.
Disguise. Masquerade, act, pose, dissemble, pretend.
Equivalent, contest, union, equate, agree, oppose. Equal, peer, counterpart, mate, analogue, approximation. Competition, tournament, sport, event, game, meet, rivalry. Marriage, espousal. Equal, even, balance, pair, unite, mate, liken. Correspond, fit, resemble, harmonize, go with, suit. Pit, array, rival, compete with, play.
Mixture, combine, fraternize. Concoction. Amalgamate, fuse, admix, blend, merge, commingle, incorporate. Hobnob, associate, socialize, consort, join, mingle.
Monkey business, monody monograph, monolith, monologue, monomaniac, monopolize, monopoly, monotonous, monotony, monsieur, monster, monstrosity, monstrous, monthly payment, monument, monumental, mooch, moocher, mooching, mood, moody, moon, moonbeam.
Visual. Viewed, perceived, ocular, seeable, viewable, beheld.
Escape, away from, outside, absent, disqualified, unconscious, distant. Excuse, way out, explanation. Outward, from, from within, out of. External, outer, extrinsic, exposed, extraneous, open, out-of-doors. Not in, away, gone, left, busy, on vacation. Put out, retired, in the field, down, away. Out cold, insensible, comatose, senseless, insensate. Beyond, removed, away.
Open container, criticize, wash, move. Pot, kettle, casserole, vessel, broiler, roaster. Censure, disparage, denounce, cut up, knock. Shake, agitate, mine, separate. Sweep, follow, scope, purview.
Product, cause, bear, show. Harvest, return, outgrowth, production, yield. Bring about, create, effect, generate, give rise to, make, manufacture. Afford, propagate, blossom, bring forth, generate, furnish, provide. Bring forward, present, demonstrate, display, exhibit, unfold.
Possessions, land, characteristic. Belongings, equity, assets, effects, holdings, estate. Acreage, tract, realty, real estate, grounds, frontage. Trait, attribute, feature, quality.
Unfinished, uncooked, inexperienced, candid, cold. Crude, unrefined, coarse, natural, rough, rude, unprepared. Underdone, fresh, rare. Unskilled, untrained, undisciplined, untried, green, ignorant. Bold, frank, exposed. Chilly, bleak, biting, damp, wet, windy.
Spool, stagger. Roll, spindle, bobbin. Sway, weave, totter, wheel, careen.
Irregular, bristly, boisterous, stormy, uncivil, approximate, unfinished. Uneven, jagged, craggy, rugged, bumpy, scabrous. Coarse, hairy, shaggy, hirsute. Disorderly, turbulent, riotous, wild, crude, coarse, raucous. Tumultuous, turbulent, agitated, inclement, disturbed, tempestuous, raw. Unpolished, unrefined, uncultured, impolite, crude, rude, indelicate. Inexact, incomplete, vague.
Haste, reeds, dash, attack. Hurry, charge. Fiber. Hasten, bolt, charge, run, boil. Surge, overcome, thrash, whip.
Arena, picture, incident. Theater, stage, setting, spot, locate, environment, region. View, landscape, seascape.
Handwriting, book. Penmanship, scribble, graphology, scrawl. Manuscript, text, dialogue, scenario, document.
Succession, result, series. Continuity, perpetuity, continuance, flow, continuousness. Consequence, outcome, sequel. Arrangement, order, classification, distribution, placement, chain, string.
Predetermined, fixed, rigid, collection, group, inclination, scenery. Fixed, foreordained, resolved. Firm, stable, solid, determined, settled, customary, usual. Stubborn, unyielding, immovable, obstinate, stiff, relentless. Assemblage, assortment, kit, pack, outfit, series. Organization, company, clique, class, faction, coterie, sect. Attitude, direction, bent, disposition, position, bearing, aspect. Decoration, setting, scene, stage.
Injured by gunfire, worn out, shooting a gun, attempt, photograph. Dead, bleeding. Ruined, broken, broken-down, shoddy, screwed up, beyond repair. Crack, firing, gunfire. Endeavor, reach, range, chance, try, distance. Perspective, picture, photo, snapshot.
Gradual, lazy, dense, late, dull, drowsy, belated. Deliberate, leisurely, unhurried, moderate, laggard. Inactive, slothful, sluggish, idle, slack, negligent, remiss. Leaden, dull, apathetic, torpid, phlegmatic, stupid. Tardy, dragging, behindhand. Boring, humdrum, tedious, uninteresting, tame, stolid, stupid. Sleepy, listless, lethargic, inert, dormant, supine. Delayed, impeded, detained, overdue, backward, retarded.
Malleable, smooth, sweet, gentle, tender, smooth, flexible. Pliant, moldable, pliable, yielding, mushy, pappy, impressible. Delicate, fine, velvety, fluffy, feathery, downy, pulpy. Pleasing, pleasant, melodious, gentle, faint, low, faraway. Tender, mild, kind, affectionate, kindly, genial, considerate. Gentle, mild, compassionate, sympathetic, benign, lenient. Soothing, mollifying, ingratiating. Yielding, submissive, compliant, irresolute, undecided, impressionable, sensitive.
Whole, reliable, sensible, proper, deep, healthy, tone. Complete, entire, hardy, healthy, hearty, robust, vigorous. Trustworthy, dependable, faithful, loyal, stable, safe, honest. Judicious, rational, reasonable, just, sane, prudent, fair. Correct, right, orthodox, valid, legal, allowed, sancioned. Profound, intellectual, thoughtful, fast, unbroken, undisturbed. Healthy, well, vigorous, thorough, hale, effectual, complete. Noise, vibration, resonance, note, pitch, intonation, timbre.
Spit, spit out, spite, spiteful, spitfire, spittle, splash, splashing, splatter, splay, spleen, splendid, splendor, splenetic, splint, splinter, split, split up, splitting, splitting the atom, splitting up, splotch, splurge, splutter.
Crack, divide. Fissure, cleft, division, rupture, breach, break, rift. Sever, break, separate, disjoin, cleave, splinter, cut off.
Tale, plot, report, floor. Anecdote, allegory, yarn, parable, fable, narrative, legend. Theme, incident. Account, allegation, description, statement. Landing, level.
Sup, over.
Symbolic, symbolic representation, symbolize, symbols, symmetrical, symmetry, sympathetic, sympathizer, sympathy, symphonic, symphony, symposium, symptom, symptom of cold or flu, synchronous, syncopate, syndicate, syndrome, synonym, synopsis, synthesis, synthesize, synthetic, syrupy.
Summary. Condensation, digest, abridgment, brief, compendium, syllabus.
Acquire, seize, embrace, receive, select, subtract, carry. Obtain, get, secure, procure, win. Grasp, catch, capture. Grasp, clasp, grip, accept, adopt. Accept, admit, take in. Choose, pick, elect. Deduct. Convey, transfer.
Teem, teeming, teeming with, teen, teen ages, teenager, teens, teeter, telecast, telecommunications, telegram, telegraph, telepathic, telephone, televise, television, tell, teller of tales, telling, telltale, tellurian, temblor, temerity, temper.
Thoughtfully, thoughtfulness, thoughtless, thoughtlessness, thralldom, thrash, thread, threadbare, threaded fastener, threaded metal rod, threadlike, threat, threaten, threatening, three-dimensional, three-way, three times, threesome, threshold, thrift, thriftless, thrifty, thrill, thrilled.
Lean, slope, joust. Tip, list, cant, lurch, dip, slant, incline. List, inclination, slant, drop, leaning, rake, angle. Tournament, encounter, engagement, match, collision, contest.
Name, commission, claim, entitle. Designation, appellation, cognomen, denomination, epithet. Decoration, medal, privilege, degree. Interest, holding, ownership, right, due. Term, designate, call, denominate, style.
Handling, processing, therapy. Manipulation, execution, management, approach, strategy. Preparation, modification, painting, coating, refining. Care, mediation, prescription, regimen, doctoring. Treat.
Twice as much. Duplicated, paired, second, twofold, double, twin.
Choice, speech, pronunciation. Decision, preference, option, opinion, say, vote. Inflection, vociferation, utterance, tongue. Diction, articulation, accent.
Broad, comprehensive. Spacious, extensive, extended. Far-reaching, universal, all-inclusive, extensive, large, spacious, vast.
Untamed, uncivilized, stormy, crazy, eager, unrestrained, extravagant. Savage, ferocious, feral, unbroken, native, agrarian. Barbarian, barbarous, uncultivated, uninhabited. Frenzied, turbulent, violent, tempestuous, impetuous, furious, boisterous. Insane, mad, frantic, raging, distracted. Excited, ecstatic, enthusiastic, thrilled, anxious. Lawless, riotous, undisciplined, unruly, uncontrolled, unbridled, uncontrollable. Impracticable, reckless, rash, fantastic.
Cleanse. Wash, scrub, brush, clear, sweep, clean, launder.
Sound. Whir, buzz, rumble, vibration, hum, whine.