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Nineteen Forty

Fan, junkie. Aficionado, buff, devotee, hound, lover. Dope fiend.

Thoroughfare, blood vessel. Highway, main road, conduit, passage. Vein, capillary, aorta, tube.

Bombard. Bomb, strafe, torpedo, shoot, blitz, shell.

Hairdresser. Barber, coiffeur, cosmetologist.


Airship. Balloon.

totalitarian blimp

Association. Affiliation, union, coalition, alliance, confederation, connection, federation.

acidosis allergic

Contraband. Illegal, unlawful, illicit.

arterial argyrol

Wrapping. Covering, packaging, box, wrapper, paper, carton.


Cut with a chisel, bamboozle. Carve, hew, cut, incise, sculpt, gouge, sculpture. Swindle, defraud, deceive, gyp, cheat, steal, bilk.

decelerate aspirin

Column. Pillar, commentary. Post, obelisk, support, upright, monolith, shaft. Editorial, article, comment, exposition.

beautician addict

Dense, concise, arrangement, convention, pack together, cement. Hard, close, condensed, solid, compressed, tight, impenetrable. Succinct, brief, terse, summary, laconic, pithy, pointed. Agreement, understanding, treaty, settlement, concordat, bond, bargain. Alliance, league, confederation, coalition, pact. Pack, compress, squeeze, condense, consolidate, streamline, concentrate. Confirm, solidify, sanction, stabilize, authorize, secure, strengthen.

depreciable cellophane

Covering, protection, shelter, disguise, wrapper, clothes, furnishings, clothe, protect, conceal, include, pay for, coat, travel, deluge. Hatch, ceiling, case, umbrella, roofing, attic, integument. Harbor, screen, asylum, pretense, concealment, defense, guard. Copse, bower, covert, growth, shrubbery, thicket, underbrush. Curtain, conceal, cloak, camouflage, spread, mask, screen. Sheath, capsule, pod, casing, case, wrapping, jacket. Bonnet, cowl, cap, cloak, mantle, muffler, cozy. Rug, carpet, runner, curtain, canopy. Face, wrap, blanket, overwhelm, envelop, cap, overspread. Shade, defend, screen, guard, house, shelter, shield. Cloak, hood, disguise, enshroud, hide, mask, screen. Do, comprehend, incorporate, comprise, contain, embody, embrace. Compensate for, counterbalance, defray, offset, suffice. Face, case, veneer, paper, stain, varnish, incrust. Traverse, journey over, cross. Pour, rain, inundate, shower, drench, engulf, overcome. Cove. Bay, cave. Inlet, bayou, lagoon, sound, arm, firth, creek. Cavern, retreat, hole, nook.

diathermy chiseler

Downfall. Reverse, failure, beating, ruin, overthrow, disappointment, defeat.

columnist barrage

Disclose. Betray, bright to light, discover, show up, make known, muckrake, expose. Bunk. Place to sleep. Bed, berth, couch, cot.

halitosis communism

Decipher. Work out, do, solve. Code. Rules. Discipline.

coverage bootleg

Right-wing dictatorship. Dictatorship, national socialism, totalitarianism, autocracy, despotism, Nazism, hitlerism.

radiogram debacle

Object that floats, platform on wheels, stay afloat. Buoy, cork. Platform. Bob, drift, hover, swim, levitate, waft.

scenario endocrine

Fundamental. Essential, first. Key, basic, basal, crucial, central, bottom. Rudimentary, original.

eugenics compact

Hoodlum. Bruiser, tough. Gang. Group, team. Company, crew, band, crowd, party, set, clique. Squad, shift.

syndicalism fingerprint

Brain. Egghead, professor, intellectual, high-brow.

hitchhiker debunk

Hitch. Thumb, ride, travel.

technology insulin

Beliefs. Dogma, convictions, philosophy, tenets.

television kitchenette

Conspiracy, illicit love affair, fascinate. Scheme, conniving, machination, artifice, cabal. Affair, liaison, tryst, flirtation, cheating, adultery. Puzzle, charm, delight, captivate, thrill, please, perplex.

legionnaire decode

Mercenary. Warrior.

microphone mortician bloc

Fool. Idiot, imbecile, stupid person, wag, jerk, twerp.

Novocain fascism

Fascist. Authoritarian, racist, dictatorial, Aryan, nationalist.

overhead pacifist kraft

Indeterminate, uninvolved, impartial, nonpartisan. Abstract, drab, colorless, vague, dull. Noncombatant, nonpartisan, inactive, disengaged, inert. Detached, unbiased, nonchalant, dispassionate, disinterested, impersonal.

panhandle Photostat purge

Above, expenses. Aloft, hanging, over, upward, ceiling, upper, top. Rent, insurance, depreciation. Head. Leading, authority, leader, top, conclusion, headland, beginning, foam, direct, outdo. Cardinal, chief, first, foremost, front, main, principal. Command. Chief, administrator, chieftain, commander, commander in chief, director, master. Acme, peak, summit, crest. Crisis, culmination. Cape, promontory. Origin, rise, source. Froth. Command, oversee, supervise, govern, manage, lead, precede. Beat, excel, surpass.

plebiscite floater

Peace lover. Dove, flower child.

profiteer gangster high-brow

Hustle. Hassle, con, bambooze, beg, pimp, swindle. Handle. Handgrip, use the hands, control, do business. Handhold, crank, holder, hilt, knob, doorknob, ear. Ply, manipulate, manage, wield, adjust, examine, feel. Deal with, manage, operate, work, supervise, manipulate, advise. Wheel and deal, market, retail, sell, deal.

pulmotor intrigue

Imitation. Image, manifold, copy, issue, duplicate, carbon.

racketeer lipstick marcel

Profit. Gain, advantage, gain. Earnings, return, lucre, dividend, proceeds, returns, revenue. Advancement, benefit, gain, good, improvement, welfare. Benefit, advance, harvest, clear, better, prosper, recover. Fit. Suitable, qualified, trim, seizure, equip, suit. Approprate, apt, befitting, fitting, just, meet, proper. Competent, matched, suited, adapted, tailor-made. Robust, healthy, competent. Spasm, stroke paroxysm, spell. Furnish, arm, implement, man, outfit, provide. Agree, accord, apply, harmonize, belong, conform, relate.

rodeo moron nazi

Cleansing, elimination, cleanse, eliminate. Clarification, purification. Eradication, disposal, liquidation, extermination, expulsion. Clarify, clean, clear, purify. Exterminate, kill, liquidate, abolish, remove.

sabotage neutral

Disturbance, extortion. Clamor, fracas, turbulence, tumult, uproar, din, confusion. Conspiracy, swindling, graft, trick, shakedown, corruption, push.

sanforize racket realtor

Put on the air. Televise, air, transmit, send, broadcast.

soviet revue

Drudge. Grind, laborer, automaton, machine.

travelog robot speedster

Destruction, subvert. Damage, wreckage, demolition, vandalism, treason. Undermine, vandalize, attack, overthrow, destroy, damage, wreck.

turnover streamline

Story line. Story, plot, unfolding, theme, thread.

Speed. Swiftness, quicken. Velocity, quickness, rapidity, acceleration, alacrity, celerity, dispatch. Hasten, hurry, accelerate, expedite, precipitate, anticipate.

Pack together. Pack, compress, squeeze, condense, consolidate, compact, concentrate.

News media. Journalism, broadcasting, mass media, radio.

Dictatorial. Compulsory, autocratic, imperious, despotic, domineering, arbitrary.