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Oretha Castle Haley

Strip of wood, room and board, council, cover with boards, go on board ship, lodge. Wood, plank, lumber, two by four. Fare, meals, mess, victuals, provisions, food, eats. Committee, cabinet, board of directors. Board up, plank, cover, paper. Embark, put to sea. Room and board, feed, accommodate, put up, house, care for, bed.
Color. Brown, brownish-red, bay, reddish-brown, ruddy, reddish.
Black, black tropical wood. Coal black, indigo, jet black, midnight. Hardwood.
Leaf. Leaflet, needle, petiole, blade, stalk.
Grove, shelter. Timber, wood, timberland, weald, woods. Chase, brake, copse, weald.
Gang, lump, puzzle. Crew, company, group, squad, crowd, clique, cluster. Swelling, knob, bump. Tangle, perplexity, web, snarl, difficulty, conundrum.
Foliage, sheet. Leaflet, needle, petiole, blade, stalk. Sheath, skin, coat, foil.
Lumbering. Milling. Log. Register. Ledger, book, record, roster, list, account.
Timber, trudge. Boards, wood, hardwood. Plod, clump, shamble, barge, stumble, slog.
Color. Chestnut, brown, reddish-brown, tan.
Hard wood. Hardwood, ash, mahogany.
Stake, lookout, demonstrator, strike, enclose. Post, pole, peg, tether, paling, pale, pillar. Scout, spotter, watchman, sentinel, guard, sentry, patrolman. Dissident, protestor, objector, agitator. Blockade, boycott, protest, demonstrate, rally, march. Fence, pale, corral, imprison, bound.
Worry. Eat one's heart out, fret, grieve, be distressed, brood.
Mass. Block, chunk, cube, brick, section, cake, hunk.
Fashionable. Dashing, dapper, rakish, debonair, natty, neat, jaunty.
Sheltered. Protected, hidden, topped, covered, disguised. Surface. Exterior, rise. Outside, covering, face, plane, superficies. Appear, crop up.