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Pindaric Overdose

Nonprofessional, beginner. Unskilled, inexperienced, incompetent, amateurish, bungled, unfit. Nonprofessional, dilettante, dabbler, apprentice, neophyte, initiate, greenhorn.
Game. Entertainment, diversion, pastime, play, sport, contest. Amuse.
Track. Rink, course, court, field, circus, playground, stadium.
Aid. Favor, foster, nourish, uphold, back, sustain, abet. Ass. Jerk, donkey. Dolt, fool, dope, bonehead, nincompoop, dunce, blockhead. Burro, jackass, jack, jennet, mule. As. While, because. In the act of, at the same time, during. Since, inasmuch as. Ins. Details. Particulars. In. Inside of, during. Surrounded by, within, pertaining to. While, whilst, meanwhile, at, in the act of.
Honor, bestow. Prize, citation, scholarship, grant, trophy, medal, decoration. Confer, grant, give, endow, present, reward. Inward. Inside. Internal, intrinsic, inner, interior, central, upriver. In. Inside of, during. Surrounded by, within, pertaining to. While, whilst, meanwhile, at, in the act of.
Refuse, frustrate. Turn down, demur, desist, hesitate. Thwart, check, hinder, prevent.
Low, menial, inferior, corrupt, disreputable, foundation, stand, principle, camp, point of departure, establish. Dirty, sordid, contemptible, cowardly, villainous, mean, degraded. Abject, lowly, squalid, beggarly, ignoble, degrading. Shabby, cheap, poor, coarse, counterfeit, tawdry, unworthy. Evil, foul, tainted, sinister, vile, ungodly, wretched. Dishonorable, disgraceful, infamous, notorious, scandalous, shameful. Substructure, basis, basement, groundwork, grounds, bed, bedrock. Bottom, foot, seat, rest. Element, essence, root, basis, core, support. Site, station, headquarters, settlement, post, center, garrison. Terminal, goal, object, radical. Fasten, build, found, ground, rest, stay, predicate.
Stick, baseball concept, blow. Club, mallet, racket, pole. Round, turn, up. Knock, hit, rap, swat, sock, whack, strike.
Boat. Craft. Vessel, ship, skiff, dinghy, canoe.
Bowl. Basin. Play tenpins. Dish, saucer, urn, vessel. Roll, hurl.
Bunker. Bin. Box, chest, container, coffer. Bunk. Place to sleep. Bed, berth, couch, cot.
Camp. Encampment, military compound, lodge temporarily. Compound, post, barracks, fort, installation, encampment, outpost.
Canoe. Dugout.
Commander, officer, commander of any vessel. Director, leader, authority, administrator, guide, chief. Lieutenant, major. Commander, officer, pilot, operator, old man.
Catch. Trick, capture, fastener, apprehend, snare, hoodwink, grasp, catch up with, get, attract. Rub, hitch deception, hooker, drawback, trap, puzzle. Trophy, prize, seizure, taking. Clasp, hasp, snap, hitch, buckle, bolt. Seize, arrest, capture, collar, nab, snatch. Hook, ensnare, entangle, net, foul, lasso. Surprise, detect, trick, startle, deceive, fool. Snare, clutch, take, entangle, snag, grab, hook. Overtake, intercept, go after, reach. Contract, incur, break out with, come down with. Charm, fascinate, enchant, captivate, win, bewitch.
Middle, core, point, focus. Halfway, midway, mid, median, internal, equidistant, inner. Mean, heart, middle, essence, midpoint, gist, midst. Nucleus, axis, focal point, hub, focus, pivot, heart. Concentrate, centralize, unite, combine, join, meet.
Task, dare, dispute. Dare, provocation, threat, objection, venture, hazard. Affron, defy, denounce, threaten, brave. Contest, question, ask for, assert, impose.
Winner, defender, fighter, defend. Master, conqueror, victor, hero. Sponsor, protector, supporter, partisan, ally, backer. Conquerer, warrior, brave. Protect, maintain, uphold, support, advocate.
Vehicle, physical education instructor, train. Stagecoach, carriage, hackney, buggy. Trainer, tutor, mentor, instructor, manager. Drill, instruct, direct, prompt, teach, referee.
Playhouse. Auditorium, concert hall, odium, theater.
Rival. Opposing, vying, opposed, combatant, conflicting.
Conflict, competition, dispute, challenge, fight, compete. Battle, struggle, combat, fray, encounter, contention, fight. Rivalry, challenge, race, tournament, ring, game, match. Contention, rivalry, argument, altercation, debate, controversy. Argue against, refute, dispute, controvert, question, litigate. Battle, contend, struggle, wrangle, compete, combat, brawl. Contend, vie, strive, rival.
Arch. Bend, round, hunch, camber, extend, stretch.
Precious stone, glass cutter, form, baseball diamond. Brilliant, crystal. Cutting tool, cutter. Quadrilateral, solid. Playing field, pasture.
Twice as much, stand in, make twice as much, substitute. Duplicated, paired, second, twofold, two, twin. Clone, counterpart, duplicate, twin, mate, match. Duplicate, increase, grow. Stand in, fill in for.
Seepage. Leakage, loss, flow, drip, escape, leak, trickle.
Party. Amusement, diversion, performance, carousal. Entertain. Amuse, admit, harbor. Beguile, delight, enthrall, divert, charm, absorb, please. Recognize, consider, heed, receive. Imagine, cherish, hold, consider.
Mistake, fault. Inaccuracy, blunder, faux pas, blooper, solecism, omission, boner. Falsify, iniquity, delusion, misdeed, untruth, offense, sin. Err. Mistake. Blunder, overlook, slip, confound, trip, misapprehend, misconceive.
Action, training, use, procedure, train, employ, perform, afflict. Activity, exertion, labor, toil, work. Discipline, drill, practice, schooling, drilling. Application, excercising, employment, rehearse, operation, performance, practice. Ceremony, observance, ritual, service. Discipline, drill, school. Apply, effect, exert, practice, use, try. Discharge, execute. Annoy, burden, pain, trouble, worry.
Debilitate. Cripple, weary, sap, enervate, exhaust, prostrate, wear out.
Field. Province, track, acreage, battlefield, candidates, occupation. Range, scope, domain, jurisdiction, dominion, demesne. Rink, course, court, arena, circus, playground, stadium. Tillage, pasture, meadow, plot, garden, mead, grassland. Terrain, terminal, airfield, airport, range. Possibilities. Calling, business.
Fish. Denizen of the deep, seafood, catch fish. Flounder, bass, trout, carp. Salmon, catfish, snapper. Net, angle.
Front. Forward, preceding, up front, before, near.
Disgusting, dirty, stormy, base, vulgar, unfair, entangled, dirty, catch, disgrace, unfairly. Fetid, gross, loathsome, noisome, offensive, putrid, repellent. Filthy, impure, polluted, soiled, squalid, stained, sullied. Rainy, tempestuous, unfavorable. Abominable, infamous, scandalous, shameful, sinful, vile, wicked. Coarse, low, obscene, profane, scurrilous, smutty. Cheating, dishonorable, underhanded. Caught, jammed, tangled. Besmirch, defile, poison, pollute, smut, soil, stain. Clog, entangle, tangle. Defile, dishonor, shame. Foully.
Group of four. Group, team, ensemble, quartet, party.
Drop. Miss, bumble, blow, louse.
Aim. Idea, objective, design, plan, end, object, intent. Go. Proceed, leave, spend, conform, work. Progress, push on, repair, travel, journey, cruise, fare. Depart, move, pull out, take off, retire. Consume, use up, exhaust, expend, run through, terminate, conclude. Agree, accord, harmonize. Perform, operate, run.
Ground. Land, base, establish, instruct. Dirt, soil, earth, loam, mold. Basis, foundation, motive, premise, reason, factor, cause. Found, set, settle, fix, base. Educate, train, indoctrinate.
Public building or room. Concert hall, meeting place, clubhouse, ballroom, hall.
Impediment, physical impairment, impose a handicap. Disadvantage, limitation, block, setback, hindrance, obstacle, detriment. Impairment, injury, affliction, impediment, infirmity, embarrassment. Encumber, retard, hinder, disfavor, impair.
Danger, chance, doubt, gamble, risk. Jeopardy, peril, risk. Accident, possibility, uncertainty, venture, fortuity, hap. Uncertainty. Offer, try, venture, stake, guess, speculate. Endanger, dare, imperil.
Hike. Tramp, tramp. Backpack, trek, tour, walk, journey, trip, excursion. Tromp, explore, travel, walk.
Religious festival, legal holiday. Day of rest, festival. Celebration, jubilee, festival.
Gather. Throng, herd, congregate, flock, crowd.
Pursuit. Chase, search, run, hunt.
Barrier, jump. Obstacle, barricade, fence, blockade, hindrance, obstruction, impediment. Vault, surmount, scale, bound.
In. Inside of, during. Surrounded by, within, pertaining to. While, whilst, meanwhile, at, in the act of.
Line. Row, family, course, occupation, stripe, align, pad. Rank, file, string, tier, echelon, queue. Ancestry, lineage, relative. Path, route, road, procedure, program. Vocation, business, job, pursuit, calling. Streak, band. Order, line up, range. Quilt, embroider, face.
Referee. Umpire, official, adjudicator, judge.
Link. Connection, join. Bond, tie, connective, vinculum, yoke. Couple, connect, unite, bind, combine, tie, pin.
Disguise. Masquerade, act, pose, dissemble, pretend.
Equivalent, contest, union, equate, agree, oppose. Equal, peer, counterpart, mate, analogue, approximation. Competition, tournament, sport, event, game, meet, rivalry. Marriage, espousal. Equal, even, balance, pair, unite, mate, liken. Correspond, fit, resemble, harmonize, go with, suit. Pit, array, rival, compete with, play.
Brawny. Beefy, strong, burly, rugged.
Exhibition. Exposition, circus, array, display, manifestation, fanfare, scene.
Recreation. Amusement, relaxation, disport, diversion, entertainment, game, play.
Fine. Damage, forfeit, punishment.
Emblem. Banner, ensign, symbol, flag, standard, streamer, pennon.
Bodily, material. Corporal, corporeal, mortal. Visible, natural, tangible, real, palpable, sensible, concrete. Physic. Medicate. Treat, doctor, cure, drug, dose, attend, nurse.
Pitch. Slope, throw, throw, fall, slope. Inclination, slant, incline. Toss, fling, hurl, cast, heave. Lob, hurl, fling, toss. Plunge, flop, vault, dive, lurch. Rise, fall, ascend, lean, tilt, dip.
Player. Athelete, actor. Contestant, jock, competitor, participant, member. Performer, actress, entertainer, thespian. Play. Performance, recreation, fun, action, liberty, act, compete, use, bet, do, romp. Comedy, drama, farce, piece, show, tragedy, melodrama. Amusement, relaxation, disport, diversion, entertainment, game, pastime. Frolic, jest, trifling. Activity, exercise, motion, movement, operation. Freedom, scope. Characterize, enact, impersonate, perform, personate, emulate, imitate. Contend with, engage. Employ. Stake, wager. Render, bring about, execute, perform. Caper, dally, disport, frisk, frolic, gambol, revel.
Enjoyment, indulgence, preference. Delectation, fruition, delight, gladness, gratification, happiness. Luxury, sensuality. Choice, desire, inclination, mind, predilection, purpose, will.
Award, value. Premium, laurel, accolade, reward, honor, guerdon, medal. Appreciate, appraise, cherish, esteem, treasure.
Disturbance, extortion. Clamor, fracas, tubulence, tumult, uproar, din, confusion. Conspiracy, swindling, graft, trick, shakedown, corruption, push.
Play. Amusement, relaxation, disport, diversion, entertainment, game, pastime. Recreate. Refresh. Replenish, modernize, restock, restore, refurbish, mend, renew. Create. Originate, make, conceive. Give birth to, cause, author, invent, occasion, produce. Constitute, produce, effect, form, erect, build, forge. Devise, formulate.
Arbiter, arbitrate. Judge, arbitrator, conciliator, umpire. Judge, umpire. Refer. Direct, concern, mention. Designate, submit, consign, deliver, commit. Pertain, relate, apply, involve, include, belong, obtain. Allude, suggest, cite, bring up, point, hint at, ascribe.
Tally, mark, music, purpose, count, mark, obtain, compose, copulate. Total, record, count, rate, number, aberage, reckoning. Line, notch, stroke. Arrangement, composition, orchestration, transcript. Motive, reason, ground, consideration. Tally, total, add, tabulate, calculate, enumerate, reckon. Notch, scratch, deface, cut, mar, maim, mill. Gain, procure, get, purchase, win. Arrange, orchestrate, adapt. Fornicate.
Struggle. Scramble, tussle, scuffle, football practice, fight.
Enlist, help, follow, promote, attend. Enroll. Administer, assist, aid, succor. Satisfy, obey, answer, suit, agree, accept, avail. Advance, forward, contribute, assist, work. Cater, purvey, provide, satisfy.
Only, unmarried, sincere, pure, personal, individual, select. Individual, alone, distinct, lone, solitary, separate, sole. Unwed, eligible, unattached, free. Honest, whole-hearted, unbiased, concentrated, unaffected. Simple, unmixed, unadulterated. Private, secluded, exclusive. One, singleton. Choose, pick.
Skate. Fish, glide on skates. Ray. Skim, race, roll, skid.
Amazing. Marvelous, impressive, sensational, dramatic, splendid, striking.
Audience. Attendance, patrons, congregation. Spectator. Witness. Bystander, onlooker, eyewitness, beholder.
Sport. Playfulness, ridicule, rascal, play, wear. Fun, amusement, play, recreation, entertainment, frolic, athletics. Jesting, joke, derision, mockery. Clown, rake, laughingstock. Frolic, romp, gambol, caper, skip. Don.
Track. Rink, course, court, arena, circus, playground, field.
Hit, light, impress, picket, discover. Beat, slap, knock, buffet, clout, cuff. Ignite, inflame, burn. Affect, overwhelm. Boycott, oppose, resist, stop, quit. Unearth, find, uncover.
Alternate, alternate, exchange. Alternative, temporary, surrogate, tentative. Double, sub, stand-in, surrogate, proxy, fill-in, pinch hitter. Interchange, switch, supplant, replace.
Swim. Dip. Plunge, bath, dive.
Equipment, ropes and pulleys, downing a player, football player, undertake, bring to the ground. Pulleys, crane, left, derrick. Lunge, seizure, plunge. Linesman, giant. Dig in, attempt, endeavor, plunge into. Bring down, grapple, seize, down, grab.
Mark, goal. Point, butt. Ambition, aim, purpose, objective, end, destination.
Close-knit crew, draft animals. Company, crew, squad, trio, contingent, corps. Pair, yoke, span, set, rig.
Competition. Rivalry, challenge, race, contest, ring, game, match.
Three-way, three times, increase threefold. Treble. Triad, threesome, trio. Treble, triplicate.
Reward. Pay, medal, punishment, medallion, requital, laurel.
Arbiter, referee. Mediator, negotiator, arbitrator, referee, judge. Mediate, arbitrate, adjudicate, judge, decide, settle, negotiate.
Time. Holiday, liberty, furlough, leave, absence. Vacate. Go. Desert, abandon, leave, depart from, withdraw from, escape from.
Triumph. Success, achievement, conquest, mastery, ascendancy. Victor. Winner. Master, conquerer, champion, hero.
Cover. Paint, surface, glaze, wash, coat, varnish, enamel.
Victorious contestant, great idea. Champion, victor, hero, favorite, conquerer, top dog. Dilly, hit, knockout.
Wrestle. Fight. Struggle, tangle, grapple, combat.