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Bat, animal, hit. Maul, mallet, bar. Buck, sheep. Collide, drive, force, pound, beat, poke, hook.
Male animal, margin purchaser, rubbish. Sire. Speculator, buyer, financier. Nonsense, balderdash, bullshit, trash.
Twice as much. Duplicated, paired, second, twofold, two, double.
Cow, cow's flesh, cow barn, coward, cowardice, cowardly, cowed, cower, cowl, coxcomb, coy, coyness, cozen, cozy, crabbed, crabby, crack, cracked, cracking, crackle, crackpot, cradle, craft, craftiness.
Celebrity, animal. Notable, favorite, wonder, prodigy, luminary, VIP, eminence. Cat.
Chaste, pure, fresh, maiden. Pure, undefiled, unpolluted, unsullied. Unadulterated, unalloyed, unmixed. Untouched, unspoiled, untried, unused, new, intact, maiden. Miss, maid.
Scales, equilibrium, rest, compare, compensate, equalize. Beam, steelyard. Symmetry, equipoise, poise, self-control, self-possession, equality, equivalence. Remainer, surplus, excess, remnant, residue. Reconcile, compute, adjust, estimate, weigh, assay, prove. Equalize, counteract, make up for, offset, counterbalance. Poise, adjust, steady, stabilize, set, even, square.
Scoff at, scold, scolding, sconce, scoop, scoot, scope, scorch, scorched, scorching, score, scored equally, scorn, scornful, scotch, scoundrel, scour, scourge, scout, scowl, scowling, scrabble, scramble, scrap.
Pointer, dart. Indicator, needle, directive, gauge, sign. Bolt, shaft, missle, barb.
Go into, go off, go on, go on a diet, go on board ship, go over, go slack, go through, go toward, go under, go up, go with, goad, goal, gob, gobble, goblin, god, goddess, godless, godlike, godliness, godly, going.
Liquid, irrigate. Rain, ice, pond, pool, puddle, reservoir. Sprinkle, douse, drench, soak, flood.
Denizen of the deep, seafood, catch fish. Flounder, bass, trout, carp. Salmon, catfish, snapper. Net, angle.

Taurus, tarsus, Tauruses, tares, taros, tabus, talus, tarns, tarts.
Gemini, Geminis, geminate, gemming, Germanic, germinal.
Leo, le, lea, lee, lei, ley, Leos, Leon, les.
Scorpio, Scorpios, scorpion, scorpions, scoria, scoriae, scarp, score, scope.
Sagittarius, Sagittariuses, sanitariums, sanitarians, sanitarium.
Capricorn, Capricorns, caprice, capricious, caprioling, caparison, capacitor.
Aquarius, aquariums, aquaria, aquaria's, aquarium, Aquariuses, aquatics.