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Clothes, costume, attire. Attire, clothing, costume, dress, garb, garments, suit. Outfit, ensemble, garb, aspect, disguise. Dress, garb, clothe, deck out, array, trim, ornament.
Clothes. Apparel, clothing, costume, dress, garb, garments, suit.
Whitener, whiten. Fade, blanch, pale, etiolate.
Hat. Visor, cap.
Clip. Clasp, fastener, hasp, clamp, catch, fastening, button.
Identification. Marker, emblem, badge, symbol, label, tag.
Neck band, nab. Ruff, frill, dickey. Apprehend, arrest, seize, capture, abduct.
Dress, clothe. Ensemble, attire, getup, wardrobe, apparel, guize, clothing. Dress, outfit, fit out.
Slap, hem, handcuff, slap. Box, buffet, bust, chop, clout, poke, punch. Box, buffet, punch, chop, beat, clout, poke.
Needlework. Decoration, lacework, crocheting, knitting. Embroider. Exaggerate, adorn. Color, lie, embellish, falsify, magnify, overcharge. Stitch, weave, ornament, beautify, garnish, decorate.
Cloth, substance. Material, textile, weave, stuff. Foundation, structure, make up, material, framework, matrix.
Current. Contemporary, a la mode, topical, accepted, in vogue, stylish. Fashion. Craze, behavior, elite, manner, form, kind, construct, fit. Custom, chic, fad, model, rage, style. Conformity, conventionality, trend, custom, formality, style, tendency. Four hundred, society. Approach, method, mode, way. Cast, sculpture, figure, make, model, mold, pattern. Make, sort, brand, type. Forge, form, contrive, frame, make, mold, shape. Accommodate, conform, adapt, adjust, suit.
Dress. Apparel, attire, array, clothes, garments, panoply, duds. Fine. Refined, little, acute, accomplished, fancy, penalty, penalize. Admirable, rare, choice, expensive, consummate, delicate, elegant. Minute, small, impalpable, powdery. Keen, sharp. Brilliant, skilled. Affected, ornamented, ornate. Damage, forfeit, punishment. Mulct, exact, amerce, tax, confiscate, levy, seize.
Garment. Cloak, mantle, wrap, shawl, cape.
Style, clothes, clothe. Form, mode, semblance, cut, guise, fashion. Apparel, attire, clothing, garments, habit. Attire, dress, apparel, array.
Item of clothing. Clothes, attire, apparel, dress, skirt.
Undergarment, encompass. Corset, cinch, sash. Encircle, surround, enclose, clasp.
Transparent. Flimsy, thin, fine, gauzy, sheer, delicate.
Hankie. Neckerchief, kerchief, scarf, headband, wipe, tissue.
Border. Edging, rim, skirting, trimming, fringe.
Socks. Hose, stockings.
Outer garment. Coat.
Washing. Wash.
Slip. Shift, underskirt, skirt, underwear, hoop skirt, undergarment, petticoat.
Facing. Backing, binding, bias, overlay, trim, hem. Line. Row, family, course, occupation, stripe, align, pad. Rank, file, string, tier, echelon, queue. Ancestry, lineage, relative. Path, route, road, procedure, program. Vocation, business, job, pursuit, calling. Streak, band. Order, line up, range. Quilt, embroider, face.
Tie. Bow, scarf.
Dressing gown. Gown.
Decoration, kind, example, specimen, model. Trim, design, ornament, figure. Sort, style, type. Standard, archetype, exemplar, guide, model, original. Example, illustration, sample. Copy, follow, imitate.
Residue, vestige, scrap. Remainder, remains, rest. Trace. Piece, part, shred.
Girdle. Cinch, string, girth, belt, cincture.
Fine cloth. Cloth.
Joint. Weld, coupling, juncture, connection, union.
Bed linen, layer. Cloth. Covering, coat, mantle, leaf, thickness, ply, film.
Inferior. Mediocre, faulty, poor, second-rate, rustic, seedy, jerry-built.
Dress, circumvent, border. Gown, robe, kilt, frock. Bypass, circumnavigate, detour, sidestep. Flank, side, rest.
Slack. Relaxed, lazy, quiet, flabby, loosening, neglect, abate. Loose, lax, limp, baggy. Indolent, sluggish, remiss, lingering, slow, negligent, inattentive. Idle, inactive, blunted, dull. Weak, soft, limp, flaccid. Relaxation, decrease, laziness, indolence, slowing, negligence. Malinger, shirk, skulk. Mitigate, reduce, moderate, relax, slacken.
Shoes. Socks, footwear. Stock. Standard, goods, livestock, stalk, lineage, handle, store. Regular, normal, typical, customary, commonplace, ordinary, usual. Merchandise, produce, inventory, provision, store, supplies, reserve. Cattle, sheep. Stem, trunk, plant. Ancestry, species, breed, parentage, pedigree, race, descent. Haft. Supply, hoard, equip, fill, furnish.
Sweat. Perspiration, perspire, labor. Secrete, exude, swelter, wilt. Toil, travail.
Clothing maker, adapt. Accommodate, adjust, conform, outfit, fit. Tail. Reverse. Back, behind, rear, hind.
Cloth. Material, fabric, weave, stuff.
Fiber. Grain, fabric, nap, striation, warp, woof, tendency.
Cotton, theme, string, wind around. String, fiber, filament, strand, yarn, twine, cord. Subject, motif, plot, story line, concentration, thesis. Join, pervade, link. Maneuver, run through, meander, wind, loop, twist, stray.
Slip. Shift, underskirt, skirt, petticoat, hoop skirt, undergarment, lingerie. Wear. Deterioration, use for clothing, deteriorate. Dilapidation, erosion, wearing away, rubbing off. Put on, don, get into, show off, model, sport. Worsen, abrade, age, cut down, fatigue, impair.
Unvaried, plain, constant, similar, clothing. Regular, unchanging, unwavering, invariable, unvarying, unchanged. Solid. Consistent, unchanging, regular, even, unchanged. Alike, comparable, corresponding, analogous, akin, agreeing. Wardrobe, habit, robe, dress, livery. Form. Appearance, model, kind, group, ceremony, business form, formula, cast, make, arrange, teach, invent. Plan, conformation, cast, framework, configuration, structure, cut. Mold, pattern. Arrangement, manner, order, sort, style, type. Assemblage, organization. Ceremonial, conformity, liturgy, convention, formality, formula, ritual. Application, duplicate, blank, questionnaire, pattern, document, paper. Approach, method, mode, practice, procedure, system. Design, construct, contribe, fashion, carve, frame, chisel. Create, originate, produce, compose, constitute, make up, invent. Combine, dispose, order, organize, systematize. Discipline, rear, educate, instruct, train. Contrive, devise, frame.
Washing, bog, clean, bathe. Bathing, cleansing, ablution. Marsh, swamp, slough, morass, fen. Cleanse, launder, scrub, swab, mob, rub. Shower, soak, immerse, douse.
Fleece, fabric made of wool. Yarn, fuzz. Gabardine, worsted.
Failure. Flop, washout, underdog, dud, defeated, loser. Worst. Poorest, calamity, defeat. Lowest. Destruction, catastrophe, disaster, cataclysm, misfortune. Trounce, beat, best, overcome, upset, lick.
Knitting thread, story. Thread, string, cord, fiber, twist. Tale, ballad, anecdote, alibi.