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Every, whole, alone, altogether, totally. Each, any. Entire, complete, intact, total, full. Solely, exclusively. Solidly, completely, entirely, utterly, wholly. Entirely, altogether, exactly, just, purely, quite, utterly.
Labor, enterprise, profession, accomplishment, labor, operate, accomplish, form, influence. Drudgery, grind, toil, exertion, moil. Task, undertaking, project, responsibility. Business, occupation, trade, vocation, job, employment, industry. Achievement, feat, deed, fruit, product, composition, performance. Drudge, toil, slave, sweat, moil. Run, manage, control, handle, drive, manipulate, use. Perform, produce, achieve, execute, effect, cause, bring about. Fashion, make, finish, execute. Persuade, move.
Part of speech. But, neither, although, conjunction, for.
Nay. Negative, nix, by no means, not at all, none.
Performance, recreation, fun, action, liberty, act, compete, use, bet, do, romp. Comedy, drama, farce, piece, show, tragedy, melodrama. Amusement, relaxation, disport, diversion, entertainment, game, pastime. Frolic, jest, trifling. Activity, exercise, motion, movement, operation. Freedom, scope. Characterize, enact, impersonate, perform, personate, emulate, imitate. Contend with, engage. Employ. Stake, wager. Render, bring about, execute, perform. Caper, dally, disport, frisk, frolic, gambol, revel.
Brand, disposition, output, manufacture, change, prompt, earn, perform, estimate, cause. Style, build, form, shape, structure, construction. Makeup, character, nature. Produce, product, production. Create, construct, assemble, build, produce, fabricate, erect. Transform, convert, turn, compose. Give rise to, occasion. Obtain, gain, acquire, procure, get, secure, win. Accomplish, execute, effect, bring about, do, act, practice. Judge, gauge, reckon. Induce, start, effect, compel, force.
Increase. Rise, advance, boost, promotion, hike, raise.
In. Inside of, during. Surrounded by, within, pertaining to. While, whilst, meanwhile, at, in the act of.
Stupid, listless, somber, boring, blunt, colorless, deaden, depress. Faint, blunted, tedious, pedestrian, obtuse, backward, prosaic. Flat, apathetic, slow, heavy, inanimate, placid, languid. Fat, inactive, sad, inanimate, slack, inert, lifeless. Fatuous, foolish, depressing, inapt, drear, dim, uninteresting. Unsharpened, pointless. Gloomy, sober, somber, drab, dark, dingy, dim. Shackle, dim, benumb, soften, blunt, tarnish. Deject, discourage, dishearten, dispirit, sadden.
Male child. Youth, lad, kid, little guy, youngster.