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Atlas Nods

Vain, miscarry, scrap. Sterile, hollow, futile, barren, fruitless, delusive. Cancel, nullify, stop, annul, fail, interrupt. Miss, terminate, cancel, fail, destroy, fall short.
Preoccupation. Reverie, rumination, musing, cogitation, abstraction.
Convenient, entrance. Nearby, handy, at hand, available. Entree, entry, ingress.
Bitterness, sarcastic, corrosive. Tartness, acerbity, astringency. Cutting, biting, incisive, ill-natured, poignant, ill-tempered, satirical. Erosive.
High. Elevated, towering, lofty, airy, tall.
Period, maturity, era, mature. Duration, generation. Majority, infancy, decline, adulthood, childhood, old age, adolescence. Epoch, generation, period, time, date, century. Decline, ripen, develop, season, deteriorate, mellow.
Accretion. Accumulation, collecting, gathering, multiplication, amassing, aggregation, growth.
Painful, torture, severe pain, anguish. Depressing, distressing, disturbing, excruciating, tormenting, saddening. Annoy, abuse, distress, harry, vex, afflict, torment. Torment, distress, torture, pain, suffering, pang. Misery, wretchedness, heartache, suspense, torment, torture, woe.
Rural, cultivation. Pastoral, agrarian, rustic. Farming, tillage, husbandry.
Atmosphere, wind, publicatin, attitude, melody, ventilate, broadcast. Medium, stratosphere, ether, sky. Puff, breath, draft, breeze, zephyr, ventilation. Circulation, dissemination, disclosure, publicity. Look, demeanor, appearance, manner, affection, aspect, behavior. Tune, song, strain, aria. Fan, vent, purify, freshen. Report, display, expose, televise, publish, tell, disclose.
Containing alkali. Basic, caustic, antacid, chemical.
Sediment. Grounds, drift, deposit, deposition, mud, sand, silt.
In the order of the alphabet, classify. Consecutive, ordered, systematic, one after another. Index, categorize, codify, annotate, catalog, record, log.
Mountainous. Lofty, mountain, towering, soaring.
Living, bestial, physical, living thing, brute. Breathing, sentient. Beastly, brutal, wild, feral, untamed, gross. Bodily, corporeal, fleshly, carnal, natural, base. Creature, quadruped, organism, mammel, reptile, invertibrate, vertebrate. Beast, savage, monster, fiend, reptile.
Life, alive, enliven, encourage, excite. Vitality, vigor, vivacity, activity, energy, spirit, effervescence. Vital, living, breathing. Activate, quicken, energize, vitalize. Cheer, hearten, inspire, inspirit, wake up, fortify, waken. Invigorate, buoy, stimulate, arouse, exhilarate, elevate, rouse.
Human. Anthropomorphic, manlike.
Separated, away in time or place, asunder, piece, allotment, division, duty, role, divide, apportion, depart. Distant, disassociated, disconnected, isolated, special. Separately, alone, individually, away, independently, exclusively, to one side. In pieces, to pieces, in two. Component, cut, constituent, division, element, fraction, moiety. Quota, proportion, apportionment, concern, dividend, interest, participation. District, partition, quarter, segment, region, section. Charge, function, office, responsibility, role. Character, impersonation, personification. Break, cleave, detach, disconnect, disjoin, dissociate. Allot, deal out, distribute, mete out, parcel out, portion, share. Withdraw, die, go, leave, pass away, pass on, quit.
Nautical. Seafaring, naval, marine, navigational, maritime.
Ethnic group. Ishmaelite, moor.
Detention, stay, capture, attract, delay. Apprehension, confinement, capture, constraint, imprisonment, seizure. Check, stop, obstruction, deterrent, halt, hindrance, interruption. Apprehend, bust, incarcerate, detain, catch, nab, seize. Capture, absorb, catch, occupy, engage, rivet, secure. Block, retard, stay, detain, stop, check, inhibit.
Ascent. Rising, climbing, rise, mounting.
Alliance, relationship, mental connection, comrade, connect, affiliate, combine, associate with. Coalition, brotherhood, corporation, organization, league, club, company. Friendship, affinity, companionship, fraternization, felllowship, brotherhood, intimacy. Relation, recollection, correlation, impression, combination, remembrance, response. Assistant, affiliate, equal, colleagtue, companin, accomplice, mate. Conjoin, correlate, relate, identify with, link, ally. Ally, join, unite, federate, amalgamate, confederate. Connect, mix, blend, troop, couple, mingle, unite. Consort, fraternize, socialize, keep company, hobnob.
Gaseous envelope, ambience. Air, sky, biosphere, stratosphere. Character, impression, sense, milieu, feel, decor, taste.
Car, movable. Auto. Unsteady, moving, unfixed, unstable.
Pivot, crux. Shaft, spindle, axle, arbor. Basis, essence.

Embankment, shore, financial institution, reserve, line, deposit, heap up, turn. Mound, heap, hill, knoll. Coast, ridge, rim, shoal, border, slope, ledge. Vault, treasury. Stockpile, supply, deposit, hoard, store. Panel, row, array, tier. Put aside, save, reserve, hoard, shelve. Pile up, gather, dike. Soar, slope, pitch, incline, angle, grade.
Obstacle, obstruction. Difficulty, hurdle, deterrent, boundary, hindrance, encumbrance. Restraint, bar, barricade, fence, stockade, palisade, railing.
Rod, saloon, legal profession, band, bank, barrier, obstruct, exclude. Shaft, standard, pole, stick, traverse, boom, ingot. Lounge, public house, pub, tavern, road house, barroom. Court. Ribbon, stripe. Reef, ridge, shallow, shoal. Check, barricade, blockade, deterrent, fence, hindrance. Block, hinder, impede, stop, prohibit, restrain, check. Outlaw, exile, shut out, boycott, forbid, close.
Basic, low, menial, inferior, corrupt, disreputable, foundation, stand, principle, camp, point of departure, establish. Essential, elementary, fundamental, elemental, simple, uncomplicated. Dirty, sordid, contemptible, cowardly, villainous, mean, degraded. Abject, lowly, squalid, beggarly, ignoble, degrading. Shabby, cheap, poor, coarse, counterfeit, tawdry, unworthy. Evil, foul, tainted, sinister, vile, ungodly, wretched. Dishonorable, disgraceful, infamous, notorious, scandalous, shameful. Substructure, basis, basement, groundwork, grounds, bed, bedrock. Bottom, foot, seat, rest. Element, essence, root, basis, core, support. Site, station, headquarters, settlement, post, center, garrison. Terminal, goal, object, radical. Fasten, build, found, ground, rest, stay, predicate.
Color, body of water, animal sound. Brown, brownish-red, chestnut, reddish-brown, ruddy, reddish. Harbor, gulf, cove, inlet, lagoon, firth, estuary. Howl, bark, caterwaul, cry, bellow, trumpet, wail.
Seashore, put aground. Shore, seaside, strand. Strand.
Parturition, ancestry, origin. Bearing young, delivery, childbearing, nativity. Family, extraction, descent, line, blood, status, race. Beginning, commencement, derivation, source, rise, nativity.
Dark, dim, dismal, evil, negro, dingy. Raven, ebony, coal black, jet black, inky, sable, swarthy. Shadowy, murky, gloomy, dark, cloudy, overcast, dusky. Forbidding, ominous, gloomy, somber, doleful, threatening, melancholy. Infamous, wicked, villainous, fiendish, monstrous, traitorous, diabolic. Dark-skinned, colored. Dirty, sooty, soiled, stained.
Roar, explosion, gust, blare, explode, destroy. Boom, bang, clang, din, peal, blare. Burst, detonation, discharge, outbreak, outburst, eruption. Blow, gale, squall, storm, wind, draft. Trumpet, boom, bellow, wail, yell. Blow up, detonate, burst, split. Revile, denounce, blight, curse, condemn, dash, berate.
Vital fluid of life, ancestry. Gore. Stock, descent, family, line, lineage.
Wash. Marsh, swamp, slough, morass, fen.
Limit. Border, limitation, confine, bound, end, extent, frontier.
Forepart, obeisance, incline, yield, subdue, bend. Nose, bowsprit, front, head, prow, stem. Reverence, bend, nod, curtsy, kowtow. Bend, dip, stoop, bob. Submit, surrender, acquiesce, give away, capitulate. Compel, cast down, crush, depress. Curve, inflect, buckle.
Twine, work into a braid. Plait, mesh, filigree, rope, net. Twine, weave, plait.
Gray matter in the skull, intellect, intellectual. Gray matter. Mind, mentality, genius. Egghead, scholar, academician, genius.
Bovine animal. Beast.

Agenda. Timetable, schedule, plan, program.
Passageway for liquid, container, be able to, preserve, rod. Conduit, channel, pipe, sewer, strait, tube, gutter. Tin, canister, bin, receptacle, bucket, package. Be capable of. Put up, keep, bottle. Bar, shank, handle, pole, shaft, axle, stem.
Tumor. Swelling, outgrowth, excrescence, growth.
Furnishings. Rug, carpet, runner, curtain, cover.
Ravine. Chasm, gorge, cleft, fissure, crevasse, notch, valley.
Promontory, garment. Jetty, point. Cloak, mantle, wrap, shawl, gabardine.
Blood vessel. Vein, artery, aorta, tube.
Chief, excellent, serious, metropolis, resources, upper case. Leading, main, major, primary, vital, foremost, first. First-rate, best, choice, superior, fine, splendid, crack. Deadly, fatal, heinous, major. Municipality. Money, property, assets, cash, investment, means. Large.
Train. Convoy, procession, cortege, file, fleet.
Imitation. Image, manifold, photostat, issue, duplicate, copy.
Convey, support, drive, accomplish, auto, anxiety, carefulness, responsibility, be anxious, like. Bear, cart, haul, remove, bring, transfer, transport. Bear, shoulder, stand, suffer, sustain, brace. Conduct, impel, propel, urge, lead. Secure, prevail, succeed, effect, gain, capture, win. Automobile. Worry, concern, distress, disquiet, stress, pressure, problem. Attention, alertness, caution, concern, prudence, pains, heedfulness. Custody, burden, supervision, guardianship, keeping, charge. Heed, be troubled. Love, be fond of, be inclined, be disposed.
Pour out. Gush, rush, spurt, squirt, drain, overflow.
Money, liquid assets, liquidate assets. Currency, legal tender, dough. Capital, funds, resources, principal, wherewithal. Cash in, discharge, redeem.
Standing. Order, rank, level, dignity, station.
Of the Roman church, universal. Papal. Cosmopolitan, worldly, international, general, generalized.
Livestock. Stock, sheep.
Cave. Hole, cove, burrow, den, tunnel, hovel, shelter.
Main, middle. Nuclear, chief, primary, overruling, pivotal. Midway, mid, halfway, median, internal, inner.
Era. Epoch, generation, period, time, date, age.
Task, dare, dispute. Dare, provocation, threat, objection, venture, hazard. Affront, defy, denounce, threaten, brave. Contest, question, ask for, assert, impose.
Modification, exchange, variety, money, modify, shift, substitute. Alteration, shift, variation, movement, transformation, mutation, turn. Interchange, mutation, substitution, conversion, permutation, trade, switch. Innovation, difference, variation, diversity, shifting, vicissitude, vicissitudes. Silver, cash, currency. Modulate, regulate, alter, vary, convert, turn. Fluctuate, transform, vacillate, resolve. Commute, invert, replace, exchange, swap, switch, alternate. Containing alkali. Basic, caustic, antacid, alkaline.
Far east. Asia, Middle East, orient.
Religious, Nazarene, divinity. Gentile, orthodox, catholic, believing, pietistic, faithful. Gentile, professor, catholic, true believer, convert. God, messiah, lord, the supreme being.
Account. Yarn, narrative, description, history, recital, story, tale.
Hot coal. Clinker, ash, ember, coal, soot.
Rotation, distribution of periodical, get around, distribute. Revolution, current, circling, flowing, flow, circuit. Distribution, dissemination, transmission, delivery, dispersion, apportionment. Go around, travel, circle. Broadcast, report, disseminate, promote, publicize, disperse, diffuse.
Municipal, municipality. Metropolitan, civil, urban, civic, county. Urban area, metropolis, capital.
Culture, civilized world, refine. Enlightenment, refinement, edification, polish. Society, cultivation. Polish, finish.
Categorizing, division. Arrangement, grouping, assortment, organization, allotment, allotting, apportionment. Class, order, group, kind, category, section, branch.
Characteristic weather, milieu. Atmospheric conditions, weather, atmosphere. Ambience, tenor, mood, spirit, surroundings, atmosphere.
Haze, shadow, crowd, becloud. Mist, fog, billow, vapor, smog, puff. Blur, smudge, stain, smear, blotch, smirch, gloom. Army, horde, host, multitude, swarm, throng. Obfuscate, overcast, befog, mist, obscure, overshadow.
Live coal. Torch, ember, brand, spark.
Chilly, chilled, unfeeling, indifferent, faint, depressing, illness, coldness. Inert, icy, dead, frigid, still, extinguished, frosty. Shivering, numb, benumbed, chilly. Unfriendly, heartless, glacial, hostile, inimical, cool. Unemotional, apathetic, emotionless, passionless, imperturbable, unaggected, unresponsive. Weak. Calm, dull, disheartening, spiritless, deliberate. Virus, chill, cough, flu, fever. Frigidity, chill, ice, freeze, frost, iciness.