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Abandonment, abase, abasement, abash, abashed, abashment, abate, abatement, abating, abbey, abbot, abbreviate, abbreviated, abbreviation, abdicate, abdicaton, abdomen, abdominal, abduct, abduction, abductor, abecedarian, aberrant, aberration.
Moving, busy, agile, practical, profitable. Living, acting, mobile, alive, motive, dynamic, operative. Tireless, animated, diligent, eager, earnest, efficient. Fast, lissome, alert, mercurial, brisk, sharp, lively. Applicable, applied, working. Busy, interest-bearing.
Curse. Cancer, annoyance, bane, calamity, evil, misfortune, plague.
Alloy, allude, allude to, allure, allurement, alluring, allusion, alluvium, ally, almanac, almighty, almost, alms, almsman, aloft, alone, aloneness, along, along with, alongside, aloof, aloofness, aloud, alphabetical.
Anatomy, ancestor, ancestral, ancestry, anchor, anchorage, ancient, ancient artifact, ancient times, ancillary, and, andiron, anecdote, anemic, anesthetic, anesthetize, anesthetized, anew, angel, angelic, anger, angered, angle, angle for.
With angles, bony, awkward. Jagged, angled, pointed, forked. Lank, lean, gaunt, skinny, spare, gangling. Ungainly, stiff, unbending.
Anything soothing, anyway, anywise, aorta, apart, apart from, apartment, apartment building, apartment house, apathetic, apathy, ape, aperture, apex, aphorism, aphoristic, apiece, aplomb, apocalypse, apocalyptic, apocryphal, apogee, apologetic, apologize.
End. Edge, border, extremity, butt, boundary, last, bounds.
Use, bearing, petition, software, persistence. Utilization, function, operation, employment, practice, usage. Relevance, aptitude, aptness, connection, pertinence, suitability. Inquiry, bid, appeal, document, request, solicitation, questionnaire. Program, module, procedure. Diligence, industry, attention, assiduity, effort, devotion, study.
At stake, at that moment, at that time, at the hand of, at the moment, at the point of, at the same time, at this time, at times, at what time, at which place, at your convenience, at your leisure, atavism, atheist, atheistic, athlete, athletic, athletic event, athletics, atmosphere, atmospheric, atmospheric conditions, atom.
Awe, awe-inspiring, awesome, awful, awfully, awkward, awl, awning, awry, ax, axiom, axiomatic, axis, axle, azure, babbitt, babble, baby, baby cat, baby goat, babyhood, babyish, bacchanal, bacillus.
Infertile, desolate, dull. Fruitless, sterile, childless, unfruitful, unproductive, impotent, unfertile. Desert, dry, arid, poor, waste, destitute, lean. Uninteresting, dry, worthless, stupid, insipid, useless.
Acrid, grievous, piercing, caustic, embittered, savage. Tart, astringent, keen, biting, harsh, sour, sharp. Distressing, painful, galling, sorrowful, distasteful, intense, unpalatable. Biting, sharp, stinging, severe, rigorous, nipping. Cutting, acrimonious, cruel, vitriolic, sarcastic, harsh, scornful. Ill-natured, resentful, antagonistic, rancorous, hostile, stern, mean. Fierce, merciless, bloody, ruthless, unrelenting, virulent, relentless.
Smashed, defective, intermittent, violated, flawed. Shattered, cracked, burst, damaged, split, collapsed, crushed. Busted, out of order, screwed up. Irregular, spasmodic, erratic, disconnected. Disregarded, dishonored, ignored, abandoned. Imperfect, unintelligible, incoherent.
Cab, cab driver, cabal, cabalism, cabalistic, cabaret, cabin, cabinet, cabinet member, cable, cablegram, caboose, cache, cackle, cacophonous, cacophony, cad, cadaver, cadaverous, cadence, cadre, cafe, cage.
Cacophonous, cacophony, cad, cadaver, cadaverous, cadence, cadre, cafe, cage, cagey, caitiff, cajole, cajolery, cake, calamitious, calamity, calculable, calculate, calculated, calculating, calculating approximately.
Principal. Fundamental, central, chief, leading, main, primary, top.
Cauterize, caution, cautious, cautiously, cavalcade, cavalier, cave, cave in, caveat, cavern, cavil, caviling, cavity, cavort, cease, ceased to exist, ceaseless, ceaselessly, cede, ceiling, ceiling price, celebrate, celebrated, celebration.
Oxidation, violent disturbance. Burning, flaming, fire, explosion, firing, kindling. Disturbance, tumult, turmoil, agitation, eruption, riot, excitement.
Communal, prevalent, ordinary, hackneyed, coarse, park. Community, mutual, collective, conjoint, shared, public, joint. Current, general, universal, widespread, prevailing, worldly, popular. Average, normal, customary, everyday, domestic, homespun, familiar. Trite, commonplace, pedestrian, overused, stale, prosaic, platitudinous. Plain, vulgar, profane, low, mean, cheap, base. Square, green, plaza.
Faultfinding, precise, important, dangerous. Strict, captious, trenchant, critic, carping, derogatory, censorious. Delicate, discriminating, discriminate, exact, minute, fastidious, particular. Grave, acute, climacteric, great, crucial, deciding, determining. Hazardous, perilous, precarious, risky, ticklish.
Cap. Top, crown, climax, consummate, perfect.
Figure formed by two lines. Elbow, notch, angle, fork, flare.
Wheel, orbit, rhythm. Circle, round, bicycle. Circuit. Periodicity, succession, period, alternation.
Straight, immediate, open, guide, instruct, aim. True, uninterrupted, undeviating. Evident, prompt, personal, simple, unbroken. Main, categorical, naked, downright, officious, earnest, plump. Enjoin, advise, head, conduct, influence, control, oversee. Require, bid, command, inform, will, wish, order. Level, sight, turn, point.
Arrange. Adjust, furnish, order, establish, marshall, conduct, space.
Deviation. Variance, departure.
Decoration, decoration day, decorative, decorous, decorticate, decorum, decoy, decrease, decreasing, decree, decreed, decrepitude, decry, dedicate, dedicated, dedication, deduce, deduct, deduction, deed, deem, deep, deep-rooted.
Loss. Damage, wreckage, disadvantage, waste, impairment, spoil, breakage.
Dial, dialect, dialectal, dialectic, dialogue, diameter, diametrical, diamond, diapason, diaphanous, diarrhea, diary, diatribe, dice, dicker, dickey, dictate, dictated, dictator, dictatorial, dictatorship, diction, dictionary, dictum.
Distrust, distrustful, disturb, disturbance, disturbed, disturbing, disunion, disunite, disunity, disused, ditch, ditto, ditty, divan, dive, diver, diverge, divergence, divergent, divers, diverse, diversify, diversion.
Fire-breathing monster. Serpent, snake.
Mute, stupid. Tongue-tied, inarticulate, silent, speechless. Dull-witted, moronic, doltish.
Dwell, dwell on, dweller, dwelling, dwindle, dwindling, dyad, dye, dying, dynamic, dynamism, dynamite, dynamo, dysentery, elite, emigre, each, each in his own way, each year, eager, eagerness, eagle-eyed, ear, ear trumpet.
Artless, coarse, like the earth. Unrefined, direct, unaffected, unblushing, natural, unsophisticated, unassuming. Bawdy, ribald, common, dirty, crude, wanton, vulgar. Dirty, dusty, earthen, gritty.
Altitude, exaltation, uplift. Rise, promontory, top, eminence, platform, height, hill. Dignity, grandeur, loftiness, nobility, nobleness, refinement. Boost, hoist.
Embrace, embroider, embroidery, embroil, embroiled, embryo, embryonic, embryonic form, emend, emendation, emerge, emergence, emergency, emerging, emigrant, emigrate, emigrating, emigration, emigre, eminence, eminent, eminently, emissary, emission.
Enkindle, enlarge, enlarged, enlargement, enlarging, enlighten, enlightened, enlightening, enlightenment, enlist, enliven, enlivening, enmesh, enmity, ennoble, ennui, enormity, enormous, enough, enounce, enrage, enraged, enrapture, enraptured.
Envelop, envelope, envelope or binder, envenom, envious, enviousness, environment, envisage, envision, envoy, envy, enzyme, eon, ephemeral, ephemeron, epic, epicure, epicurean, epidemic, epidermis, epigram, epigrammatic, epilepsy, epileptic fit.
Alike, uniform, adequate, counterpart, match. Equated, similar, coequal, balanced, commensurate, coordinate, correspondent. Square, even, invariant, regular, unvarying. Competent, fit, sufficient, suitable, tantamount. Coequal, compeer, parallel, rival, fellow, complement. Equate, measure up, balance, coordinate, meet, equipoise.
Eternal life, eternally, eternity, ethanol, ether, ethereal, etherealness, ethical, ethics, ethnic, ethnic group, etiolate, etiquette, eucharist, eulogize, eulogy, euphemism, euphonious, euphony, euphoria, euphoric, evacuate, evacuation, evade.
Glorification, elation. Aggrandizement, deification, glory, worship, praise. Rapture, happiness, jubilation, exultation.
Descend, stumble, succumb, decline, regress, occur. Drop, lower. Drop, totter, go down, trip, pitch, plunge, keel. Go down, yield, go under, submit, surrender. Abate, dwindle, decrease, diminish. Relapse, recede, ebb, subside. Happen, befall, arrive.
Female, endowed with womanly qualities. Womanly, ladylike, womanlike, unmanly. Soft, gentle, ladylike, delicate, sensitive, modest, effeminate.
Burning, ardent, hotheaded. Afire, fervent, fervid, flaming, glowing, heated. Unrestrained, fervent, fervid, fierce, impassioned, impetuous, inflamed. Hot-tempered, peppery, excitable.
Design, body, value, compute, think. Device, motif, motive, pattern. Frame, torso, shape, configuration, posture, pose, carriage. Price, worth, terms, sum, total. Calculate, count, reckon, estimate. Suppose, comprehend, reason, master, opine.
Established, repaired, rigged. Unchanging, immovable, permanent, rigid, firm, solid. Corrected, prepared, rebuilt, made up, in order. Fraudulent, corrupt.
Productive. Fertile, good, fat, rich.
Bafflement. Defeat.
Having a very high pH, having gray hair, having life, having little depth, having no home, having one's own finances, having or causing, havoc, hawk, hawker, hay, hayloft, haymow, hayseed, hazard, hazardous, haze, hazy, he-goat, head, head covering, head gear, headband, heading.
Hooked tool, hooked up, hooker, hoop, hoop skirt, hoot, hop, hope, hope for, hopeful, hopefulness, hopeless, hopelessness, hoping, horde, horizon, horizontal, horizontally, horn, horn in, horny, horrendous, horrible, horrid.
Hydrophobic, hygienic, hymn, hyperbole, hypercritical, hypersensitive, hypnosis, hypnotic, hypnotize, hypnotizing, hypochondria, hypocrisy, hypocrite, hypocritical, hypothesis, hypothesize, hypothetical, hysteria, hysterical, ice, ice-cream parlor, ice cream, iciness, icon.
Augmenting, intensifying. Enlarging, swelling, flourishing, multiplying. Heightening, advancing, escalating, sharpening.
Justice, justifiable, justification, justified, justify, justly, jut, jut out, jutting, jutty, juvenile, juvenile offender, juvenility, juxtaposition, kaleidoscopic, karma, keel, keel over, keen, keenness, keep, keep a steady pace, keep apart, keep away.
Justification, justified, justify, justly, jut, jut out, jutting, jutty, juvenile, juvenile offender, juvenility, juxtaposition, kaleidoscopic, karma, keel, keel over, keen, keenness, keep, keep a steady pace, keep apart, keep away, keep back, keep busy.
Divinity, ruler, nobleman. God, messiah, Christ, the supreme being. Master, governor, sovereign, monarch, king, prince. Aristocrat, patrician, count, don, peer, magnate.
Satan. Beelzebub, fiend, Devil, serpent.
Lullaby, lumber, lumbering, luminary, luminescence, luminosity, luminous, luminous radiance, lummox, lump, lump of earth, lumpish, lunacy, lunatic, lunch, lunge, lurch, lure, lurid, lurk, lurking, luscious, lush, lust.
Mediocre, average, means, environment, fortune-teller. Average, fair, middling, mean, indifferent. Mean, mean proportion. Agency, instrument, instrumentality. Atmosphere, air, ether, temper, conditions. Clairvoyant, seer.
Mercantile, mercenary, merchandise, merchant, merciful, merciless, mercurial, mercy, mere, merely, meretricious, merge, merger, meridian, merit, merited, meritorious, mermaid, merriment, merry, merrymaking, mesa, mesh, mesh gears.
Metal tool, metallic, metamorphose, metamorphosis, metaphor, metaphysical, mete, mete out, meteoric, meter, method, methodical, methodologist, meticulous, metropolis, metropolitan, mettle, mettlesome, mezzanine, miasma, miasmatic, micro-organism, microbe, microfilm.
Nazism, ne'er-do-well, Neanderthal, near, near at hand, nearby, nearby resident, nearing, nearly, nearness, nearsighted, neat, neatly, nebula, nebulous, necessarily, necessary, necessitate, necessity, neck band, neckerchief, necktie, necrology, necromancer.
Blackness. Dimness, gloom, dark, dusk, darkness, nightfall, twilight.
Nightly. Night, at night, late.
Nonsense, nonsensical, nonspecific, nonstop, nontransparent, nonviolent, nook, noontime, noose, norm, normal, normally, North American, northerly, nose, nose out, nosiness, nostalgic, nosy, not affirmative, not as big, not asked, not at all, not available.
Obtain by force, obtain the use of, obtainable, obtrude, obtrusion, obtrusive, obtuse, obverse, obviate, obvious, obviously, occasion, occasional, occasionally, occlude, occult, occupancy, occupant, occupation, occupied, occupy, occur, occur again, occur with.
Command, sequence, pattern, arrangement, kind, class, organization. Canon, direction, injunction, instruction, law, mandate, prescription. Progression, consecution, succession, procession, disposal, line, distribution. Arrangement, regulation, harmony, management, method, distribution. Placement, array, ordering, disposition, ranging, trimming, grouping. Class, family, genus, sort, tribe. Degree, classification, grade, station, rank, position, hierarchy. Brotherhood, sect, community, company, fraternity, society.
Inactive, patient, receptive. Motionless, inert, idle, prone, quiescent. Resigned, acquiescent, receiving, submissive, suffering, nonresistant. Affected, stirred, influenced.
Perceiving, percentage, perceptible, perceptibly, perception, perceptive, perceptiveness, perch, perchance, percipient, percolate, perdition, perdurable, peregrinate, peremptory, perennial, perfect, perfected, perfection, perfectonist, perfectly, perfidious, perfidy, perforate.
Perforated, perforation, perform, perform data entry, performance, performed, performer, performing, performing a function, perfume, perfumed, perfunctory, pergola, perhaps, peril, perilous, perimeter, period, period of time, periodic, periodical, periodically, periodicity, peripheral.
Rod. Shaft, standard, bar, stick, traverse, boom, ingot.
Priggish, prim, primacy, primarily, primary, primate, prime, prime mover, primer, primeval, priming, primitive, primogenitor, primordial, prince, princely, principal, principality, principally, principle, principled, principles, print, printed matter.
Prolixity, prologue, prolong, prolongation, prolonged, prom, promenade, prominence, prominent, promiscuous, promise, promised, promising, promissory note, promontory, promote, promoter, promoting, promotion, prompt, prompting, promptitude, promptly, promptness.
Proportional, proportionate, proportions, proposal, propose, proposed, proposed law, proposition, propound, proprietary, proprieties, proprietor, propriety, propulsion, prosaic, proscribe, proscribed, proscription, prose, prosecute, prosecution, proselyte, proselytize, proselytizer.
Putrid or toxic, putter, putting out, putting to death, puzzle, puzzled, puzzlement, puzzling, pygmy, pyre, pyrotechnic device, quack, quackery, quadrant, quadrilateral, quadriplegic, quadruped, quaff, quagmire, quail, quaint, quake, qualification, qualifications.
Quarter, quarterback, quarters, quartet, quash, quasi, quaver, quay, queasiness, queasy, queen, queer, quell, quench, querulous, query, quest, question, questionable, questioner, questioning, questionnaire, queue, quibble.
Quarters, quartet, quash, quasi, quaver, quay, queasiness, queasy, queen, queer, quell, quench, querulous, query, quest, question, questionable, questioner, questionnaire, queue, quibble, quibbler, quibbling.
Fundamental, revolutionary. Basic, essential, ingrained, innate, original, constitutional. Excessive, seditious, refractory, extravagant, extreme, fanatical, violent. Revolutionist, extremist, fanatic, insurgent, nonconformist, rebel, leftist.
Revising. Correction, editing, reparation, redress.
Facing. Abreast, fronting, contrasting, against, opposite, opposing, diametrical.
Reflect, reflect on, reflect upon, reflection, reflective, reflective thinker, reflector, reflex, reflux, reform, reformation, refractory, refrain, refrain from, refresh, refreshed, refreshing, refreshment, refrigerate, refuge, refugee, refund, refurbish, refusal.
Just, suitable, correct, sane, front, rightful, claim. Fair, equitable, legitimate, upright, honest, good, lawful. Appropriate, proper, correct, convenient, fit, befitting, becoming. Precise, valid, accurate, true, proper, perfect. Normal, rational, sound, reasonable, wise. Outward, outer, upper, top, principal, obverse. Lawful, fitting, legitimate, legal, genuine. Ownership, privilege, title, interest, due.
Subordinate, indirect. Second, lesser, lower, subsidiary, petty, inferior, small. Derived, subsequent, dependent, resultant, proximate, consequent.
Disconnection, departure. Detachment, dissolution, disunion, cut, division, divorce. Farewell.
Sigh, sight, sightless, sign, sign up, sign up for, signal, signal caller, signature, signed, signed passport, significance, significant, signification, signify, signor, silence, silence by violence, silencer, silent, silhouette, silken, silliness, silly.
Gradual, lazy, dense, late, dull, drowsy, belated. Deliberate, leisurely, unhurried, moderate, laggard. Inactive, slothful, sluggish, idle, slack, negligent, remiss. Leaden, dull, apathetic, torpid, phlegmatic, stupid. Tardy, dragging, behindhand. Boring, humdrum, tedious, uninteresting, tame, stolid, stupid. Sleepy, listless, lethargic, inert, dormant, supine. Delayed, impeded, detained, overdue, backward, retarded.
Sot, sotto, sough, sought after, soul, sound, sound like thunder, soundless, soundness, soup, sour, source, sourpuss, soused, souvenir, sovereign, sovereign power, sovereignty, sow, sow with mines, spa, space, space craft, space out.
Stealth, stealthily, stealthy, steam, steaming, steamship, steamy, steel, steel guitar, steelyard, steep, steep in water, steer, steersman, stem, stench, stentorian, step, step in, step lively, step on, step on it, step up, steps.
Sweetened, pure, melodious, aromatic, agreable, dear. Honeyed, syrupy, luscious, saccharine, sugary. Clean, fresh, new. Harmonious, musical, tuneful, euphonious, smooth, winsome, mellifluous. Redolent, balmy, ambrosial, fragrant, perfumed. Amiable, pleasant, pleasing, kind, gentle, gracious, lovable. Beloved, darling, precious, dearest.
Quick, eager, sudden. Speedy, rapid, fast, expeditious, fleet. Zealous, ready, alert, prompt, quick. Abrupt, unexpected, headlong.
Empathy, condolence. Compassion, understanding, commiseration, warmth. Consolation, solace, comfort.
Syncopate, syndicate, syndrome, synonym, synopsis, synthesis, synthesize, synthetic, syrupy, system, system of administration, systematic, systematically, systematize, tab, tabernacle, table, tablet, tableware, tabloid, taboo, tabulate, tabulation, tacit.
Agreement. Compromise, settlement, concession, negotiation, covenant, understanding, bargain.
Restatement. Rendering, digest, paraphrase, interpretation, version, summary.
Mild. Gentle, balmy, pleasant, warm, temperate, fair.
Authentic, fair, trusty, accurate, proper, rightful, adjust. Actual, real, genuine, factual, truthful, veritable. Equitable, just, sincere, honest, honorable, faithful. Trustworthy, reliable, loyal, faithful, dependable, unfailing. Correct, precise, exact, faithful, agreeing. Appropriate, fitting, right, desired. Legitimate. Place, shape.
Very, very clean, very cold, very durable, very hungry, very hurt, very light, very narrow, very old, very pleased, very thin sheet of metal, very wet, vesicle, vesicle in skin, vessel, vest, vestibule, vestige, vestigial, vet, veteran, veto, vex, vexation.
Through. Around, over, round, throughout.
Null and void, empty, nothingness, nullify, evacuate. Worthless, meaningless, useless, invalid, vain, ineffective, ineffectual. Barren, destitute, vacant, devoid, abandoned, unfilled, unoccupied. Emptiness, space, gap, vacuum, opening. Annul, invalidate. Vacate, empty, discharge, emit.
Climax. Culmination, acme, pinnacle, summit, extremity, ascendancy.
Yummy, zany, zeal, zealot, zealous, zealous advocate, zenith, zephyr, zero, zest, zigzag, zilch, zip, zit, zodiacally, zone, zoom.