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Trains, Boats, and Planes

Vessel. Bottom, boat, plane, ship, craft.
Battlefield. Terrain, terminal, airfield, field, range.
Elevation. Rise, promontory, top, eminence, platform, height, hill.
Rise, go up. Climb, go up, float, mount, soar, arise. Climb, get up, mount, scale.
Gaseous envelope, ambience. Air, sky, biosphere, stratosphere. Character, impression, sense, milieu, feel, decor, taste.
Pilot. Flier, navigator.
Container. Chest, strongbox, receptacle, trunk, suitcase.
Counterbalance. Weight, anchor, stone.
Airship, swell up. Blimp. Inflate, bloat, expand, swell, puff up, blow up.
Lamp, guide. Flare, guide, beam. Steer, pilot, warn.
Plane. Flat, level surface, position, glide, smooth. Level, smooth, flush, even, regular, uniform. Surface, level, flat, horizon, extension. Elevation, level, status, rank, sphere, stratum, standing. Sail, waft, float, soar, drift, skim, slide. Level, flatten, finish, even, mill, true, face.
Isolation, besiege. Siege, barricade, bar, barrier. Siege, encircle, barricade, bar, confine, isolate.
Loss. Detriment, wreckage, disadvantage, waste, impairment, spoil, damage. Break. Fracture, quarrel, pause, breach, respite, destroy, violate, dissolve, injure, interrupt, master, disclose, bankrupt, weaken, tame. Cleft, crack, rift, split, tear, rupture, division. Contention, disruption, trouble, altercation. Intermission, interim, lapse. Cleft, part, flaw, chasm, crack, fissure, fracture. Stay, recess, intermission, discontinuity, hiatus, interruption, suspension. Crash, batter, dash, crush, demolish, fracture, shatter. Contravene, disobey, infract, infringe, transgress. Annul, dismiss, negate. Cut, harm, hurt, lacerate, wound. Abbreviate, curtail, disrupt, stop, suspend, end. Vanquish, beat, exceed, outdo, surpass, overcome. Reveal, divulge, open, unfold. Make bankrupt, ruin. Humble, dispirit, subdue, enervate, enfeeble, impair. Gentle, make obedient, subdue.
Cottage, confine. Lodge, hut, hovel, shack, shed, home. Cramp, enclose, restrict.
Trainman's car. Cab, car.
Load. Haul, burden, freight, lading, payload, catch, shipment.
Conveyance, bearing. Coach, stagecoach, rig, vehicle, wagon. Poise, conduct, demeanor, attitude, behavior, manner, presence.
Conveyor, aircraft carrier, host. Messenger, mover, delivery, vehicle. Ship.
Categorizing, division. Arrangement, grouping, assortment, organization, allotment, allotting, apportionment. Class, order, group, kind, category, section, branch.
Crash, conflict. Impact, bump, blow, concussion, shock. Dispute, contention, disagreement, discord, clash, interference.
Transmitter, leader, driver. Carrier, conduit, channel, wiring, wire, conveyor, circuit. Guide, administrator, chief, pilot, head. Engineer, bus driver. Conduct. Behavior, guidance, escort, direct, guide, conduct oneself. Action, manners, response, comportment, performance, demeanor, actions. Control, administration, direction, management, execution, leadership, care. Procedure, convoy, guard, guidance, leadership. Govern, manage, operate, guide, order, carry on, regulate. Show, lead, escort, convey, usher, chaperon, transport. Behave, bear, act, deport.
Pair, join. Brace, set, dyad. Yoke, associate, come together, conjoin, connect, fasten, link.
Station, storehouse. Stop, base, terminal, dump. Depository, annex, warehouse, arsenal, magazine, repository. Pot. Jackpot, container, marijuana. Kitty, pool. Pan, vessel, canister, kettle. Hash, grass, weed, drug, Mary Jane.
Aim. Mission, purpose, butt, objective, end, object, target. Destine. Fate, intend. Predetermine, foreordain, decide, doom. Design, propose, reserve, dedicate.
Different. Unlike, miscellaneous, novel. Distinct, altered, opposite, changed, special, contrary, divergent. Odd, divers, disparate, manifold, dissimilar, distant, various. Strange, startling, unconventional.
Courier. Bearer, express, runner. Dispatch. Hast, news bulletin, send, kill, finish. Alacrity, speed, swiftness, celerity. Bulletin, item, article, publication, press release. Ship, transmit, issue, forward, route, express. Finish off, destroy, murder. Achieve, conclude, perform, accomplish. Patch. Piece, plot, mend. Bit, strip, scrap. Lot, plat. Sew, correct, darn, emend, fix, repair, restore.
Trick. Rub, hitch, deception, hooker, catch, trap, puzzle.
Dray. Hand truck. Cart, truck.
Altitude, exaltation, uplift. Rise, promontory, top, eminence, platform, height, hill. Dignity, grandeur, loftiness, nobility, nobleness, refinement. Boost, hoist. Elevate. Raise, improve, promote. Heave, levitate, animate, lift, boost, heighten, erect. Ennoble, refine, dignify, enhance, cheer. Uphold, exalt, advance, honor.
Plan. Plot, mastermind, design, direct, manage, supervise.
Journey, digression. Picnic, cruise, ramble, roundabout, expedition, jaunt. Deviation, episode.
Explicit, particular, accurate, fast, courier, declare, exhibit, signify, press out, dispatch. Considered, categorical, deliberate, clear, willful, definite, distinct. Especial, signal, set, singular, specific, special. Close, exact, faithful, precise, true. Quick, direct, accelerated, nonstop, rapid, swift. Bearer, dispatcher, runner. Couch, assert, tell, air, phrase, asseverate, signify. Expose, indicate, manifest, represent, reveal, show. Denote, designate, indicate. Expel, distill, squeeze out. Forward, ship, send. Press. Newsmen, compress, crowd, flatten. Constrain, crowd, crush, jam, mash, push, squash. Cram, crush, jam, squash, squeeze. Iron, smooth.
Ahead, eager, bold, radical, early, frontward, forth. Front, up front, first, foremost. Earnest, prompt, ready, sincere, willing, zealous. Assuming, brazen, confident, flippant, impertinent, impudent, pert. Extreme, progressive, unconventional. Future, preliminary, premature. Ahead, in advance, onward. Out. For. Part of speech. But, neither, although, and, conjunction.
Descent, slide. Slide, slip, flow.
Nationwide. National, widespread, sweeping, general, inland, internal. State. Government, condition, form, position, nation, say. Public. Case, circumstances, plight, predicament, situation, position, standing. Phrase, structure, constitution. Rank, standing, station, estate. Republic, commonwealth, country, community, federation, government, land. Speak, declare, pronounce, assert, authorize, determine, fix.
Municipal. Metropolitan, civil, city, civic, county.
Joining. Connection, close, union.
Load. Cargo, burden, freight, haul, payload, catch, shipment. Lad, lade.
Finite, moderate capacity. Restricted, confined, curbed, bounded, restrained, bound. Cramped, circumscribed, confined, inadequate, faulty, insufficient, unsatisfactory. Limit.
Apparent, display, prove. Clear, distinct, evident, obvious, plain, unmistakable, visible. Exhibit, reveal, show, express, make known, evidence, evince. Confirm, declare, demonstrate.
Plane. Flat, level surface, position, glide, smooth. Level, smooth, flush, even, regular, uniform. Surface, level, flat, horizon, extension. Elevation, level, status, rank, sphere, stratum, standing. Sail, waft, float, soar, drift, skim, slide. Level, flatten, finish, even, mill, true, face.
Steer. Control, pilot, drive.
Paying passenger. Fare, rider, occupant, customer, patron, buyer.
Aviator, steersman, guide, steer. Flier, navigator. Helmsman, navigator. Leader, scout, director, chief, head, captain. Conduct, drive, fly, guide, lead, manage, navigate.
Earnings, reward, compensate, return, retaliate, suffer, valuable. Allowance, commission, fee, income, payment, emolument, pittance. Trophy, medal, punishment, medallion, requital, laurel. Refund, guerdon, indemnify, requite, recompense, disburse, reimburse. Repay, pay off, yield, kick back. Punish, repay, requite, revenge. Make amends. Interest-bearing, precious, profitable. Pa. Dad. Daddy, governor, old man, father, papa, pappy, pop.
Discount. Economy, proceeds, deduction, saving, profit, gain. Bate. Discount. Allow, abate, deduct, rebate, remit, subtract.
Course, road. Itinerary, path, circuit, direction, detour, wandering, way. Highway, freeway, interstate, turnpike, boulevard, thoroughfare, artery.
Rescue. Save, deliver, extricate, free, release, liberate, emancipate.
Large boat, space craft, send. Boat, steamship. Rocket, space station. Transport, remit, route, dispatch, consign, freight.
Striking, sign, motion. Outstanding, arresting. Motion, gesture, wave, flag, flare, beacon. Gesture, sign, wave, flag, beacon, omen.
Helical, helix. Scrolled, corkscrew, curled. Gyre, corkscrew, coil, curl, ringlet, whorl.
Bovine animal. Drive. Cattle, beef, cow, longhorn. Pilot, fly, direct, conduct, lead, navigate, point.
Examination, examine. Poll, study, inspection, review, outline, critique. Inspect, observe, scrutinize, scan, view, watch.
Tax. Assessment, levy, toll, duty.
End, computer screen. Boundary, limit, termination, terminus, extremity. Monitor, screen.
Person arriving. Passenger, newcomer, visitor, caller, arrival, traveler. Tour. Excursion, expedition, trip, shift, hitch, trick. Journey, voyage, visit, jaunt.
Path, follow, trek, leave footprints. Trail, route, alley, lane, line, rail. Hunt, trail, tail, shadow, pursue, trace. Traverse, journey, range, travel, backpack, hike, go through. Dirty, soil, muddy, stain.
Trade, transit. Commerce, business, transactions, exchange. Transportation, travel, movement, influx, passage.
Movement. Action, motion, progress, move.
Transit. Carriage, transport, conveyance, movement.
Person arriving. Passenger, newcomer, visitor, caller, tourist, arrival. Travel. Taking a trip, see the world, leave earth. Trekking. Voyage, journey, ramble, cruise, peregrinate. Rocket, orbit.
Motor vehicle, hand truck, carry. Automobile, rig, semi, van, wagon. Cart, dray. Steer, drive, load, send, haul, transport.
Cave. Cavern, cove, burrow, den, hole, hovel, shelter.
Instrument. Agency, medium, means, action, power.
Journey. Tour, travel, trip, excursion, jaunt, junket, pilgrimage.
Destruction, wreckage, destroy, shipwreck. Devastation, ruin, desolation, demolition, breakdown. Ruins, debris, shipwreck, hulk. Demolish, devastate, smash, ruin, shatter, spoil, raze. Sink, capsize, founder, scuttle.